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This page is for unfortunate people who registered with a fraudulent crypto currency exchange or service! Please share your story with us and we shall showcase your complaint at no charge! It’s also for people who are interested in signing up with a new crypto currency services, such as a mining pool, an exchange or a brokerage, or to buy a product, and want to make sure it’s a legit opportunity and not a scam. Let us know and we shall investigate for you!

Do you feel like you’ve been scammed by a cryptocurrency related service?

Would you like us to review a specific crypto currency product or service?

Please reply as a comment below with any questions or feedback or email us at [email protected].

By signing up with the below services, we may receive a commission, which allows us to keep providing you with free content. Thanks for your support!   
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By signing up with the below services, we may receive a commission, which allows us to keep providing you with free content. Thanks for your support!   
GMOTradingDay Trading BrokerageReview
minergateMining PoolReview
Crypto Master BotCFD Broker & Trading Platform
Global Crypto AppGlobal Crypto App


  1. Melita

    Good day
    I have been scammed on cryptoexpert24 by a broker his name is Jason Dylan. He now blocked my account and blocked me on Facebook as well. How can you help me to recover my moneyack please.

  2. kev

    Hi could you take a look at when they listed there eo coin on the 31st of march at $2 people got notification through at 1pm that it was listed and there website crashed and it tanked leaving everybody losing nearly all there money. If you dig deeper you can see that trading started at half 12 insider trading they got out

  3. Dave

    Can you please check out i have had fictitious trades
    done not by me which caused my account to be wiped out after i asked for a withdraw. I built my account from 145k to 297k now all gone

    • Dov

      They are scammers (, don’t work with them. I got this Lady name Sarah (+1 (754) 216-6248) and saying that they trade for investors. With 100$ you get 2700$. The thing is they’ll let you put your informations on their so called company website and once you do that, those information will be seen by them and they scan change a lot things from your account and steal from you. They will tell to use Luno for your trading set up and they’ll help you to get things done by asking you to send screenshots of everything that you do.

  4. USA

    Hello, there is scam website where I tried to convert BTC to USDT. the website is called couple of smart transactions were converted successfully and i received my tether, but when I did a big transaction of 0.2 BTC i didn’t receive usdt in return. when i contacted them they said it is paid but they sent me an incomplete address missing one letter at the end. I was surprised to see that incomplete address my address to receive tether was changed by them. They told me that because address was incomplete fund didn’t leave their account. But they want me to do another exchange for them to pay me saying they will pay 110% because of the mistake. it was not a mistake from my side. they changed my address afterwards.

    this is what they told me:
    Its a letter. Please read it

    “Ticket ID 394JJFH-FHUS Hello. My name is Jerol. I am the financial director. We received a request for consideration of your problem. I turned to the technical security department to check this operation. We assure you that there was no mistake on our part. You entered a number with an error. We also created a step in the exchange to check your address before you accept the rules of our service. It says that the responsibility lies with you. But, as I was informed, the funds that were sent to the wrong wallet remained in our system. It is not possible to send funds to an incomplete number in the blockchain tetcher. In connection with this, we can return your funds back to you. But with a few conditions. Since we obtained a national license for the exchange of digital assets, we must report for each transaction in tax. Due to this, we cannot send you funds outside our exchange system. There is only one option to solve this problem. We can give you a one-time 110% discount on the next exchange in the direction where the mistake was made. This discount is maximum. About the expiration date of the discount and the rest of the nuances you will be prompted by our online assistant with whom you have contacted. With great respect, Jerol Arnadr.”

    I did not send anymore BTC because it is clearly a well done scam i fell for

  5. Jon Levy

    EU Responds to Victims of Cryptocurrency Fraud and Crimes Seeking $10 Billion in Restitution from European Union

    June 10, 2019 (For Immediate Release)

    A Request for Consultation and Remediation requesting that at least €10 billion in a compensation fund be set aside for victims of cryptocurrency related crime and fraud was filed by lawyer Dr. Jonathan Levy on behalf 30 victims with losses totaling over €15 million on June 3, 2019. The European Union has now responded and Dr. Levy replied.

    The EU claims that by January 10, 2020 all crypto currency wallets will be regulated but that victims of crimes totaling tens of billions of Euros will go uncompensated.

    The Victims’ lawyer has rejected the EU position and counters that:

    We are requesting the Commission reassess its position and address the transfer of billions of Euros of assets into the hands or organized crime at the expense of victims. We also are requesting the Commission independently investigate the consumer related aspects of our Request including but not limited to the roles of false entries on the crypto currency (voluntary association) ledgers such as the “Nakamoto coins,” bitblending, The English Companies House, domain privacy providers, social media and the TLD .io.

    According to Dr. Levy, should the EU Commission refuse to consult further on the issue he will escalate the issue using one or more of the legal remedies available to EU citizens.

    Full copies of the original claim, the EU response, and the Victims Reply are attached.

  6. Duncan Kimber

    Hi, my mum has invested £250,back in March, at the current state of bitcoin her account is sitting at £25,501,she has been told by the broker she needs to pay a sum of £4600,which was used to boost her original investment, in order to withdraw the funds through coin master, we can’t seem to contact the broker through the phone numbers we have for him, I’m really worried that once the £4600 is paid, everything will disappear. Any help with this, is very, very much appreciated, kind regards, Duncan.


    Je cherche des informations sirbkes société d’investissement et de placement des capitaux qui sont reglementaires

  8. Garry Lacey

    BTC Kingdom are definitely a scam I i
    Invested £250 back in January this year and
    Watched grow slowly to double about 5 months later I was constantly contacted to invest more but didn’t until one phone call that sounded feasible about Facebook going into the crypto currency I done some research and it sounded right so I was told that BTC Kingdom was a art of a group of main investors joining in from the lunch so the currency didn’t destabilise you couldn’t sell within six months so I invested the £1,000 but I had problems with my bank account so it was sent to when I didn’t see it on my account I contacted BTC they said it was fine and gone into a savings account i contacted they said the payment went through but was diverted to an external wallet then it stated to dawn on me I could of been scammed all this happened around the end of May I’ve tried to withdraw my money from the account but to no avail Please Please Please anyone reading this Do Not use BTC Kingdom honestly they are A SCAM in total I’ve lost £1250 they wher clever in the way they carried it out no promise of get rich quick just slowly pulled you in

  9. Monica

    Please add alternativeassertinvestmentmanagement to your list when they are supposed to pay you they ask you for more money and never pay

  10. Tanner

    Can you review another “manager” situation have 300 into it because I figured I’d give it a shot.

    • Jhon

      Don’t don’t invest with them they are scammed i got fraud with 1500$ dollars what they do exactly they make you invest and show you the profit with huge amount and then they asked you to pay for the upgrade to withdraw the money and then after you pay the upgrade and you tried to withdraw the money they asked with other fees to pay don’t work work with them

    • Pinky Ann Cabuyadao

      I also invest at crypto expert24 after the trading they told pay the $200 commission of the account manager..i send all the money i even barrow from my neighbor..after i send it the profit is pending,,its stocknon my dashboard and they say i fund another $189 so that my profit will be release

  11. Jeff St Clair

    I’m seriously considering to put money into Cloud Token, purported to possibly be the next BitCoin.

    Do you have anything be it good or bad on this one?

  12. Hsiao Chou chen


    • Tely

      Don’t don’t invest with them they are scammed i got fraud with 1500$ dollars what they do exactly they make you invest and show you the profit with huge amount and then they asked you to pay for the upgrade to withdraw the money and then after you pay the upgrade and you tried to withdraw the money they asked with other fees to pay don’t work work with them

  13. Lusa

    Hi, I feel I have been scammed by these two companies. because in their about page has a reg number which leads to a different site. They changed from another website and was called I have invested in them , paid commission now I owe one time withdraw fee to get money out. Which I refuse to pay. Can you research fuether. The other company is I did not invest but manager did for me until I can gather money to invest in mining. which was 200euro. He invested for me and its now grown to 3000$. I have not been able to gather enough money to pay him back but very hesitant because after I pay him back the 200 I won’t get nothing out of earnings. Can you please investigate these two companies. I also see they have similar set ups on website.

    Thank you for your service

  14. Sonia

    I was conned by a persistant sales person from megacoinfx untill i gave them all my savings as well as my friends money i was holding for her in my account. He promised i could access it anytime and when i asked to take some of it, he stopped replying to my emails or messages on skype. Im sick just thinking about it. I think its a legit company but he just doesnt want to release any of it cause hes making money of it. It has not moved anymore, no profits at all on my side. I have sent many emails to support n complaincw and no one is responding.
    Im so desperate.

    • Vaughan

      Hi Sonia how are you,i also had problems with a bloke who called himself a manager,far from it i say.His name is Stefan and i would have to say i have never met an arrogant ,pushy,wanted to take over my desk top with anydesk.
      My account was setup with an external wallet run by jubiter wallet.This protects us the client from vicious account managers who have no people skills,if these people just did the right thing their businesses would flourish.
      Sonia report them to a regularatory body,they need to be made accountable for their actions.

  15. Alberto Bussolin

    FX TRADEOPTIONS. This company does not exists and it is a total scam.
    We found his phone number in a comment on Instagram on trading. He said his name was Ethan. His phone number is +1 (575) 686-2643 he tells you that he comes from Austin (Texas) but searching for her phone number he lives in another place in USA. Anyway my wife invested 300 dollars and at the end of the trade wek we paid 500 dollars for the fee of the platform. After that this guy and his company refused to release my money and wanted another 1400 dollars of VAT tax (immaginary tax in this case), which I paid. At that point they invented that they were not able to transfer the money to my wife’s bitcoin wallet saying that the crypto wallet of my wife was not big enough (?!) and so another 500 dollars were needed to exchange the money and transfer it to our bank account. We didn’t pay because it was clearly a fraud as our bitcoin wallet holds can take enough money. When they were confronted with their criminal acts they started to get aggressive in their communications. I fought for a few weeks and this Ethan disappeared. I wrote to the company and another person wrote to me; he told me that he was a Brasilian living in Sydney Australia and that his name was Joao Duarte Cesario; phone number +1 (201) 582-4875. After a back and forth with him he started to offend me and wrote me in African or something like that. He told clearly to me that I was frauded and stupid and he disappeared. I checked from where the phone number was and it was not from Sydney in Australia but from a city in New Jersey.
    Summary: After almost a month of fight they refused to release the earned money and my invested money and they have stolen it. In total I invested 2205 dollars. I had a lot of back and forth via e-mail and WhatsApp and 100% they are not Americans and at the address in USA there isn’t the company. But they live in USA. It is just a criminal gang.
    Website address:
    Email: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

  16. Alberto Bussolin

    Ax crypt bit. This company does not exists and it is a total scam.
    They contacted me via Instagram under the name aaravbryan77 and the name of the person is Bethel. Her phone number is +1 (562) 653-6817 she tells you that she comes from Simi Valley but searching for her phone number she lives in another place in California. Anyway I invested 500 dollars and during the week she asked for more money to “upgrade” the gain by buying signals. I did not pay. When the week finished she wanted her 20% before releasing the money; while before to invest she told me that she would have been paid after the release of the money. So I paid her 20%. But when I paid the 20% to her/company again this ghost company refused to release my money. They wanted an illegal tax for the IMF; which is completely illegal; see the following link They wanted 1000 dollars for IMF tax. So I refused to pay it.
    Summary: After more than 1 month of fight they refused to releases the earned money and my invested money and they have stolen my money. In total I paid 500 dollars of original investment and the 20% of the earned sum $5550, which is $1110, in total they got from me $1510. I tried to at least get my original money back without the profit, but I haven’t managed to even get this. I had a lot of back and forth via e-mail and WhatsApp and 100% they are not American and at the address in USA there isn’t the company. But they live in USA. It is just a criminal gang.
    Website address:
    Email: [email protected]

  17. Pam Webber

    Hi There
    Please assist, I have been dealing with Slush Pool for sometime now and I’ve never been paid out. But there are always demanding fees from me, when I pay them they givee me stories demanding more fees. And at a point where I feel like Im being the people working for Slush pool are a scam, they are not who they say, they are… Please can you investigate Amanda Keano and Chris James for me.

  18. Glenn

    What has your research come up with Megacoinfx. Same address as alot of other scams you have presented

    28 Dzavaharlal Neru Str., Entrance Silver Business Center, 1324, Sofia, Bulgaria

  19. Chika

    Hi Admin,

    Well I lost money on the claim to be a UK based company and on their site they have company certificate and one for FSA. Would you give a review on them.

    • Jhon

      Your right they are scam the
      Is a scam they take your money and then they start telling you about fees with big amounts

      • Jhon

        Yes o invest with 300$ and then i upgrade paying 1000$ To withdraw the money and when I tried to transfer the money they asked me to pay 2000$ fees to transfer the money they are scam don’t work with them

          • Pinky Ann Cabuyadao

            My account manager is named in facebook zachary ryan murray whatsapp#+441315102558

          • Zátonyi Meli

            Zachary ryan murray same person like anthony curran…they have many fake profiles to proof they “success” trades…. never never never trades with him…cryptoexpert24 huge scam company…

  20. Zedds

    Is a legit company? I invested about $500 there but they keep on asking for more in the name of activation of the account, authentication and upgrade of the account. My investment there grew to $3300. I didn’t withdraw any, they are saying I can’t unless I activate my account by $500. I am very skeptical about its authenticity. Please help.

  21. Mauricio

    Hello team, I’ve been following the advice of check before doing any investment or fee payment, thanks to your list, and the criteria/report you provide, I’ve eliminated a few options. However have found many that are not listed, probably under your review, and wanted to share my findings for these sites, which I believe all are scams, as their addresses in UK are fake, they produce very fast BTC and request upgrade or maintenance fee to withdraw for “free users”. This is the list:
    4. (no company info, no reply from admin)

    Would love to see your review about them! Thanks for your great support!

  22. Nathanial wigley

    noblis investing has taken a substantial amount of money from me and locked me out of my account with no response to my emails.

  23. Jeff Tofts

    Hi everyone recently you did a review on legalcfd.they have dissappeared wont return e mails phones have been disconnectedno response to requests for withdrawals.anybody else lost there hard earned dollars you bastards.

  24. Anonymous is a total scam. Review them if you can . They extort money from innocent people on this fake exchange . It’s copy cat website of using there Cyprus numbers and all. They need to be shut down

  25. Anon

    Telegram group — Crypto World Tina & @CryptoWorldTina — fraud people, advertising Coin pumps. People are lured in with direct rewards of 20 to 50% on their initial investment. After two or three times getting back a higher return, Tina will “accidentally” try to help you and submit you to the VIP++ group BUT, you have to send 9BTC. After you send 9BTC, you never get to the “Dashboard” You are promised the seeds to the wallet and a login to to receive your wallet

    • Elbie Cornelius

      Hi. I have invested $1000 in 2018 with the broker called me every day and later traded on my behalf. The broker then said he wants to move over to a better platform, namely He then made a kot of money by way of pump and dump. On withdrawal request, his finance department contacted me and said I had to pay $9000 commision. I said I did not have it. A month or 2 passed, then a new broker phoned me. He said the first broker was fired for the pump and dump.. He said the pump and dump money was removed from my account , and I had to pay $200 to unfreeze my account. I did. Then he said I had to pay commision of $250 to withdraw $2000. I paid. Then he said I need to transfer another $250 , which will be tranferred with my $2000 . I refused to do this. They have about $9000 in my account. Any advice please. How can I get my money back?

    • eddie

      Same thing happened to me. only .05 btc for access to my investment. she denied it when I showed her the screenshot of the above statement

  26. Goran Kuckovic

    I worked at the site, and I earned over $ 500 for now on bitcoin and ether. The payment deadline expired in March, in the history of payment it says that I was paid but there is nothing, here’s what I found about that company, about that site. Look, because I actually spent more than 1200 hours on a computer,and now the criminals will not pay me. You’re just writing here about the scams, but what did you do to get those fraudsters found, fined, to answer before the law. Google personally participates in the scam with this site, I say cheats because it’s obviously a scam, and I lost 1200 hours of time,and google puts ads on that site and is a direct accomplice in crime and criminal activities. If there is a way, the opportunity is to file a lawsuit against google because they are also complicit in fraud because they place advertisements on those sites and they know for sure who you are from this site, for example, that they will not pay me.This is a big money for me, but I also spent a lot of time on the site with this site so that everything works flawlessly.

    Company data
    Address Inonu Mahallesi 1784 Sk No 19 06370 Yenimahalle /Ankara
    Postalcode 06370
    City ANKARA
    Country TR
    Phone +90.5346679417
    E-mail [email protected]
    Country Likelihood Turkey: 68% / United States: 32%
    Webshop data
    Title Bitcoin Mining. Earn Bitcoin For Free |
    Description BitCoin miner, with the free BitCoin production platform you can easily make BitCoin mining.Free BitCoin miner earning BitCoin.
    Website country United States
    Domain age 360 Days
    Website Speed Very Fast
    Website value $ 7,424.67

  27. Anne

    I have read about your review about coinnet and ruver gold from your website.Im now and also thousand of poor farming and working people also investing in because eaglerockglobal schemers aims at “rescue the poor out of the poverty”.your descriptions about coinnet and ruver gold are much similar to eaglerockglobal.could you please help to review this please.because more and more hundreds of people investing thousand of dollars on this now. With million thanks


  28. Anne

    I have read about coinnet from your website.Im now also investing in with a lot of descriptions similar to coinet.could you please help to review.with million thanks

  29. Malatji Sello

    My name is Sello I have invested with citifxmarket of which the deposits were made through Luno.

    I have been scammed amount of ZAR115 000.00 which was paid in part damand while I was trying to make withdrawals.

    I need help to recover my money. This was the money I had out my pensions.

    Confused victim.

  30. Johnny

    I think I fell for a scam. I sent a Miner BTC. This value has quadrupled in a week. In between there were always problems and I had to deposit more. Now everything is supposedly finished and I have to pay a fee of $ 170 before I get my BTC. I got an email from Slushpool, now I wanted to know if this email is fake or not. It is [email protected]. It says that I still have to pay the $ 170 fee.

    • Admin

      Here’s our Slushpool review. The website address of Slushpool is If it was an authentic email, then it should have a “,” for example, [email protected] (which is the real email address of Slushpool. Check out their TOS.) Can you provide more details about this scam please?

  31. Ghaffari

    Please check this sites are scam?

  32. Mendy

    Timothy is also assisting me and I’ve deposited the upgrade money but now I have to deposit the tax money I’m scared, please brief me

  33. Arno Deleu

    Hello, i’ve been using for a while now. But i’m doubting it now, because they aked me to pay a large amount of money. Could you take the time to review it for me please?

  34. Jeff Tofts

    Hi team tks for legal cfds.currently using them doubled my money on intro.something not right coz since have had at least 50 calls in short period from them wanting demanding I put 2000 3000 into my a/C from different “senior brokers”.too much force used makes one uncomfortable.actually answered ad for pot shares ,b4 I had even finished all details they were ringing me.huh???conned at start be wary people.somebody please give me some good news release safe automated you support “cookreciepts ” as they advertise on your site yet they are pushing non achievable amounts of profit and ur reviews tell us that the software they push is a scam.???.please keep up your excellent work!!!.jeff

  35. WA

    Hi. What is your opinion of the new Platform? There are already 6000 people in it. There is a video in English. It is generating a 24% monthly benefit

  36. jack

    Scambitcoin people please stop the positive feedback around BTC Kingdom, they are really a scam, we have now a group of dozens of people who have been scammed and I promise you it is going to be more. Please do something about the review to warn people that they will loose all their money.

  37. Dakota true

    We are been scammed by a company named Coinrrencyminers. More than 35 people and we don’t know which authorities contact. Nobody pay attention and don t mind.

  38. Arno Deleu

    Can you review for me please, because i think he’s a scam.
    Would you also like to review: for me?

  39. Gulziy fucking scam.. all virus software
    accidentally I downloaded and opened the program and the program took away from my comp 0.3 bitcoin I took a long time for the treatment operation. let it be cursed. guys if you are reading this message then help to recover 0.3 bitcoin. the thief will not return the money to me this is my new bitcoin address if you help the girl. has put a new system .. because hacker stole 0.3 and I removed the and a new Windows has inserted.. thank you and do not visit this site

  40. Nick

    Hello can you email me regarding one of your reviews, I had an email from you regarding reselling the bot and for more information.

    Kind Regards

  41. Duncan McMullan

    Hello can you please look at LOCI token. The management has said repeatedly that they don’t care about token price and token economics. They are registered in the U.S.A so they cannot speculate on price under American law but that has now become their only defense to spending 40 million raised at ICO . ICO prices were 35c and 45c and these figures have dropped to 0.005 and lower. When questioned on telegram they go on the attack and then threaten they will delete you. They repeatedly say they don’t care about the token economics and only care about their product! They make it clear that we are not investor’s only token holder’s where the problem lies! They kept open the option to use their product paying with the Loci token or fiat $ which gave the token no real use case or token economics! The CEO John Wise bought himself a Porsche race car and a new office etc out of the ICO funds and all of us who bought at the ICO have received nothing but attitude from the management and being told we don’t care about the token economics! If they don’t care about the token economics why did they scam us into purchasing Loci tokens at ICO stage when we can purchase/ use their product at anytime with fiat currency ? They clearly took our money with intention to profit themselves with zero regard for the people who gave them 40 million dollars for a healthy token economy it was clearly theft. There are plenty of people who feel the same as me and i hope people are warned about Loci and there complete disrespect for the people who supported them

  42. Asad ahmed

    I want to get ot checked weather slitrade is scam or not . Because my brother had a word with him he asked him to invest or send bitcoins in his palform and minimum investment is 500$ and he has to wait for one week and after a week my brother will get 4400$ . As i dont know about bitcoins and trade in bitcoins so i want to know this site or the plaform slitrade is genuine or fake

  43. Claire

    good day. please assist me i’ve invested with with the help of Thimothy_Leary who is my account manager.i’ve been waiting for my withdrawal but i has never came instead i’ve been asked to make deposit one after the other. initially they wanted $300 and then they said to withdraw i must upgrade with $400 after that pyment they told me to pay tax fees:$300 and i payed it today my withdrawal is due but i recieved and email that i need to pay $600 for withdrawal documents. i’m in South Africa and this is so much money. Please help me out.

    • Pet Sob

      don,t pay anymore there , you will never get withdrawal and they will found always a new reason for the next payment . sorry for you and you lost money

  44. bout

    This website looks like a total scam, could you please review? There’s a lot of writing errors on the pages.

  45. khurshid khan

    Dear sir/medam,
    I hope you are doing well, sir grantinvestment destroyed my everything, they snached all my hard money

    Please help me how to recover my money back, I am poor man and looking after my family and kids

    Please help me

  46. Stuart Cooper

    They get you to invest then once you have a balance they make out that you’ve done something wrong and must send them 10eth to unlock your investment and withdraw it.

  47. Ochea Eke

    Since November I have been in a Telegram group of CRYPTOLIONS operated by one LISA STEVENS connected as @lisastevens4. They claim to trade on your behalf and take commission. I used $100 to start but since then I was removed from the group today. I suspect a scam.

  48. zelda

    Please review, are they legit? They want a 10% fee in order to pay out earnings. They said it is a one time fee.

  49. Von Hegel

    Notorious crypto criminal and scammer Harith Motoshiromizu (wanted by Thai police) and his partner Nicholas Berthoz are active with @bitex and #xbx @bitexglobal #ezbitex scam form Japan. read the stories and help warn other people.

  50. Ted

    Does anyone know a 100% legit doubler for BTC? No telegram bots just websites plse. I know there many scams out their but i know there’s at least 1 or 2 that r legit.

  51. Tony


    I have sent you a message via your website but I got an email back saying the message was not delivered. So here goes again. It would be fab if you could confirm receipt.

    I would like to contribute a very comprehensive guide to cryptocurrencies consisting of 7 chapters to your blog (feel free to publish it). I have written this guide over the last 3 months (with the help of a lot of coffee!) on the basis of my experience in cryptocurrencies and I hope that it will serve to educate the cryptocurrency community. I was really astounded by the lack of comprehensive and accurate guides on cryptos so I decided to cobble together an ultimate guide to cryptos. Hopefully, your readers will find it useful.

    I have saved the word documents on my G-Drive which you can access from here:

    I am very sorry but I did not have the time to collect some images so please feel free to add some of your own. The guide is in two parts so you may want to publish the articles under two blog posts for the sake of brevity.

    I would like to start my own crypto blog but I simply do not have the time. Maybe later in the future 🙂

    If you like the guide, I could write a few more up as and when I get some free time: it is crazy-busy at work after the new year and the festivities.

    Have an awesome day!


  52. Victim of a Scam

    There are some people who were scammed by George Leigh (Crypto Tipster). I’m posting the link of my complaint about him with proof that he’s a scam artist. I already reported him to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and to Action Fraud, who are probably gonna do nothing because of all the complaints they received.

  53. Goran Kučković
    The people who think this program to work may report to the address [email protected]….. to give them evidence of who they are and what they are, and these liars, Botts they’re lying to you people, I’ve been cheating on these people today, I have evidence of incontrovertible…. Honest peoples do not even by chance with these to work, you will see everything….Now I’ve reported this because I don’t want the honest ones to get hurt and cheated, and extorted by the Nocvac, because they have been extorting money from me today, in addition to the BTC of 0.015 BTC were looking for another 0.08 BTC and then 0.04 BTC… The scammers, and after they downloaded the LIVE chat, but late because I recorded every word..

    • xu yong

      This is not true.
      I have been using for sometime now and i can categorically say they are paying. Though their earnings are exergerrated, but they are paying. And also their 72 hours refund is effective. Get your facts right!

  54. Mylyn Himodo

    Bitlary Ltd is a scam. I invested 389$ now I cannot log in to my account. and the same thing that these sites did. SCAM! SCAM!

  55. Nogus

    Hello, could you possibly look into Etheera ETA token. It is allegedly a Swiss based company offering a real estate platform, a bit like Air BnB. However, they do not have any working product, i don’t know what, if anything their token will be used for. There seems to be price manipulation with BiteBTC. They requested listing on ForkDelta and the admin there deemed them a scam. The admins in the official Telegram chat for Etheera are completely unprofessional, insulting, threatening and delete comments and/or ban people who ask legitimate questions.

    • Laura cowper

      Iv been scammed through icenter telegram. I brought through coinbase . I m heart broken. Don’t have no money thought I’d try to invest for my daughters future. And my platform guide tells me we have been scammed and just forget if even happened. Well I can’t.

  56. Gulzi

    our city or area has very little work, and we have a very hard life, and we want to open our own store and take a loan of $ 350,000 from the national Bank, the house and the car as collateral and also requires an initial fee of 10% of the loan amount, we have no money and I registered in bitbond. bitpop. but they do not accept our country, I have no friends and I’m looking for people investors, we need 35000% for 2 week and return will give, and if you need interest, too, will give….WHO HELP ME?

  57. BOB

    Hi, I read your review of GDM Finance and your conclusion that you don’t think it’s a scam.

    Also, I have personal contact with referrers who are operating in my locality. They are not licensed brokers. They are soliciting on fb and even in shopping malls. I’ve seen a profit schedule (which I can send you if you would like to see it) which promises large weekly payments of up to 4% which can be reinvested for compound interest. Referrers also receive 10% commission. All these are marks of a ponzi scheme.

    GDM is allegedly based in Switzerland. It is registered there but has no licence from the Swiss financial authority, and its owner recently sold his shares to Antonius Kristantoan, who is Indonesian. All GDMs activities are here in SE Asia with a marketing conference being held in Thailand. The Swiss registration is really a confidence trick. Investors are given a contract which they think gives them legal protection. How are people from the Philippines, having lost all their savings, realistically going to pursue a expensive legal case in Swizerland? I’m not sure of the hourly rate of a Swiss finance lawyer. I’m sure they are not cheap. In any case, GDM is a limited company and so their liability is limited. The only positive outcome might be a criminal prosecution for its owners. No-one will get a refund.

    Please consider rewriting your review in light of this information.

  58. Dink Weller

    Hi been reading about BTCPRO MINOR and I would like to mention a Trading site that scammed me and they just carry on trading as if it’s nothing to them to rip people off.

    They are called and I am wondering if anyone knows about them it really pissed me off that a business can do this and so I purchased a few domain names like there’s example, with the view of setting a site up with details of the rip-off and making sure some bad feedback gets around about them.

    Any help or information about the horrible trading business would be much appreciated.

  59. Dink Weller

    Hi been reading about BTCPRO MINOR and I would like to mention a Trading site that scammed me and they just carry on trading as if it’s nothing to them to rip people off.

    They are called and I am wondering if anyone knows about them it really pissed me off that a business can do this and so I purchased a few domain names like there’s example, with the view of setting a site up with details of the rip-off and making sure some bad feedback gets around about them.

    Any help or information about the horrible trading business would be much appreciated.

    • Dawn

      ADMIN – could you review openhubpro based in Dubai as a matter of urgency, claiming to be reselling bitcoins from a previous company now gone bust. They are asking for holding deposits and legal fees up front.

  60. Linda

    I invested funds with U-Crypto.Com during Sept 2018. A person by the name David White was allocated to my account as account executive. I submitted a withdrawal request 2 weeks ago and allowed 7 business days in which payment was to be made which did not happen. On 19 Nov 2018, I was informed that the funds cannot be paid back to the card that funded the account (which is 100% in contradiction with the sign up requirements) and that U-Crypto indicated that payment can onyl be made in bitcoin on receipt of a bitcoin wallet address. I submitted my wallet address, yet no payment has been received to date. The telephone number listed on the website is answered by a voice mail recording. It is clear by now that U-Crypto is not in a position to honor the withdrawal request and i have no choice but to report this in order to warn the public.


    Airbit BackOffice in Dallas has had it’s website off line for about a month and now are asking for ridiculous proof of verification activities with requirements changing when you meet the stated requests.

    My sign in/login information isn’t working. Is anyone else having similar issues? What can de done to get them to allow me to get to my backoffice account? Is there legal action that can be taken (class action, etc.). Is anyone aware of legal ramifications that are being taken currently???

  62. Dr. Jon Levy

    Latest on our lawsuits against and

  63. Vyacheslav

    Please review this site it is the scam or legit?! more than week ago they grab my bitcoins for fake software and now silence from them ((((((

  64. Nathan Hoffman

    Hey Johan,

    We would like to advertise some of our clients on your blog.

    Can you please let me know which Advertising options you offer ?

    Thanks in advance for the Details Johan !

  65. Johan Math

    I’m Johan Business Development for, I will need information for review for your website please? can admin contact me by email to be able to see with him the steps to follow to our review. thanks for your collaboration.

  66. Isua-mfon Offiong

    Thank you for your review of Cryptoblizz…

    “Hi there, I noticed you have no link on How to use Cryptoblizz tool.
    So, I just wanted to let you know that I have a beginner article on how to use it with a lot more detail.

    This might be a good resource for your readers. Would love if you could link to my page. If you do, I will also share it among all my social media accounts which will surely bring you more traffic 🙂 Let me know what you think. Regards,

    Offiong Isuamfon

  67. Dr. Jon Levy

    Are you willing to refer people? We are trying to hit back at some of these HYIPs, and fraudulent ICOs by putting together multiple plaintiff groups.

  68. geoffrey Smith

    Hi does anyone have contact details for the senior managers in Bitcoin Giants or GG Capital as after investing in both companies (they appear to be linked somehow) in both BitCoin, as well as Amazon and Apple stocks and trades appearing to go well, with even some payments coming back into my bank account when requested, the company and my broker have now gone silent which is very concerning.. and I’m now wondering is this is indeed a scam and if I have any redress..

    I have kept accurate records as well as taped phone conversations and daily screenshots of a platform called MT5 where the trades took place.. Do you think my money has gone or are there any ways to recover this.

    Many thanks
    Geoffrey Smith

  69. Felin

    Hello. I really wanna know about credibility of “”
    I wish someone who knows that website, share their information. Thanks in advance

  70. Franke Bofi

    Hi, glad you have this site.
    You may wish to do reviews on these sites too, some as new as 3 months.


  71. Bitcoinuser1800

    Hi, I found someone on Instagram who states she “I’m expert trader and financial advisor, success coach and accounting manager. I trade in forex and crypto currency”, she seems legit so I put in some money and less than a week later she said I needed more money. Is legitimate? Are there scammers on social media?

  72. D Pike

    “Withdraw my Bitcoin for me” is the new type of scam where you get fake funds locked in a fake CEX.IO-looking exchange and have to send some BTC to unlock them. Here’s how it works:

    don’t be greedy, people.

      • GUgulethu Berlington

        its back on again. please please check for me.
        I invested $300 and I started seeing profits after 2 days. The account Manager linked to me to assist me told me that I should not withdraw. Today he sends me a message and says I should check my trading account. I get a message saying I should pay $850 or $950 for my account to be upgraded. this was never mentioned when I signed up.

  73. GUgulethu Berlington

    Good day,

    I am from South Africa can you please investigate I invested $300 and I started seeing profits after 2 days. The account Manager linked to me to assist me told me that I should not withdraw. Today he sends me a message and says I should check my trading account. I get a message saying I should pay $850 or $950 for my account to be upgraded. this was never mentioned when I signed up. Funny the website all of a sudden is down since I told them im not interested in paying more, I just want my money.

    Please check for me.

  74. luis fernando varela

    Hello I registered on a page called mannabase there they gave me the currency called manna the currency is already in coinmarket and has its exchange called southxchange to experiment decided to make a withdrawal to the exchange and I accept the whole process.
    They send permanent information about who they are, they have their wallpaper and they never asked me for identification, except for their address and phone, although I see it as a political dye. So far I have not seen anything abnormal.
    This I write for what I just read about the airdrop standarta, and something special happened to me with one now called superbloom that only asks for the mail I wanted to register when I sent it I did not receive any verification and the pc had some variations

    I would like you to give me your rating on mannabase, thank you.

  75. apsara scam

    I got an email from someone posing to be the youtuber Bitcoin Ben. Since the language was very similar to his, I engaged in an email conversation which subsequently led me to believe this to be legit. The emails led me toa website called where i sent a test amount of 8.6 LTC to. When i tried to withdraw this amount again, it did not allow me to do so.

    Definitely a scam. If you are interested, I can send you relevant parts of the email conversation.

  76. Horacio Rabini

    ZYNCTECH i just went to their meeting screams of pyramid but it sounds good… but we all know how that goes…. what can you tell me about these guys…

  77. Marcel van den Bos

    I invested in Pagarex when I made some money investing in other coins like Eos. Pagarex was well advertised on several platforms as you can find on their website. Also their website looks very professional. But there have been no updates since 03/2018 and no responses to questions asked. You still can send crypto to their address but it is defenitely a scam. They are not listed on any exchange and their promise to make an internal exchange is fake.

  78. Johnie

    Hi admin,

    I just lost a lot of Dollars to Hash-planet. no withdrawals are going through. kindly reccomend a legit Bitcoin mining site that pays. please.

  79. 99Point83

    Please check this website, scam or legit :

  80. Hera

    I want to warn people about Wall of Coins. They are semi-legit at best. They only sell bitcoin via cash.
    And their customers are their SELLERS not their buyers… The sellers are not actually involved in the transaction except to collect the money. It’s pretty dicey since Wall of Coins decides if the bitcoin gets released from the cold storage.
    So basically when a transaction takes place – either depositing cash directly into a seller’s account or sent by mail – you are subject to arbitrary rules by Wall of Coins. I say “arbitrary” because they don’t tell you exactly what they need from you to complete a good transaction. They speak of policy and law, but they didn’t provide information up front or during my time trying to get info on how to complete the transaction properly. They are intentionally vague at every turn which allows them to prevent completed transactions. This platform is sketchy at best. Please AVOID Wall of Coins…

  81. Lisa Dalgarno


    Please can you investigate 2 companies which I have evidence are ‘Scams’ ?

    Both these companies have ceased paying out their investors and are both asking for a ‘membership’ fee’ before releasing people’s profits.

    Both companies are also still very active and are open to new investors promoting their opportunities.

    Ace Crypto Ltd has someone called ‘Shane Scott Bruce’ who portrayed himself as the Leading Miner, whom was the instigator of this whole operation. Please do not trust either company otherwise you will loose your investment.

  82. An Le

    Can you review: Invest 30$, withdraw success 65$, leave 15$ in account and cannot withdraw again in next time. I have the proof and pictures of evidence. New investors invested get withdraw one or two time but next time is pending. (Money from one new investor will pay one old investor).

  83. Andres Sosa

    In was scammed by a guy name Alper Guler from Norway. He is part of the Jtfoxx group, bitspace and a company call Mowjow. I have evidence to back up this story. Stay away from people promising big returns.

  84. William Geraghty

    Please check out
    I invested money with them and now cannot access or get my money back or even make proper contact with them. Many others have given reviews on the “Forex Brokerz” web site and are in the same predicament.

  85. john

    Hi Writing to let you know i was scammed by By george leigh of crypto tipster selling his system on clickbank dont touch with a barge poll. Hopefully this message will stop somebody else being screwed by this person..

  86. EG

    Hello Guys,
    First, I want to thank you for the great service that you do!

    I had a question about a website. It is called It seems to be a Germany based lending platform that lends out your bitcoin for you using APIs from Quoinex, Poloniex, and Bitfinex. I’m interested in using the system but haven’t seen anyone talking about it.

    Thank you!

  87. Fighting Scams

    Review on from August 15, 2018 “Bibit Bot”

    The reviewer has not been It has been Bibit Bot means the review has been made by the company who is offering this trading bot.


    I don’t know how much the company paid you to publish this advertisement to let it look like a scam report. I had a good opinion about until now but this is obviously not the statement of

    Why didn’t you talk about the 2 companies behind Bibit Bot – DAMITRA group LTD and LAMEN business LTD both located at the Seychelles? This 2 companies are/have been the owners of around 50 official registered companies in the UK. Several “scam reviewing domains” have also been registered by “Bi Bit Company” e.g. “” or “” – domain age of both domains 15 days as of now. The other website domain you mentioned “” has been registered by a Russian citizen using the same server in Germany. In all 3 cases the registrar of the website domains has been REG.RU LLC.

    I can only mention that everybody should be very careful about Bibit Bot. The Bibit Bot Company seems to influence the potential buyers massive by several websites that have been created new to promote their trading bot by publishing so called reviews.

    The company used a faked photo for one of their testimonies on (source: When a company is using a faked photo for a testimony why should we believe that this is a company you could trust?

    Sure I believe that it is possible to make a good profit with arbitrage trading in general and with Bibit Bot but as we have to trust the website owner and brokerage company Global Swift LP that they will not run away with our investments that we need to invest on their platform we all need to be patient when using this bot. That’s my personal opinion.

  88. KapilDev Kapoor

    Please check
    I have been scammed by them and they are not responding now
    Anyone can help me with this.

    • Panji

      Hello there.
      That make the two of us or probably there is more. Was waiting for my earnings from yesterday morning until now and there is no response nor Nick Barrows my so called agent, whos closed his FB messenger and the actual FB account the only platform I was communcating with him. and they are no longer replying my emails

  89. Joe

    Please check out They are another scam site, have account managers that sell accounts, get people to send them $250 and show a day trade with a little profit, then con the investor to put in $1000 for really big profits and they show really big profits in your account BUT when you try to withdrawal, that is where they want you to pay 20% or 10% up front before you get any profits. If you setup an account on your own, your deposits get “lost” and take weeks to get your money into your account. When you start trading on your own, you can make profits, BUT when you try to withdrawal, you have to pay a tax before you get your funds out. To date, money in and NO money out.

  90. Poppe


    Please consider taking a look at these two companies.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t do my due diligence before I invested in this company.
    After investigating the company, there are some strange facts to consider.
    First, if you check the company registration number, you find this

    And if you google the registration number 10687439. You will find several websites using the same number, which can be ok if it is the same company behind the websites.
    Here are some sites that I found when searching for the registration number.

    This site seems to be legit at first site. However, when I look closer at the site I find some disturbing facts. The symbols to different social media platforms are not clickable, if you search for their telephone number on Google you will find references to Life Coach Jeremy King, seems to be a website template and the address and telephone numbers are the same as in the Alphacoin website.
    Also, the person who referred me to sent me some proof of payments. In one of the pictures he sent, there was a BTC address visible. He claimed that there had been a withdrawal of $14.500 sent to his account. When I searched for the BTC address in BTC explorer I could find that there had been no such transaction at that time and also there had been only two transactions in total, and they were only at $414.

    So for me, both these sites screams scam!

    Take care

  91. James Armstrong

    Hi Admin,
    I was scammed out of about $1000USD. Would have been more if I’d kept believing their crap.
    Admin, think I need your help on this one. I’ve started writing a review on them. Based on my experience and my investigation. They are utilizing many different websites from the same IP address. Possibly more. You can tell Because the basic format is the same. And because…. After started social media campaign and posting their scam on websites such as rippedoffreport. They’ve actually deleted they now operate but I think they’ll change it again soon..

  92. Henrich

    Hello, I am so much searching anything about:
    ..if they are paying or scams, but without success. So I am asking here, please if you could check are they paying or scams?
    And as next.. someone is using & ? – if they after years are still paying :X /I found no comments from 2018, but some older positive yes, so I am curious if they are still worth for investments there/
    (I am careful where to place deposits from now, because I just have been scammed on /I login to withdraw my investment and lag..without reason my account suspended :-X with my own BTC there!/)

    Good luck to all of us searching for working=paying projects,
    regards =)

  93. Johan Lindgren

    Hi! My name is Johan Lindgren i am from sweden, i want to test to make some money on bitcoins but i am new to it and dont understand it. Can you guys help me out the best way i want to spend 25$ and no scams.

  94. Roslan Supahat

    My name: Roslan Supahat
    Country: Malaysia
    Member of ETHTRADE ETH955932
    SUbject: I have an investment in the from the statement
    Total Profits: US 2,800 and Total Investment: US 4146. Member no: ETH955932
    I Want to withdraw both amount of money and trnasfer to LOcal Bank of Maybank (Malaysia)., but No one can answer me the solutions. or any way or suggestion what should I do to withdraw the money.

  95. mp r

    BTC-BROS-LTD.COM does not seem to be legit. They tell you to send BTC
    to them and you will get back 10 times as much. After they have your BTC
    they send messages for you to send a higher amount than you are
    supposed to get back as fees, then they will send you your BTC.
    eg: I sent in 0.005BTC, & I was supposed to get back 0.05BTC.
    The fees I was asked to send in were 0.055BTC before I can get anything back.
    I did not send it, so now I lost my 0.005BTC. BEWARE of BTC-BROS-LTD.COM

  96. MJ

    I responded to several of the Airbit Club comments. It is sad to watch others continue to lose money. Airbit does pay people daily. Once people focus on the daily payments, they are not focused on the fact that when they are done being paid they have lost money. AB charges a 35% repurchase fee after the first three 75 day periods. People are not focused on that. When people withdraw their money, they are only seeing 51% deposited into their bitcoin wallets. If you do the math, anyone not doing heavy recruiting is losing money.

  97. Lucas

    Hi admin…
    can u please give us a review on Leocoin.. this is there website..
    they have this service.. Digital Market Service.. what can u sa about it?.. thanks..

  98. kaalyb pratt

    are there any legitimate money making systems out there anywhere ?
    thousands of scams where do you turn for some of this crypto gold ?

  99. said

    can anyone please check
    i have been scammed by them now they are not responding
    Withdraw money for nearly a whole month without any payment

  100. gulzi

    hi all, I wanted to apologize if I’m wrong, I live in Kazakhstan and I am disabled 3 groups, I have a hearing loss do not hear, and the doctors saying I need surgery on implant, we do not have such doctors who do the operation, it should be done in Germany and it will take a lot of money, I am now 26 years old and my future depend on this operation, guys someone can help with a donation I only have bitcoin wallet is for a donation and I do not have another purse, I have 0.2 bitcoin but this is not enough, about 15000 dollar necessary into the road and for the operation and for food, if someone wants to help me with the donation please email me, it is very urgent, please help with 2 bitcoin,, 18Fgt1N2oePgtBaD5s7B8mjXUkCpyshjRZ

  101. Gaddam S Sai Sudhir

    can anyone please check
    i have been scammed by them now they are not responding

  102. Ali

    Dera Admin,
    There are a kind of hyips you never mentioned about on your website the minima are high located generally in Dubai and the Arab Emirates, they look legitimate but I am not sure
    one of them is :
    Please can you shed a light about it before I invest $300
    Thank you very much

  103. Ney

    Hi Admin,
    Can you check about ? Coz I paid for their cloud mining, but until now no revenue in my dashboard. I was talking to support by email and said no profitable for my cloud mining now.
    I got scamed ?

  104. Mark

    Hello, ScamBitcoin.
    I want to buy Privatix PRIX coins, and they’re available only thru the exchanges:!/trade/PRIX-ETH
    Of those exchanges, you have reviewed only Yobit, and your review is Not complimentary.
    Can you please provide ratings for the other five?

  105. Kelvin Blair – Safe Buyer & Seller Black Marketplace For Digital Content? Do you have any information about them.

  106. James Armstrong

    Can you do a review on
    I already know it’s a scam, I just found out the hard way. lol. I wrote this on scam advisor.

    This a total scam. Invest .05btc as per their website. Fee free and instant returns it says. Also if you change your mind. Money back instantly. Fee free. It’s a 0.015 btc fee to get the form to request refund.
    Suddenly there’s a 0.043btc registration fee. But it’s okay, you’ll get that back. With initial investment and ROI. Then after that there’s a 0.0298 btc referral fee. And after that. Oh.. Lucky you the mining system doubled your payout. So instead of 0.138 being returned to your account, instantly. You’ll get 0.275btc.
    That’s when I stopped being an absolute idiot. Decided to redeem myself. Yes, I sent them 0.1 something btc. Yes.. I was an idiot and lost my btc to a handful of smooth talkers. The so called investors are in on it. They’ll hit you up on Instagram… Funny how that one isn’t on Facebook… Oh wait… There “she” is peddling a different scam… Western union that one. I can’t wait until crypto is regulated a d I finish learning to hack. I’m going to hunt them all down.

  107. Jeff St Clair

    There seems to be more SCAMS than there are legit sites all over the place and before I get scammed yet again, I’m hoping you can help and advise.

    (1) Is Crypto Robot 365 Legit
    (2) Can you confirm who you consider to be the best?

    Many thanks

  108. Adriano Filippi

    Salve, vorrei un feedback su AirBit Club (Bit Back Office) solo di chi ne ha fatto esperienza diretta sia positiva che negativa. Esattamente vorrei sapere se quando hanno chiesto di ritirare i loro crediti hanno avuto problemi o no.
    Se posso vorrei avere un parere anche su Future Net
    Grazie per le vs risposte

  109. Guard dog to be watch carefully Daniel Grenon from onecoin a well known scam company is now doing presentation for WCI

  110. Nicolay

    Hi! Can you give a comment about Seems quite good, mostly for Russians , but anyway anyone can invest on it
    They also have a chat on telegram, most of information actually there:

  111. Tanish

    Hi Admin, I have invested in, i opened 5 different accounts on Tokenizer & made investment of ETH, i was getting return & also made 2 withdrawls, i was not knowing about their same IP address policy which says cant open account of yourself. Now they have blocked my account, i have already mailed them & requested to reactivate my accounts, what should i do. Pls suggest.




  114. Miguel Acha is total scam! After some outsider emails, they were saying it is safe, I fell into it and they never reply and took my mBTC away …

  115. Singh

    Can you review I purchased software and it does not work. I have reached out to them several times for help and even a refund. No. Response. I cannot find anything negative about them on the net!!!! I lost $500!

    • Singh

      Anyone can help me? Has anyone looked into
      They scammed out of $500 for Software. It does not work

  116. T.P.

    hello so unfortunately I fell for the following fraudulent websites and would like to ask here what I can do:
    1. – I was alerted to a FB post by Steve Giulio (fake account) where he offered to trade with funds, he would take 10% of the profit. Whereupon I have with Bitcoin on the platform paid. Steve then traded with my account and earned over $ 40,000. However, when I wanted to withdraw the money, it was said by flexioptions I must first transfer the brokerage fees and the trader fees, a total of 25% of the total. Of course I did not do that, from then on I knew that this could only be cheating.
    2. – somewhere I had once registered for more information, whereupon I was then called by a lady who instructed me to pay 250 euros (1 month trial + warranty, blablabla) Next, I was then connected to a so-called Personal Manager , his name is Thomas Friman. This then told me again how great everything was and I could test everything for 1 month and withdraw at any time. I then deposited over $ 3,000 with Bitcoin and made $ 200 payouts. Thomas has then upgraded my account before each phone conversation and has asked every phone call for further investment. When I researched the internet and read a lot of bad experiences, I wanted to withdraw my money immediately and pay it off. Since I had already noticed that he did not like it and he started to make any excuses, he could not pay everything off now because with my account certain things have already been planned – but he would talk to his boss and look this as fast as possible would happen. When a week later, then the next conversation was due, he had contacted me via whatsapp, he urgently had to fly to his mother and log in next week. I then explicitly wrote to him that he should not make any more trades with my account (in the beginning he clearly told me that nothing would happen without my consent) but he answered that it was already too late – there are more trades already planned. These trades were not visible in the back office at that time, my account was around $ 7000 at that time. On Monday I had logged in and all the money was gone and all high and risky trades were listed which were all lost even though I had the counterchecked on tradingview, most should have been won. Then I wrote to both Thomas and the support and made aware of the shortcomings and asked her to repay my investments. Thomas then came only the terse answer that the market was unfortunately against him and everything was 100% legitimate. From the support still no answer. So I will publish my story everywhere and report to the police and turn my lawyer. If anyone here has any further tips on how to make life difficult for these scammers, so that they can not cheat any more victims, I am very grateful.

  117. Tim

    Just been contacted by offering bitcoin they say whatever I invest they will match I don’t intend to do it but do you think is is a scam?

    • Heidi

      All, please watch out from scammer ‘Crypto Tipster’ George Leigh as there is a link from his sales page to ‘EFL Profits’ which is still in operation. This fraudster is still active on exchanges but being pursued.

  118. mrdeniro

    Email I sent to hitbtc proving a scam
    Hey guys, I have just been scammed by and I have traced the sent DGB to you.

    Question: Do you have the ability to ask for an extra verification of this exchange or such? You will clearly see that they indeed scammed me.

    Proof of me sending DGB to bitplace:

    Proof that the adress is owned by bitplace: – See it for yourself, just open an exchange DGB for Bytecoin and you will see that they have not changed their wallet address yet.

    My DGB received by Bitplace – with the wallet: DL1Fwy8wD4D64GBf3dFpaYAdcBKqq31oc2 here:
    May 10, 2018 3:12:52 PM DTRER2jRdTeV33mUB7ADGog18q8DQr8bEe -> 1900dgb DL1Fwy8wD4D64GBf3dFpaYAdcBKqq31oc2

    Bitplace sending it to their other wallet here:
    May 17, 2018 9:31:36 AM DL1Fwy8wD4D64GBf3dFpaYAdcBKqq31oc2 -> 4079dgb (full balance) DRkfZuLCbkUhHfEYR1nNrbn4iut8sM42Ps

    Bitplace sending it to you for an exchange:
    DRkfZuLCbkUhHfEYR1nNrbn4iut8sM42Ps 4078.999252 DGB

    They even removed my order from their database… The link to the order doesn’t work anymore… But Luckily I had the tab still open, took some screenshots!

    Proof that no bytecoins has been received:

    can also give you my log in details if you wish.

    Proof that bytecoin recommend bitplace:

    My support ticket (Will probably be removed soon as-well)

  119. Pfine

    Is a scam site or legit? There is so many positive customers reviews on the site but I doubt, pls admin can you help?

  120. Rigbert

    What can you tell me about or MiningBTCNow? They have a lot of information on their site about cloud mining. I am wondering if this site can stand up to the claims it has outlined on their website.

  121. Ken Self

    what can you tell me about
    here is what they say
    it’s a profit oriented business were by you invest with the little you have to earn more
    Forex trade is all about you investing your funds in a chosen broker while we trade for you as your expert trader and all so
    account manager to make meaningful return
    With an investment amount as low as $200 can put you in the market having hopes of making up to $2112 in 6days and with that o f $500 you can earn up to $4900 in 6days

    • Admin

      Mmmm… it’s not how it works. IQ Option is a legitimate company, but you cannot make significant money with them unless you’re into affiliate marketing. Also, they are not available in the US.

      • Cristofer
        Hi admin, i would love to know more about this site, i made an investment and then they told me that i won some rewards , and for withdraw i need to invest and upgrade the position like that they will be more secure that i keep investing and i can withdraw the first investment plus the reward :/ so what do you think? Have you any idea for this site , is it legitimate? Can you help plz? 10x alot


    Hello ! I have some questions about a mining company called Genesis Mining. I bought a promo package for 200 usd. After 4 days they sent the profit to my digital wallet. Due to freshly mined bitcoin they were fragile and unstable and should have been mixed with old blocks of bitcoin. Because I didn’t have old blocks the bitcoins
    Disappeared slowly back to the hardware. The amount was 10.68 Btc. This sounds unbelievable even to me but I have screens hots and the company seems to be genuin
    Do you know anybody who has heard of such stories before.? The agent explained that to be able to withdraw profit about 2btc is needed of old blocks to stabilize the mined coins and then I would be able to withdraw everything. Sounds unbelievable.
    Regards Grant

  123. La'Rochelle

    Good day has anyone ever heard of a London based private company called Quartercore?? And if yes, are they still trading with Bitcoins?

  124. Muhammed Basheer

    I have created one account with Bit oasis and transferred amount from my ENBD credit card to BIT OASIS Valet. After some days i recieved a mail from bit oasis which Shows ” Your voucher has been cancelled due to ur merchant not paid” But the amount has been deducted from my card and i had paid in my last statement. So i tried to contact Bit oasis through email and no responds other than the auto reply. If any body have their contact number please provide.
    Muhammad Basheer Dubai

  125. Michael

    Hello, someone from facebook wants to introduce me to:, this is a redirect URL from Bitreturn. I feel it is another scam, would you kindly look into it for us? Many thanks.

  126. John

    I purchase their e-book on Crypto currency the book was at a reduced rate of 9.99 . I could not download the book because I received a alert from my virus software that it was from an unsafe site. When I looked at my bill for the purchase of the book it was now $97 dollars for services they said I had agreed to, never say saw that in what I purchased . Called several times and left messages but have never been called back about this billing . Billing is in dispute with cc company.

  127. Michael

    Hi please review:
    They are on fb and online pushing this. It looks like a mining scam with HYIP intentions.
    If it’s a scam we need to shut them down and get them off fb.

  128. Dincognito is a huge scam. After their ICO completed they had some “technical issues” with their wallets and investors were unable to withdraw their tokens. The moment withdraws were made available I noticed that all 527 tokens of mine were withdrawn to an external wallet, PP32njHzr5vLTKJTsZFDw4q6J7asDDFkCY – on Feb. 12, 2018, 04:52 am. I then found out that many others complained about the same issue and had lost all their tokens to the same wallet address as I did. Pagarex support refuse to respond. I and many others have lost their investments to this scam. Be aware and don’t invest in them.

  129. Dub

    I really appreciate the work you have put into this. Without trying to sound ungrateful wouldn’t it be helpful to list legit sites since we can obviously trust you. thank you

  130. chris

    hello admin am a little confused about some mining softwares. please can u check which of them is legit? and… i have tried looking into them but can not tell. bmpro uses a bmprovpn and does not. says is a scam and vice versa. it is confusing which is real. i have been scammed more than i can count so just want something real now

    • Heidi

      Hi all, please be aware of Crypto Tipster – George Leigh, he is using funds taken from members and trading them on exchanges. His website has been closed down and his statement on his website says it all about this guy –

      • Heidi

        George Leigh (Crypto Tipster) – Scammer. Watch out for this guy, he has been heavily promoting new ICO’s such as LCCX and Lendingblock. Easy to invest early using funds stolen from others.

  131. Hew E

    Hi Admin,
    I feel I have also been scammed by HourPaid. I have had withdrawal pending for several months. Despite many emails they have not replied apart from one email recently saying they were not going to help me as they had already explained what is wrong. This response was incorrect as I had followed their instructions exactly and even invested more money to unlock my other funds. Everything was fine in the beginning, could invest and withdraw with no issues and email assistance was quick and reasonable in nature. Once my account started having problems everything changed. They also have my identity details, which were required to unlock part of their investment plan. I feel stupid as I write this, have been scammed before and I’m very aware of these scam programs, but did research on hourpaid early on, found no issues online or reports of others being scammed etc, and started out with small investments to test. As things went to plan, I invested more, obviously see this was their way to get more from people. The scary thing with this company is that their total deposits from investors as of 31st March 2018 is $ 38952255.86 with $ 34205629.7 being paid out. So it looks like they have scammed investors out of over $4 million USD. Their total active accounts are 208816 and have been running now for 359 days. Seems like it must be quite a large scam that is still running without consequence. I have lost around $2500 USD in bitcoin and litecoin to HourPaid. Is there anything that can be done to recover these funds, do you have any other information on them or advice for me please? Sincerely Hew E.

  132. Graham

    George Leigh (Crypto Tipster) has been heavily promoting his own service to trade Crypto Currency on behalf of clients. I am embarrassed to say like many others I stupidly sent funds for him to trade on my behalf. You can guess the rest, his website has a sign saying ‘Sold Out members out buying Lambo’s’ and I have not received a single response to any of the 14 emails I sent to him asking for the return of my funds. I will be informing other areas of the web but I thought you should know as his antics tarnish the good parts of the Crypto world. I intend to chase him through a legal route and expose his behaviour on the web.

  133. Vanessa Botha

    Hi admin, please check for me. They claim to be registered in the UK and there is a registration certificate to view. There are names of a Director and another person of the company and contact numbers and address. however, there grammer is questionable and seems to be translated from another language and consequently is confusing. A good review would be appreciated as this looks like a really good investment oppertunity.

  134. Koperal

    Hai Admin , please review MSD( Monspace Dollar) own by Monspace Multinational Coporation from Malaysia.
    MSD already on Exchanger and Coinmarket since October 20017.

    I just want to know it’s worth to invest MSD?

  135. Vanessa Botha

    Hi, can you please check out: . They claim not to be affilliated to who scammed millions out of South Africans, US citizens and Australians. However the site seems to be very similar.

  136. Clayton Udoh

    Please admin , I need you to check the validity of I have spent at least $1565.00 worth of bitcoin and no results .I feel like dying .Could you please check what is going on with this site .They keep on contacting me to send some amount as tax money and i will get my returns back .Please check !

  137. Janet Bear

    Admin: Could you please tell me if QProfit is legit? It has been recommended to me by Trader Robot (who I believe is the support arm of Robot Traders).

    Please note:-
    While I have been looking for a legit robot trading provider, I found that it is almost impossible to get any information, or to look at the performance of the software (such as a demo) without actually registering for an account. This starts an avalanche of emails asking for the account to be funded. The chat support for several of these sites is Zendesk. While that’s not a problem, they are nearly all manned by the same support personnel, (same names, same comments)

    Often they are foreigners, and have to translate everything. One language came up by mistake with one of the support staff – it was Polish! Waiting for translations would explain why it sometimes takes so long for a response.

    They won’t give any answers except how to register and then fund the account. They then tell you to come back when that is done! It’s been very difficult to make any assessment personally. Has anyone else had this problem?

  138. Janet Bear

    Admin. Could you please look into Robot Traders? Also,one of their affiliated brokers PrimeCFDs? I’ve seen your Black List, but I’d also like to know if there is a list of legit automated trading platforms and/or affiliated brokers – anywhere!

  139. Stephanie Van Der Spuy

    Stef…. is also a scam bitcoin website. They promise daily withdraws but it never happend.


    • Doru

      Hallo Admin, kennst du Ich denke, es ist ein Betrug, den ich um 1700 Euro in der Hoffnung gesendet habe, dass ich 2 BTC bekommen werde, aber bis jetzt nichts! Admin bei schreibt in E-Mail, dass ich noch 0.09btc senden muss, um den 2BTC zu erhalten! Bitte antworte mir wie es weitergeht!?

  140. Koperal

    Admin…Can you Check MSD ( Monspace Daollar) Crypto Currency from Malaysia.

    Company websibe:

    MSD listed at Coinmarket



    And ⤵

    • Vanessa Botha

      Hi, can you please check out: . They claim not to be affilliated to who scammed millions out of South Africans, US citizens and Australians. However the site seems to be very similar.

  141. Heidi

    Hi all, Is anyone are of the service advertised by George Leigh (Crypto Tipster)? I have had no response from the guy however I am receiving generated emails from somewhere signed by him? Thanks in advance.

  142. jasmin

    I need a few coins to pay for the doctor’s service, my mom needs financial help, and no one is helping since poor people have no chance of survival, if you have the opportunity to donate to charity, that’s all I ask for only 3 bitcoins 1WnxWfrdJ14trQNFo7f67dGHxpFrmdMyA

    • Janet Bear

      jasmin, why don’t you try one of the crowdfunding services, like “Gofundme”. The people that visit that site are looking to donate to people in need. They have a section that deals with people looking for help with medical costs. They will help you set it up. There are others, but this one seems to be among the top on the list. People here are often looking for money themselves, that;s why they want to invest. Many have lost money through being scammed. Try crowdfunding, jasmin. I think you’re more likely to get help there,

  143. Aubrey

    Btc Haven Limited, they are also scamming people out of their hard earned money.I have invested a lot of money by them but can not withdraw anything at all,

    • wayne biela

      yes AIONNEXT have done even worse they place fake trades on your platform why don’t the servers stop supporting these scams they are ripping of so many people and the servers who continue their platforms are just as guilty

  144. Lynn Brewer

    Hi guys –

    I had my best one to date

    Let me show you what a scam looks like. Today while driving – I heard an advertisement / solicitation for Bitcoiin (with two i’s) as the next generation of Bitcoin!! This was on Sirius radio. Then nearly immediately I read that Steven Segall backed Bitcoiin has received a cease and desist letter so I get online and go to (with two i’s) and here is my interaction.

    First to even get through the gate you have to enter your name email address and phone number.

    Support Agent comes on for a live chat.
    Tammy is an Avatar that looks like she is from Wisconsin!!!


    We are excited to announce that we have reached the Soft Cap of $75M during our ICO, we would like to thank all the ICO participants for their support and contribution.

    We still have limited number of the tokens available; Registered users can add more tokens anytime from their dashboard.

    For the new participants If you wish to contribute to Bitcoiin2Gen to achieve its Hard Cap goals, please join the wishlist.

    Lynn Brewer
    Tell me about your cease and desist order for selling unregistered securities please.

    We have already issued an answer to all the medias, kindly inform yourself
    Thank you

    Lynn Brewer
    Can you send me to a link on this so I can inform myself please.

    Of course, leave your email please

    Lynn Brewer
    I signed up with my email. Do you have a link you can give me please?

    Kindly leave your details and we will inform you as this is a LiveChat for immediate account support not media issues
    Thank you

    Lynn Brewer
    I am not with the media. I am interested in buying your coins but want to know about the cease and desist order before I do.

    There is no issue with that order, we are not registered US company therefore we do not comply to SEC Laws

    Besides that we are not Security Token, we are a Utility token

    Therefore we do not comply to SEC Laws

    Lynn Brewer
    But I am a U.S. citizen and I have to comply. The SEC says it is a security so I am confused. What is the utility the coin is used for.

    You are a US citizen buying a Utility Token that is deregulated and decentralised. Do you have an issue with US government buying and owning the original Bitcoin?

    Lynn Brewer
    Oh I see this must be a scam. You are not assisting me with my questions.

    Thank you very much, have a great day

    As you can see – Tammy is not from Wisconsin and this is not legitimate despite being advertised on Sirius radio. There is no technology just hype / smoke and mirrors.

    Thought you would find this humorous!!!

    • Rey Avalos

      Hello admin, I was a client of BitcoinLifter for awhile since they created a story of credit card frauds to blocked all members. Then after certain period within a week they came out saying that all members can re-apply and be again member by paying a reactivation fee of $67. The reason was to clean up their database and begin again. They never showed any proofs of credit cards frauds to members. I joined and paid $97 using coinpayments processor and yet I was blocked and I did not used any credit cards. Now, BitcoinLifter is operating as if nothing happened in the open. Please, investigate this site. The site is listed as – Persons responsible for Bitcoin Lifter are:
      Brad, Chris and Tellman

  145. Iwan Soedarto

    Dear Admin,
    Could you review this Company since I have problem with them.
    I asked the term and conditions before I invested but they did not response to my request.
    I spent $2200 for initial capital + others fee, at the end I got credited 1.93 BTC send to my blockchain wallet. Unfortunately the fund was locked by them so I could not withdraw. They request $2000 to pay for my private key.
    My fault was to let them login to my blockchain wallet so they able to lock the fund.
    What is your suggestion whether I pay or not to get private key.

    Thanks & Kind regards

  146. cryptomaniac

    I did a little digging in to this before i invest and im glad i did. I found out the the CEO Ron Ramsey is the owner of a scam site.
    This is a link i found while looking up
    In the owner section you see this.
    Name: Ron Ramsey
    Organisation: Cryptoshine Limited
    Street: 84 Popes Ln
    City: London
    Postalcode: W5 4NT (1)
    Country: United Kingdom [United Kingdom]
    Telephone: +**.**********()
    These Sites May Also Be Related:-
    [United Kingdom] uk ..74%
    You can see in this link That all Denaro tokens are from Cryptoshine.

    So if you type in and look up Cryptoshine limited. You find some interesting stuff. Her are a couple links.

    So i hope you read this and don’t invest.

  147. Iwan Soedarto

    Dear Admin,

    I invested $2200 to this Company, the final result from this investment was 1.93 BTC. Now this fund still on my Blockchain wallet but the fund was locked and I could not withdraw. The Company now demand $2000 for my private key. the Account Manager did not mentioned all the procedure at front.
    Could you review the below Company, before I pay for my private key. My fault was let them login into my blockchain wallet so why they able to lock my fund.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • cryptomaniac

      I did a little digging in to this before i invest and im glad i did. I found out the the CEO Ron Ramsey is the owner of a scam site.
      This is a link i found while looking up
      In the owner section you see this.
      Name: Ron Ramsey
      Organisation: Cryptoshine Limited
      Street: 84 Popes Ln
      City: London
      Postalcode: W5 4NT (1)
      Country: United Kingdom [United Kingdom]
      Telephone: +**.**********()
      These Sites May Also Be Related:-
      [United Kingdom] uk ..74%
      You can see in this link That all Denaro tokens are from Cryptoshine.

      So if you type in and look up Cryptoshine limited. You find some interesting stuff. Her are a couple links.

      So i hope you read this and don’t invest.

  148. ken

    what can you tell me about
    Bitzumi Investment Details
    Regulation A+ Offering
    Launch Date: Feb. 14th, 12:00 pm EST
    Share Price: $2.50
    Minimum Investment: $250.00
    Proposed Stock Ticker: BTZM

    In order to invest, you will need to visit the Bitzumi Investor Page and click the “Invest Now” button. From there, you will be prompted to complete the FundAmerica investment form.

    Investments can be made via ACH, which is the direct payment of funds from a bank account. This is the most common method of investing, but you may also wire funds.

    Click here to visit the investor page and get started.

    Thank you for your interest and happy investing!
    James Altucher and Scot Cohen

    Bitzumi, Inc.
    55 Fifth Ave.
    New York, NY 10013
    P: (646) 741-9600

    Have a question? Email us at [email protected].

    View the offering circular here.

  149. Raj

    Can you please review this site “” whether its legit or not. I am from India, and it will be easy for me to use it I don’t have an account on this site yet.
    Thanks in advance.

  150. Ali

    This guy Kolin Lukas @thecoinchaser on twitter is a scam. He claims he will turn your investment double within a week by personally managing your portfolio and giving you buying and selling signals. He charges 350 dollars upfront by bitcoin. The moment you send him money 350 USD in bitcoin, He blocks you from twitter and steals your bitcoin. NEVER SEND HIM ANY BITCOIN- KOLIN LUKAS @thecoinchaser is a SCAM!!… Never buy any subscription from him and NEVER Disclose your personal information to him. Kolin Lukas is a SCAMMER and a CON ARTIST. Be careful guys I have been scammed by him. Sharing so that he cannot scam more people. His profile link is below
    If you need more details or proof. I can provide you. Many thanks. God Bless you guys. I don’t want you guys to lose your hard earned money like that and go through what I went through. Pl be careful!

    • apple white

      I can personally refute this statement above ^^^ . I am not a rep of coinchaser or employed by him in any shape or form.. In fact, im a “free” member of his group. What i can tell you is that I have eye witnessed the coinchaser spend hundreds of hours straight helping people in the crypto space. The guy is growing at a ridiculous rate and its because the community is just herded by him, we run ourselves. Nobody gets scammed. If the guy above got kicked its because he did something stupid AF. We have like 1000 members in there who will all say the same thing. Guy is DEFINITELY not a scam, and whoever this is might want to take it down before they get sued or something. Such a bullshit review above

  151. masego

    hello please would check for me this vortex PROFITS its legitimacy. its really booming here in Botswana pople are busy depositing their money for these people to trade on their behalf. the way they r explaining it its sound too good to be true n I really don’t know much about this cryptocurrency trading. plse help before a lot are loored into a depth of untrue scammers if they are

  152. luis


    unreal offers of crypto coins, with the intention of receiving the bitcoin coins and others, the site dates from 2017 in the rodape but the whois informs that it was registered to 3 days only on 02-03-2018, site requests sending of documents for suspicious use, and do not have any contact information on the whole site, fraud clearly, scam !!


  153. Norbert Schwindt

    Would you check out ‘The Cryptogenius’ ? It looks very suspicious, has the same actor I have seen many times before. Too good to be true.

  154. Sam

    The company crestcoin options is a scam. Traders block all investors and going wrong way. Withdraw is pending and nobody we can reach ! Stop this fraudster !

  155. Samwel Ladsen nkya

    Hallo admin. I’ve been scammed by different trader websites and I have proof of deposit but I never received a single withdraw from any of them. Please review and post about them plus advice me on legit and trustworthy binary option traders. The scammers are
    I invested simultaneously with all of them last month and all played the same game on me, one thing I noticed about their traders is they have very few friends online and mostly are Nigerian or South African. Please kindly reply and tell the world about these scammers.
    The next I want to invest with is
    Please review it and reply if its safe and legit. I have too much pain.

  156. Iwan Soedarto

    Dear Admin,
    I lost many for last year so do not want to lose again.
    Could you review these Companies:
    1. I Currently invest on this bot
    2. I will invest on this mining

    Thanks in advance

    • Jazz

      ICenter is a Ponzi scheme scam – been involved in a group where loads of people were getting sucked in. Confronted iCenter on their website claims about partners they invest in, and their fake London offices, (which are actually the offices of Goldman Sachs) their only defence was things they themselves claim, nothing is verifiable from any trade body or federation. It’s total bs get out ASAP. Do not give them any more of your money.

      Read last few paragraphs:

      • Iwan Soedarto

        Thanks for your reminder, appreciated. I will be very careful even ICenter is still return Our investment so far. Minimum investment 0.01 BTC and minimum withdraw is 0.01 BTC.
        This program has been running since last July 2017, I hope will be stay longest.
        Anyone want to join please PM me.

  157. ken

    Can you tell me about USI TEC , Neo Mining &Technologies, Wealth Generators LLC
    Your reply on bitclub network you say is a scam right?
    thank you

  158. Cameron

    Are there’s site paying or scam Please get back me thanks

  159. Murat Taşova

    Good day, this site selling fake or real Bitcoin adder program ? scam or real ? also site is fake or real ?If you can answer, I will happy. Thank you so much.

  160. Ted

    Hello, please check the website
    They stop temporary withdrawing to their investors. Non access to the website for a few days. Whats happening with them …

  161. David

    so i came across this new crypo currecncy called Bitcoin Pro(BTCP). i have checked them out and it seems legit enough and reasonable enough and they even responded back and i was asking that you look them up and see how it is. you can contact them on their email address {[email protected]} and the site is
    i will really appreciate it

    • Jordan

      Hi there, I have recently came across a platform called It pays out 4.5% daily over 34 Days and I’ve been getting paid out daily for about a week now. I was doing some research though and noticed how similar it is to the previous scam Bitpetite. I mean from the registration of business, servers, webhosting and other website info from But If you could please give me your feedback and tell me what you think, I would love that. Thank you so much. They provide an address and face for there company, but even looking up the place in Australia, it’s a building of business of some sort

      • Rhonda

        I paid to activate my account and for the powersystem, they never activated my account, support does not answer my questions, unfortunately I paid with bitcoin, others that paid with debit and credit card are trying to get their money back. Looked good because people were getting paid daily, now they stopped.

  162. Richard

    Hello, what do you think about this site….It looks nice with nice youtube comments. What do you think? Can you check it for me, please. Thank you.

  163. Meredythe Dee Winter

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your reviews and I am very happy that I subscribed to your newsletter! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  164. max

    i have 0.01 BTC in my startnummer account, but they are not paying my withdrawal requests! I have messaged them several times with no response. All I want is my withdrawal, but it just says “pending” even after waiting over a month. How do I get them to give me my money back??

  165. Zlatoje

    Can you pls check, seemed that they are scam, just holding my investment, doesn’t let me withdraw and no response on multiple emails.

  166. puti reyes

    any idea for
    because i try to invest 30$ today but until now is not showing on my balac
    nce it take 6 hours ago already…

  167. pressinwords

    Here’s a couple to add to your SCAM list:

    Domain Name: BITCOINX4.COM
    Updated Date: 2017-10-07T15:42:04Z
    Creation Date: 2017-10-07T15:42:03Z

    Registrar WHOIS Server: #<<—- isn't that just fitting?
    Updated Date: 2017-11-18T19:49:27Z
    Creation Date: 2017-11-05T15:33:56Z

  168. owen

    I have recently completed a BTC purchase with BitcoinOasis. I have made two previous purchases with them for lower values and all went quickly and smoothly. Yesterday morning I made a larger transaction and everything froze until this morning. The incoming cash transfer was not credited until today. There is no online help or chat and they reserve the right to a 24 hour processing time. In a volatile market like this, I wont be going back there since other exchanges process within minutes.

  169. muhammad saqib

    i invested my bitcoins on a site which claim
    “All you have to do is decide how much BTC you want to invest, and just go to the Invest Now tab, enter your Bitcoin Address, push the button “Invest Bitcoin”, and transfer some Bitcoins to the address provided. Your investment will be doubled and will be transferred to your wallet within five days (120 hours).”

    so i sent them 0.0017722 BTC from my blockchain wallet to their adress which was

    but i recieved no bitcoins doubled back in my blockchain i think these were scammers and i want to know that whether you can help me give back my money and ban this site.

      • Donald

        I actually invested with and I got my payout right on time. Couldn’t believe it too, just decided to try with some of the bitcoin I stacked years back. You can try it too. It is a sure investment. You’ll get your 0.3 BTC in 24 hours after investing 0.1 BTC.

  170. joset

    esta pagina salio ayer dic 7/2017 .. tiene pinta de scam ..publica pagos .. atraves de un ricibo ..y muestra pagos a traves de la blockchain ,pero si te fijas bien las fechas de recepcion de dichos pagos son del año 2016…

    es un scam

  171. manah

    Hi, I made investment on , after send btc on address which i got from website nothing happened. Than i contact help with pop-up window and some told me that i need to pay 0.004 fee for activation. After i did that I asked how i will know that my profile activated and after that pop-up help window misterously disappeared

  172. Chynaes

    Please review this site and let us know if its a SCAM site. Especially their doubler software. The site has been around for years.

  173. Ronald Johns

    I’ve officially been scammed by I invested 3.5 bitcoin into their “mining” operation, was able to withdraw the first 2 days of mining, but after that, my 3rd withdraw showed “pending” for over a week and after getting in a spout with support, they deleted my account with no refund.

  174. omar

    je suis un victime parmi les victimes du btc prominer. je suis presque arrive au seuil du retrait qui est de 5 btc le conteur de minage s’est arrête et je reçois un m’informant que mon compte est banni sans aucune explication.
    j’ai trouve votre site par hasard sur internet et j’ai lu votre article qui est très intéressant sur l’arnaque de ce site.
    est ce qu’on pourrait portait plainte auprès des instances compétente ou réside l’adresse du site puis-que vous avez le nom du responsable pour indemnisation et fermeture totale et interdiction d’exercer.

    • Admin

      Will upload a CryptoBlaze review later today, or tomorrow. Regarding CryptoIndex, are you referring to

  175. Siddhartha Maity

    I have been duped by a site: for 200 USD.
    This website is 100% scam.

    Please help me recover my money.

      • Siddhartha Maity

        I have been studying the site for a long time.
        From the fake videos and testimonials I was convinced that the software might be legitimate one.
        The site is collecting payment through SatoshiBox.

        After making the payment of 0.018 BTC I was able to download the software in Zipped format.

        When I unzipped I was astonished because it was completely different from what was shown in video.

        The software I downloaded is nothing but a ‘Trippler’ software. They are asking for an amount between 0.1 and 5 BTC and promised to triple that.
        I did not send them a single penny though.

        This is 100% SCAM and fraud.

        People in Estonia are behind this. I am going to report to Estonia police and their domain registrar and web host as well.

        Admin, please help me in unveiling these frauds. If I get my money back it would be great.
        But I want to see these bastards behind jail.

        Looking forward for your assistance.


  176. Ed

    I attended a “meetup” about crypto currencies which these guys arranged – but all they did was try and sell some educational package and bragged about “arbitage” platform, etc. I would look into it! When they told me they could make 1% per day, I told them I had to get going! They say they are linked to PROC coin?

  177. Jonathan

    cross post with the other discussion thread. But folks need to stay away from LoanBit… they put serious effort into looking real, but pulled the plug on 11/5. No payments since then. They shutdown their telegram channel an hour ago, so it was an official scam.

  178. Andys – I would like this reviewed.
    I will say now it’s a scam. I made a small deposit and worked ok. Their Support replied to a question I asked. So I then I deposited a much larger amount and it never got credited and no reply to many attempts to contact support.

    • Pierre Mathieu

      avoid and all “bitcoindoubler” website.

      Bitcoin address : 1PMLkzMrcQfhYEGq34kiWamZY9wKfjC7Sp
      Bitcoin address : FNtgGsHhymmEUMXrMiFeMtZbuagnnS59c


    • Andy

      No Withdraw ever paid. I have made 8 Withdraw attempts, all of which get cancelled and added back to available balance.
      Defo a Scam , avoid!

  179. Jenna

    Crest Coin Options? We thought it was legit. Invested over 8 bitcoin with them. Now we are starting to realize they are most likely a scam. And we have EVERYTHING tied up with them, expecting a good return to help pay off our debts we incurred to make the investment… help!

    • Francis David Conzo

      They sell bitcoin at $2500 and guarantee $1000 a month

      but they took my money and 4 months later I have no return on

      my investment. They have been using this as their excuse on their website…

      We are suspending all the services due to Hurricane Harvey Victims.

      We need your help. Donate! Donate! Donate!

      Donation drive in South East Texas for Hurricane Harvey. Raising funds for people and animal shelters.
      We are accepting donations for families,friends and loved ones in the south east Texas area. Hurricane Harvey kicked really hard in Texas. We still need funds to help as many people as we can. We can’t do it without your help. So please go to the nearest Bank of America in your area and donate.

      Please investigate them too n ty!

  180. Francis David Conzo

    Name of the new company is
    7101 W 12TH SUITE 402
    LITTLE ROCK, AR. 72204


    I did that and you cashed my check on Aug 1st 2017.

    I sent you the front and back of the cancelled check.

    I trusted you a 2nd time yet I have nothing to show for it.

    Please make this right as my family;s bills are now in jeopardy.

    I have tried to be patient but I will take action

    on four fronts very soon if I do not receive

    my August Sept and Oct Bitcoin payments

    or a full $2500 refund.

    Please in the name of God do the right thing.

    My family is praying that you do.

    FD Conzo
    6143567576 is my cell–voice mail does not work on it.

  181. verusca gonçalves benassi

    eu investi a 3 meses na genesis mining, e confesso que recebo 100 vezes menor que o prometido, eu até recebo, mais não o que os tutoriais estudados no canal you tube me prometeu. confesso que acreditei 100% nessa mineradora.

  182. Karsten

    You can definitely add Bitdragon ( to your list of scams. A friend invested the Bitcoin equivalent of $2500 with them, then convinced other people also to invest there – one of them being me. I invested 0.11 BTC and got 0.0865 BTC (79% of my investment) back before they stopped paying. My friend made some profit with them – also through the referrals – but they also stopped paying him. They still take on new customers, and everybody of them will lose.

  183. toni Bagliani


    • Contact Us 844-757-8828
    Fill the form and we will contact you soon.

    Contact 844-757-8828

    Brenda Smith
    Head of communications
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: Brenda Smith

    Chris Jordan
    Head of communications
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: chrisjordan150
    Looking for a First-Class Bitcoin Investestment Consultant?

  184. Will

    I have a friend pouring money into a website that looks very unprofessional to me. The owner of the website says he is a millionaire and yet has a website designed by a 5th grader. Can you check out Crest Coin Options and let me know if they look legitimate?

  185. Bradley Hepburn

    You left a potential scam write-up for back in June. I have been in touch with the site; there were enormous changes since your comment and I need to know – Would you verify “NOW” if their stability and current improvements can cause a revision and/or a complete change of your previous viewpoint?

  186. Petri Venter

    I made a withdrawal of 0.7BTC from my wallet at The BTC went out of the wallet but was never delivered to the receiving wallet. The only comment i got when following up with Qoinpro support was that the transaction was done manually and i should have received the BTC. Since then all my mails are ignored. What can i do?

  187. suzette is a big scam! i bought a miner for 0.001 but the miner did not upgrade worst no ticket provided when you report dont go for this site! waste of money!

  188. Cal Hoskison

    How can a site like this call themselves scambitcoins and have a guy like Giacomo BUGINI who is currently being investigated by the FCA and not have his 3 websites listed in your blacklisting??

    This is so shameful and an atrocity for this website to be so lackadaisical as to not see that this guys 3 websites are the worst of them all. Shame on you Scambitcoins

  189. Cal Hoskison

    I have posted a claim with UK Fraud division, Ripoff and the FCA. I have photos of the promised mad on the website and the failures to deliver. This is s cam/Fraud/Ponzi scheme. They convince you to upgrade to get faster payouts. Once you upgrade you never ever see another payout. I had 6 withdraws canceled and had 2.12 BTC sitting in a pending status for over a month. Yet they show daily tons of payouts they claim are happening every second, these are fake and not real. If they where real, then why is there so many people sitting waiting on pending withdraws. Like i said, i did upgrade at a cost of $2500, and unfortunately i did get over 20 referrals and 4 of those upgraded also, and yet i still never got my payouts. All the promises they make are lies.

    WARNING -Beware. – the owner Giacomo BUGINI lives in Italy, and the business is supposedly run in London, he has at least 2 other websites scamming people in the same way, those are Startminer and Bitminer

  190. Steve

    should check out, also paypal purchase. Claims my payment is on hold, paypal says its completed, then tells me they cant pay because i opened a dispute on paypal. Avoid like the plague.

  191. Shyam Sunder
    These two are the sites where scam is going on I am very new to cloud mining can I get my money back.
    Shyam Sunder

  192. Shyam Sunder

    Dear All I have been scamed by start miner where same offer was available as in BTC PROMINER AS WELL AS ETHEREUM MINER ALSO IS FAKE.

  193. Matthew Witters is the sister site for, massive scam the bastards got me for $421,000, my entire life savings and everything I have to live off of for the rest of my life as I am disabled. If you can help me at all any advice I would appreciate it. They took my money promising me I could withdraw it at any time, after I asked for half of it back a month later they refused and blocked my number. I REALLY want to track these bastards down.

    • robert milfeld

      Matthew, check out my new web domains and
      The wrath of God will be brought upon them this week once my SEO is fully engaged.

  194. Philip Grimson

    Ths is too good to be true. What is the experience of those who joined this ‘scam’? I apologise if I have got it all wrong, but with the number of scammers on the net today one can’y help but be suspiscious

  195. Mohammed

    i am bit lost here i found this website by coincidence and after digging around i really appreciate what you guys are doing here, im very new to cryptocurrency trading and i was hoping that you could spare me some time for a few questions regarding trading virtual currencies in uae.
    thank you.

  196. Abeda Vally

    Hi guys

    What about me invested 45k with 1 of the brokers appointed directly by Bitcoin and now has not contacted me for 3 months, please advice me how and who to contact in getting my money back and getting out of this SCAM. Would be highly appreciated. I only have their name that i can provide you guys with. PLEASE HELP.

      • Abeda Vally

        Hi his name is Mohammad Rawoot and his company is RAW Trading and investments and his number is 0631585864 that is all the time switched off.

      • Abeda Vally

        Hi There The payments were done via EFT and his account number that the transfer was done is as follows: RAW Tradings, CAPITEC, Acc no:1404828271, Ref Abeda Vally., there has been an eft by 1 of my siblings of 47K as well. so in total it is 92K. Please help in recovery from this scam.

        • Abeda Vally

          Hi there how do i go about getting this i have not been in such a situation so i do not know how bout getting it done, please advice.

  197. Animesh

    Can anyone verify is this legit or scam: (you can buy through paypal and my order is in processing state for last 3days and they are saying you are new customer so its taking time but they are not asking for any docs or id), any help or suggestions?

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