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BTC100X.WIN is a SCAM!

It is an open fact that paper money is almost becoming outdated. Digital currency is the future of all monetary transactions, and the constant rise in the popularity of Bitcoins and other digital currencies is a sign that people are looking forward to a time when they won’t have to carry papers (read dollar bills) around. Nonetheless, many people are still in the dark about what cryptocurrency is all about and how transfer systems work. Unsurprisingly, crooks have taken advantage of this collective ignorance to rip people off using seductive advertisements which are ridden with all sorts of promises. A lot of people have been scammed off of their money while trying to acquire or transfer Bitcoins which is partly their fault and partly the fault of everyone of us for not spreading the ‘word’ to the World. To change that we have gone fact-digging and managed to compile in depth reports on what BTC services to avoid and which ones to deal with. On this, we tell you all about BTC100X.WIN, the new site making a lot of waves in the scene.


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About BTC100X.WIN

BTC100X.WIN is primarily a Bitcoin exchange service, which doubles up as an investment system. Basically, you can buy Bitcoins from the site using your normal cash and also sell BTC to willing buyers when you are in need of regular cash. That’s the easy part of it. The hard part is that you can earn a great amount of money by letting BTC100X.WIN invest for you using their ‘highly sophisticated’ algorithms. So here you have a site that not only sells BTC to you, but also trades your BTC (under your permission of course) in an undisclosed market and shares the profits with you.

Apparently, BTC100X.WIN was created by a team of experts in IT, design and investment who have used their extensive knowledge (their words) on BTC trading to create bots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which are able to predict and react to price movements on various digital currency markets. The developers have purportedly created a database of all digital currency trading volumes and linked it to the trading algorithms and bots to enable them detect any developing patterns in price movements where BTC is concerned and place trades depending on the said pattern. The said bots make use of different trading strategies and the trading algorithms are effectively programmed to never go wrong on investments which assures you, the primary investor, of a regular source of income. Sounds great, right? Not so fast!

Manipulate market direction

Allegedly, the site has the ability to manipulate the market direction and consequently rake in thousands of dollars at a time. This money is split between the site owners and the investors depending on the amount invested. Note that only the traders contribute money here, the owners only contribute ‘expert knowledge,’ which basically means the opposite.

Ironically, the alleged team of experts leave everything as far as investments go to the bots with zero human input. Simply put, a computer program without any iota of logic or common sense (AI cannot replace the human brain), handles your money and makes BUY or SELL options depending on how they see it. And no, there is no documented evidence that the said bots exists and how exactly they work.

Potential profits

The site claims that investors can make as much profit as they wish, depending on the amount of BTC they invest in, of course. You can make anywhere from 2 to 50 times your initial investment per trade. Wow, what a money minting machine, literally! Anyone know where to find the Forbes cover story on BTC100X.WIN? Oh wait, there isn’t one. This could mean one thing – BTC100X.WIN is not what they want you to believe. It is a major scam and we’ll prove it.

Why BTC100X.WIN is a scam

Looking at the BTC100X.WIN website, a lot of things sound off and outright suspect. The site and everything about it fits the dictionary definition of a scam. Don’t believe that? Here’s some points to figure out:

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  1. Minimal presence on social media – We are in 2017 and social media is a key part of any business’s marketing strategy. Every business that needs to be taken seriously must have a social media presence of some sort. Unfortunately, BTC100X.WIN, which is sold as a credible investment service, has very limited presence on social media. For one, the site don’t have Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts and only have an email address ([email protected]) and a Facebook account with less than 100 likes and only two posts. That doesn’t look good for a site that promises to mint thousands of dollars in a single trades.
  2. Lack of verifiable information – As it is, nothing said on the site can be verified. Everything from the identity of the creators, transaction history and even the purported success of the trading bots cannot be proven beyond any doubt and remain allegations.
  3. Bad reputation – For a new site, BTC100X.WIN sure has a bad reputation. You will be hard pressed to find any positive reviews about the service on major Bitcoin blogs. Instead, you will come across hundreds of angry investors spewing obscenities and claiming how they lost money under mysterious circumstances while dealing with the site. You really want to go ahead and experience it for yourself? Green light!
  4. No security – It is standard practice that any site offering financial services or dealing with money to have a high level of security to prevent fraud. This is normally in the form of SSL encryption and usage of HTTPS protocol to protect sensitive client data. BTC100X.WIN has none of those, which puts their clients in danger of losing their money through fraud or hacking.


Simply put, BTC100X.WIN is a scam and red flags are everywhere for you to see. If you really value your money and time, you need to stay away from such sites and put in a little bit of time to find a credible bitcoin exchange service.

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