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Calloway Crypto System Scam Review: A Complete Review!

Is the Calloway Crypto System a Scam?

That is the main question that we will be answering throughout the course of this brief, honest review.

The Calloway Crypto System appears to be a recently created trading solution that functions under a fully-automated capacity.

The winning percentage is estimated to be up 96% but no average success rate is reported with the contracts-for-difference and forex trading system yet.

Unlike many of the trading systems that we’ve been scouring, investigating and reviewing over the past year, the Calloway Crypto System functions with regulated brokerages which means your money is safely segregated and federally backed.

This has been a characteristic that has been plaguing most day trading systems since the margin for reputable brokerages within the online investment industry has greatly reduced due to regulatory and governing enforcement.

To learn more regarding the Calloway Crypto System, we invite you to read our unbiased review regarding the Calloway Crypto System.

What is the Calloway Crypto System?

The Calloway Crypto System is a web-based trading application.

Supporting both foreign exchange and contracts-for-difference, the number of assets available to day trade through their system and approved brokerage platforms are far more numerous than an investor ideally needs to concern himself with.

Currency pairs, cryptocurrency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities are available for investment through the Calloway Crypto System.

For day traders who get started with their system, members will receive around-the-clock customer support while being able to harvest information from their educational library embedded into the softwares hub.

Among the type of educational materials you’ll see within the Calloway Crypto System software would be investment guides relating to:

  • Technical Analysis Trading
  • Fundamental Analysis Trading
  • Day Trading Strategies/Approaches
  • Coping with Losses and Money Management
  • Do’s & Don’t Associated with Online Day Trading
  • How To Optimize The Software To Its Fullest Potential

Supported Countries: Global Acceptance (Except: USA)

How does the Calloway Crypto System Work?

Unfortunately we aren’t provided much insight into the inner workings regarding the Calloway Crypto System functionality.

According to their operators, the system operates off of a few different proprietary trading algorithms that are determined and autonomously employed by the system depending upon exhibited market conditions.

While we weren’t given more insight into it we predict that it has to do with whether the markets are volatile, neutral or reflecting particularly strong bullish/bearish trends – sadly we just don’t know for certain.

To add, the Calloway Crypto System does not support various technical indicators like we are use to seeing with day trading systems.

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Instead, the software functions entirely upon an automated capacity while investors are able to dictate which assets are investable.


Calloway Crypto System ROI

You shouldn’t expect to get rich overnight with the Calloway Crypto System – or any day trading system in that case.

While Calloway Crypto System does not assert an average success rate, we can tell you that out of the 14 investments that we placed today on their system today that we generated a success rate of 71.43%.

Having 10 winning investments out of a total of 14 wasn’t bad overall.

Generating a total profit of $150 by only executing $25 trades was more than we expected, considering that we only started with $250 in our account.

Most of the signals invested through the Calloway Crypto System fall along the lines or turbo or micro-trading.

Meaning that your set investment sums are day traded and then as soon as a certain profit percentage is hit the Calloway Crypto System will initiate the exit of the investment – the system, itself, functions under a much quicker interval than we are typically accustomed to seeing with traditional CFD platforms.

Not only that but investors are able to remain in control of their funds too since they are the ones who turn the auto-trading tab on or off, many older auto-traders failed to enable their investors that simple right so we’re glad to see that the Calloway Crypto System enables day traders to control the system since it is their money being invested to begin with.

Calloway Crypto System Scam Review

There are many advantages concerning the Calloway Crypto System.

Day traders don’t have to fiddle with particular technical indicators to employ, they are able to stand-by the system while it operates on an automated capacity while abiding by your pre-set trading parameters (selected assets, trade sizes, trade volume, stop-loss, auto-gain, etc) while being able to generate significant returns through minimum investments.

As we stated earlier, the Calloway Crypto System functions under a quicker entry and exit capacity than any other day trading system that we’ve seen to date while the returns on winning investments are 100% of your investment sum.

So say you place a $25 trade and win, your investment return will be $50.

Multiple by that by a few trades per day and you’ve already supplemented your income $75 for the day, or $225 for the week – not to shabby at all!

Are Your Interested in The Calloway Crypto System?

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