Review – Best Mixer Tool in the Market? is a cryptocurrency mixer which supports Bitcoin, BCH and LTC. The main aim of this platform is to make sure that all of the transactions done by the users to remain completely anonymous.

They do not require the clients to register with them to enable their service which shows the kind of commitment they have towards them. However, the only thing you should know about them is the fees they charge which varies a lot.

This firm has received its fair share of complaints over the years and we will take a look at them later in this review. In short, if you are looking to proceed with them, then make sure to go through our article to know everything about them. Review

How does Work?

All the cryptocurrency transactions can be traced to the users and this is a cause for concern. Imagine if you want to buy some items from an online vendor, but you do not trust him with your details.

The easiest way to navigate around that specific issue is to use the crypto mixer. In short, this platform will mix up the addresses and will turn your cryptos into untraceable clean coins which will enable you to any payments anonymously.

The users just have to log on to the website, click the desired currency along with the destination address. Once the wallet address are entered, you have to set the percentage fees and delay duration to receive the clean coins.

Remember, the higher the fees and delay time is, the more anonymous the coins are going to be. Transactions will be approved after 3 confirmations on the blockchain.

Different Pools AKA Mixing Strategies

Though, the mixing strategies are safe by default, this platform has further ventured into implying more methods to control the degree of anonymity. There are 3 types of pools to mix the coins and they are as follows.

Standard Pool – In this section, the platform is going to mix the funds with the incoming funds of other clients. This mixture is pretty basic and by default this type will be selected.

Smart Pool – This pool uses coins from three different origins. The first ones are taken from standard pool, the second ones are from private reserves of smartmixer and lastly it involves funds from the investors.


The procedure used by this pool enhances the privacy aspect to new heights, but there is one more pool which reaches the maximum point and that will be discussed below.

Stealth Pool – Stealth pool is the epitome of the maximum efficiency you can get out of this platform. The mixture in this pool completely skips over the standard pool and consists of only the reserves and the investors funds.

So, if you are super nerdy about your anonymity, this pool will be perfect for you.

Fees Charged for the Transactions

There is a percentage fee which varies for every transaction. As we have already explained above, the amount of percentage fees determines the height of anonymity and it is never a constant.

By changing the fees, the platform has ensured that none of their clients can be tracked and it adds an extra level of confidence in the investor community. On top of the fees, the users will also be charged miners fees.

However, note that miners fees is not under the control of this organisation and it cannot be skipped for any reason. After all, without miners it is impossible to make transactions.

Referral Program

This platform offers an affiliate program to grow their reach. The aim of any business is to make money and it is impossible to achieve it without reaching more people. So, to make marketing costs more pocket friendly, many online services use the affiliate model.

Marketers and promoters of this platform are paid a percentage of the revenue brought in by them. In short, if you are someone who wishes to monetize your traffic and have websites in a particular niche, then it might be of use to you.

For more details about this program like whether they offer a CPA rate of not, you will have to contact the support team to clarify it.

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Customer Feedback

Below are the actual comments made by the users of this service on, check them out to see the kind of reputation this platform has in general.


I was thinking the same too,

pools: standard, smart, stealth vs alpha, beta, gamma

unique id: smart code vs bestmixer code

the step by step procedures and everything else also looks similar too,

the difference is just this mixer has different color theme

wouldn’t referral program break anonymity of mixer users?

and having a dashboard for it means you will need to log and share some transaction details

btw, your miners’ fee seems a bit high, 0.00045529 BTC per receiving address

Domain Insights

Here are the information regarding the demographics of this website we were able to gather using and

Domain –


Registered On – 02/02/2019

Expiry – 02/02/2025

World Rank – 231,370

Rank in Brazil – 46,101

Target Audience – Brazil, Ukraine, Venezuela, Russia, and Zambia. Review Conclusion is a useful tool which brings a lot of functionality to the table. Their fees are a bit on the higher side, but for the most part are reliable.

However, due to the complaints against them, we highly encourage our readers to test them out with a small amount first and then proceed with them. Moreover, they have a tor version available which means as far as privacy is concerned, their platform is impeccable.

Have you used How would you rate their service? Leave a comment below to let us know your opinion and views.

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GMOTradingBest EU BrokerageReview