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Bibit Bot Review

(Review written by the Bibit Bot team) Today we’d like to tell you about a service for cryptocurrency arbitrage called Bibit Bot. Why specifically about it? We saw video reviews on YouTube and decided to check this service. In addition, this is a new product on the market and there should be increased attention to

Bitcoin – History and Future

Hello guys, this is Neeraj Pandey, your daily publisher of gold, silver and Bitcoin trading alerts. Today we are going to compare Bitcoin’s 2013 longest bear trend to the ongoing bear trend running for almost 7 months. I hope you will find this article interesting because if history tends to repeat itself, then this is Review (World Currency International Limited)

My-Wci ( is supposedly an innovative Crypto trading and mining platform which advertises returns of up to 300% return on investment after 450 business days. There is no verifiable trading history for this firm. Moreover, while we were investigating this service we found a lot of misleading and disturbing facts, which makes us believe that Review claims to offer “a simple and stable way to achieve financial independence.” Fairmining apparently does that through “the simultaneous extraction of well-known and highly profitable crypto-currencies.” To put it in plain English, makes your computer a mining machine. If you haven’t read it yet, check out our general introduction to mining and why Review

Bitsane Limited ( is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform which was founded in 2016. When Bitsane introduced themselves to the public on, this Ireland-based company wrote that their exhange is to be the most sophisticated platform the industry has seen to date. Can you trust Bitsane or is it a scam? Keep reading