MultiMining.Website Review – Cloud Mining Scam Exposed!!

If you have been considering purchasing a mining plan through MultiMining.Website then think again! Pretending to operate as a legitimate cloud mining operation, MultiMining.Website functions as anything but an authentic investment opportunity for cryptocurrency investors. Targeting the youthful and inexperienced crypto demographics, this viral cloud mining site has taken root and manifested itself into one manipulative and deceptive scam operation. To learn more about why you should avoid this crooked investment hoax, continue reading our unbiased review.

What is MultiMining.Website?

MultiMining.Website portrays their operation as a credible cloud hashing platform that enables cryptocurrency investors to enroll through their platform with the prospect of earning a daily return. As with most cloud mining schemes, MultiMining.Website requires prospective investors to deposit a considerable sum of Bitcoin into their platform in order to become eligible to receive daily returns. The more an investor is willing to deposit upfront, the higher the ROI they are promised in return.

Who is Behind MultiMining.Website?

MultiMining.Website relies upon the easily falsified UK based corporate database to serve as their credibility shield. According to MultiMining.Website, they are owned and operated by BitExplosion Ltd, a UK based private limited company headquartered at 89 Marlborough Road, London, United Kingdom, E18 1AA. Filed under company number 10757009, a CompaniesHouse report will reveal that this corporation was incorporated on May 5th, 2017, yet a WHOIS report will indicate that MultiMining.Website was incepted on September 16th, 2017.

As we have made clear several times throughout past reviews, these UK based corporations are only employed to create a false sense of credibility. If you input the BitExplosion Ltd corporate address for example you will realize that it is not a real address, which means that the creator behind this fraudulent operation likely employed an anonymous renting service to procure their address.

Furthermore, the alleged director behind MultiMining.Website goes by the name of Chris Palmer, whose disclosed correspondence address is 99 Malcom Rd, Llanelltyd, United Kingdom, LL40 1RX. As you can see for yourself in the image below though, this disclosed address does not appear to be valid either. In addition, we could find no relevant correlation between Chris Palmer and MultiMining.Website anywhere on the web. - Google Maps
Google Maps

How does MultiMining.Website Work?

Crypto enthusiasts who are set upon donating their bitcoins to MultiMining.Website are able to enroll with one of their 4 mining plans. All deposits must be conducted through Bitcoin transactions, which coincidentally are irreversible once sent, and range between 0.01 BTC to 5 BTC. Provided below are the specs of the mining plans made available:

Crab Plan

Deposit: 0.01 BTC

Daily Return: 0.00288 BTC

Return/Minute: 0.0000020 BTC

Affiliate Bonus: 30%

Cumulative Return: ~0.3456 BTC

Fish Plan

Deposit: 0.1 BTC

Daily Return: 0.03024 BTC

Return/Minute: 0.000210 BTC

Affiliate Bonus: 40%

Cumulative Return: ~3.63 BTC

Shark Plan

Deposit: 0.9 BTC

Daily Return: 0.3024

Return/Minute: 0.0002100 BTC

Affiliate Bonus: 50%

Cumulative Return: ~36.288 BTC

Whale Plan

Deposit: 5 BTC

Daily Return: 1.8144 BTC

Return/Minute: 0.0012600 BTC

Affiliate Bonus: 100%

Cumulative Return: ~217.728

According to the FAQ featured at MultiMining.Website, each mining plan comes with a 4 month lifespan. Each of the cumulative returns listed above are based upon a 120 day calculation, which is not claimed on their site but used in reference to obtain a better understanding of how absurd the ROI claims asserted on their site truly are. - Plan Length

Question Mark and Red Flags

The fabrication of corporate ownership in the deliberant attempt to build credibility does the exact opposite in the case of MultiMining.Website. Furthermore, the ROIs featured on their platform are absolutely ridiculous and are clearly used as a way to lure unexpected newbie investors into their deceptive Ponzi scheme.


MultiMining.Website had a SimilarWeb global rank of 34,753 with an India rank of 9,855 as of January 20th, 2018. Although this site may appear to be popular according to market intelligence sites, it should be noted that a considerable portion of this sites traffic is derived from traffic exchange websites like, which are used in the blatant attempt to make a site appear more popular than it organically is.

Compensating web surfers to browse their site so that they rank higher in search results is a malicious and shameful marketing approach. These extensive measures pursued by scammers just goes to show the extraordinary lengths that they go in order to obtain more revenue in the long-run.

Can MultiMining.Website be Trusted?

As we made clear from the starting blocks, MultiMining.Website is not a trustworthy investment solution. Promising returns that are not obtainable in any sane business model, it is evident that the creators behind this site are solely trying to entice as many inexperienced investors as possible out of their hard-earned bitcoins. Do yourself and others a generous courtesy by sharing this review and avoiding this fraudulent investment scheme.

MultiMining.Website Review Conclusion

MultiMining.Website is a bona-fide cloud mining scam! Operating as a Ponzi scheme, MultiMining.Website employs some of the oldest tricks in the books in order to create the illusion of credibility and security. If you are looking for a way to secure the longevity of your Bitcoin wallet, make sure you avoid MultiMining.Website and any website currently endorsing this obvious scam.

Review Verdict: MultiMining.Website is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: MultiMining.Website

Have you suffered crypto losses to MultiMining.Website? Please share any experience, thoughts and feedback you may possess by leaving a comment below!

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  1. jeffery

    Are there any legit free mining websites for btc??

    • Pervez is 100% legit, secure and trusted website for Mining.

      • Daniel Amare

        How long does it take to get upgraded after purchasing tier plan

  2. sam

    yup god knows what bullshit you are talking about maybe its scam and doesn’t pay but what if I say that I just have got free BTC in my wallet, I totally agree about this site ROI is ridiculous and this is the reason most of the people don’t believe, but what I experienced is totally different from what you have written maybe you are right but have you ever mined from this site? have you ever invested or mined in free and requested for payout? the answer is no because you are a paid writer who writes for money, the one suggestion I want to make here is please go through the actual process and then write the reviews it will come more natural. its sound harsh but it is fact, maybe you delete my comment but please take not from this.

    • Bobby

      I was also a member until my purchased tier counter resetted back to zero?? If that’s not a scam then I don’t know what is!
      Its a scamming scheme, when your investment gets to a big amount the system resets and you loose everything!!

  3. John davis

    Hello, I have been a user of Multimining for more than a year, I have always get paid from that website. They launch the new version of the website in May 2018 and it is very good in comparison to an old version. Some people say it is scam website but It think they don’t know the actual process of this website as well as they don’t pay any maintenance fees and they don’t reach the threshold for withdrawal. So, the people who did not get paid, they should pay maintenance fees as well as reach the threshold.

  4. Angelo Roy

    Hello all, I have used this website today I paid only maintenance fees and today I got free BTC so, I loved it and I would like to tell others to use this website. I am not advertising this website but it is fact that it is an awesome website for cloud mining.

  5. Basil Holmes Oates

    Yup, they got me too. After days of watching my computer creep up to the minimum pay out. U get a message to send btc or upgrade(send more btc). You send btc then watch pending forever. I should’ve known better 99% of internet money makets are scams who get away with steaing and don’t get in trouble. How can we stop this?

  6. Mihai Bultoc

    A Scam. why don´t someone report it to the FBI to delete the site. I have made a btc transfer for the fee to withdraw…… Btc sent and payment is still pending

    • Jay

      Pending is the part where they shut down their pyramid scheme on that particular website but before the hosting provider closes it for nonpayment. Also, scams like these are reported to the FTC not FBI.

  7. Craig

    You guys need to go check out if you think this site is bad…. those guys are full Ponzi.

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