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The Internet Coin Exchange, which can be found at, is quite possibly the most no-nonsense exchange for bitcoins and scores of other crypto currencies in existence. Unfortunately, there’s so little data available out there, it’s difficult to call “scam” or “legit” on this one with any kind of certainty. The bitcoin/crypto currency community doesn’t seem to know about the operation or to acknowledge its existence in any shape or form. There’s no information on it on the bitcoin forums or in the reddit-sphere. (Internet Coin Exchange)

To begin with, the site doesn’t promise anything. It is a simple purchase site, which barely features a few pages. Just about all the essential information is displayed on the homepage, and by that we mean the symbol of every featured digital currency, the market cap, its current price, the available supply (expressed in USD) the 1h percentage change in the said price and the 7-day percentage change of same.

How exactly does work? All one really needs to do is to click the “buy” button corresponding to the crypto-currency he’s looking to purchase and he will be immediately taken to a page where an account can be opened. The opening of such an account only takes a few seconds really: the website is fast and the required information is surprisingly shallow. No verification is required either.

Payments can be done through MasterCard and VISA only, there’s no other supported payment method.

The sheer number of digital currencies supported by the site is indeed very impressive, though it has to be noted that there is no way one can verify that the information displayed on the homepage is real.

The site does not have an “About” page and it doesn’t feature any information about the company (if any) behind the operation or the people. This is obviously unacceptable. In this day and age, and with the internet slowly turning into a crypto currency Wild West, one just cannot shell out money to someone he/she doesn’t know anything about.

The Contact Us page doesn’t feature much relevant information either. A few email addresses are provided, for support and business purposes, and there’s apparently a way for people to partner up with the operator too. The addresses are [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

Just about the only way to learn something about the operation is to launch a whois query and see what beans it spills about the domain where the whole outfit is hosted.

From the get-go, a red flag is thrown up: the identity of the registrant is kept under wraps. Apparently, whoever is pushing this deal isn’t too keen on slapping his name on it.

Secondly, the domain was created in October 2016, so it’s only a little over half a year old. No Alexa ranking is available for the site yet, as for its back-link profile: unsurprisingly, it too is non-existent. Under these circumstances, looking for the domain’s authority ranking is an exercise in futility.

InternetCoinExchange Review Conclusion

Apparently, isn’t just the most no-nonsense crypto currency exchange in operation – as stated at the beginning of this review – it is also one of the most secretive. Nobody seems to know anything about these people, so it’s obvious that in their case, you should definitely elect to err on the side of caution.

To be on the safe side, we recommend to AVOID using the Internet Coin Exchange until we’re able to verify that it’s a legitimate site.

Update (September 2017): We have proof that InternetCoinExchange is NOT paying. We know at least one person who is unable to withdraw $1M in Bitcoin from the exchange (!) So definitely stay away from the Internet Coin Exchange!

Internet Coin Exchange is a SCAM!

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