Crypto World Company Review - Scam Review
Crypto World Company ( claims to be an auto-trading bot which is said to make a lot of people consistent amount of return over the time. There are 10 different types of packages but the only differentiating element among them is starting balance.

They state that they generate the returns of 2.4% per day which might seem reasonable for most investors who have just started their career but rest assured these kind of results are highly unlikely to sustain for a long time. We do not have any information about any employees working for this company.

The level of ambiguity surrounding this platform is vert concerning. To unravel the true nature of this service, go through our full review.

Registration and Support

Offering investment advice is something which has it’s own set of requirements and no one can just go around offering financial services. Crypto World Company represents an ICO which gets the funds required for trading cryptocurrencies from a private pool of investors.

According to the initial contributions the investors are provided with access to trading robots which does the trading activities for them. While we were investigating their platform we couldn’t find any information about the licenses they must hold failing which they earn a one way ticket to prison.

We have confirmed through FCA, this firm is not regulated by them which means they are bunch of con artist who are robbing the investors. Here are the contact details of this firm:-

Address -10 Brough High Street, London, United Kingdom, SE 1JX

Alternative address – Coin st, South Bank, London, United Kingdom, SE1 9NR

How does Crypto World Company work?

Looking at the grand hypothesis put up by them, we are sure that everyone will be amazed after hearing it. They claim to have designed trading algorithms which follow buy low and sell high strategy.

While trading is simple, it definitely not as easy as these scammers want you to believe. There are various ways of looking at the market while their strategy is very basic and fundamental it does not provide you with any of the actual trading approach methods.

The investors do not know whether this algorithm is based on technical analysis or fundamental analysis. As far as user controls are considered there isn’t much to do other than sending your money to them. Also the accuracy rate of this software is not stated and they haven’t provided any trading history to support their statements.

Returns Advertised

There are 10 investment plans offered by this firm wherein regardless of the starting balance the returns are caped at 2.4%. For access to sophisticated tools and personal training the investors have to choose the more expensive plans.
It doesn’t matter which plan you choose a fee of $10 is payable on top of the contract price. No one can state the kind of returns an individual can earn from the market as it is considered both unethical and misleading.

Here are the details of the investment packages:-


Cost – $20


Cost – $40


Cost – $80


Cost – $200


Cost – $400


Cost – $800


Cost – $1,600


Cost – $5,120


Cost – $10,240


Cost – $20,480

Affiliate Program

A ponzi scheme is nothing without participants because that is how their income is derived. This service encourage its clients to refer people to their platform and provides them with a wide array of marketing tools to make their work as simple as possible. - Affiliate Program

The exact commission rate is not specified but do note that they offer 5 types of revenue stream for the promoters. In short they all will earn sufficient money to justify their time spent but only the investors will be left empty handed.

Domain Insight

According to this domain was registered on 27/06/2018 and it expires on 27/06/2028. - Website Information

This platform is said to have more than 113,997 users which might be partially true. Their website ranks 38,600 in the United Kingdom and has a global rank of 30,117 according to The countries where they have gained considerable amount of popularity are Pakistan, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and United States. They use ad networking site as a part of their promotion.

Is Crypto World Company a scam ?

A Big and dangerous scam,

Every firm usually associate itself with the names of the employees in order to remain transparent unlike these intelligent scammers who operate from the shadows. This grand scheme is a ponzi scheme wherein they use the deposit amount acquired or put in by new investors to pay the old ones.

As you might have guessed this loop is unsustainable and can collapse quickly. Moreover if they truly achieve the kind of returns they advertise then why are they out-rightly refusing to share their trading history so that all the investors can trust them ? The sole reason they are not doing it is because they are not trading in the first place.

Crypto World Company Review Conclusion

Crypto World Company is led by anonymous entities, these fraudsters have created a ton of content in terms of general cryptocurrency topics and have bombarded the internet with a lot of videos giving an impression of easy profits but in reality they all are unreal and fictitious.

Using inversion narrative is a common trait of scams like this platform but be mature enough to avoid any shortcuts of making millions online by just pressing a button few times a day. As far as mining is considered they have not revealed enough information either.

After looking at all the topics discussed above any rational person will never take a chance with them.

Did you lose money with Feel free to share your opinion by leaving us a comment.



    I lost my money


    I lost more than 5000 $ in CWC. This is not good in any way for the owner and other management of CWC. You have proved yourself as liar and fraud. By the grace very almighty God I will recover my lost money very soon but curse be with you. You will be down very soon.

  3. Emmanuel Ansu

    Yes lost over $10,000 within one month I’m From Ghana

  4. Solomon Boah

    BIG SCAMMERS I HAVE LOST MONEY TO THEM, I registered almost three weeks but wasn’t sure of it was the one who referred me that convinced me to pay and in just one week after paying, the site went off

  5. Basit Hussain

    I had $10,000 of actual investment and had not made any withdrawal.

  6. Basit Hussain

    I had $11960 of actual investment and had not made any withdrawal.

  7. Nji Philemon Takensiri

    I had $11960 of actual investment and had not made any withdrawal.

  8. Ahsan

    Yes Lot of mony almost 5 million i lost in Cryptoworldcompany


    I opened an account with crypto world company on the 13 th of this month and just yesterday the website is off. Pls stay away from them. Indeed I have lost a huge money.

    • ULUL

      me too, how do we return money ? pls help

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