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Crypto Currency Scams!

There are many types of scams in the world of cryptocurrencies. There are fake exchanges, mining schemes including cloud mining (learn why you probably shouldn’t get involved in Bitcoin mining,) HYIP, pyramid and ponzi schemes, auto trading robots, fraudulent account managers and many other types of scams.

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Please let us know if you were scammed by any cryptocurrency brokers and services by leaving a comment below.

Avoid the following Bitcoin and other crypto currency related SCAMS, which we’ve already reviewed.

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By signing up with the below services, we may receive a commission, which allows us to keep providing you with free content. Thanks for your support!   
Crypto Master BotCFD Broker & Trading Platform
TradingViewBest Charting Solution For Crypto Traders
TheCryptoBot (GunBot)Semi-Automated Exchange TradingReview
minergateMining PoolReview
GMOTradingDay Trading BrokerageReview
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  1. Kelly

    Could you review Swifttrade Investments based in London?

    Also how do you report scammers on Instagram? Their reporting process is a pain in the ass!

  2. Anni

    I was scammed by slushminingpool ( It’s pure scam. Do not invest into this mining pool.
    It is the same founder like premiumchainpool.

    Please do not make the same mistake like me.


  3. Jay

    Hey guys! Could someone look into Seems to be a fairly new cloud mining site because I can’t find ANYTHING on it. All I know is that the people who run it used to run

  4. Samuel

    I wanted to purchase some agreed goods from recipient website as seen and agreed with terms and condition.. And after sending the bitcoin to this address, 1LHfEteCeVZYLSHmQFuApFUU2RhW7UZ2ZV
    I got no feed back and i was unable to contact on the website.. And it wanted me to add more money on my account..
    It is a fucking scam..

  5. ck
    Please review this comany , I paid for USD $900 and they don’t do anything, i have all the records to proof , if you need, i can sent to you.

  6. bout

    Can you please review this website to see if it’s government regulated and is not a scam website?

    How come these websites for scams are not on the blacklist? I’ve already submitted reviews and scam info for these websites

  7. Nagarjuna

    Could you pls review by

    I have invested 150$ the dashboard is showing 3000.when I am going to withdraw . They were asking for smooth transaction pay550$

    Is it scam or not let me know sir.

    • bout


      this is an obvious scammer, please dont give them anymore of your money. Especially when they are asking you to deposit more money to smooth the transaction. There is no such thing as this.

  8. Jabu

    I have been scammed by someone claiming to be a bitcoin miner. The person is running the account below. They are no longer willing to send me back my initial deposit. I have requested only my deposit seeing that they are refusing to withdraw the profit.

    They are requesting money in order to withdraw which is one of the things I have researched as a characteristics of scammers

    Now they have blocked my communication on whatsapp.

    Name : Bill Sweek
    Instagram: _bs____1
    whatsapp: +16502608516
    Trading site:

  9. Jaap Kries

    I think Pi Network is a scam. They launch in beta phase and claim to mine coins via the cloud. They don’t ask for money just yet, but that is a matter of time.


    THIS COMPANY once you add the $250 fees to join they then constantly cold call you and try to get you to add large sums of money which they say will match the amount you put.

    when you say no they get aggressive and try tactics. then new members ring you there phone numbers change every 3rd number.

    so I traded just on the 250$ and they showed me they used btcusd and ltcusd to show me how it worked and the software showed you large gains 50-60$ in one day. I worked it up to 2.7k then suddenly when I was doing long term buys waiting for it to do large gains they kept swapping the commissions for larger commission so my margin dwindled so that I need to add funds well I went to add funds and my card details that I used before was gone.

    at this time the company changed to oroxgroup. and when I could not add money like I did the first time. I then contacted customer service. while the original phone numbers were coming from London they were bouncing I started to get a call from Stockholm then from London again then I said I need to add some more to make my margin larger and this time they wanted to take card details over the phone. which I had flags flying. I looked at trading graphs of others and noticed that the sirix platform were higher rates of the % than other graphs which also then made me think they are fraudsters. so at about 10pm every night they add extra swap commissions making my margin get lower and lower ever time.

    I keep getting constant phone calls from traders or money managers trying to get me invest in larger amounts and each time I say I’m ok they get annoyed with me.
    since then I joined etoro which seems to be a legit trader as I dont get constant phone calls asking me to invest more and the gains are really more in line with what I would think they should be with the %.

    now they get this top 10 crypto groups and oroxgroup have been going for 3 weeks so how can they be a top 10 group. there not fca approved or any other legislation since I was searching for validity.

  11. Maricel

    How about statum global? Is this a scammer too? We weren’t able to process our withdrawal…saying that we have to wait for 48 hours before it can be processed,but,aftr 48 hours, the site shut down..we dont know where to find and look for them…can we still get the money or capital that we have invested in them?

  12. Sphindile

    I invested $1500 with Timothy Leary, he uses the 360cryptoption . When he is advertising on Instagram he says you get your profits in 7 days. Well it’s been a whole month with me.
    He kept telling me that he will get back to me and I never stopped nagging until he blocked me on WhatsApp and Instagram. He is a liar.

    • Fajar Krisman Lase
      When you invest, payment with coinpayment and success…but when you withdrawal, always pending for waiting confirnation email.
      But you never received a confirmation email.
      I was make withdrawal since 13 May till now 17 June is still pending, I was send about this for the cs or their contact but is never answer..BEWARE

    • bout

      Never believe those bitcoin manager who claims to say you will get your profit within 7 days. All scams, especially if they refuse to camera chat you and says that due to policy, they can’t. In the real world, if you’re working with a legit company or person, they wouldn’t hesitate to show their face. Anyways, don’t do business with anyone who is always trying to pressure you to invest, can not give you any answer, and just don’t work with anyone claiming to be an agent on instagram, facebook of any type..They are all scammers with fake profiles. I know first hand because I was scammed too many times by these people claiming to be agents on instagram who is selling a really good story about themselves.

  13. Z. Kubota

    If you used what is called a self-directed or checkbook IRA to purchase with USITech or any other scammers, and now you need to report a zero value for that IRA to the U.S. govt., the IRS will only accept a valuation from an independent party. You may wish to call an independent valuator such as . They handle only fraud cases, usually real estate, but anything can be inside a self IRA, even crypto. (Full disclosure: I am their web designer and came across this site while doing research for my client in Honolulu. I’ll post this comment on your YouTube as well in the hopes that it helps someone with their taxes.)

  14. Tivaporn

    28th May 2019 I invested 5000$ in AIC Delta Limited for a daily interest of 3%. 31st May I wanted to withdrawal my profit of 450$ but the money never found any transaction. On 03rd June I tried to withdrawal my new profit of 150$ and no payment is founded again. I contacted the customer support by different ways (Messenger, Telegram, Email, Chat-Online) but I got blocked and banned even from own access to the website.

  15. Jack

    Hi, please advise is a scam? What about FutureLink (FULI) coin? Initial rate is 0.45 USDT and now increase tremendously to 1000 USDT per coin? But the subscription period is from 5th May 2019 to 18th June 2019…

  16. Lerato

    Please review, they are BIG scammers lost money with them this week. My rent moeny for my kids please anyone please help me get money back im gonna be kicked out.

  17. Jason
    Know as Fidel mining is fake. They just stole our money.
    My tuition fees ! Am doomed
    Can anyone help me get back my 1000$ I invested 😭

  18. Brandon

    Good day all.
    My aunt has been with S2Trader for quite some time, and they constantly have to top up. Any info on S2Trader?

  19. Remegius

    Hi!! I have dealing with the guy Geoffrey Knorr regarding investment in the company called Already invested? Please review if e is not a scam

  20. Waseem is a scam exchange. I’ve just lost near 100K. Fuli token. Please check and advertise so that other people can be reached before they lost money.

    • AstroPop

      Could you elaborate more? I thought FULI was in subcription mode until June 18. In other words trading isn’t allowed until after that date. Did the currency disappear from your wallet?

      • Waseem

        Its a trick. You deposit and they keep. Their customer service link is an image instead of a hyperlink. Fuli token has increased without investors from $18 usd to over $1000 usd in a few weeks with average daily growth of 25%. It’s second behind bitcoin.

        The website is the terms and conditions state the website as being PALYCOIN whilst the same site also has the website as ©2018-2020.

        It’s an online scam and my money is gone. I just want to save others from losing their money. is a scam
        Fuli token is a scam

          • Waseem

            Sorry also a scam. Try clicking customer service on the website

            You cannot. Just warn others I’m sorry to say. I lost really big and I don’t know what I can do.

          • Waseem

            Sorry also a scam. Try clicking customer service on the website

            You cannot. Just warn others I’m sorry to say. I lost really big and I don’t know what I can do.

  21. Bhekithemba Mfundo Buthelezi

    Can you please review I’m also a registered investor in it but now when I want to withdraw money they say I should upgrade my account with $300 so that my profits with be withdraw successfully.

  22. JackLee

    Trade247 crypto asked me to open an account is this legit platform but am not sure and no website provided for me to search

  23. John Pratt

    Alex Corral has a judgment against his company Precharge for over five hundred thousand dollars. He filed for Chapter 11 but the case was dismissed. He owes my company twenty-eight thousand dollars from a deal in 2018 where he sold us a debt portfolio and then did not provide the portfolio. His office address for Precharge is an empty office. Contact me if anyone wants more information.

  24. David Araújo

    Hi, I’m David and I just got scammed with Trade247cript. I started with € 100 and now is saying that I have to pay $ 1000 to upgrade my account but can not transfer my profit …

    • davies

      Hi admin I have been scammed by reading all these reviews it truly saddens me to see i ended up believing they can double my money. I am currently pointing together a legal case or hiring a white hat against and i need more people. The more we are the stronger our case. Get in touch with me [email protected]

  25. viral_ looks like a scam and potentially an identity fraud scheme.
    After reviewing their privacy policy, terms and conditions and seeing their LinkedIn page and asking directly to moderators on their telegram group (and being banned for that btw) I remain unconvinced about how genuine they are.

    They are currently offering an “airdrop”, at least that’s what they say, people don’t seem to be getting their money after a month. (cf: reddit, telegram)

  26. Khang – scam
    When you request payment you still have a lot step to do. Download app and survey. When finish their request the platform still continue loading non stop. You won’t get in to payment section. 👎

    • Ditshego

      Hi, please assist ! I invested $300 initially to Timothy Leary and in 4 days my account was sitting at $6000. I then got an email that required me to pay an additional $600 . Which I did . Contacted him to say transfer was done. He never got back to me. This morning I wake up to an email that requests that I pay $1200 in tax to get withdraw my funds! Is this guy a scammer??? Desperate!!! Help!!

  27. Moschos
    I have deposited 0,05+ of Bitcoin, suppose to be a Bitcoin finding engine or something like that, which stops (presents an error) always at step 5.
    No support, not anybody to contact, no any returns to my BTC wallet.
    Fishing people using their videos and channel in Youtube.
    Total scam, keep away !!!

  28. saran

    one man scam me 950$ i want to recover from his address i choose these software for recover my money can i use this software

      • Becca

        Were you able to recover your money using : let us know as I want to recover mine from


          A friend intro me to where she said i can download bitcoin private key generator to help me recover the money i lost to

          Please can anyone help to confirm if they are real.

    • Thami

      I invested with and 7 days my investment increased 10 times my investment when I want to withdraw they requested I pays $900 then I paid it now they want me to pay 10% my profit of $4000. Because I believe in investments I invested again with winfxtrade and cryptology base then the same thing happened. They are all a scam beware.

  29. John Hopkins

    I had lost my pension funds to an online trading company when I tried to make a withdrawal and it was impossible. I hired a Professional from the company I will recommended below who helped me recoup all my money. I want to share my experience to help other victims like me get their funds back without any hassle. I hope this helps others! so it might be worth having a chat with me to see if they can also help you kindly contact me with my private email address via [email protected]

  30. P S

    I m a victim of

    Intitally provide return for minimum amount like 35$. Later If user invested large amount like 400$, they will credit user account with bonus say 2000$. This bonus blocks user account for any withdrawal until user deposits 50% of bonus to account ($1000 here). After depositing activation amount ($1000) they will again ask for late activation fee like 10%. After that also they won’t allow user to withdraw even a penny with the help of some never heard creepy policies.

  31. Jam and
    Please beware. They will contact you at first on Linkedln trying to be concern about your life and all. Then, they will add you on Whatsapp and promising higher return.

  32. freez

    Beware of easybtcdoubler (, btc-rise ( and BTCWORLDINVEST ( and the like of these investment websites…what some of them may do is pay you the first small time returns knowing that you are testing their system then when you invest big money, thats it..!!! you will never be able to withdraw and they will even start to give you more excuses for you to even pay them up more money trying to save your lost money all together. Check/Visit the sites i’ve mentioned above and never invest in such…they are big time merciless SCAMMERS……

  33. Pieldefemme Is huge platform using artificial intelligence
    And scammed a lot poeple around Th word
    Check it out please

  34. Michael

    Premiumchainpool is scam. PCP is a mining pool platform which looks serious at the first glance. There is a WhatsApp support and a Telegram contact named kahljames. They promise high profits. But when it comes to payout, it’s never done. Don’t make the same mistake like me! Lost a few thousands USD.

    • R

      Hi Michael, I got conned by these guys too.
      So i was contacted by these chaps through LinkedIn and was told about the mining pool and the different types of packs that one can invest in. Once I had invested they kept my earnings and initial investment at ransom and then started demanding that I invest more for some plan or another. Later on, once they discovered that I wouldn’t be investing anymore, they cut the plan and demanded 10% off a made up profit in order to get back the profits and investment. Although it was agreed that the mining fee will be deducted from the profits automatically. Later on the so called shitty customer service, decided to block me on WhatsApp.
      I intend to engage legal action against these chaps and hire a White hat to trace them out. Would be great if we can bring out a Class Action lawsuit against these chaps.. Let me know if you would be interested.
      Even the address on the website is a fake one.

  35. Oscar

    Mercury Global ya from hace un tiempo se ha transformado en estafa. Supuestamente se hacen pagos pero nunca se pagan y se pagan centavos o cimas de centavos. Recuperar mi inversión de 170 dólares y una ganancia de 230. Sin embargo, no tengo nada que ver con lo que creo que fue robado completamente, porque ganacias no genera al sistema

  36. Oscar

    Mercury Global ya desde hace un tiempo se ha tranformado en estafa., supuestamente hacen pagos pero nunca se ven y si pagan son centavos o decimas de centavos., pueden investigar mas por favor., valga decir que recupere mi inversion de 170 dolares y una ganancia de 230., pero quedo un dinero dentro del cual ya creo fue robado completamente, porque ganacias no genera al sistema

  37. bout (SCAM)

    a total SCAM! Please don’t waste your time and money into this company and if Agents contact you asking you to trade with them. Agent used a fake profile on Instagram named Antonio, didn’t get his last name. Claims that he lives in Chicago, But profile is all gone and deleted now. Is pushy and persistent about you investing your money into their company. The website never fully functionally works, like you can’t load your ID documents and such, you get an email saying you got profit generated, you get emails saying you got a bonus from the company. But this is all scam and you can never get your profits, of course, because they are scammers. If your single, they will also attempt to pursue that after this is all over, they will want to date you.

    In my scenario, they try to gain your trust by saying they are legit company and to trust them, etc, understands your situation, so I initially invested $500 dollars, then 2 days later, they claim that the money you put in didn’t have a signal strong enough, and as you to invest another $200…then they will claim that you can get or make profits by other customers who are also investing and want to gain your personal information to your banks and credit cards, like Discover and Capitol One bank. Then the agent says that due to security reasons, they can’t send profits in btcs to you and need your personal banking information to send you the profits, and if you can’t do that, the only available form of btc payout is the bonus you got from the company, but you have to pay up front $300 to claim. The rest of the profits from the company, the agent will claim that they company will take out their 20% from the profits you earn and will send you the rest to your wallet address or bank. However, they never do and disappear on you. They delete their WhatsApp accounts and fake instagram accounts. These people can never and will never review information for who they work for because they are scammers and claims that it’s due to security reasons. Also, if you don’t want to invest with the initial agent, they will use a fake manager to also contact you on WhatsApp to try and convince you to invest with their company. Don’t be fooled by the fake website as well using a secured Https website. This is all fake.

  38. luis felipe g sestini

    Hey, my name is Luis Sestini. And i am here to warn all of you because this Mineocean is a pure Scheme. I invested 250 dollars 2 months ago with the ”maneger account” Paul Henry Meg. He is getting people all along Linkedin to invest in their “platform”. But he is completely false, I already found him on Facebook named as Jimmy Santos. DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING HE SAYS.
    There is an opened investigation about him and the site mineocean, and very fast they discovered that mineocean is nothing but a Layout, there is no security at all, they just get your money and then charge you more money, the famous “eletricity bill” for withdrawal your money.

    And worst, after many complains from me, / just DELETED my account with 48 thousand dolars in my balance, do you beleive in that?

    I have all the facts and evidences here with me, if anyone is thinking about investing in this scheme please send me an email ([email protected]) that i will show everything i have agaist them.

    Old fashioned scheme!!!

  39. UserU

    These two Android faucets are scams, and Google’s not doing anything about them. Basically the developer bans your account after submitting a payout.;topicseen

  40. Wellington

    Congratulations on your post, for taking your time and alerting fraud investors that this way occurs
    I’ll show you one more scam to take care of. ( SCAM )

  41. Dr J Levy

    AXECC, Bitblender, Cryptoallday, Crypotobight, Capital Markets Banc, Carterfs, Plustocks, IronFx, Matador Prime, all part of the same crypto mafia network. lawsuit filed and served against AXECC is first of several.

  42. Pet Sob

    “” but incestmen now is possible, starding march 18, 2019 is the next ponzi-scheme like westlandstorage or worldlandfounding

  43. chetan is a BIG SCAM & fraud site.Dont invest any thing, I lost my investment on this site. All countries & Cyber security centers please ban this site & also other sites like this who run ponzi & fraud schemes.

    • Zee

      True. It has almost complete one month passed yet there is no response from them neither my investment is paid back nor any reply from them received ever.

  44. Ismail Hossain

    UptimeWork LLC, ltd
    They took my money for getting an upgrade account First. Then gave me opportunity to click lots of fake ads, Such as Microsoft random page where they didn’t even describe any product also. They are saying they deal with those advertiser and gives us to links view their ads and paid for each visit about $0.10 to $0.20 cent. In Bangladesh 90% microsoft users uses free windows version or most of them might be pirated. Is that makes any sense that microsoft will advertise to this country for their product… This is a big fact of scamming. There have lots of fake ads showing. But this company making huge money just from the investment that people investing by hearing their cleaver marketing. They are saying that you will earn 8% or more profit every day from investment and when people make some investment they don’t pay they say it will take 60 days or 90 days to get paid… I have waited about 3 months. In between they stopped and we though they have gone. But no after one month came again with the lots of attractive plans. And when I contacted with the support team they told me my account was blank, there had no balance in my account that their database says… and to get back my upgraded account I have to invest again Or have to wait 45 days they might can consider my account. They always gives a long days. The most disgusting thing is they will keep pushing you to add new members and will also offer a good amount of money. They offered me if I join 50 people within 1 week then Instant they will pay me $500. Then I got the pint that actually they are taking money and keeping 70% and giving us 30%. There nothing makes them any profit without investing. Now their previous contact details also removed. Can’t contact with them but… Younger student are getting trapped in this company. Most of them are teen age. I do like to aware and tell them please click doesn’t make money until there have any use of your brain. Greedy people alwasy wants to make money from easiest way that trapped them in a bad way. As I was greedy for money and lost over $500. In my life I lost over $2000 by just investing on different site. That’s I am saying that stop making money from easiest ways. If you got offer like that then you must think that there have something wrong after the end of your money.

    My humble request to All please share this company to all aroud the world so that no one join here and lose their money

  45. chandra

    Please Admin, could you check blockcryptomining! I transfer to them 500 dollars for mining and they asked me $2.200 in order to withdraw the profits. The account manager, Cecilia Bridegett Kerr, never told me there was a fee for withdrawal and that withdrawal was not under the client control, neither there is any especification about fees in their platform. Is there any way to recover that money???

  46. Toby – seems a scam. Based on their calculator their daily profit ratio is 282%! And they woul have to offer electricity at 0,017 USD! Is this at all possible? Someone check it please

    • Kenn

      Is a ponzi scheme. I purchased a contract end of April. On May 2 my balance was not adjusted. I tried using the ticket system but it doesn’t work and I have NEVER received a reply to the many emails sent. At one point I was able to communicate with the chat bot named Maya who assured me it would take 36 hours to make the correction as a result of server issues. I was making withdrawals every few days in order to recuperate as much of my investment as possible but they unilaterally implemented a minimum withdraw amount which at the current daily payout rate would take approximately 2 weeks to accumulate. Address is not real, no phone number, no email replies and now no chat. Big mistake!

  47. Nehad Shawky

    I would like today to give a full review on a new Scam website, It’s , They are scammers. false testimonials on their telegram group

  48. Towera

    Glowcryptos is scam. Start well by paying well and end up scamming unsuspecting people of money. Suddenly withdrawals delay and don’t effect.

  49. James


    I would like you all to be aware of Precharge.

    Its a huge scam, basically a one-man-show with Alex Corral in the lead, they are promising a new way of payment but there is nothing behind the site, no code-base no integration on the block-chain not even a development team,.

    He’s spreading lies on social media and giving away free coins that are worth less than he’s promises and also deleting comments of people that are asking for their money back or claiming the page might be a fraud.

    He also wrote to my employer that I am spreading lies on social media about him(I was asking about what he promised and claimed he might be a fraud since I didn’t receive an answer from him on e-mail after months). So be careful people.

    • Walter

      You are so right about this. I’ve been saying from day one watch out. He screwed a lot of people with the last PreCharge risk management platform. He then filed for bankruptcy as Alajandro Corral dba Precharge. Now he’s starting this.

  50. Goran Kučković
    The people who think this program to work may report to the address [email protected]….. to give them evidence of who they are and what they are, and these liars, Botts they’re lying to you people, I’ve been cheating on these people today, I have evidence of incontrovertible…. Honest peoples do not even by chance with these to work, you will see everything….Now I’ve reported this because I don’t want the honest ones to get hurt and cheated, and extorted by the Nocvac, because they have been extorting money from me today, in addition to the BTC of 0.015 BTC were looking for another 0.08 BTC and then 0.04 BTC… The scammers, and after they downloaded the LIVE chat, but late because I recorded every word..

  51. Carson

    SCAM ALERT!! – they have a great website. My deposit of $620 turn into 24,000 after a month. They wanted money for the taxes, before withdraw. After that was paid, they wanted me to rent mining tools. They will NEVER pay you!!!!

  52. snehasish biswas

    Dear, admin myself Snehasish biswas from India. I am concerning about a site which is, let me know is it safe or regulated.

  53. Stuart

    Have been scammyby a site called invsetsky, you invest and they pay interest but to get withdraws you have to reinvest but there’s no guarantees you’ll get anything back. I invested $100, then a $1000 after I got 2 small withdraw of $37 & $30 but then was told to invest 50% more before they would release anymore withdraws!!!

  54. Alan McLeister They use private folk to lure you to invest. I recently used a man claiming to be called Gregg Martens. I even got a fake passport ID sent to me claiming to be him after he wanted an ‘upgrade’. I initially invested just over $100 but wanted extra $500 to could not withdraw my profits.

    • yambub

      I reached the threshold and withdrew but a few days later my account was suspended. No explanation and I did nothing but what the site asked.

  55. Marie Sallew

    I want to warn of the scams being carried out by the couple of thieves: Philippe Ballesio and Rosaline Ballesio, they manage the companies: Btcmt4 and others, those companies that offer services that do not work. They charge money in advance and then the systems they sell stop working, many people are reporting being scammed by these people, please report them.

  56. Darwin Ricardo Lambok ia another SCAM site.
    My widthdrawal still on pending status almost all month now.
    The support DIDN’T respon at all, even when i’ve sent many complain

    • Becca

      I recently invested with trade247crypto IO. I started with $300 and after 10 days I have $11800. Now they demand $ 1250, claiming that its for withdrawal fee and other charges. A guy named Tony Bradson who is also on Instagram has this heavy African accent even though he says he was born in Austin, USA. Admin please check the site and revert back. Thank you.

  57. Peter

    Hello admin. Can you check this site as it is considered new with only has very few visitors? The site has a decent system menu and GUI mining software and listing both email and phone support. However, looks can be deceiving since this is also for cloud mining so would have a pretty high chance for scams…Txs.

  58. ibrahim

    Cripton-bit is a scam, I made a withdrawal of $589 since on the 16 of October 2018 but up to now they did not credit my account and today is 31 October 2018 so stop introducing people

  59. Maggie

    Oh admin please, for gods sake check these two sites. & I saw the comment of some dude named Jared and visited the websites… gotta say they look pretty convincing. Please tell us if we could use them or not. Thanks.

  60. Brad

    Hey admin. Just wanted to tell you about two more scam sites. One is and the other one is , dont fall for these frauds, people. Oh and I also wanted to ask if you have checked and , they seem fine and legit but i got to be sure. Already lost a considerable amount of BTC… . Thanks admin, we`ll be in your debt.

  61. Ogunia Yonah is also a scam ,my first time to deal in crypto currency, I lost 60$ to them. Up-to today they still accept deposits but no withdrawals. Please investigate them too.

  62. Edgar

    Hello again Admin could you check the following websites please:
    4. oryxcash (ico) also called oryxian or oryxcoin
    5. infinityx ico (XMR)

    Thanks Admin

  63. Troy

    I think the cryptech global is potentially a scam, although a very sophisticated one. They claim to have a long history in transactional payment gateway fraud protection, although I can find nothing about them. I can find nothing about the individuals on their ‘team’ who are on the website either.
    They have a highly active twitter feed and claim to have had a major speaker at one of the seminars during blockshow Americas, although this seems highly unlikely. Do you know anything about them?

  64. Francis Gyamfi

    Please admin I want to know about before trade with them and also check for and for me thanks.

  65. Edgar

    Admin thanks for your help so far…however I would like to know what is your opinion on ubex token, I went thru their website and I think this could be a very good ICO to invest. I´ll be waiting for your review.

  66. brago

    hello Admin
    this is a new crytocurrency making waves and buzz. can you please check it genuineity …
    its name is Crypto World company.

    • Elena

      I knew it was a scam, thank you soooo much Admin!!!
      can you please check those other websites before I make an investment please

      1. I understand this is an ICO, however they are offering that at the end of the Roadmap the CLX would be USD.4 for each token. The problem is that today their token can be traded only at getbtc and coinexmarket and the price is even lower (usd0.01445)than when they started their project; and if you decided to make an investment they pay you from 1.16% (normal) and 1.48% (could storage) but the issue with those investment is that interest are being pay by CLX (their token) and since they pay you with CLX they are valuating it at usd 4. each, so how are you going to receive XX amount of earnings if CLX real price is usd 0.01445?

      2., this is alson an ICO. Here I only want to know if they are being to optimist because from usd 0.02 (today) they will raise it to usd 1.50 by february 2019. Is it a good ICO to make an investment?

      Thanks for your help!!

  67. Edgar

    Hi, can you check for me please those websites:
    I did a couple investments with them and they are not answering any e-mail.
    I´ll be waiting to hear your conclusions on those “companies”.

  68. N/A

    Can you review: I have money invested in these guys. They have numerous adds within their backoffice. They show I have a balance but will not let me withdraw unless, I give them more money.

  69. Erik Eriksson

    Wish you to post a warning against “Crypto Diversified Investment Ltd.”, Eschborn, Germany. Webpage:

    Telephone number points at the area of Nuremberg while company is located near Frankfurt/Main.

    They recruit on low budget job platforms, whereby employment contracts are likely to contain a clause, that allows employer to use your employee’s account as an intermediate for money laundring. Not sure what other sort of misuse your data will eventually experience.

    Made own experience with another company using very style.

  70. Fred Newman

    I signed up in March to trading, paid 1000 USD, traded a few weeks but wanted to stop due to lack of time. I requested refund of remaining balance but got several request for my credit card details incl. signature etc. I did not send anything and since a few weeks no more answer. This site is 100% scam because when I was trading I got calls every day asking for more investment, email answered within minutes and when I wanted to get a few dollars back they play dead. Add this company on the black list to avoid other people loosing money.

    • John

      This 100% happened to me too, I started with 750€ and when I started to feel the scam I managed to make them transfer 500€ back as a proof their business was real and that I would continue trading after the evidence… When they started insisting that I needed to put more money (I had 250€ left + “profits”) and I said I wasnt interested on their services anymore (with a somewhat good excuse) they didnt even answer that email and never again did I hear from them… Hope this coments help keep people from loosing money to this people without morals….

      • Ulf Michael

        I was having the same experience with BeCFD, a bitcoin trader from Montenegro who pretends to be in London. Account manager Jane Morgan promised me € 40 000,00 within 3 months, but when payment was requested I never got an answer again. Beware of this company sometimes trading as BO Trader Podgorica too.

  71. RAINN

    On March 20th, I had an agreement with one USA software company ( about developing one Cryptocurrency (Similar to Bitcoin) for me, total value is $1500. On March 23rd, I paid $1500 to them through Paypal. It was stated clearly in the agreement that the total fee including wallet with our name and logo, mining pool and block explorer, lead time: 15 days, but they delay again and again and finally sent me the system on June 20th (It costs 3months keep me waiting) and the whole system is not compliant with the agreement.

    1. Lead time in the agreement stated 15 days, but they delay to take 90 days.
    2. In the agreement stated it should be premined 15% and send to me, but in the beginning they said premined already done by them, but finally they said they didn’t make the premine.
    3. Wallets are all without our logo
    4. Mining pool is not done, they just copy other coin’s source code without changing anything.
    5. Explorer is also not done, just other coin’s source code.

    Now they said everything is completed and they refused to continue the development or refund the money to me. What can I do next ? Is there any place I can claim for compensation from them ?

    Below is this scammer’s information:


    Tel: 3122388571
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Paypal name:DBMigrate


  72. alfonsolopez

    Ive been so foolish and been scammed once again by Cexhash. Ive just had my account closed with no warning, no reply to my emails and i’ve no other option but to report the site


    CEXHASH IS A SCAM , Ive been so foolish and been scammed once again by Cexhash. Ive just had my account closed with no warning, no reply to my emails and i’ve no other option but to report the site

  74. Rodrigo Mesquita

    Is it impossible to have my money back from those scammers ( and
    Really nothing I can do? Just sit down and cry and try to get smarter (less naive)?


  75. Rodrigo Mesquita and ….both scams for sure, last one is an “exchange”.

    Around 15% of my investment got lost cause of these 2 sites! So lame…

  76. Raul

    On March 20th, I had an agreement with one USA software company ( about developing one Cryptocurrency (Similar to Bitcoin) for me, total value is $1500.

    On March 23rd, I paid $1500 to them through Paypal. It was stated clearly in the agreement that the total fee including wallet with our name and logo, mining pool and

    block explorer, lead time: 15 days, but they delay again and again and finally sent me the system on June 20th (It costs 3months keep me waiting) and the whole system

    is not compliant with the agreement.

    1. Lead time in the agreement stated 15 days, but they delay to take 90 days.
    2. In the agreement stated it should be premined 15% and send to me, but in the beginning they said premined already done by them, but finally they said they didn’t

    make the premine.
    3. Wallets are all without our logo
    4. Mining pool is not done, they just copy other coin’s source code without changing anything.
    5. Explorer is also not done, just other coin’s source code.

    Now they said everything is completed and they refused to continue the development or refund the money to me. What can I do next ? Is there any place I can claim for

    compensation from them ? Thanks!

  77. chugurund

    Have you ever heard of It’s a complete scam. They look like an escrow service but it’s not possible to withdraw your BTC once it’s in their wallet. Their support even tries to force you to send more BTC under some nonsense reasons, just to sqeeze more out of you!

  78. Mr.Wechayan

    An exchange name ” Trade by Trade” is a scam.
    Today I want to exchange alternate coin “PPC” to USDT at this “Trade by Trade”.
    -When you deposit to this exchange; there is no problem, it will show you the amount of fund in your balance.
    – But when you need to withdraw ;the system said that the address to withdraw is in valid.
    So, I try many times and try to contact support, but there’re no answer, now my fund was stuck in this exchange.
    I don’t want other people to loose money in this scam exchange.
    >>>>Please be aware of this exchange name ” Trade by Trade” <<<<<<< it is a truly scam

  79. Lauren

    Can you guys investigate AnimeCoin?
    Was interested in their project because I love anime, but the project looks like a total joke coin, and all the founders are poker players.

    I smell a huge scam, but I’m not sure. Why would a bunch of white poker players with no anime experience launch a coin for anime people?

    I’m concerned.

  80. karan

    Thanks for sharing…
    First download the btcmonk application is very easy and simple way then submit the required details like your required ID proofs for the verification process. This application is very easy to use and navigates you how to buy Bitcoins step by step.

  81. Allan Wallace

    eMarket Trade, They are a SCAM, Please don’t use them. I invested with them in October / November 2017. They kept calling me, “Put more money in so you can get a senior broker, to trade your account” Then they tell you “If you put in $2000.00 or so, they will give you a bonus of $1000.00 to help your account on” They will try this several times, making small trading profits along the way, Just to pull you in deeper, and get you to invest more. They will then invest your money into some crypto’s where you can only select to trade one full bitcoin or 30 X XRP (High quantity of trades), this uses up all your capital, then they will call you to invest more as your margin is running low. They made large trades when the markets were going down at the end of December, early January, These are the people who are supposed to know and study the crypto markets…..YOU WILL ALWAYS LOOSE. Close your loosing trades and think you can withdraw your funds, Think again… are tied in with the bonuses they gave you. They then tell you, you have to continue trading until you reach the bonus goals, This is impossible. You will have to keep trading, until you have nothing left. They won’t even release the last little $400 dollars left in your account because of the bonuses. PLEASE PEOPLE, DON’T INVEST WITH eMARKETS TRADE, Please warn anybody that wants to trade crypto’s.


  83. Philip

    Please have a look at and the referral link The domain was registered 4 May 2018 and it looks too good to be true.

  84. Hus

    Hi all,
    I get scammed also by, i had to upload 250$ on their website, i tried to buy the swedish currency bit it was just a frud! I trade with 75$ with different currencies and of course i lost the 75$ so I asked for a withdrawal for my 175$ that i have on my account for 15 days now, and still nothing, I wrote 100 tims even talked to them by phone, but no help!
    DO NOT EVENR USE COINPRO.EXCHANGE they are scammers!

  85. Pedro

    SCAM Bitmain.Today // Jazz Continental SCAM

    That company just is a SCAM, i bought an antminer x3 and never arrived. Don’t buy anything from them.

    • Max Bellomo

      Hi Pedro, you are right ! alias Jazzcontinental has perpetrated many scams. I have collected a dossier and I am already in contact with some victims in order to organize a collective action through the competent authorities. Give me a way to contact you if you feel like it

  86. Mervyn Scicluna

    Hello ? you can investigate since I think is a scam too.. Bought a contract but never managed to withdraw the btc mined. scam scam

  87. Jaromir ExtraMoney

    Hi @Admin, can you check It seems legit, but the profits seems to be too good to be real…

  88. karan

    Thanks for sharing…
    many Blog about offshore outsourcing and scammer in the outsourcing industry – This case shows what happens if people try to build up a business without having enough funds and not any knowledge about business. Many Ganesh Dhananjay Godse bad reviews might be there but still he was the man with all positive energy and dynamic personality.

  89. YSK is a huge scam. sent some XPM to their site and now they dont let me withdraw and telling that they only have BTC, TCN and LTC withdraw support. I asked them if they can send my XPMs to my wallet manually (after all they acccept deposit so they have a wallet so they can send to another wallet right?) but they dont accept it and they are telling me to sell my XPMs… well go look at their site. when you place a limit sell their bots just put a little less from your price… and if you want to buy from a seller well there is 1000x price difference… biggest scam ever. if anyone can hack them pls do …

  90. Iwan Soedarto

    I was scammed $300 by these websites and
    I intended to buy Sweden coin on krytonexgroup but once I deposited. The fund went to coinpro exchange.
    I could not login to both of website.
    Admin, please help to review both of them.


    • John

      Hi, the sweden coin is one of the already existing ones. But they havent anounced which one yet. is the platform to buy and sell currency.
      They didnt scam you, you can use thouse 300$ to buy and sell currency.
      Have you not been contacted by a staff member yet? I was contacted 2 minutes after I made my account…
      I’ve made 100€ in profit in only 2 hours because of a jump in price on one of the currencies… I’m yet to recieve the money on my bank account, but there were no redflags until now… Hoping its fine 😉
      Since you’ve spent the money already, use it on their platform and make some smart moves with it.

    • John

      I take it back.
      and any news related to swedens new cripto coin is all fake.
      Make a fake acount and they’ll call you, make the basterds spend money on international phone calls. They deserve it. Bunch of pussies making us look like fools 🙁

  91. Kazeem Toyin Adepoju

    Please! I need a clarification about bitlandis limited. I want to invest in them but want to know if they are legit first. Thanks

    • James

      SCAM. Hope you didn’t invest. All I did was Google it. First search result. have reviewed it saying “how can you go wrong” “why don’t you sign up?” “Award winning platform” “start enjoying the daily profits” this one paragraph though… “Investment platforms that have taken the time and energy in establishing a system that will bring rewards are hard to come by, so for this particular opportunity is a definite yes from us. With an award-winning system, there is no way you can go wrong on the Bitcoin trading platform” takes the cake.
      The other results… And there’s plenty.. Go on about not being paid. No payment since March.
      Without a doubt a HYIP scam.

  92. trevor gilbert

    Can someone please help me to tell me if Aionnext is a scam broker or not as they are not answering emails or calls anymore

  93. Aaron

    Hey guys, I`ve invested in MicroMoney (AMM) tokens and the price has fallen like hell, no tomorrow. huge default, It must a scam. please check them

  94. roinagon

    i join to the question
    check out this channel in depth! in YouTube
    under this email – [email protected]
    I bought, and got the latest software called “Bitcoin Miner Software”
    It’s an Indian who promises false promises, he managed to lie to me
    I think it’s 100% scam, In all of the review videos, he just writes to draw attention
    In the most of videos, he just clicks on “Earnings Area”
    and type the amount with the keyboard, and probably after that,
    he sends to his wallet,with video editing, that he would look real,
    also looks like all the comments in all of his videos,
    are fake accounts to attract a real audience to him
    I commented on most of the videos and he deleted my comments
    You have to report it! he lies to a lot of people.

  95. Adam
    Total scam … kept quiet and not reply us …
    Thomas J Armour and his wife Connie … i am posting their photos in forums … watch out for them … Stay in florida and heard they ran to philippines ..

  96. Ryan

    Obvious scam here

    The whole team is fake with pictures taken from the internet. They even used Ryan Gosling’s photo.

  97. Klaus8888 are FRAUDSTERS. They promise up to 100% return on your BTC investment. Minimum .007 BTC investment. Scammers and BS artists. Further research shows Site was developed by Chinese Hacks and is run by Ukranian Sheisters!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

  98. Ahmed ” bitcoin escrow service”

    site operated by scammer and fraudster

    once you register and transfer your bitcoin to start trading your are scammed.

    • leo flores

      they stole over 1000$ in btc and btg from me, their admins are the ones responsible in my case.. they respond mails and tickes with beligerant answers and i feel should remove them.
      this is a systematical scam site! stay away!

  99. Malesela Kale

    Hi you are doing great with our reviews. Certainly these scammers are put right where they belong.
    Can you please review popular in South Africa? How legit are they?

  100. alboraz.eddy

    please add HASMINER.INFO in your scam list, you can make deposit (in coins) you can exchange gains (in hash power) but impossible to withdraw when you’ll reach the withdraw minimum your order will stay at hold status (“waits” satus on and you’ll never receive your gains on your wallet …

  101. Susan Hashford

    I had $ 100,000 deposited in Safe Option. The last 20000 USD I was forced to deposit almost on the eve of closing their website. Only within several days I was called by Elena Nevskaya from the financial department saying that the company closes and she has to return the money to the customers, if they deposit 10% .more. But with the last 20,000 my account is empty and I could not pay any more. Thankfully i was able to recover my hard earned savings that trusted these brokers with. Binary option victims have little or no awareness and as such should be a civil duty to educate as well as inform people.

    • Rodrigo Mesquita

      Yep…got scammed too with as well……simply put my money there and 1 week later they transferred to another address without my knowledge! so lame….lost an amount that im even ashamed to tell…

  102. JEN

    Can you please review
    Myself & a few other friends have invested quiet heavy, they built up accs but can’t get any payouts as yet and no correspondence re withdrawal.
    Please help

  103. zorbaal

    The first honest scam.
    Fun and sad at the same time. I still don’t understand how could this coin made so much volume.
    Bots or real persons ? What do you think ?

    • Fady

      i’ve put some money at , i’ve made a withdrawl of 90 $ …they said they have paid me…it’s been 2 days now and i haven’t recive any money

  104. Trade 50 Is scam ponzi and pyramid scheme.

    Admin I sent details of the site.

    Please not to invest in it. It is like new type of scam.

  105. Mark

    Anyone have any info on R2B coin?
    I am convinced it is a scam but do not have positive proof. My friends are getting sucked into this thing

    • mic0510

      I just started to look at this since I just received an email from a guy known to promote scams, and this looks like yet another one.

      From their website: …”Also with the fact that we are paying a commission for promoting the coin. It is also an extra demand which no other coins have at the moment because of the mandatory $28 monthly coin purchase.”

      So this R2B coin is creating “forced” demand and also requires a mandatory $28/mo to keep the scheme going, while paying referral commissions to those who promote it. Sound familiar?

      It has absolutely no work concept or project to speak of, and if you look at its website, all it mentions is the story of Bitcoin and Ethereum and the “if you would have bought” scenario.

      NEWSFLASH: Bitcoin and Ethereum actually have utility and purpose behind it without require anyone to pre-purchase it monthly.

      This is just another scam, in my opinion, solely created to perpetuate a ponzi based on artificial demand coming only from those involved, or who will be involved, in the scheme. R2B is also paying people to promote it, ala BitConnect.

      There is nothing wrong with referral commissions, in themselves, if they are from legitimate sources. However, in this case, these commissions are solely to perpetuate the ponzi further and suck more people into it, again, ala BitConnect.

      It also calls itself “The Asian currency”, which means it is offering securities, which is already illegal in the United States. This also gives light to the fact that since it is setting itself up to be an “ICO”, this would never be allowed for US citizens.

      • Tracy

        The $28 is totally optional. You do not have to pay the $28 if you do not want to. You only pay it if you wish to earn commision. With the $28 purchase you also recieve $28 worth of coin. Anytime you spend money you will recieve coin. So really your just buying coins with the added benefit of earning commision. But as I said previously it’s totally optional. The promotion aspect of this is only going to be available while it’s in its presale phase. Once on the market it will no longer be a thing Unlike bitconnect who relied on it to thrive. The coin and the commissioning in this company are 2 separate things . Both are optional. You can buy coins and be a passive buyer. Or just do the commisioning if you wish and still recieve $28 worth of coin. You can also do both. Totally up to the individual

        • Ryan

          So many red flags. Why would you even buy this coin? it serves no purpose. Who the hell is David Wu? I can’t find a single thing about the guy online except for the fake bio on the website. If he was on a Olympic Swim team I should be able to find something. Also, people are soliciting this on craigslist. Do they have a license to sell securities in the US? Highly doubt it. That’s how bitconnect and USI got shutdown. People who buy into this are just suckers. There is no promise that money will be refunded if it never becomes tradeable and the people collecting the money have no incentive to make sure it is tradeable. They are selling all the coins for cash so why care what happens after they sell them all? Even if it does become tradeable the only place it will be is EtherDelta. Then you’ll have to have ETH just to sell it and nobody is going to buy buying.

        • Mike J Anthony

          Yea, OK — R2B: “Give us your dollars and we’ll give you some worthless R2B coins. And if you promote it for us for an extra $28/month, we’ll give you even more worthless coins!”

  106. CJ

    Don’t leave out JETCOIN, These bastards walked away with Millions in profit by stealing all investors Bitcoin! They belong in Prison. Hope someday Justice Will Prevail..

  107. Jan Altendorff

    Do not enter any giveaways or competitions from @ripple_io (operating the wallet) they are a scam they have just stolen XRP coin from me.

  108. lillie

    Dear Admin
    please help me to check (Bitcoin Wallet Doubler Pro)
    -This program download >>>
    please figure out is this scam or legit?
    I’m waiting for your feedback….

  109. vineeth asok

    Hello admin
    It would be really helpful if you could review the below sites

    • Frederik S.

      Don’t buy any product of…. They give you the program and the code (OK)…but the program itself doesn’t work…. and it generates none of the crypto’s they are mentioning on their site (BTC, ripple, ETH, Litecoin, NEM). None of them work! Also doesn’t respond back to me.

  110. Robert Sz

    Hy, can you check please Envion ico?
    Its real or it s a scam?
    Thanks…i will try to paste here the link..if not you can search for them on google

  111. vineeth asok

    Please review and
    I wish to get my scammed btc back from 2 scammers
    is there any way?

  112. Bradley Hepburn

    Bonus Bitcoin is a Free bitcoin faucet and features: Claim every 15 minutes – Receive up to 5,000 satoshi per claim – Automatic 5% DAILY BONUS On demand and free withdrawals 50% lifetime referral commission…
    Have you done a review on Bonus Bitcoin yet –
    Thanks for your effort – Have a Great Holiday!
    Bradley Hepburn

  113. Lucien Jamin

    I regret to have invested in the ICO with the token END . All their linked websites like twitter, yt, medium, ( ) are widowed, no real sign of life or engangement, no real correspondence, only some fake comments, unanswered questions…. one can watch right now how they are stealing allready over 1 Million USD worth of ETH and Bitcoin ..
    I made a video about it, it got in 1 night explosively 1000 views and 500 dumbs down, but NO arguments or facts, to proof that they are for real.
    The only proof so far is: the people behind endtimes. io is a network of professional fraudsters , masters of manipulation and fake.

  114. Retha Odendaal

    Anyone dealt with Cryptopia .Co.Nz? Locked me out of my account and absolutely zero response from support.. Website and social media …and by the looks of it.. Many many others as we’ll.

  115. Faheem Sayed

    Hello Admin,
    Could you confirm if the below three sites are legit.

    And btw your reviews are so detailed and it shows you put in a lot of effort and time into this,
    Thanks & Regards,
    Keep up the good work,

  116. DonaldWassink

    Dear Admin

    I need your help.

    Qryptos has held my withdraw for 3 days. When you email them, you will either get no reply back or a canned response. They never answer your questions. My Eth is still in pending status after 3 days.

    Are they a scam??

      • DonaldWassink

        I replied back to the your email provided and waiting for your response. Please let me know if you can help. My next step if we are unsuccessful is to file a compliant with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center at . I will also check if there is a similar government agency in Japan to also file a report with.

      • DonaldWassink

        Qryptos finally replied back but never fixed their issue. It has been 4 days since my first request. Please see below for their half hearted response. No ETA on when they are going to finally resolve this. Such poor quality of service! I would never recommend this exchange to anyone

        Dear Donald,

        All ETH and QASH withdrawals have been delayed due to ETH network congestion. We will continue processing once the network gets more stable. Thank you for your patience

        Best Regards,

        QUOINE Support

      • DonaldWassink

        Qryptos has policies which are much more strict and negatively effects traders. First, there is a verification process with photo id for all withdraws including just coins. This is normally done solely for depositing tender, example with Coinbase.

        Second, their policy even for just coins (BTC, Eth, etc) is one business day for processing before they release your coin. They dol not work on the weekends. So, if you trade on the weekends and wish to move the coin, you may not see this completed until tuesday when they get back to work. Any other exchange takes roughly a few hours.

        In my current situation, Qryptos has processed my coin for release: however, because of the Eth congestion I still have not seen the coin in the other exchange LiveCoin who is placing the Deposit of Eth into Maintenance mode. If the processing on my coin was similar to other exchanges, I would have already have Eth deposited into my account on LiveCoin on Sunday before the network Congestion.

        I am truly hoping that after LiveCoin removes the maintenance mode to accept Eth, there will be no more problems. But until I see the coin in my account on LiveCoin, I am hopeful.

    • Admin

      Not sure we can review It requires a log in to view anything on the site. Most likely it’s a scam though.

  117. Roy

    Dear admin,
    please help me to check this site selling money adder.. please figure out is this scam or legit? looks like convincing site.
    waiting for your feedback….

  118. Roy

    Hello Admin, please assist with this guy sell wester union transfer. his email [email protected].. at scam review many testify paid for $2K cost $250 and $4k cost $400..please inform is this guy legit or scam? need your assistance.. thanks

  119. Roy

    Hello Admin,

    i want your help to check website… please inform us is scam or not?
    waiting for your feedback a. s. a. p..
    thanks again

  120. Joshua Butler

    So I sent over 2 Bitcoin back in may to and they were advertising managed accounts with different tier-levels. Great returns for having professionals manage your funds and day trade for you… well my 2BTC were worth 5K combined when I sent them over… in the 90 days they had my money obviously BitCoin has Sky rocketed… so I met the 90 day minimum and I asked for a withdraw.

    Now after spending weeks going back and forth with them VIA email since they have no other communication except a VOiP phone that just plays a revolving message… they’ve evaporated my funds and my account that did have 20K in it, now is negative $6K

    Please add Coin-Banks to your list to your list… they are fraudulent thieves. I don’t want to see anyone else get taken.

    Do you know of any way to get funds back from people like this?

    • Admin seems to be down. Sorry to hear about your experience. Unfortunately, we’re not familiar of a way to retrieve lost bitcoins.

      • roinagon

        i join to the question
        check out this channel in depth! in YouTube
        under this email – [email protected]
        I bought, and got the latest software called “Bitcoin Miner Software”
        It’s an Indian who promises false promises, he managed to lie to me
        I think it’s 100% scam, In all of the review videos, he just writes to draw attention
        In the most of videos, he just clicks on “Earnings Area”
        and type the amount with the keyboard, and probably after that,
        he sends to his wallet,with video editing, that he would look real,
        also looks like all the comments in all of his videos,
        are fake accounts to attract a real audience to him
        I commented on most of the videos and he deleted my comments
        You have to report it! he lies to a lot of people.

  121. Wahib Yusuf


    also please check for bitcoin adder 2017 ny john riddick with email [email protected]… he could send the trial software but have tp buy the full version with price $290..i thought all the comments are controlling by the Admin.
    once i ever contact email said from indonesia buyer, but after i check his location is not from my country but from UK.. Anyway still a lot of request his trial software.. thanks


  122. Rae Delos Santos

    Hi Admin,

    I would like to ask for a review of the ff:
    1. Premir Bitcoin Doubler
    2. Cryptokings Investment LTD
    3. Future Bank
    6. Swiss Legit Bank
    7. Earn Money

    Hoping for your favorable response.
    Thank you

      • James Armstrong

        They are still operating after wiping everyones packages and wallets. I was a day late withdrawing my 0.1 btc when it was sitting at around $18000.
        Support stop responding to emails asking where’s my money. And they reckon my bitcoin mining 1.0 is being migrated to 2.0…. For 6 monthsor so… Slowest migration in the world.
        Really hope no-one is still investing with them.
        Hey admin… I’d like to write some reviews for you.

  123. Richard Hornshaw

    Digital Coin One Coin? Got a friend involved and worried for her. I’ve read a lot about them but anything you could add would be helpful

  124. Barry Worse

    I am considering signing up to but the anonymity/obscurity of the company’s online footprint leaves me a bit nervous. The deposit terms & conditions seem a bit suspect too. I’m new to this so would appreciate any feedback.

  125. Julian

    Could you guys do a review on this faucet

    They claim to be the high paying faucet. And yet now it seems that they have a new business model whereby they will run a monero mining app in background on ur pc in order to keep the site running. Which is kinda contradicting. You will not have an option to turn off the miner, neither will they ask for your permission to turn it on.

    There is a new trend out there in the cryptoworld. These people have figured if they stole small amounts of processing power from every pc they will go unnoticed.

    Appreciate a review thx

    • Jonathan

      These guys are legit. I send newbie peeps to their site b/c it’s simple, videos are great, reviews are good… simply put they do a good job educating. They added the faucet to generate some income. They’re open about the cpu leeching, not blatantly, but they do admit it somewhere — I saw it (assume you did also). I just did a fast scan and couldn’t find where I read it.

      Overall, they offer a good service, so value = reward. Since I’m a leech (of their knowledge and information) and IF I’m going to slog through faucets, I’d prefer to use one that supports real people and a real operation.

    • Ofir

      Hey Julian, Ofir the owner of 99Bitcoins here.
      Just wanted to say that I saw your feedback and have taken it into account.
      We now have a clear notice about this and also allow you to start / stop the mining process whenever the miner is actually working.

      At the moment we disabled it since we don’t think it’s actually going to be relevant to keep the faucet alive.


      • Julian

        Dear Ofir,

        I mean you no disrespect or neither do I harbour any ill feelings towards you. After reading your site and Jonathan’s review I feel much safer accessing your site and reading materials from your site. Infact I have even started collecting from your faucet. In my own principles I do not believe in biting the hand that feeds me.

        I understand the need for funding for a site to continue running. That’s the real fact in any business or non profit organizations. Option to turn the miner on and off is a great and I give credits to you and your team.

        I generally believe your site is trying to create awareness for those who are new to crypto-mining.Infact I have actually started mining with my gpu after reading your site.

        I didn’t try the option to turn off the miner yet but I do not think it’s necessary unless I am on my mobile. If there comes a day when requires funding to continue running this site just provide a wallet address and I would be happy to donate portions of my mining profits. It’s not much but I hope it helps in anyway.

        I would just like to say at the very end. To ask someone’s permission for something is not a crime but to do it without asking thats entirely different. Not referring to your site in particular.

  126. TulasiKrishna Inturi (@tki92)

    1. I had opened a Qoinpro account on user id ‘intutkri2’ around six months back

    2. I had received many promotional emails from [email protected] regarding deposit of BTC for claiming BCH and BTG.

    3. ***At last I think I had fallen prey to their emails and deposited some amount of BTC to claim my BCH and BTG and that’s it after that I never received a promotional mail from them after the deposit

    4. ***I had sent many BCH and BTG claim mails to [email protected] and [email protected] and contacted them on email, Twitter and Telegram many times but no reply or response from them.

    5. ***I had submitted support tickets also at under user id ‘intutkri2’ but they were closed without any proper resolution

    6. ***After checking my qoinpro BTC address 1K5JDqh7LVWEV1uvmQhbdKBdyN86iTZWfm on blockchain it is showing zero balance whereas the amount is supposed to be X BTC and there were also many transactions which I had not carried out. May be they are carrying out insider trading with the BTC deposited bt people like me and generating profits for themselves.

    7. ***I had withdrawn X amount of BTC from my Qoinpro (user ; intutkri2) BTC address 1K5JDqh7LVWEV1uvmQhbdKBdyN86iTZWfm to my personal BTC address 154UWpunPRyVT9LPfgrdcQKWj6276rrnMB but till now I had not received it.

    8. ***Websites : and (is never working)

    9. ***Company Office Address :
    QoinPro Limited
    1206, Eastern Commercial Centre
    397 Hennessy Road – Wan Chai
    Hong Kong S.A.R.

    10. *******Will update this post once I receive a positive reply from Qoinpro or Mr. Wouter

    11. ***So, Dear Friends ! Please decide whether this is scam or legitimate on your own diligence. I had put down my own genuine experiences with Qoinpro.

    • Julian

      i did open an account with them and i left it to accumulate btc and other cryptos. i figured they were a scam because btc has 8 decimal and they came out with their magical 11 decimal. The fact is their business model does not makes any sense at all as they give you 5% free bonus for every referral you refer. Through common sense I figured that if created 20 accounts with using dummy email I would get 100% free cryptos, 40 accounts would get me 200% and so on.

    • Jared

      They are a scam without a doubt. They pay out if you can manage to eventually get the faucet high enough to do so (which is very difficult even with tons of referrals), and they have been scamming people (including myself) left and right lately in exactly the same way as you deascribe.

      This is my post on Bitcointalk:

      If anyone has any idea how we can take this mofo down along with his website (which we believe is currently a solo operation), please feel free to get in touch with me (Jared – [email protected]) and Mario ([email protected], was taken for ~.5 BTC). We’re out for blood.

      Alternatively, we’d love to hear if you are able to get your funds back. We have not as of yet…

  127. Samuel Epikaizo

    Kindly check and review the following websites


    Are they legit or scams.?

    • Jonathan

      amen brother. these guys have figured it out without bottom feeding pump and dump banners all over the place. real solid and objective evaluations. so happy to have found them (after getting hit a few times). kudos to the admin and folks behind it.

  128. Jonathan

    Got another one. LoanBit PTY LTD. They seemed OK. Good reviews from all the normal scam review sites.

    I got 2 “interest” payments from the 1 week loan then tried to withdraw 3rd payment and original deposited funds. I got an error message saying something went wrong. No transaction. Account balance shows zero. I sent 2 messages and no response.

    Stay away from LoanBit.

  129. kanandrajk

    I want to know about a site which from 2016 they claim please tell me about it I am new member can I mention name of the site here or not.

  130. Bither

    what do you think of hexabot trading platform? i joined last week and liked their platform as well as direct communication with the site moderator on the community chat.

  131. Vally

    Hi Admin! Hope you are doing great!

    Could you please, check ? I had deposided a minimum 0.0001 BTC as they promise 10% of this amount on a daily basis. It is a new website and I have searched some reviews, and it seems legit. Just want to be sure, as you may know a better way to find out if it’s scam or not.
    Waiting for your reply!


  132. Coenie Oosthuysen is a scam. They rent out IPs apparently for 0.01-0.06 BTC and bot faucets for you for 1 month.

    I paid and after the payment didn’t reflect on my user account I called and emailed them. The phone number doesn’t work nor do you get replies from their email account (of which they have 1)

    Some sites are confused whether they are in the USA or in the UK.

  133. andrew

    is another scam?
    do you have an ability to check it out PLZ..
    it may be phishing or something like that when connected to it..
    too good to be truth is usually false as my experience taught me 🙂

  134. Feruzakhon Aksu

    I have seen in your scam list genesis mining company,but it’s not scam,I have mining with GM for 8 months I got contract for 2 years and I have investment in 485$ and in 8 months I have back pay in 1980$ and I can’t tell you it’s scam

  135. Ceejay

    How about the is that a SCAM?
    They have a new site also called Bitcomine. Can you review that 2 sites for me? but for now what do you think about this sites? SCAM or LEGIT? I’ll wait for your answer asap because i invested a lot of time in that site now hihi 🙂 Thank you in advance.

  136. robert grimes

    I read reviews that put coinmama in a good light
    after trying to buy bitcoin from coinmama loosing my money and receiving no crypto
    you need to work out who is doing true reviews and whos reviews not to read
    I did a small trade with coinmama all went well
    tried a larger trade with coinmama and they took my money and said my trade had expired
    ended up with no money and no crypto and no feed back from Coinmama or Simplex just after a couple of day any email saying we will look in to it .
    they should be named Conmama

    • Jose Espinosa

      well all of them start paying so you can tell your friends or family members to join, nothing is wrong, everything is going well, and the when they build a nice amount of investors/free money they will just run away… so maybe at the beginning of the program when they were paying is maybe when someone here did the review

  137. Xmoney

    Please review if is a scam. I invested $502 for one week plan to make 20% daliy,because i registered someone i referred on my phone,my account was frozen and they asked me to invest $1501 for one hour and withdraw all the money.
    I am being penalised for opening multiple accounts on the same ip. Honestly this is unfair to a new customer.
    Please review if the company is genuine and exist.

  138. william j winston is a scammer. They too pumped up my account for 1 month then flushed it,. 20 g’s – 12 grand initial.

    • Clifton Posey

      They had a 1 week trial. I entered for minimum of $500. Withdrew in 5 days when I received no call from the broker. Withdrawal was canceled by them and now they seem to be unreachable.

      • william j winston

        Thanks for your response. Sorry for your loss though you didn’t go all in was wise. I’m just in the stock market now till crypto s find a stable trading medium. Hold btc.

  139. Anthony Wright

    I have been scammed out of my life’s savings of £61000 by people calling themselves 10 .
    Like some others that I’ve read about ,I seemed to be on a winner my account went up to £ 142000.
    When I wanted to withdraw a meagre £5000 they loaded me up with sugar stock which just plummeted,until all my money was stolen

  140. Mesha Lazare

    Bit-paying is also a scam! It is a company out of the UK. The site was up and running for a while but today I was unable to access it. They have a Facebook page as far as I know. The logo colour is yellow and black.

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