,, & SXHJAS Global Limited SCAM!

This is a warning about a scam involving,, and SXHJAS Global Limited.

According to the complaint filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), a victim, approached on Instagram by a person named Arlene Shu (IG handle Arlene_yin_na), was persuaded to invest in an online trading platform, resulting in a loss of nearly $800,000. The scam involved continuous requests for additional funds under the guise of penalties, taxes, and other excuses, including a request for $74,734.60 as a 15% personal tax. Despite fulfilling these demands, the victim could never withdraw their funds.

Scam Details:

  • Website:
  • Scammer: Arlene Shu, possibly based in Seattle
  • Total Loss: $800,000
  • Key Dates: Initial contact in January 2024, last communication on June 23, 2024
  • Support email:

If this person or website has scammed you, please share your story to help warn others and aid in investigations.

In February 2024, the domain was registered through NameSilo, LLC, a domain registrar, and the domain information reveals several key details relevant to understanding the nature of the scam. The domain registration was completed under the privacy protection service, which masks the identity of the actual registrant. This service registered the domain on February 20, 2024, and is set to expire on February 19, 2025.

The registrant, administrative, and technical contact information all point to, located at 1928 E. Highland Ave., Ste F104 PMB# 255 in Phoenix, Arizona. This anonymity is typical of fraudulent websites as it helps to hide the true identities of those running the scam. The phone number listed is +1.3478717726, and the email provided is

The domain uses Cloudflare’s services for its name servers, specifically and Cloudflare is a common choice for many websites due to its security and performance enhancement features, but it also often serves as a proxy to further shield the domain’s actual hosting details.

Further technical analysis shows that the IP address associated with the domain is, and the hosting is provided by Cloudflare, Inc., with a server located in Toronto, Canada. This information can be useful for investigators trying to trace the scam’s technical footprint. Review

The SXHJAS-FX scam revolves around a seemingly legitimate online trading platform that promises high returns on investments in various financial products such as stocks, CFDs, crude oil, precious metals, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. The website,, markets itself as a comprehensive and advanced trading platform with features like powerful chart analysis tools, more than 50 technical indicators, and real-time intraday analysis tools. The platform boasts of working with world-class accounting firms to audit trading volumes and client assets, emphasizing transparency and reliability.

SXHJAS claims to offer trading services regulated by the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the US MSB, suggesting a high level of oversight and legitimacy. The website highlights its commitment to customer service, offering 24/7 support and claiming to cater to clients from over 100 countries, with services available in more than 30 languages.

The site uses Cloudflare for DNS services and is registered through NameSilo, with providing domain privacy services. This anonymity extends to all contact information, which is heavily redacted. The primary email contact listed on the website is, and the platform is promoted as user-friendly and accessible from both PCs and mobile devices. Red Flags

  1. Anonymous Domain Registration and Hosting: The domain was registered using, which hides the registrant’s identity. This practice is common among fraudulent sites to avoid detection and accountability.
  2. High-Pressure Investment Tactics: Victims report being pressured into making large investments with promises of high returns. Initial profits are shown to build trust, but subsequent withdrawal requests are met with demands for additional payments, such as penalties and taxes.
  3. Unverifiable Regulatory Claims: Although some companies claim to be regulated by prestigious bodies like the British Chamber of Commerce and the US MSB, no verifiable evidence supports these claims. Legitimate financial services usually provide clear regulatory information and registration numbers.
  4. Unrealistic Promises and Guarantees: The platform promises low transaction costs, high-speed execution, and no hidden terms, which are unrealistic in the volatile trading world. Such guarantees are often a lure to attract unsuspecting investors.
  5. Lack of Physical Address and Phone Support: The website does not provide a physical address or phone number, relying solely on an email contact. Legitimate companies usually offer multiple ways to contact customer support.
  6. Suspicious Domain History: The domain was registered recently, on February 20, 2024, and its anonymity and newness are red flags, as scammers frequently change domains to evade detection.
  7. Reports of Large Financial Losses: Victims have reported significant financial losses, with one account detailing nearly $800,000 lost to the scam. This aligns with common patterns in investment fraud, where initial small gains are followed by escalating demands for more money. Reviews

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK has explicitly warned against dealing with SXHJAS GLOBAL LIMITED, the entity behind The FCA states, “This firm may be providing or promoting financial services or products without our permission. You should avoid dealing with this firm and beware of scams.” This warning highlights the unauthorized status of SXHJAS GLOBAL LIMITED, emphasizing that it is not authorized to offer financial services in the UK, making any interactions with the firm inherently risky.

Further analysis reveals that SXHJAS GLOBAL LIMITED falsely claims regulatory oversight and promotes its highly secure and transparent services. Despite claims of being regulated by entities such as the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), these assertions are unfounded. The company is reported to have provided incorrect or misleading contact details, including postal and email addresses, to create an illusion of legitimacy. This deception extends to their claims of cooperating with “world-class accounting firms” and providing a “safe and reliable” trading environment, which are common tactics scammers use to build trust and lure investors into a false sense of security.

The website offers a variety of financial trading products, including stocks, CFDs, crude oil, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. It advertises features like low transaction costs, high-speed order execution, and access to top liquidity providers. However, these claims are overshadowed by numerous reports and reviews labeling the platform as a scam. WikiFX, a platform known for reviewing forex brokers, lists SXHJAS with a middling rating of 6.3/10 but, more critically, points out concerns about its legitimacy.

The scam involving is intricately designed, utilizing modern technology and privacy services to shield the identities of those behind it. The domain was registered on September 8, 2023, through Pte. Ltd. The registration and contact information are heavily redacted for privacy, with all contacts directed through a link to, indicating the use of privacy protection services to obscure the registrant’s real identity. This practice is often employed by scammers to avoid detection and accountability.

The domain utilizes Cloudflare for its DNS services, specifically with name servers and, a common tactic to protect the site from DDoS attacks and enhance its performance and security. Cloudflare’s involvement also adds another layer of anonymity, as it masks the server’s true hosting details and IP address. However, it has been determined that the domain is hosted by Cloudflare, Inc., with an IP address of in Toronto, Canada.

Further technical analysis and backlink data reveal limited organic search traffic and a low domain authority score, indicating that the site does not rank well on search engines. This is typical for scam sites that rely on direct contact and social engineering rather than organic discovery. The backlinks associated with the domain are all nofollow, originating from websites that question the legitimacy of, further highlighting its dubious nature. Review

The website presents itself as a sophisticated trading platform offering various financial products, including forex, CFDs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. It claims to provide features such as advanced chart analysis tools, low transaction costs, and access to top liquidity providers. The platform boasts real-time market data, competitive spreads, and high-speed order execution, aiming to attract retail and institutional investors.

Contact details mentioned on the site include an email address ( and a registered office located at 59 St. Martin’s Lane, London, United Kingdom, WC2N 4JS. Additionally, the site promotes its association with prestigious accounting firms and claims to undergo regular audits to ensure transparency and reliability. The platform also emphasizes its global reach, with clients reportedly coming from over 100 countries and support available in multiple languages. Reviews

Multiple sources indicate that is involved in fraudulent activities. ScamAdviser, ScamDoc, and ScamWatcher have all raised serious concerns about the legitimacy of this site. ScamAdviser gives a low trust score of 5%, highlighting the site as highly suspicious and potentially unsafe for users. ScamDoc also reflects a similar sentiment, marking it with a trust index of 5% and advising caution, especially for inexperienced users.

During this investigation, we discovered one more related domain, registered on September 8, 2023, through, LLC, and is set to expire on September 8, 2024. The domain status includes multiple prohibitive conditions such as clientDeleteProhibited, clientHold, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, and clientUpdateProhibited, indicating restrictions on modifications, transfers, and deletion without registrar approval. The registrant details are masked by Domains By Proxy, LLC, a privacy protection service located at 100 S. Mill Ave, Suite 1600, Tempe, Arizona, with contact options through the GoDaddy website.

The domain uses servers and, and the DNSSEC is unsigned. These details suggest that the domain is relatively new and potentially subject to rigorous control measures by the registrar, which can be indicative of attempts to obfuscate ownership information commonly seen in fraudulent operations. has negligible organic and paid search traffic and no significant presence in regional databases. The backlinks are minimal, with three nofollow links indicating poor SEO performance and visibility. The backlinks come from domains such as and, which typically list newly registered domains. The indexed pages return 404 errors, which may signal that the site content is either under development or has been deliberately removed.

Multiple sources, including WikiFX and, have echoed concerns about the legitimacy of SXHJAS. These platforms highlight issues with customer support, describing it as “limited and potentially sluggish.” Poor customer service is a red flag, often associated with fraudulent operations where the goal is to delay or avoid addressing customer complaints and withdrawal requests.

The site’s presence on platforms like ScamAdviser and Scamdoc is marked by very low trust scores, further indicating its dubious nature. ScamAdviser rates poorly, while Scamdoc gives it a trust index of just 5%, warning users to exercise caution.


In light of the extensive evidence gathered from various sources, it is clear that exhibits numerous characteristics typically associated with fraudulent schemes. The website’s poor trust ratings and multiple reports of significant financial losses paint a troubling picture of a platform that operates with questionable integrity and transparency. The use of privacy protection services to obscure ownership and contact information further undermines the credibility of, raising substantial doubts about its legitimacy.

The consistent pattern of deception, as indicated by various scam tracking sites and personal testimonies, underscores the platform’s unreliability and the potential for substantial financial harm to unsuspecting investors. Despite its polished presentation and claims of offering advanced trading tools, fails to establish the trustworthiness and regulatory compliance that are hallmarks of a legitimate financial service provider.

Given the overwhelming evidence of fraudulent activity and the significant risks involved, it is prudent to regard with extreme caution. Engaging with this platform could result in severe financial repercussions, and potential investors are strongly advised to seek alternatives verified and regulated by reputable authorities. The protection of one’s financial assets should always be the foremost priority, and in the case of, the risks far outweigh any potential benefits.


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