Author: Tim Review – [Convert ERC-20 Tokens to Ethereum]

Ethersweep, hosted at, claims to provide the most convenient way to scan Ethereum wallets to convert ERC-20 tokens to Ethereum. Launched in early 2018, Ethersweep offers a rapid, one click, zero fee solution that can allegedly convert your ERC-20 tokens to Ethereum in a simplistic 4 step process. Opening their ERC-20 token conversion platform

Avoid Coinrrency Miners Anonymous Ponzi Scheme!

Coinrrency Miners, hosted at, is a deceptive and dangerous online Ponzi scheme targeting inexperienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts with ill-founded investment guarantees. Allegedly launched in 2013, Coinrrency Miners is a poorly fabricated Bitcoin and Altcoin investment scheme that is built upon a shaky foundation of lies and deceit. To find out why you should avoid the

Is a HYIP Scam? | MUST READ 2019 Reviews

Is Mercury Global a Scam? After weighing much consumer feedback, the verdict regarding Mercury is NOT GOOD! Mercury Global, hosted at, is a shady online investment program that could be fleecing hard-working consumers out of their money. To find out more regarding this vague investment venture AND why you should AVOID Mercury Global, we Review – Investor “Scammed out of $40,000!”

After receiving correspondence from a day trader who lost over $23,000 to the slick operators behind the scenes of Coinnet, we knew it was time to investigate into this shady investment operation. Coinnet, hosted at, is a highly deceptive Bitcoin mining scam that promotes highly unrealistic income guarantees for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are looking Review – Is FXTM a Safe Brokerage for 2019?

FXTM ( is an online investment brokerage that supports cryptocurrencies, forex and contracts-for-difference investments. Supporting over a reported million registered users, ForexTime has greatly cultivated their platform since their inception back in 2011. During the time of writing this review, FXTM supported licensing and regulation approval from 3 different regulatory agencies while opening their doors Scam Exposed – Must Read Factual Review!

MultiCoinBank ( is an illusive investment scam! Claiming to double an investors Bitcoin investment within 10 short days, MultiCoinBank is the latest miracle-working scam to enter the Bitcoin fold. Built upon fabricated lies and empty promises, MultiCoinBank will not only steal your hard-earned bitcoins but leave you chasing after a corporate entity that doesn’t actually Review – Avoid VIRAL Ponzi Scheme

Stable Mining ( is a Bitcoin investment SCAM! Masquerading their platform as the best cloud mining platform, Stable Mining fits the bill of what appears to be a legitimate investment opportunity at first glance. Promoting life-long passive income returns of up to 10% or investment plans that support ROIs between 400% to 6,000% are among

MunsBit Review – Ponzi Scheme Revealed!

MunsBit ( is a relatively new Ponzi scheme posing as a legitimate cryptocurrency investment opportunity. Promoting low deposits with quick, lucrative returns is how MunsBit draws in the majority of their investors. Allegedly, investors who deposit into their platform can generate up to a return of 20% within 24 hours. To find out more regarding

Luxxis Options Review

Luxxis Options ( is structured to appear as a legitimate online investment platform. Their investment site is well-designed while their investment plans fail to arouse suspicion amongst newbie online day traders. However, as legitimate as Luxxis Options may be, the findings we share with you below greatly rival and swiftly dissolve any legitimacy that Luxxis Review | A Dangerous Scam Eradicated

BTCProfit ( is a fabricated cryptocurrency scam constructed with the intentions of misleading inexperienced Bitcoin investors out of their hard-earned bitcoins. Functioning as an investment app that allegedly has won a considerable sum of awards and generates a success rate of 99.4% are just a couple of the fabricated elements of BTC Profit that we
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