Bitcoin - The Dark Side

There are many types of scams in the world of cryptocurrencies. There are fake exchanges, mining schemes including cloud mining (learn why you probably shouldn’t get involved in Bitcoin mining,) HYIP, pyramid and ponzi schemes, auto trading robots, fraudulent account managers and many other types of scams.

Please let us know if you were scammed by any cryptocurrency brokers and services by leaving a comment below.

Avoid the following Bitcoin and other crypto currency related SCAMS, which we’ve already reviewed.

Cryptocurrency Blacklist

Bitcoin - The Dark Side

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  1. Nonki

    I got scammed by a person called Michael Copley who works for Qabital company in the US. I invested over $30000 and was expecting $202000 in profits but he kept on wanting more money until I figured out he is a fraud. He’s not even white but a Nigerian! I was so devastated and people like him should be banished. I’m in disgust!

    • John

      A person named Trader Garrick is scamming people. He can be found on Telegram as with a group thread WORLD CRYPTO TRADERS. If you would invest bitcoins, he promise to give you your profit. He has a lot of payout proofs and testimonials which attract people to join. Once you invest, within 24hrs, he would again ask for money saying there is a fee. After you pay, he would refer you to a website, saying you have to pay again for you to get your profit. It will never end.

  2. Anon

    Hello all

    A guy contacted me via Linkedin and is using a fake identity to look like a sweet old man – he calls himself Jorge Maurel, but I am pretty sure this is not actually him. I invested 500 dollars and they kept telling me to send more money to cash out the 14000 dollars the account ‘gained’.
    I did not want to send more money, and they will not give me my deposit back. After some investigation, I found a site with the same ‘who is’ information and looks very similar in style –, the website they use is I am too nervous to send them any more funds – they say that once I do, I will get my profits, but I have asked many people, and they say this is for sure a SCAM, just the way I felt.

  3. Mausei

    Hi! We are also scammed by CRYPTOHEDGE FUNDINGS with website:
    The contact person who’s name is Brian Robert is out of nowhere. We already requested withdrawals but it’s not pushing through. Hope you can help us to review this website. Thank you

  4. zerobit

    Hi everybody please very carefull with those

    Prime trade option

    forex bang

    they add you in telegram and the fake members sweet you into friendship conversations and the uou actually trust them and they fuck u over…be very careful…no legit money are made fast!!!

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