Solid Trade Bank Review – Realistic Scam

Solid Trade Bank is an old investment scam which has been relaunched on July 1st. These crooks are operating under the same name and narrative. However, the only change in their strategy is that, now they are targeting different geographical region.

They claim to generate returns of up to 2% per week. These kind of profits are certainly achievable by professionals, but not everyone can sustain them.

Their platform also looks very realistic which is one of the main reasons as to why many investors fell prey to them. Join us in this review wherein we will expose their real agendas and show you their cruel intentions. Solid Trade Bank Review

Company, Certificates and Customer Support

Firms which are in the finance sector has to hold proper documents. After all, the safety of the funds is every investor’s top priority and the seal of regulation is a must to achieve it.

Nowadays, many platforms lie about their legal status just to transfer money from the client’s pocket to theirs. So, always double check everything before you proceed with them in any way.

This firm does not disclose the licenses or their incorporation certificate. We even checked the database of the regulatory authorities over the globe, but still there wasn’t any clue about them.

In short, they are a swindle who are tricking people while operating illegally. Moreover, if you need assistance of any kind on their platform, then forget about it. They do not have a support team in place.

Now ask yourself, what kind of bank would perform in this manner?

Solid Trade Bank Operational Model

Solid Trade Bank claims to be involved in many businesses ranging from banking, trading to real estate. Most newbies might think that, by having a huge portfolio, this company might be the real deal.

However, the reality is disappointing to say the least. There is no proof to back up their claims and that is a huge red flag. The details about the employees or the owners are also unknown.

Their mysterious working nature should tell you a lot about them. They talk about trading, investing in real estate and even providing banking facilities to the masses. However, the exact in depth information on any of them is nowhere to be found.

Investing in any business is all about numbers. So, how can they expect us to trust them without knowing the parameters and the potential risks?

Though, their narratives might seem extremely convincing to the beginners, do not make the mistake of trusting them with your money.

Investment Plans and Returns Showcased

There are two investment packages advertised by this platform. The top plan supposedly brings in 2% ROI per week. These kind of figures are attainable by most of the professional traders, but it is not something which anyone can do. Solid Trade Bank Investment Plans

2% per week means, over 90% returns on an annual scale. If you check out the profits of the 10 biggest hedge funds, then you will see that none of them got more than 30% in the last year.

So, think for a moment if they can’t reach these numbers, do you really believe these crooks will achieve them? The idea of making passive income is great, but do not let anyone sell you a dream.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are one of the channels which enables scams to enhance their reach. The owners of this firm give enormous cash incentives to the marketers who provide them with web traffic.

To get public to sign up with this platform, affiliates usually create hype by posting fake reviews and comments under their own thread. In short, they will do everything they can to make money and that is where conflict of interest arises.

So, just because you hear positive things do not jump on the wagon. Always take time to analyze and then proceed only if the story is proven to be legit.

Ponzi Model and Fraudulent Activities

This firm creates an income stream by using ponzi model. For those of you who don’t know how it works, it is as follows. The owners use the deposit amount brought in by the new participant to pay the upcoming withdrawals while keeping certain percentage for themselves.

As you can tell, they need to find more customers to keep afloat and that is an unlikely scenario. So, they start out by paying promptly to few clients.

However, once they have enough money in their control, they will pull the plug and disappear with the jackpot. The risk of investing with them is just unjustifiable, right?

Solid Trade Bank Review Conclusion

Solid Trade Bank is a scam which has had a lot of success. Their subtle yet effective way of presentation is the main weapon behind looting many investors.

Nowadays, it is very hard to find legit businesses or investment vehicles. So, we strongly recommend our readers to only deal with legal entities with proper certification to be on the safer side.

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