Original Crypto Review – Crypto Scam Broker Exposed!

A perilous new investment brokerage known as Original Crypto has festered its ways into the cryptocurrency community. Portraying their platform as a cryptocurrency financial brokerage, OriginalCrypto.com has engineered a clever marketing approach to promote their illicit investment services to consumers across the world. Reflecting strong affiliation with other industry inflicting operations, we will expose Original Crypto for the scam operation that it is throughout our concise and investigative review.

originalcrypto.com - Original Crypto

About Original Crypto

Similar to other scam brokerages we have blacklisted in the past, Original Crypto tends to ramble on and on about why their operation is allegedly the best available for you instead of providing detailed insight pertaining to their platform. According to their About Us page, Original Crypto offers over 50 investable assets, up to a 89% ROI along with an award-winning platform. Requiring a minimum deposit no less than 0.5 Bitcoin, the initial deposit required to get started with this unethical cryptocurrency broker is steep to say the least.

Who is Liable for Original Crypto?

According to the footer of OriginalCrypto.com, their site is operated by a corporation known as “Bali Limited Ltd.” Disclosing a registered corporate address of 1421 Sofia City, Sofia District, Bulgaria, Lozenets, Bolgrad No.5., we could find no evidence to support that Bali Limited Ltd was an actual corporation. Furthermore, the alleged corporate address provided for Bali Limited Ltd does not appear to be a factual physical address and computes to a variance of their disclosed address.

Original Crypto - Footer

Original Crypto Offer

Original Crypto is portrayed as an online crypto brokerage that enables investors to participate in margin loan investing. Which means that traders are able to invest up to a fixed percentage of their deposited capital in order to purchase assets through their platform. Which investable assets traders are able to invest with, we are uncertain since Original Crypto does not disclose that information, provide a FAQ or provide any real need-to-know information. Shared below are the 6 account types currently offered at Original Crypto:


Deposit: Up to 0.5 BTC

Leverage: 1:200

Margin Loan: Up to 10%

Perks: Monthly market reviews


Deposit: Up to 2 BTC


Leverage: 1:200

Margin Loan: Up to 25%

Perks: Monthly market review & weekly live stream trading webinar


Deposit: Up to 10 BTC

Leverage: 1:200

Margin Loan: 25%

Perks: Mini account perks plus personal account manager


Deposit: Up to 20 BTC

Leverage: 1:200

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Margin Loan: Up to 50%


Perks: Silver account perks, personal broker & 1 on 1 trading sessions


Deposit: Up to 45 BTC

Leverage: 1:300

Margin Loan: Up to 75%

Perks: Gold perks & invites to VIP events


Deposit: More than 45 BTC

Leverage: 1:400

Margin Loan: Up to 100%

Perks: Diamond perks, tight spreads & higher payouts,

Correlated Operations

During the investigative process we found one active investment brokerage connected with Original Crypto. ArgoCommerce, found at ArgoCommerce.com, operates as a forex brokerage that also fails to disclose much information regarding their operation. After conducting a market intelligence report on ArgoCommerce through SimilarWeb we are also able to learn that their platform is unpopular and receives virtually no traffic. Another previously linked operation to Original Crypto would be GBOCapital.com although during the time of writing this review, it appears that the creators behind this site have changed their corporate entity information.

argocommerce.com - Argo Commerce

Can Original Crypto be Trusted?

There is no evidence to support that Bali Limited Ltd is an active corporation. Searches conducted across numerous business registries along with detailed search queries failed to generate any credible results. Furthermore, the alleged corporate address of Original Crypto computes to a separate address in Google Maps which make it appear as if the corporation was ran out of a domestic apartment. Lastly, Original Crypto does not appear to be a regulated or licensed brokerage which is a crucial essential needed when investing online, therefore we do not believe Original Crypto to be trustworthy.

Popularity & Domain Insight

OriginalCrypto.com had a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,241,527 with an Israel rank of 55,741 as of February 11th, 2018. Approximately 21% of their traffic originates from referral and email based sources while their ranking in their market intelligence report makes it clear to us that Original Crypto is not a popular cryptocurrency brokerage.

OriginalCrypto.com Review Conclusion

Original Crypto operates in a suspicious manner and does not provide traders with a regulated or licensed investment platform. Disclosing unverifiable corporate information while being correlated with other operations that possess not only negative but unethical histories are red flags that we cannot overlook.

When it comes to investing online, you must be absolutely certain that the brokerage is not only regulated but licensed. Furthermore, ensure that your prospective broker provides verifiable corporate information and operates with open transparency. If the platform you are considering signing up with fails to fulfill those requirements then chances are that it is not a legitimate brokerage. To learn about the best cryptocurrency brokerages available, feel free to visit our Cryptocurrency Trading Center.

Review Verdict: Original Crypto is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: OriginalCrypto.com

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