CNC Intelligence Review – Recover Money From Scams!

If you have lost money to an online scam, including cryptocurrency scams, this CNC Intelligence Review is a MUST READ for you!

CNC Intelligence Inc. is a company that is capable of tracking down the scammers that defrauded you, no matter where on the globe they are located.

Whether the scammers are in India, Nigeria, Russia, China, Israel or anywhere else, CNC Intelligence can locate them, extract your money through legal actions or law enforcement, and return your money back to you.

This is NOT a Chargeback company that will contact your bank or cryptocurrency exchange and beg that they refund you.

CNC Intelligence employes Private Cyber Investigators and Cryptocurrency Tracing Experts. Once the tracing experts locate the scammers, they work with local law firms and law enforcement agencies, and in some cases, even travel to the locations themselves when the scammers are located in places in which law enforcement is not very responsive via telephone, such as Nigeria.

As you will see below, people working for CNC Intelligence Inc. include previous US government officials – such as FBI agents and Department of Homeland Security Officers.

We estimate that more than 90% of the Recovery Companies you will find online are actually SCAM Recovery Companies that will try to get in touch to you through Instagram, Telegram, and other social media sites.

This is NOT the case with CNC Intelligence Inc., which is a real company registered in the United States with real physical locations and telephone numbers.

So in case you’re wondering, Should I Hire CNC Intelligence? Keep on reading as we’re about to go into the details about this company.

CNC Intelligence Review - Screenshot

What is is a website owned by CNC Intelligence Inc..

It was registered on June 23, 2020 for 7 years via the CloudFlare, Inc. registrar.

So unlike fraudulent websites that normally only register their domain for one year since they are unsure how long they would be able to keep scamming people before the domain will become blacklisted, was registered for 7 years.

Moreover, the domain has been around for more than 2 years at the time of writing this CNCIntel Review so there should be plenty of CNC Intelligence Reviews online to learn from.

Whois information for

The domain is also relatively popular, according to’s global rank is #412,207 and #87,640 in the United States.

In November 2022 it received 105.5K visits (!), mainly from the US, but also from India, Mexico, Romania, Germany, and many other countries.

CNC Intelligence on

Another indication that we’re dealing with a legitimate website is their Authority Score, which, according to Semrush, is 38 with more than 545 other websites linking to them.

While the Whois does not reveal any information regarding the owners of the website, has an About us & Contact us pages as well as other pages, which give verifable information regarding who is behind the company.

CNC Intelligence Inc. is a

  • Delaware registered Corporation (file number 3154686)
  • Washington DC registered business under file number C00007397136 & business license number 400322808046

Private Investigation and Intelligence Services (License Number P111331) are provided by CNC Intelligence LLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CNC Intelligence Inc., registered in Utah (entity number 12582748-0160).

They have 3 locations:

1. CNC Intelligence US Corporate Headquarters are located at:

2000 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20006 USA

The phone number at the DC Office is: (202) 773-4704.

This office is headed by Seth Gordon, a former Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Analyst. Inspector, Supervisor, Communications Specialist, and Security Specialist, whose resume bears the recommendation of former US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez.

CNC Intelligence's Seth Gordon & His Background (Department of Homeland Security)

2. The Global Investigations Head Office is located at:

1145 S 800 E, Orem Utah 84097 USA

This office is headed by former FBI Special Agent and Licensed Private Investigator Roman Garcia.

CNC Intelligence's Roman Garcia & His Background (FBI Special Agent)

3. Their International Headquarters and Cyber Intelligence and Cryptocurrency Forensics Operations Center is located at:

Oppenheimer 5, Rehovot, Science Park, 7670105 Israel

The phone number is: +972 3 375 1456.

CNC Intelligence Inc Locations

Additional telephone numbers for CNC Intelligence Inc. include:

  • Europe: +45 78 75 54 21
  • Australia: 02 7202 5791
  • International: +1 202 773-4704

CNC Intelligence can also be contacted using

  • Email:
  • Live chat
  • Contact form

So as you can see CNC Intelligence is not a company that is hiding in the shadows and ready to disapper once they have your money, like most scam companies.

On the contrary, there are myriad ways of finding them, whether you want to walk-in to one of their offices, call them, email them, or even chat with them via

The last thing we shall mention before diving into CNC Intelligence Reviews is some of the certifications and qualifications they have for conducting their business:

They are Licensed by a wide range of professional associations including

  • CALI – California Association of Licensed Investigators
  • TALI – Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
  • W.A.D – World Association of Detective Inc
  • ACFE – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • GBA – Government Blockchain Association

They are Board Certified as Experts in Cyber Investigations by the McAffee Institute.

CNC Intelligence Licensure & Company Information

Some of the software they use for Cryptocurrency Tracing includes:

In short, CNC Intelligence is fully qualified to act as Cyber Investigators, Cryptocurrency Tracing, and Fiat & Digital Asset Recovery.

CNCIntel Review of Reviews

The next step on our quest to answer the question, is cncintel legit? is going through reviews, including CNC Intelligence Scam Reviews.

CNC Intelligence Reviews

The first query we targeted in our search was: “CNC Intel reviews.”

Two major review sites came up: SiteJabber & TrustPilot.

Is CNCIntel trustworthy? There is no better way to find out whether they can be trusted or not than by looking at what actual people have to say about them.

Overall, Site Jabber rates CNC Intel with 4.72 stars out of 5 based on 103 reviews, which indicate “that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.” With 93.3% positive reviews in the past year, they are ranked 2nd among Cyber Security sites, preceded only by, which is not even a recovery company.

CNC Intelligence is Positively Reviewed on

TrustPilot ranks CNC Intelligence “Great” with 4.0 stars out of 5, based on 41 reviews.

One reviewer was referred by his local FBI office to CNC Intel, which indicates that even the FBI recommends CNC Intelligence.

Other common themes find in the many customer reviews, which you can, and should check for yourself, include:

  • Excellent service, e.g.,
    • “CNC rep contacted me back promptly”
    • “The rep was patient and polite”
    • “They called me back right away and were very receptive to my situation, explaining to me what they would do to recover my money”
  • Good terms, for example:
    • “He offered a good agreement that I will look forward to getting getting started”
    • “the costs aren’t too bad”
    • “Agent gave me a good deal as I am on a budget”
  • CNC Intelligence success rate is High, e.g.,
    • “Things always get done. The first investigator told me it would take 4-7 but it took a bit longer, Overall everything is great. I am pretty much happy”
    • “the traces have been great”
    • “I was referred to this company by a friend who engaged them and got decent results. I received a full refund. I am a satisfied client and would recommend them to anyone”
    • “You guys are the best. I followed your instructions and used the information you gave me and the scammer started paying me back. Thank you!”

5 Star Review from by a client who received their money back from the scammer.

We could go on and on and mention many more positive reviews, but we think you get the point.

CNC Intelligence Inc Reviews

Next, we look for “CNC Intelligence Inc scam reviews” to see if there are any complaints about CNC Intelligence Inc in sites such as the Better Business Bureau and Reddit, but none come up.

On the contrary, we find find more and more positive reviews.

CNCIntel Reviews

Finally, we ask Google, “Is CNCIntel a scam?

We only found one negative CNC Intelligence scam review, however it is found on a highly deceptive website, which promotes many scams.

They make some claims about CNC Intelligence that are obviously fake, such as that CNC Intelligence is fraudulent, predatory, and poorly-rated, but below this review almost every day a fake client review is posted rating the company as 4 or 5 in parameters that are not even relevant, such as “Spread.”

It is obvious that this website, which is almost the only negative review of CNC Intelligence online, is a sophisticated marketing scam that is abusing Google SEO practices to rank high.

And because their review is defamatory we would not be surprised if they will be sued.

Not a smart move to defame a company that works so tightly with law enforcement professionals and lawyers, and which can trace anyone, anywhere…

Bottom Line: Is CNC Intelligence Legit?

You started reading this article with a question in mind: Should I hire CNCIntel?

We hope that after reading this CNC Intelligence review, you have an answer to the question.

CNC Intelligence is the best online service for retrieval of scammed or hacked funds, especially when you lost Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Schedule a FREE Consultation on

If you lost a significant amount of money ($5,000), do not hesitate and schedule a FREE consultation with CNC Intelligence to see if they can help you.


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