BannerBit Review

Banner Bit ( functions as an online advertisement platform which was created on April 27th, 2017 by an undisclosed entity. - Banner Bit

BannerBit Review

BannerBit is a web-based operation where one can purchase and sell ads with the possible incentive of accruing capital. While their platform may appear sleek and professional, simple investigative practices will bring light to a much more sinister nature regarding BannerBit.

BannerBit is engineered to appear as an affiliate dashboard with a marketplace integration that supports a wide variety of consumer good banners. These banners are BannerBit’s marketplace ads where marketers can select to purchase from a variety of these banners to market on their sites.

Allegedly, a marketer will receive compensation for every click that their banner ads receives from their network of publisher sites that they support. In addition, apparently one can also earn more by selling your ads to other BannerBit members for a higher purchased price or by referring new members to their site.

The minimum deposit requirement in order to become an active member of BannerBit is $250 while ads can fluctuate between any undetermined price range of 2 to 4 figures. Where BannerBit fails off the credibility train would be in regards to their membership documentation requirements and their asserted corporate entity.

In order to be approved for withdrawals, a marketer must upload a valid ID such as their passport or driver’s license, a banking statement or utility bill that shows name, address, the issuers name and logo along with both the front and back of the credit card used to make their deposits.

The disposal of such personal and financial information is exceptionally dangerous and enables this platform to effortlessly steal your credit card information and identity. DO NOT DISCLOSE SUCH INFORMATION TO ANY UNKNOWN OPERATION!

BannerBit Scam

BannerBit was a cleverly crafted operation that preys upon the inexperienced and the innocent by asserting fabricated falsehoods into every nook and cranny of their site.u

As indicated in the footer of their site, BannerBit claims to be operated by Volo Corporate Ltd, which is supposedly a Cyprus based corporation yet no credible search results across Cyprus business registries or the web could validate such claims.

To add to the deception, BannerBit discloses Cheilonos, 2A The Riverside Forum, 2nd Floor, Nicosia 1101 as their corporate address yet multiple search engines and maps searches will reveal that their address is inaccurate or fabricated.

While has made alterations to their site, other review sites have exposed how BannerBit used to employ fictitious user testimonials as their own when in reality they were nothing more than stock images.

Given the illicit and deceptive nature of BannerBit we are advising all readers to avoid this operation and give their site as wide a berth as possible. It is beyond evident that BannerBit is a malicious offer and not trustworthy

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