Dynetrade.com: Fake Promises, Real Losses

Welcome to our Dynamic Trades review, in which we investigate Dynetrade.com.

The following complaint triggered our investigation:

Scammer Irene Sepulveda, posing as a mutual friend on Instagram, has defrauded victims by promising lucrative investment returns. One victim reported losing $8,500. Beware of communications from support@dynetrade.com and any claims associated with DyneTrade.com.

If this or similar schemes have scammed you, please share your experience to help warn others.

Scam Details (Source: BBB)

  • Scammer Name: Irene Sepulveda
  • Scammer Contact Email: support@dynetrade.com
  • Website: dynetrade.com
  • Scam Type: Investment
  • Reported Loss: $8,500
  • Reported Location: WA, USA

If this scammer has targeted you, please share your story to help prevent others from falling victim.

Dynamic Trades Review - Screenshot of Dynetrade.com

Analysis of dynetrade.com

The fraudulent website dynetrade.com, registered through HOSTINGER operations, UAB, has been actively deceiving individuals since April 4, 2024.

The domain, set to expire on April 4, 2025, was updated on the same day it was created. The site operates under a clientTransferProhibited status, indicating that it cannot be transferred without permission from the registrar. The name servers used are ns1.dns-parking.com and ns2.dns-parking.com. The site is hosted by Hostinger International Limited in Vilnius, Lithuania, with the IP address The autonomous system number associated with this IP is AS47583.

Victims have reported being contacted by an individual named Irene Sepulveda via Instagram, claiming to have made money for a mutual friend. One victim in Washington, USA, reported losing $8,500 to this scam. The scammer used the email address support@dynetrade.com and presented themselves as a legitimate investment opportunity. The hosting provider, Hostinger International Limited, plays a crucial role in the operation of this scam, providing the necessary infrastructure for the fraudulent activities.

It is imperative to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of any investment opportunities encountered online. If this or similar schemes have scammed you, please share your experience to help prevent others from falling victim.

Website Review

The website dynetrade.com, operated by Dynamic Trades, presents itself as an international financial company engaged in investment activities, trading on financial markets, and cryptocurrency exchanges. The domain was registered on April 4, 2024, through HOSTINGER operations, UAB, and is set to expire on April 4, 2025. Hosted by Hostinger International Limited in Vilnius, Lithuania, the website utilizes the name servers ns1.dns-parking.com and ns2.dns-parking.com. The company claims to offer high-income opportunities with minimal risk, automated profits, and high-quality service, ensuring quick and secure investments and withdrawals.

Dynamic Trades promotes various features, such as guaranteed high returns, legal operations, high reliability, anonymity through cryptocurrency payments, quick withdrawal processes, a referral program, and 24/7 customer support. The site emphasizes the security of investments, mentioning dedicated servers, SSL encryption, and DDoS protection.

The contact information includes an email address (support@dynetrade.com), a phone number (+01234 5678 9000), and an office address at 3015 Suit Pagla Road, Singapore. The website also features social media links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Red Flags

  1. Lack of Transparency: The website’s content is filled with website and promotional language, with no verifiable details about the company’s legitimacy, such as the company’s compliance or physical presence.
  2. Fake Contact Information: The phone number provided (+01234 5678 9000) is a placeholder format commonly used in fraudulent schemes. Similarly, the email address (support@dynetrade.com) lacks professionalism, further casting doubt on its authenticity.
  3. High Returns Promise: The guarantee of high and quick returns with minimal risk is a classic hallmark of investment scams. Legitimate investment opportunities typically come with risk disclosures and realistic return expectations.
  4. Anonymous Operations: The emphasis on anonymity and the use of cryptocurrency for transactions can be a tactic to obscure the identities of those involved, making it difficult to trace or recover funds.
  5. Newly Registered Domain: The domain was registered very recently, in April 2024, and the site’s promotional content has many trusted users, which is unrealistic for such a short operational period.
  6. Absence of Verified Reviews: No links or references to external, independent reviews or testimonials can confirm the platform’s legitimacy.

Given platformers, dynetrade.com exhibits multiple signs of a potential scam. Prospective investors should exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with this platform. If you have already been scammed by this or similar schemes, sharing your experience can help prevent others from falling victim to such fraudulent activities.


In conclusion, the warning signs surrounding dynetrade.com are too significant to ignore.

The combination of vague company details, unrealistic promises of high returns, suspicious contact information, and a newly registered domain all indicate a high likelihood of this being a scam.

While the website is polished and filled with persuasive marketing language, it lacks the essential transparency and verifiable details that legitimate investment platforms offer.

The absence of regulatory information and independent reviews further compounds the concerns.

Potential investors should be highly wary and seek established, credible investment opportunities instead. Engaging with dynetrade.com poses substantial risks, and the patterns observed here align closely with those of known investment scams.

If this scammer has targeted you, please share your story below to help prevent others from falling victim.


If you have been scammed, contact CNC Intelligence for a free initial consultation on whether it would be possible to recover your funds.


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