Cryptocurrency Day Trading – The Complete Guide

Learn how to trade like a pro. A comprehensive guide for profitable day trading, guided by a real analyst and professional trader. Including 16 proven strategies that professionals use! Check out the video and content below for more details:

What is this course

In this course you will gain knowledge and skills that will allow you to day trade cryptocurrency profitably. By properly applying the practical tools and proven trading strategies that you learn here, you’ll be able to start a successful trading career, making a high income anytime and from any place on the globe.

Who is the Cryptocurrency Trading Course For

Whether you are a beginner who doesn’t know anything about this topic, or a more experienced trader who wish to improve his performance, you will find tremendous value in this course. Starting from scratch, it goes from the very basic to very advanced concepts and techniques.

Course Instructor

The course is instructed by Jonathan, who is a financial analyst and a professional trader for over 10 years.  After working for some leading banks and investment houses, he decided to quit, in order to develop his own business. Today Jonathan works only for himself, and operates a successful trading career.

About the Course – The 4 Elements for Success

In order to be a successful trader you have to control 4 different elements:

  1. Knowing the assets you trade on and how they work
  2. Controlling the mindset and psychological aspect
  3. Having a winning entry/exit levels trading system
  4. Using a good money and risk management method

This course covers all of them in the different sections. Each one of them is critical, so mastering those aspects is essential for becoming a real profitable trader.

Winning Strategies

In addition to expanding your knowledge and get a much deeper understanding, there is a lot of practical content. Throughout the course you will learn 16 different strategies. All of them are proven and used by professional traders. In the related examples you’ll see how easily you could make hundreds and even thousands of dollars in only one single trade by using those strategies properly. You will learn the exact rules of the strategies, and be able to apply them right away.

What you will get when joining

  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Full support and guidance
  • Joining a VIP Signals group
  • Community for sharing ideas
  • Future free updates and lessons
  • Big discounts on other services

Course Contents

Section 1: Course introduction

After a first introduction we will talk about day trading and other type of investments. What are the advantages and what are the risks you should be aware of. Then, we will overview the content and the structure of the course.

Section 2: Cryptocurrency Basics

Here you will get to know the very basic of crypto currencies. By following simple explanations, you’ll be able to understand how they work, and we will cover the most important concepts you should be familiar with. Remember the importance of getting to know the assets you trade on.

Section 3: Trading Psychology

This is one of the essential elements you need to master. Most courses don’t teach you that. But after going through this section, you’ll understand how crucial it is, and why it gives an advantage over other traders who don’t have this type of education. This is also the basis for technical analysis

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Section 4: Technical Analysis

Here you will learn how to read charts, analyze them, and identify the market conditions. Then, we will cover the best technical indicators you should use in any specific scenario. In this section you will also find 10 proven trading strategies based on the these tools, with real trades examples.

Section 5: Risk Management

Another critical element and one that would give you an edge over others is risk and money management. Many times, this is what differentiates winning traders from losers. Here you will learn how to manage your capital in a way that allows you to maximize gains and minimize risks.

Section 6: Setting Up a trading account

All the steps you need to go through in order to set up a live trading account, where you can implement the knowledge you gain. You will learn about different platforms you can use, and how to transfer bitcoins, or fiat money in to your newly created cryptocurrency account.

Section 7: Trading Tools

At this stage you have the basic understanding of how things work, and you have a ready to go trading account. Now it’s the time to get to know some of the best crypto trading tools that will help you to stay on top of the game. We will cover some of the biggest sites and efficient features you can use for your advantage.

Section 8: Strategies

In addition to the methods you learned in the technical analysis section, here we will cover some very powerful strategies. They are all practical, and used by many professional traders. Examples will be shown on charts with full explanations.

Join in and Get Started Right Now!

If you want to make money by becoming a successful trader, joining in is definitely the first step you should make. We invite you to go ahead and sign up today so you get an immediate access. The price of this course is minor, as you cover it with one single trade, using one of the many pieces of information you get here. On the other hand, the skills and knowledge you gain, would remain with you forever.

Money Back Guarantee – We are very positive that you’ll find this course extremely valuable. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, let us know within 14 days from your purchase and you will get a full refund.

Remember that being able to day trade professionally means being able to work in the most fun and most exciting job in the world. It can be super profitable, and having the ability to be free to trade any time and from anywhere in the world, is the quality which make it so attractive. Here is where you should start.

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  1. Jerry Thompson

    good afternoon I am very interested in learning more about Crypto daytrading and would like to find to the cost of the courses.

    • Jonathan Grab

      Hello GEORGE ANNAN. This is Jonathan, the instructor of the course. Please leave here your email, or contact me at [email protected] , and I’d be happy to help, and tell you more about the course. Cheers!

  2. Kofi

    Hey man,
    Thanks for the piece. I am trying to learn day trading by myself but finding it difficult. Please get in touch and assist me.

  3. Noah.J

    Thank you Jonathan for all the lessons. I really learned a lot, but unfortunately I tried to work with a broker which apparent to be a scam so i couldn’t use the strategies properly. Looking forward for your recommendations of better brokers for Australian citizens because i tried with several demo account and saw that it works perfectly well

    • Jonathan Grab

      Hello Noah,
      You can have a look at the recommendations of this site, and also my youtube channel (jonathan grab), in order to find good broker solutions for Australians.

  4. Lisa J

    I must share that i was always losing in trading, and now my average gains are probably more than 200 bucks a day.. so please please please keep supporting and make it continue hehe Seriously thank you Jonathan, I’m keep learning so much from you!
    Lisa J

  5. Roni Morel

    I’m now about finishing half of the course and just want to mention that so far i’m vary satisfy because i feel like you chose to teach only the most important things. I do have some experience in trading crypto, but now i actually understand much better what i’m doing.. BTW as you said in the video, I already covered the cost by doing position sizing strategy on ETH :)) Looking forward for the rest of it!

    • Jonathan Grab

      Hey RONI,
      Appreciate your feadback and glad you like the course. Make sure to follow the percentage rule when you apply the position sizing method!

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