Menu Close Review – Warning! Ponzi Scheme by Coinstream Limited is an interesting mixed bag when it comes to legitimacy. Even at first glance, one can be almost 100% certain that this is another cryptocurrency scam, carrying the most typical characteristics of a pyramid scheme. What exactly does Fundstream offer? It promises investors a return of 10%-18% per day, for life, and no, we are not making that up. That’s just the way it’s spelled out black on white on the homepage of the operator. What’s also spelled out is the fact that once an investor makes a deposit, it automatically “becomes part of the company’s financial assets” and it cannot be returned. The money you deposit there is essentially a donation to this group of scammers. You shouldn’t worry too much about that though…after all, your investment will be yielding 10-18% per day for you, for life…or is that “throughout the period of the company’s operation?” which could indeed be extremely short. Now it’s time to start worrying.

Investors will be able to withdraw their profits as soon as the threshold of 0.0005 BTCs is reached – which – we’ll venture a guess – will never actually happen. The minimum deposit has been set to BTC 0.001, so everything is calculated in a manner that will keep investors from requesting a withdrawal for a good while.

Obviously, the more one deposits, the more he’ll earn. The 10% is valid for the above specified minimum deposit. The maximum deposit is BTC 60, and it’s said to generate daily profits of 18%.

To round out the Ponzi-scheme picture, we have a “new money” generating component implemented too. Every Fundstream investor can get in on a referral deal of 7% on first tier referrals, 2% on second tier referrals and 1% on third tier referrals. This is essentially the affiliate deal pushed by Fundstream, a setup which has already prompted webmasters of dubious moral integrity to post a number of positive reviews for the operation. The new deposits are needed to keep the pyramid from collapsing, but collapse it will in due time nonetheless.

How exactly are these downright fabulous daily returns actually realized though? According to, through speculation on the crypto currency exchanges and stock exchanges. That’s all the information we’re fed in this regard. To call that vague would be a major understatement. That right there is your second massive scam-indicating red flag (as if you needed another, having read the first couple of paragraphs above).

Who is behind the scheme though? Surely, no one will put his name on a scam as obvious as this one…wrong. The Fundstream website features a rather standard and informative About Us section, through which we learn that the corporate entity behind the site is a company called Coinstream Ltd, registered in the UK under company number 10713354. The company office is located at 125a Avenell Road, London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, N5 1BH, and the person behind it all is Edgar Ballard, who is the active Director. The catch is though that Coinstream Ltd. was incorporated on April 6, 2017 and actual operations were started on April 30, 2017 – making the whole setup not even a month old. Even if we take the above information as legit, that still raises yet another major red flag.

The general community feedback is a mixed bag, as are the reviews you’ll find through Google. There are people expressing suspicion at the brazen business model, while other are defending it, saying they’re actually receiving money from Fundstream. Still, when your defense of an operation consists of repeated posts which state that “on May XX, Fundtream is STILL paying”, you may end up doing more harm than good credibility-wise. It’s as if even these people admit this is a Ponzi scheme and they’re expecting it to shut down any day.

Interestingly, neither the community at Bitcointalk, nor the Reddit-sphere has posted anything on Fundstream yet. Given the shall we say “tender” age of the operation, that isn’t exactly surprising, even less so given how there’s probably no real investor feedback available on the scheme yet.

Fundstream Investment Offer


Taking a close look at the actual Fundstream website will not instill more trust either. The homepage copy is rife with typos and grammatical errors, as well as sentences that make absolutely no sense, no matter how many times one reads them over. Let us just gracefully glide over that though while we take a look at possibly the only thing that could actually reveal a real person behind the scam: the domain registrant info. As expected, the identity of the domain owner is WhoisGuard-protected. We do learn that the registration was made from Panama, and we have a PO-Box as the registrant’s address – very trust-inspiring indeed. Registered on February 22, 2017, the domain barely had time to pop into Alexa’s rankings. Nonetheless, it has quite surprisingly accrued a rank just above 100,000, despite the fact that no other domain seems to link to it. Its authority rank of 1/100 fits well with the picture though. Apparently, most of the traffic drawn by currently originates from the US, India, Brazil, France and Nigeria.

Fundstream Review Conclusion

Everything about this operation screams SCAM and Ponzi scheme, loudly and proudly. It has every Ponzi scheme element in place and it even tells people it’s going to take their monies. Of course, there are a vocal few who may actually get paid every now and then, but remember: the whole thing is not even a month old. This is how Ponzi schemes work: they pay for a while as they attempt to draw in new money. The steam runs out though and sooner or later, the pyramid comes crashing down. Fundstream will collapse as well, it is only a matter of time.

The only puzzling thing about the operation is how the identity of the Coinstream director is made public. It really doesn’t fit into the bigger picture. We will certainly not be surprised though if it gets revealed one day that this identity is a fake one, as is the information provided about Coinstream Ltd.

Verdit: Fundstream is a SCAM!

Blacklisted site:

If you have been scammed by Fundstream, please share your story in a comment below.

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  1. KC

    I got scammed just now by the other company that is registered to this same Edgar Ballard. Coinstream Limited is the company that scammed me. I lost 16K worth of bitcoin to this scam. Same thing as others have reported. Ben Leroy (he has an account of facebook but the pictures he uses are stolen from an Instagram account from some one Brazil. Ben Leroy said that he was the “head of coinstream” and he contacted me and we went back and forth for weeks about his company. After I invested he would message me each day and sau hello and check in. I was also contacted by several other facebook accounts who showed me pictures of their withdrawls from coinstream and the profit they made. After I did some more digging and noticing strange things, I called Ben out on it and said I was concerned. He promised me not to worry but I talked with other investors and they were scared too. Ben then blocked me on facebook. I requested a withdrawal of all my funds and they acknowledged the request but the money never came. There dashboard is very deceiving as you can log in and see your account growing each day. They also have online customer service and send e-mail everytime you log in into your account as safety measure. This is 100% a scam. Please do not invest with

  2. Akin

    I am from Nigeria too and i got scammed 0.012 BTC. I requested for payouts, they acknowledged the requests and never paid. I did not register there by chance. Someone contact me from facebook who her profile said she is in Malta. She persuaded me a lot to register, she showed me different screenshots of withdrawals and payments from fundstream. It was unbelievable this was a scam. She did everything to convince me but i know the internet as a very dark place. I have about 1.068 BTC in my balance and just decide to try with a little amount as 0.012 BTC. At last i can count myself lucky not to be scammed heavily because i actually save money in Crypto-currency rather than paper currency.

  3. Irene Jones

    I requested withdrawals over and over again got email responses acknowledging the withdrawals but never got any of the funds. I put in 6 of my grand children, planning this for their holiday in December. I am truly devastated. How can a company be so cruel. I perhaps could expect this kind of thing from Singapore, Philippines, India, Brazil, France and Nigeria. and some of those crooks, but right here in my own back yard.

  4. George1985

    please am from ghana i deposited 0.7btn is alot of money is around $1000 , and i cant withdraw it keeps on say pending please any solution to get my money back

  5. Debra Nathanson

    Dear James
    I was also scammed by and lost 0.5 BTC. Please would you be able to assist in me getting it back. I initially deposited 0.01 into the account, and they paid daily, which made me trust them. I have also noticed that on their registration certificate they are noted as a company that deals with photographic equipment. Please let me know if you need me to send any screenshots of transactions made, and withdrawal requests not honored. I will gladly send anything that may help in getting my money back, as I really couldn’t afford to lose it.
    Thank you so much.

    • Debra Nathanson

      I forgot to mention I am from Cape Town South Africa, so half a BTC is a whole lot of money in our currency.

  6. Mhon

    Im a victim also of scam fundstream. Is there posible to get back my investment money in fundstream? Please need your help…

    • admin

      I will check this for you. Can you please provide me with some more details? Where are you from? How did you make the deposit? And how much was it?

      • Mhon

        Im from philippines i deposited btc 0.001 and i try to claim my earnings but it was not send to my bitcoin address. The admin said they encounter BUG POP i dont know what it means but they tells us give them 24 hours until now 3 days nothing fix the problem. I also same case with forex-express i deposited 1$ turns in 7 hours 1.05$ but when i claimed it my withrawal is pending until now. No support answering my email for what happen. Also i deposited 0.002 they told me it will directly goes in my btc address my earnings but same case and same day they are all gone was error 502/ 505 in site. Dont know what to do nobody answer my email. Please help me for this…thank you

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