GunBot Review – Automatic Crypto Trading Bot

GunBot ( by Gunthar De Niro has become notably popular amongst the crypto trading community.

This informative GunBot review takes a look at all the pros and cons as we discover what the fuss is all about and if this software is really worth buying.

We encourage you to read our full GunBot review before purchasing the software in order to ensure you have all the details needed for a safe and enjoyable trading experience.

What Is GunBot & How Does It Work?

GunBot is an automated crypto trading software that works on Poloniex and other cryptocurrency exchanges. It was created by Gunthar De Niro with the first version being released in December 2016.

The bot is designed to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It earns you a profit by repeatedly buying low and selling high.

The algorithm the GunBot uses can be applied to manual trading too. The advantage of using this software over manual trading however is being able to generate a profit 24/7.

GunBot works on the following exchanges: Binance, BinfinexPoloniex, Bittrex, Cryptopia and Kraken. Cryptopia is only supported in version 4.0.1 or above.

This automatic crypto trading bot has numerous strategies built into it; they are Bollinger Bands, Gain, Step Gain, PingPong, 1000Trades and Supergun.

We did note that the creator Gunthar De Niro, has mentioned that the BB strategy is the better one to use.

Users also have the option of mixing these strategies when using either Poloniex, Bittrex or Kraken. For example, you can buy with BB and sell with PingPong, or you can buy with PingPong and sell with Gain.

Gunbot Poloniex Login Screen

GunBot aka TheCryptoBot Pricing

Gunbot has three different pricing plans depending on whether you wish to utilize more than one exchange.

  • 0.1 BTC – One Chosen Market – Lifetime Licence – One Time Payment – Run Unlimited Pairs
    (converted to roughly $400 at the time of writing this review).
  • 0.2 BTC – Any Two Markets – Lifetime Licence – One Time Payment – Run Unlimited Pairs
    (converted to roughly $800 at the time of writing this review).
  • 0.3 BTC – All Three Markets – Lifetime License – One Time Payment – Run Unlimited Pairs
    (Converted to roughly $1200 at the time of writing this review).

It is important to note that the GunBot licences will not be available forever.

For example, the Poloniex volume is finite, therefore, according to Gunthar’s well thought out calculations only a limited number of people can use Gunbot on Poloniex.

Unfortunately, if everyone starts to spam the order books with autobots, eventually as we have seen before with other programs who offer infinite copies, someone will land up with their software being stuck.

Luckily, Gunthar has already considered this and has come up with a solution to the problem. A new GunBot algorithm.

The next GunBot algorithm will be called Black Edition and will only be released once all the original licences are sold.

What we find interesting about this is that only traders with a bought GunBot license history will be able to buy a GunBot Black Edition license.

Any new traders will have to purchase an original GunBot license from a previous user.

If you already hold a licence, this immediately adds value to it, as over time as it can be traded or sold at the best possible price directly from you.

If you do not have a licence yet, you might want to consider getting one now.

GunBot Software Pros & Cons

Although the software is an automated trading bot, we consider it to be more of a trading aid.

After having a closer look, we found there are some minimum requirements a person needs to operate the CryptoBot successfully.

For example, it is preferable to have some experience in trading and know what you are doing before running this software, otherwise you could face potential losses.

Let us begin with the hardware requirements.

You can download the software and run it from your PC or you have the option of purchasing a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from one of their recommended suppliers or a VPS provider of your choice.

The service recommends purchasing a Contabo VPS Server & running it with Windows 10 or Linux for best performance.

The software works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Nix is also supported however; this is a NET & Node.js program so it is better to run it off Windows.

It is also recommended to choose a minimum 4 core and 4 gig RAM. GunBot is not a major CPU consumer though as it only takes 20k RAM for each currency pair you trade.

There are other minimum requirements that we need to mention in this GunBot review. To operate the software the user also needs to possess some basic skills.

The minimum requirements are listed below;

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Basic File Editing Skills
  • The Logic of Market Trading
  • Understanding that this is an automation software for trading Cryptocurrencies and the user is required to configure the bot according to their needs and desired trades.
  • Understanding that GunBot does not make any predictions and does not make decisions for the trader – e.g. it does not choose which coin pairs to trade on its own.
  • Understanding that configuring GunBot is mandatory and falls in the hands of the user.

Gunbot 3.3.2 Overall Presentation

The user also needs to know and understand what the following terms mean; Bitcoin, Trading Cryptocurrencies, Coin-Pair, API Key, API Secret, Buy/Sell Price, Holding a Portfolio of Cryptographic Coins, Deposits & Withdrawals, VPS, Console/Terminal Window.

If you do not understand the above terms or possess the requirements listed, then this software may not be suitable for you.

Additionally, because you are required to configure the software yourself after installing, if you are not experienced in various strategies it is recommended to leave each strategy in its default settings and just choose your currency pair and max balance to trade.

The pros of using this software come in the form of automated trading (once you have configured the bot) and allowing it to run 24/7 even while you are asleep.

This translates to a lot more possible profit than if you were manually trading which is naturally time restricted.

According to the extensive research we conducted for this GunBot review, the profits reported by users are in the 1% -3% daily range.

If left running 24/7 and market conditions are favorable, for example, there are no coin crashes then you are looking at an ROI of around 30% monthly.

This is a very decent profit.

Gunbot Trade History Example

Can You Lose Money With GunBot?


As mentioned, the CryptoBot is automated and gives you the freedom to change certain options, however, you need to know what you are doing.

There are some technical errors you should avoid in order to prevent losses.

For instance, if you use a stop limit to close to the coins daily variation.

There are also some common errors to avoid such as trading an unreliable or surging/dying coin, setting a margin to buy/sell to low/high or setting Max Latest prices to low.

How to Buy & Download GunBot Software

It is recommended to only buy licences from authorised resellers.

You can check their authority on the official Gunbot forum, GunBot runs via the API system on your chosen exchange.

Therefore, for example, if you are going with Poloniex, you will need your Poloniex API Key as this will also act as your licence key.

Important Note: There is a difference between your API Key and your API Secret Key – Do not share your API secret key with anyone.

Once you have done this, simply download GunBot and install it.

Before running the software for the first time remember to configure it.

Access to Poloniex is granted using your API keys and a direct call to Poloniex API.

Please note, It is mandatory to not enable the withdrawal feature on your Poloniex API pair. If GunBot detects an API pair with withdrawals enabled, it will disconnect and your GUNBOT license will be blocked.

Gunbot Main Menu

Gunbot Review Conclusion

Official Site:

We conducted extensive research for this Gunbot review, including many hours of reading various forums, reviews, community feedback and videos.

Also taking into consideration the software maturity, we can safely and confidently say that this is by no means a scam.

GunBot has been proven time and again to not only function as it should but provide consistent profits as well.

If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, this is one automated software we encourage you to try.

For help with installing, setting up and using this software, feel free to visit TheCryptoBot (GunBot) User Guide.

There are other legitimate options available, such as the CryptoTrader, however GunBot seems to win in terms of price, customization and support.

Gunthar De Niro has proven to be a straight up guy who is always willing to answer any questions relating to the software or offer help in getting the program up and running.

This is something you will not find in any Ponzi/HYIP/Scam services.

There is no refund policy on the software, however, if for some reason you are unhappy with the performance of the CryptoBot, you can always sell your licence on the official Forum.


  1. Miguel Answir

    Great review, would just like to mention I have tried PT and Gunbot. PT blows away Gunbot but both have the same problem of having to be run on a VPS and updated all the time. If you run on your computer it will cut into the profits with electricity so not worth it. I am now settled with CWEBot which is a cloudhosted bot and has over 120,000 users worldwide and much more advanced than other bots. They also have app on android and ios to check your trades and receive signals on the go. If you want a self hosted bot go PT if you want cloud hosted go CWEBot, thank me later 🙂

  2. Luncy

    I’m the real arbitrator, I understand this market, I used a lot of bots that promised one thing, but in the end, I did not get anything from them. I’m sick of it and now I’ve listened to the crypto community, which claims that BitbitBot is the most advanced thing on the market. I’m delighted. The guys are just super))

  3. JAMES

    Ive read that you all want to sell licence ….it’s not good.I know great platform where you can gain money easier and faster “Bibitbot”-its really good choice

  4. Fred90

    Hey , guys if someone tryed the bot Bibitbot? I’ve heard about it somewhere , but not sure is it good or isn’t?

      • Rom

        Yes, Bibitbot is such an amazing thing, I do not know anything about arbitration, in which I passed free training and it really helped me

        • Mark

          Oh really? I like reading this because many bad posters said that Bibitbot is the scam. This is fake information

          • Lokl890

            Bibit Boy isn’t scam it’s for sure I use it) And i started to earn more money. This service is too useful

  5. boblonely

    Good program! I have tested many trade bots, including Gunbot. I have faced several companies of fraud, such as cryptorobot365, it is necessary to be careful with them!

    I at last have found, it is really good tool. Notices which can be adjusted as it is convenient to you, come to Telegram. Free 1 day of use, allows to make sure of operability of service and not to worry that it is deception. The choice for you

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