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Crypto Kickstarter Review

Crypto Kickstarter ( is a new cryptocurrency trading program that was created on February 17th, 2018 by an entity known as Tiz Gambacorta. - Crypto Kickstarter

What is Crypto Kickstarter?

Crypto Kickstarter is a cryptocurrency investment guide that was created by an entity known as Tiziano Gambacorta.

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Those visiting their main domain,, will realize that the domain itself is rather minimalistic and fails to provide much information of value. Such as how their is no About Us, Contact Us or FAQ pages which typically adds a great deal of value to a site’s identity.

Reflecting a mediocre site design, Crypto Kickstarter only alludes to the potential of generating returns up to 1,000% with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Frustratingly enough, the only way to acquire information in regards to what the Crypto Kickstarter program is would be to register with one of their hour long webinars that is nothing more than a pre-recording.

In addition, near the footer of their site would be reference to their alleged corporate entity known as 8020 Publishing Limited. According to CompaniesHouse, 8020 Publishing Limited an active UK based corporation that reflects a registered office address of Unit 16, 58, Marsh Wall, London, United Kingdom, E14 9TP and a company number of 10849519.


Compiling those findings with the footer of the Crypto Kickstarter site and it becomes evident that Crypto Kickstarter is nothing more than a spawn of, which operates as nothing more than an unregulated and unlicensed investment network.

Crypto Kickstarter Webinar

Acquisition Model

As we briefly touched upon moments ago, the only way to find any true information of value regarding Crypto Kickstarter would be to enroll and watch their deceptive hour long promotional video.

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As expected the first 50 some minutes of the pitch video are used as a promotional build up to create visions of false grandeur and to constantly reiterate the fact that you could earn thousands of dollars per month by using their amazing program.

No transparent evidence or insightful information is disclosed throughout the duration of the promotional video which only leaves deceptive and illusive promises that their offer can make you rich with a minimum duration of time.

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How does Crypto Kickstarter Work?

After a visitors survives the lagging and foolish promotional video they will be prompted and finally given access to the real offer which would be the Crypto Kickstarter Master Class. Coming with a bold price tag of $997 for a one-time payment of a 3 time payment of $397 each, the Crypto Kickstarter Master Class is an expensive offer to say the least.

Included in the Crypto Kickstarter Master Class would be an e-book, video and audio tutorial series along with a “3-step Idiot-proof Formula to Profiting from Bitcoin and Cryptos As Soon As Tonight.”

CryptoKickstarter Product Form

Reputability & Domain Insight

According to a WHOIS domain report, was created on February 17th, 2018 by Ipub of Global Gateway 8. Not much information can be found in relation to Global Gateway 8 except for that they appear to operate as a privacy entity for those registering domains. Due to Crypto Kickstarter’s relatively youthful age and lack of popularity, the site fails to possess SimilarWeb rankings as of March 2018 and appears to receive little to no traffic.

Is Crypto Kickstarter Trustworthy?

Given the information disclosed above along with overall lack of evidence regarding the so-called effectiveness of this program, we do not believe Crypto Kickstarter to be legitimate. Also consider the fact about how the domain,, was only created last month and it becomes a bit ridiculous and outlandish how Tiz Gambacorta strongly promotes the assertion of generating hundreds to thousand percent returns with no transparent proof.

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Crypto Kickstarter Review – The Verdict

To further add to the illegitimacy of Crypto Kickstarter, their founder, Tiziano Gambacorta does not appear to be a licensed which means he is likely rendering legal advice without legal authority. Furthermore, the blatant lack of transparency regarding Crypto Kickstarter coupled with the fact that they don’t simply coincide with their creation timeline indicates to us that this operation is likely not legitimate nor worth the burdensome price tag.

After further consideration, our recommendation regarding Crypto Kickstarter would be to avoid the system and seek more promising alternatives.

Please disclose any feedback, insight or opinions you may have regarding Crypto Kickstarter by sharing a comment below!

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