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Fxmasterbot.com - Scam or Legit?
FxMasterBot is a software which makes life of every trader much easier and clutter free. This software supports both Forex pairs and Cryptocurrencies thereby covering a wide range of investable assets from a retail traders point of view.

If you are looking for a software which provides you complete compatibility regardless of which platform or device you use and has deep integration between the charts and brokers then this one will be the answer to all your needs.

Read our unbiased review which will show you all the features of this platform which has gained a huge user base since it was founded an year ago.

How does FxMasterBot work ?

There is a two way approach to this software. If you are a beginner then leave all the setting untouched so that the software’s algorithm automatically scans the market and alert you the possible trades you can make wherein you just have to look after the money management side.

For more advanced traders this software allows to be customized in such a way that it gives more information at a single glance and prevent the users from jumping different tabs. The blend of versatility and practical use is what makes this program so attracting.

Platforms and Features

The dashboard of this software reveals potential trades with the confidence meter which works axiomatically meaning if a trade has got more score on the meter the probability of it being a winner is high. Often beginners make the mistake of over trading but that won’t work in the long run unless and until you see a strong risk reward ratio always be reluctant to open trades.

Since many brokers are synced with this piece of software , the users will not face log or delay of any sort which ensures that you always enter the market at the right moment to reap maximum benefits. The take profit and stop loss levels can be manually adjusted.

As long as the trader has complete awareness of what he is doing and has the discipline to stick to the signals, this software will do wonders to your account.

We recommend all the users to customize the dashboard by selecting the time frames they want to trade so that the interface does not get flooded with signals which are irrelevant. Along with tweaking the time period setting feel free to check out the confidence meter so that you can discover the spot you are comfortable with.

Returns Offered

Unlike fake platforms out there on the internet this platform does not offer any kind of returns and it is quite understandable as the profits from trading depends on many factors. To give you a clear perception of what profits you might earn, remember that it is directly dependent on your capital but do not expect any drastic over night gains because trading does not work that way.

For an instance lets say an individual opens an account with $250, it would be reasonable to expect around $20 to $30 weekly. The key to consistently profiting comes down to the ability of maintaining diversified portfolio.

Account Types

FxMasterBot offers 3 accounts wherein to receive all the benefits an individual has to commit with $1,000 capital. Here are the detailed information about the features each account holds.


Multiple Brokers

3 Currency Pairs

Leader Board Multiplier X1

3 Open Trades

Free Signals

Min Deposit – $250


Multiple Brokers

9 Currency Pairs

Leader Board Multiplier X2

Unlimited Open Trades

Partly Advanced Settings

Auto Trading

Min Deposit – $500


Multiple Brokers

17 Currency Pairs

Leader Board Multiplier X3

Unlimited Open Trades

All Advanced Settings

VIP Customer Support

Min Deposit – $1,000.

Domain Insight

According to the data provided on whois.com this domain was registered on 18/07/2017 and it expires on 17/07/2019. FxMasterBot has been around for over a year as of writing this review.

This website gets most of its traffic from South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Russia. The exact rankings are 23,645 in South Africa and 454,452 globally.

Is FxMasterBot a Scam ?

Shortly put No,

FxMasterBot is the perfect package for any trader who appreciate loads of relevant information organised and then catered to them. The main reason why we like this software is the fact that they offer no strings attached demo account.

All the users can test the effectiveness of their trading system without depositing funds which proves the amount of confidence they have. From client’s perspective also it is appreciated because they can try various methodologies, familiarize themselves with the platform and then opt in if they like what they are getting.

FxMasterBot Review Conclusion

This firm has a lot of things going in their favor. They only work with regulated brokers so that the clients can access the best liquidity pools and ensure that no malpractice takes place.

Traders can keep a watch on all the pairs they are interested at across all time frames at once and with one click of a button can open the trade so that slippage or delay in execution does not happen often which can be deadly if you are a scalper. It does not matter at what phase of trading you are currently in, FxMasterBot deserves a place in your kit.

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