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Original Crypto Review – Crypto Scam Broker Exposed!

A perilous new investment brokerage known as Original Crypto has festered its ways into the cryptocurrency community. Portraying their platform as a cryptocurrency financial brokerage, has engineered a clever marketing approach to promote their illicit investment services to consumers across the world. Reflecting strong affiliation with other industry inflicting operations, we will expose Original Crypto for the scam operation that it is throughout our concise and investigative review. - Original Crypto

About Original Crypto

Similar to other scam brokerages we have blacklisted in the past, Original Crypto tends to ramble on and on about why their operation is allegedly the best available for you instead of providing detailed insight pertaining to their platform. According to their About Us page, Original Crypto offers over 50 investable assets, up to a 89% ROI along with an award-winning platform. Requiring a minimum deposit no less than 0.5 Bitcoin, the initial deposit required to get started with this unethical cryptocurrency broker is steep to say the least.

Who is Liable for Original Crypto?

According to the footer of, their site is operated by a corporation known as “Bali Limited Ltd.” Disclosing a registered corporate address of 1421 Sofia City, Sofia District, Bulgaria, Lozenets, Bolgrad No.5., we could find no evidence to support that Bali Limited Ltd was an actual corporation. Furthermore, the alleged corporate address provided for Bali Limited Ltd does not appear to be a factual physical address and computes to a variance of their disclosed address.

Original Crypto - Footer

Original Crypto Offer

Original Crypto is portrayed as an online crypto brokerage that enables investors to participate in margin loan investing. Which means that traders are able to invest up to a fixed percentage of their deposited capital in order to purchase assets through their platform. Which investable assets traders are able to invest with, we are uncertain since Original Crypto does not disclose that information, provide a FAQ or provide any real need-to-know information. Shared below are the 6 account types currently offered at Original Crypto:


Deposit: Up to 0.5 BTC

Leverage: 1:200

Margin Loan: Up to 10%

Perks: Monthly market reviews


Deposit: Up to 2 BTC

Leverage: 1:200

Margin Loan: Up to 25%

Perks: Monthly market review & weekly live stream trading webinar


Deposit: Up to 10 BTC

Leverage: 1:200

Margin Loan: 25%

Perks: Mini account perks plus personal account manager


Deposit: Up to 20 BTC

Leverage: 1:200

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Margin Loan: Up to 50%

Perks: Silver account perks, personal broker & 1 on 1 trading sessions


Deposit: Up to 45 BTC

Leverage: 1:300

Margin Loan: Up to 75%

Perks: Gold perks & invites to VIP events


Deposit: More than 45 BTC

Leverage: 1:400

Margin Loan: Up to 100%

Perks: Diamond perks, tight spreads & higher payouts,

Correlated Operations

During the investigative process we found one active investment brokerage connected with Original Crypto. ArgoCommerce, found at, operates as a forex brokerage that also fails to disclose much information regarding their operation. After conducting a market intelligence report on ArgoCommerce through SimilarWeb we are also able to learn that their platform is unpopular and receives virtually no traffic. Another previously linked operation to Original Crypto would be although during the time of writing this review, it appears that the creators behind this site have changed their corporate entity information. - Argo Commerce

Can Original Crypto be Trusted?

There is no evidence to support that Bali Limited Ltd is an active corporation. Searches conducted across numerous business registries along with detailed search queries failed to generate any credible results. Furthermore, the alleged corporate address of Original Crypto computes to a separate address in Google Maps which make it appear as if the corporation was ran out of a domestic apartment. Lastly, Original Crypto does not appear to be a regulated or licensed brokerage which is a crucial essential needed when investing online, therefore we do not believe Original Crypto to be trustworthy.

Popularity & Domain Insight had a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,241,527 with an Israel rank of 55,741 as of February 11th, 2018. Approximately 21% of their traffic originates from referral and email based sources while their ranking in their market intelligence report makes it clear to us that Original Crypto is not a popular cryptocurrency brokerage. Review Conclusion

Original Crypto operates in a suspicious manner and does not provide traders with a regulated or licensed investment platform. Disclosing unverifiable corporate information while being correlated with other operations that possess not only negative but unethical histories are red flags that we cannot overlook.

When it comes to investing online, you must be absolutely certain that the brokerage is not only regulated but licensed. Furthermore, ensure that your prospective broker provides verifiable corporate information and operates with open transparency. If the platform you are considering signing up with fails to fulfill those requirements then chances are that it is not a legitimate brokerage. To learn about the best cryptocurrency brokerages available, feel free to visit our Cryptocurrency Trading Center.

Review Verdict: Original Crypto is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. JD

    DO NOT INVEST WITH THIS COMPANY I also lost everything from my account and was told the only way to recover it was to invest more yeh right . As said on here keep away from Chris,Mike Stevens (smooth talker) and Mathew Davidson . They promise you the world . I will be contacting the FCA and hope they will help

  2. Robert Sim

    I invested £18,000 with Roy Goodman he attempted to have me take an overdraft for £ 20,000 as I am 80 years old I couldn’t get it I have not been able to contact him or the company since. That was my full savings.

    • Tom Day

      I invested £35000 to Roy Goodman ,he took all my savings , he is a lying thieving bastard that has destroyed my life , I do know what you are feeling and going through.

  3. Ronald

    I came across Original Crypto by a cold call to my mobile phone, after I gave away name and details to a mobile phone App that gave free forex signals. It was not only Original Crypto that cold called me, but several companies claiming that I had set up an account with them. My advice don’t download apps to your phone asking for your name and address, because it is shared with hundreds of companies. I get several phone calls every day from them.

    I decided to invest £350 in Bitcoin to trade on Original Crypto platform. I did not do any trades, but the company did on my behalf and the salesman said it would do well. 2 months have passed and it had been a negative balance in that 2 months. The salesman rings me every day to invest more money of a minimum of £5000. He said to make money in Crypto Currencies you need to invest large amounts.

    The salesman representative was bragging that he has big houses in every country from trading Crypto Currencies. ( I think they are taking clients deposits and buying big houses with it ). I said to the sales rep. If their system is so good, why can’t we test it on a demo account. He was totally uninterested in doing that, he said you have to use real money. He said pay £2000 now and you can watch the seminar, which is revealing sensitive confidential information. So we had gone from £5000 minimum investment to £2000 ?. I got to the stage that I don’t answer my mobile phone to numbers outside the UK. Mobile phone trading apps are a front to high pressure salesmen.

  4. PS

    My situation is – I started the account with £250 and had no intention to send any more until I see the result but because I paid by credit card, I didn’t realize that after the first successful transaction they can withdraw all the money using a robot application – and they withdrew another £11500 upto the full limit. I do have phone conversation recordings with them where I clearly said I didn’t want to invest any more money into this after the initial £250.

    I kept getting reassurance from someone named Mike Stevens that once I have submitted my documents (Id, address proof, card detail etc) they will put the money back in my account. But now
    I am really not sure as they first fraudulently took all the money and now they want my documents.
    Usually a fraud company after getting this much money would just disappear and not contact you again but these guys are in constant touch with me to convince me to send the documents as Anti Money Laundering will be on the case and the withdrawal may be delayed.

    Now I am not sure why they are almost calling me once every day to convince me-
    1. Is it because even though they tricked me but the money is still with receiving bank and they can’t get it without my documentation? Can they not just forge it if they are scammers?
    2. Is it because they want to sell off the information for identity fraud?
    3. Or they are genuine and looking for documents to help me.

    Now I am yet to see a single proper positive review about them and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and UK Action Fraud has suggested that they seem like scammers.

    Is someone else in a similar situation? Has everyone else here submitted the documents?


    • Rick Davoli

      Do not send copies of your docs!
      Contact your credit card bank and ask for a chargeback
      I sent copies of my docs to them hoping they would let me withdraw my money but it did nor work.
      Someone by the name Mathey Davidson was calling me last week, asked me to invest more money I refused and told him that all I wanted is to withdraw what I have in my account. I sent him an email ([email protected]) asking him to send me at least 0.30BTC but received no reply.
      Tried to find their IP address, not possible they use cloudflare to shield IP and Location.

      • Franke

        Are any of you US citizens?
        If you want some justice please contact me as I am putting together an initiative for the US government to take action against this scammer group.
        Not asking for even a penny from you.

        I was scammed too by an associated site.
        Now, I own the site to use for good. 😀

        Promised a CFD. Never paid.
        Wiped my account out.
        No communication
        And they were cocky about it too.
        Didn’t care one bit.

        Let’s make them care & scared!

        investigator at

        • hamid

          I am a US citizen and my brother ( in London) and I were scammed out of $300k.. Yes $300,000. Shame on us for falling for this scam.. I have contacted the FBI here in Miami and as slow as they can be I am hoping to get to the bottom of this..our scammers were called Robin Mason and Warren King. We know Warren King is the real name because my brother actually went to Israel and confronted him and Robin..Things are about to get very nasty for them…

    • bart


      You must send documents with any financial institution especially one dealing with crypto currencies, i’ve been dealing with them for a while and from the beginning I was asked for documents and my investment was only £2500.. so far i’ve gotten money back and everything is fine in that sense but your case is a bit worrying and makes me feel skeptical

  5. Rick Davoli

    Their IP addresses are protected/shilded by:
    OrgName: Cloudflare, Inc. (CLOUD14)
    101 Townsend Street
    San Francisco
    CA (94107) US
    Network: –

    • Franke Bofi

      Do not send money to any company linked to Bali Limited. Yes, this many!
      That includes:
      HBO capital
      Lockwood Inc
      Richmond FG
      Stocks all

  6. Franke (Alias)

    Hello, are any of you who were scammed, American / United States citizens?
    If so, please contact me as I am collecting names to submit as per tasked to the US government.
    I was scammed by a fellow site myself, so I know the frustration in finding it hard to believe people can do this with no remorse. So, I took over my scammed site and now using it for good making connections in the right places to finally get a voice and some justice. And yes, the call centre is out of Bulgaria along with many of the other sites under Bali Limited. Unregulated and criminal.
    If you have records of where the money went (not your own) and the criminal account numbers that will also help with the case. Thanks. I know it is hard to trust; they don’t just take money, they take your trust away too for helping people.
    [email protected] Also on FB and Linkedin. investigator at suisseoption dot com

  7. Rick Davoli

    Really Karl Gerard? Did you manage to get your money back?
    I have 0.96 BTC in my account and unable to withdraw any of it. Contacted them via email got NO reply and they do not disclose any contact number on their website.
    My wife is pregnant our baby due date is towards the end of September and I need to withdraw at least some of my crypto to pay some bills.
    I don’t hate these people but feel sorry for them. May the good God have mercy on them but if they do not change their ways they will see that HELL DO EXIST AND IT LASTS FOREVER

  8. PS

    Is there any genuine person here, who has done trading with original crypto and got the money back.
    They ask for ID documents? Is this for an identity fraud? Has someone experienced this?

    Thanks for help

    • Karl Gerard

      They must ask for documents , as it is a financial institution.
      Once documents are in , your able to withdrawal I had this same problem how ever once my documents were sent the w/d took 5 business days and did come back into my account.
      I am now rethinking of working with them .
      They have good and bad reviews but up until now i have had no issues with them besides the w/d with out the docs.

      • Rick Davoli

        Really Karl???
        So if you managed to get your money back please tell me how. I got 0.96 BTC in my account but unable to withdraw. They don’t reply to my emails and no number to call on their website.

      • Thomas Day

        You must think we are all stupid Karl to believe such crap, I too cannot get my bitcoins out ,I too have .96 bitcoins which I know I have been scammed by these people . Sadly Karl you are in on the scam, NO ONE has ever got thier money out . They want to see details of all ,y credit cards,front and bank , and debit cards , and see bank accounts .You must think we are all stupid Karl

  9. Mark Baylis

    I only invested a small amount fortunately just to see how it went, at the start it was great, a bit of dealing and i suppose on paper i made a little. Then came the “you should invest more” statement “10K” was spoken about! when i didn’t seem very forthcoming was when the problems started. Suddenly there is no one there, i email, i live chat, SKYPE and nothing. My broker was a guy called Michael Stevens.
    Disappointed by the whole process / scam but could have been a lot worse i suppose! after reading some of the feed back on here i got away very lightly.
    Lesson in life point here i think………if it sounds to good to be true!!!! it probably is

  10. Dishant dhaduk

    original crypto is a fake platform to invest money. in starting these people are guiding me on how to trade in this platform. but after some days they ask me to deposit more money to buy more bitcoin. But I refuse to but more bitcoin. then suddenly their stop call me and I call them their employe said to me that I have already left the job. Soi will not able to help you anymore. And at last i have lost my $300. this is a fake website.

  11. Marlin

    Just read all your comments, was called today 20:45 by a George Ramsey telling me i got $250 in my account i have never dealed or deposited funds with this people got an appointment on Sunday 27/7/2018 at 14:00 with him for more info and account trading. Thanks for all your feedback/comments now i will be prepared for the conversation.

  12. Matt

    Hi everybody, Fortunately I just lost EUR 1,000 with I am a banker and my advice to you is the following:
    It is very important to write a complaint to the banking regulator of the country where you did transfer your money to. Secondly, also address another complaint to the Legal & Compliance department of the bank you did transfer money to. I send money to a bank account in Copenhagen/ Denmark and will address it there. In all EU countries, there are strict compliance procedures on money transfers. Banks have to make sure that incoming transfers are in line with the client profile. If banks help fraudsters/ unlicensed investment entities to collect third parties money, they may be liable towards the sender of the money. It is very important to that all of you contact these banks which failed to verify source of funds of account holders. By the way, the guy I was talking to was named Ben Fisher.

    • Princess

      Wow so funny, I was told that all the people that lost their money traded on their own without anyone’s help from the company.

    • Mimi

      Hi Matt, You lucky guy, I´ve lost 38.000 € with – also a scam broker. But guess what….everything startet with a guy named Ben Voster. He told me he was fired from RTC and he used his mothers name. He contacted me by phone and was sorry to hear I´ve lost all my savings. I also received an email from him…..Ben Fisher…. he told me we could start fresh and he would do everything to get my money back. What a world…full of bastards…stealing others people money. using fake demo accounts. All tradings were fake.

  13. Valkov

    An update from Len:
    Fraud alert:
    Originalcrypto is moving on with a new website since the review hurt their fraud business.
    Admin: Please write a review on this website and link it to originalcrypto .
    one can see they use the same website software they just change domain and Color scheme
    Warning: Do not give these scammers any money!!!!
    Advice to all: don’t use brokers! signup to one of the big exchanges and keep your money safe.
    Peace n out.

  14. senad

    I also lost my money more than 20000$ under the Two brokers mark Jansen and Oliver Sykes got my money and opened the account but now, as they said mark Jansen got accident and disappeared… they don’t answer my call, don’t reply the emails and i can’t withdrawal my money. they are under support of CFD royal in uk, it is their email [email protected]

    • Princess

      I keep receiving threatening and warning emails which I have now blocked from the email address I posted here. She claims that I am tarnishing her reputation and that of the company. The last warning was that I will be summoned on Monday by the lawyer. I pity those who have lost their hard earned money.

    • Dishant dhaduk

      I have also some case like you. But Mark said to me that I have left the job. then after I contact Oliver but he is also not giving replying to my email. and at last, I have lost my money. this fake website. if you should help me then kindly write to me on this email [email protected] Thank you.

  15. Princess

    Hi all, I am back. I’m very scared to let you know (Nina/Mina) told me is going to press charges against me for posting on the reviews because I didn’t lose anything. Actually, I don’t see a point of waiting to lose money before I can speak out. I said let me just let you know I am being followed for the post I made.

  16. Princess

    Hi all, it is great fear to inform you that the owner (Nina/Mina) sent me an email threatening me to take me to lawyers for posting here. She says I didn’t lose anything I shouldn’t have posted. I alone can’t wait until I lose something for me to start speaking out. Bye guys ….. I said I should just let you know.

  17. Princess

    Hi all, I am very sorry guys to all who are victims of these people. I also got several calls from these people. Firstly, it was a male person who gave a phone a female who called hereself Mina or Nina. I told her I was interested I just need money to start. Very funny, she requested me to put my account details so that we can check. I was so dumb at that point in time, she found no money indeed and she then asked me when am I going to have money, I told her in 2 days time. In that 2days I searched about them online and I bumped into all these scary reviews. Indeed, in 2 days time she phoned. I asked about the license number,she but around the bush and finally she gave me a number that she referred to as a reference number. I asked her, why a reference number instead of the license number, she told me its in South Africa where they are things work different. I asked about the address, they gave me the address for argocomerce. she said that is their address, they are in the same location with them. We tgen proceeded to the transaction, my card didn’t work because they only have one option for payment. Then this lady sent me an email with banking details instructing me to go to the bank and deposit $250. I never went instead I was asking them questions about the allegations against them they denied and said all the people that are posting bad reviews are losers with no trading experience who did everything on their own without the broker’s help. Please see if this email address can help you, is the address she seent me an email with. [email protected]

    • Tom Day

      Yes I got caught for £35,000. Sent money to Berlin and Bulgaria as requested .
      Never heard anything anymore, been trying to track down . My brokers name was Roy Goodman …..roy,[email protected]
      They say they have offices in Switzerland and Australia , went to both , they don’t exist.
      Went to Berlin and Bulgaria to get my money out , both accounts closed and money gone.
      These guys are true scammers , the damage they have caused me is frightening , the chances of catching them are nil. Please let me know if anyone manages to recover their money or find them .

    • Thomas Day

      OriginalCrypto is a complete scam , Roy Goodman alias Roy Coburn took all my money which was my life’s savings , totally conned me , befriended me anything or any person associated with OriginalCrypto is a liar ,a cheat and a thief.
      When my wife new that the scum bags stole all our savings she commuted suicide.
      Please do not tell me how bad you all have been treated and money lost. The company are based in Israel, have paid all I had left to a hit man to find Roy Goodman and then ????.i will not get my money back but Roy Goodman will not enjoy his life much longer.

  18. Hennie

    Original Crypto is a SCAM! period! I was referred to them by Tools Trade who give signals. This will hurt their reputation. Stay away from Original Crypto! Far away!

    • Tom Day

      They have stung me bad, all my savings gone and at 71 years of age I just can’t replace this money. Do not deal with Roy Goodman he is a con artist.

  19. Len

    All positive posts here are the scammers themselves, DO NOT be fooled they are thieves !
    My group of friends have 7 accounts with them and not a single 1 has been able to recover our money since January.
    If anybody truly got money back which i doubt but if you did is because they know you are easy prey to get a lot more from you, don’t be a fool and stay away from this site.
    Another scammer broker not mentioned here is Max Foster skype id: max.foster26
    If anybody can find the address/es of any of these thieves pls let us know as we are certain we’ll make them pay back all the money once we find them.

    • Tom Day

      Hi Len ,
      The main guy for original Crypto is Roy Goodman or once known as Roy Coburn, they operate out of Israel. They have scammed me out of £35000 my life savings. He is very difficult to track down as the names I mentioned are fictitious. I sent money to an account in Bulbank in Sofia, but the money has now gone and account closed, similarly I sent money to Berlin Sparkasse in Berlin that account has also closed and money gone. Not sure how I am ever going to get my money back but would be interested to know how you are getting on to persu these scum bags.

    • Errol

      Len, I could not agree more. They are DEFINITELY a scam without doubt and it’s disgusting that these type of people exist that steal other people’s hard earned money! Con artists supreme. I fortunately lost only a small amount but i smelt a rat when Roy Goodman (aka Roy Coburn) emailed me with some banking details! I knew this was a scam as NO trader will email banking details, all deposits would be done on their website/platform. In the end, I believe in karma and the universe and what goes around comes around eventually and Karma is a bitch! The positive comments on this forum are in my opinion also in on the scam! No-one could have got their money back, it’s not the nature of the beast! STAY AWAY FROM ORIGINAL CRYPTO ITS A SCAM AND DISGUSTING!!!!

      • Tom Day

        Yes Roy Goodman or Roy Coburn is a complete bastard , he took all my money and have nothing left , when my wife new what had happened to our savings she committed suicide.
        I hope he rots in hell

  20. Horgan

    How about you follow the trading platform? I found it is provided by who seems to operate a lot of unregulated scam brokers

    • Tom Day

      Tried this Horgan, and the platform is dead , just lost loads of hard earned cash from OriginalCrypto currency, it’s a scam !!!!

  21. gideon

    a lot of time spent waiting for trades from my broker for trades but its worth it as i have more than tripled my investment here. customer service could be better but they have volumes of traders so its understandable, they have some technical probelm sometimes the close position doesn’t work so you need to click that a few times

  22. michael moore

    took me 5 days to make a withdrawal back to my debit. its faster if you use btc. phillip who is your broker? are you seeing good results?

  23. Mark Davy

    iv been trading on cryptos for the better part of 3 years and haven’t had better service than this exchange. they’re the only exchange that provides you with a dedicated trader vs kraken, kucoin coinpanda etc you are left to fend for yourself. their fees are a bit high but thats the price to pay if you want a dedicated trader. fully worth it and highly recommended.

  24. Jake Vaisala

    Mahesh they have a strict withdrawal policy you must be fully verified. I’ve had good success with the company and haven’t had any issues withdrawing to my coinbase account, sometimes they are unresponsive but in general i’m having much more success than trading with binance.

    • Tom Day

      You are kidding Jake, it is impossible to get money out , went to the Zurich offices and Bulgarian offices to get my money …….doesn’t exist mate..a very sophisticated scam , boiler room is in Isreal where I am heading next .

  25. Philip Brookes

    Never had a problem withdrawing my funds. Not sure who you are working with but possibly ask to speak to the finance department. So far it has been 6 months and no problems. No complaints other then sometimes i am sitting at the computer for a bit of time and my broker does not get back to me on the same timing. So its a bit hard but other then that its fine.

    • Tom Day

      Not sure Philip what you are doing right but I must be doing it all wrong, have sent 30 emails with no response, tried tel to Australia number and Swiss number but line is dead. Went to Bank in Berlin and Bulgaria where my funds were deposited but account closed and all money taken out .
      It has now been 10 months and I just cannot get my money back , so p,ease tell me what I have to do.

    • Len

      We are working on a few options to stop them, we’ll update you once we get our PI report
      We have 3 PIs from 3 different countries chasing them down, getting their home addresses etc
      We also have lined up Valkov (a Pro) to take over once reports come in.
      People like originalcrypto will meet a double sided sword soon.

      MIKE if you’re reading this you better start paying people back their hard earned money & profits they risked for.

      • Tom Day

        Hi Len ,please let me know as soon as you have info, I have invested £35000 with Roy Goodman and want it back, everything about them is a scam, from address to contact . Tom

      • Velda Ferrary

        Hi all, I’ve been reading all our comments and I’m absolutely horrified that this platform had done this to so many people. I started with them in Jan and for 10 months got constant calls to talk about the charts etc and was pushed to invest 3 times during that time with little profits being made, steady but small profits. When I asked to withdraw a few weeks ago, the trader did 4 bad trades and lost it all. He always called me to get authorisation from me to open and close the trades, the last 4 trades he didn’t. I wrote to him and asked how could that be that he traded without authorisation and why he did 4 bad trades when they have consistently been doing small profits, and was given a b..s… reply. I am terribly upset and no the loss hasn’t been as bad as some of you but I’m a single mum with a low income and they knew that and still did this to me. I can see they have no morals as they’ve done it to all of you and god knows how many others. I would like my money back and see these people locked up for scamming decent people who want to make money investing.

  26. Mahesh Khare

    Recently I have invested $750. At the time of investment one Mr. Roy Goodman called me from Zurich number. Now when I want to withdraw my money there is no response at all. There is no phone number where i can call. I have written several email to [email protected] and [email protected] but no response. Can I get back my money or is it lost for ever ?

    • Daniela

      è una bella truffa, quando apri l’account una volta depositati i soldi non puoi ritirarli più. L’assistenza mi dice che io ho accettato di triplicare prima per 3 volte i bitcoin poi avrei potuto ritirare il tutto… in realtà non puoi ritirare un bel nulla. Spero spendano i soldi a medicine..truffatori seriali, ho dovuto cambiare carta d’identità perché avrebbero potuto rubarmi i dati

      • Tom Day

        Yes you are right Daniela, you cannot get your money back once you have deposited , think that Len is close to tracking Roy Goodman and his team down , then spaks will fly .

    • Tom Day

      I too invested with Roy Goodman. £5000, have been trying to get my money back but impossible . Went to Zurich to check out their offices which doesn’t exist. He keeps calling me ,this time from Australia , checked address and found to be a Post Office . Have invested a total of £30000 but it is all a scam, Roy Goodman works in an office called a Boiler room where there are other scammers all trained to get their hands on our money. I suspect he is working out of Israel. I do not believe for one moment comments made that they are easy to contact or have offices in Bulgaria because they don’t , nor can you get your money back , they are simply scammers preying on the vulnerable. Tom

    • Tom Day

      Like my money £35000 Mahesh your money is gone , Goodman also works under the name of Coburn . I went to the Swiss office to check him out , it doesn’t exist, he also rings from Australua , says it’s his office ……it’s a post office, said he works on the Swiss stock exchange …..not true he doesn’t exist . I believe he is working out of Israel, tried to find him but impossible. Got a Private Eye to search for him , definitely in Israel. He has conned thousands of people but soon I will find him ……he is a dead man walking

      • Jose Miguel

        I am sorry to see this Tom. me too I have coned of £2000, By “Roy Goodman”,
        the original amount was £6000, but I promised him I will put more money £50000, if he show me that the system works, I managed to give me back £4000, but I think I push my luck and he realise I was aware of it,I even ask for a copy of his passport , that din’t go very well, still call me yesterday for a new deal, but probably the 2000 are lost.
        My advise to any one!! don’t go with any of this people, if you do, try to make them believe that you are interested and will put more money, but first you like to see how easy is the return of the money, they are very greedy and that is their weakness

      • jose miguel

        It is a con man, Roy Goodman What a good name for a con man, me too give him£6000
        when I read this was too late, but I manage to take back 4000, promising that is the system is good I will put 50000, to prove they where genuine i wanted my money back, so after too much trouble he gives me back 2 lots of 2000,
        then I pushed harder but I suppose he assumes I new of the scam and had not a call
        since then, they are very greedy and that is their weack link, go thought that path if you give them money, promise them a big amount , they can not resist the tentacion

      • jose miguel

        Good Day Tom
        Roy Goodman call me back and I manage to take an other £1000 from him, he can not resist the tentacion of £50000, I now have the copy of his passport, he is from Australia
        born 33 years ago in Newcastle– if you read this I can sent the copy to you, you can mail me to [email protected]

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