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Welcome to! is a blog dedicated to educating traders about how money can be made by including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in your trading portfolio.

Unfortunately, many scammers have realized that due to the fact that Bitcoin is new and not widely understood, it would be quite easy to fool people into investing money on fraudulent operations, such as Bitcoin auto traders, scam Bitcoin exchanges, fake mining sites and more.

Our main effort is to expose these scammers and help direct traders to legitimate exchanges and money making opportunities within the crypto currency industry.

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Crypto currency day trading is one of the best ways to make money and it is offered by Forex/CFDs brokers, as well as on some crypto currency exchanges.

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By signing up with the below services, we may receive a commission, which allows us to keep providing you with free content. Thanks for your support!   
Crypto Master BotCFD Broker & Trading Platform
TradingViewBest Charting Solution For Crypto Traders
TheCryptoBot (GunBot)Semi-Automated Exchange TradingReview
minergateMining PoolReview
GMOTradingDay Trading BrokerageReview
Alternatively, if you find this site valuable, please support us by making a donation.Bitcoin Wallet Address:33VVUZRQ15zMuo5FuPpFsWkEMHQXvswB2h


  1. hemanth

    is this Scam Review
    Plan: 100% DAILY INTEREST FOREVER 0.21% HOURLY INTEREST Min. Amount3000$ Max. Amount15000$
    Plan: 300% DAILY INTEREST FOREVER 0.25% HOURLY INTEREST Min. Amount15000$ Max. Amount50000$

    Is this is scam site?

  2. Atuhaire Keneth

    I would like you to review for me Global Payment group
    Is it a legit business platform?
    would like to know whether global payment group is a scam or not this is their website 


    👑🎞💎💜💝✅🔱🔵🔹🔶 ♥ ️


    Company Name: COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGI CLASS A, Headquartered in the United States.


     Download link App✍️✍️👇🏿👇🏿

     🏦🏦✅✅Company introduction:

     ❇️✳️ Activity Group 🏆✅👇🏿👇🏿

     Information about Cognizant Stock Code

    I will be grateful for your response 

    Hope to hear from you soon 

    Yours faithfully 

    Atuhaire Keneth

  3. Plamen

    Coinstic!!! This is a company that claims that its owner is a sort of software expert that has developed a smart way of buying cryptocurrencies cheaply and selling at higher prices.
    From 19.06.2019 the website it’s shutdown and no answer from them if you want to withdraw the money.

  4. Ainaq Qarina

    I tried fanicial market …I lost
    I tried share market lost
    I tried MLM lost
    I help people lend my money lost
    But Allah planned much better or losses is replaced through employment
    As lecturer
    Consultant sub contracted
    Sub Consultant as planner
    Govement policy benefited ….
    Now New Goverment made a lot of promises but it seem world is darker
    Bit Coin come in this era!!! Malaysia share market and forex repeated what happened earlier during Tun Mahathir e

  5. Nangamso

    A guy pitched this luno account to me and promised to help me guide me if how to trade all he did is to show me how to deposit money to my luno account after he gave me a link that I believe it is his receiving code he said I must send my Bitcoins there after I did he said there will be notifications telling me about my trading status but he dissappeared I think I’m robbed

  6. John Pitts

    Love your site!

    Can you do an unbiased scam review of IDCM exchange?

    Other ideas:
    BitFinex (NY Attorney General investigation)

    John Pitts
    Twitter: @EquityDiamonds

  7. Ponatshego

    Good day,
    Kindly advise if 360cryprotions is a scam or legitimate company.And who this Timothy Leary is,he claims to be a trader.

  8. Scott

    Hi, I am Scott. Recently I saw a post on youtube comment about
    I invested 0.5 BTC & they pay me triple first time. I am confused what will happen if I invest second time. Is there anyone who invested 2nd time and got payment or not? Because I invested in many site and got payment 1st time from some of them & some did’t paid second times.
    Is any legit site that pay every investment?

  9. Luis Sestini

    Hey, my name is Luis Sestini. And i am here to warn all of you because this Mineocean is a pure Scheme. I invested 250 dollars 2 months ago with the ”maneger account” Paul Henry Meg. He is getting people all along Linkedin to invest in their “platform”. But he is completely false, I already found him on Facebook named as Jimmy Santos. DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING HE SAY.
    There is an opened investigation about him and the site mineocean, and very fast they discovered that mineocean is nothing but a Layout, there is no security at all, they just get your money and then charge you more money, the famous “eletricity bill” for withdrawal your money.

    And worst, after many complains from me, / just DELETED my account with 48 thousand dolars in my balance, do you beleive in that?

    I have all the facts and evidences here with me, if anyone is thinking about investing in this scheme please send me an email ([email protected]) that i will show everything i have agaist them.

    Old fashioned scheme!!!

  10. Daniel

    Kontofx in Hungary and Coinbrokez in Cyprus both connected in scam bitcoin ,,fake trading
    Platforms,fake names, non English callers,advice to take loans out,false self reviews all positive of course on trust pilot ,fake busy office background that’s on a soundtrack,nasty people wanting
    To steal cash from innocent newbies, there all over web for scamming. £250 deposits to start and personal documentation! That’s for identifyfication theft! Not for tax purposes lols !

  11. Etienne

    Good day, i want to report this site unless the admins for the website sort my issue out.
    The website is Please review it and let us know.
    Thank you

  12. Nelson Alcántara

    Buenos dias por favor necesito saber si esta plataforma de inversion es scam NIX BITCOIN, o NIXBTC.COM, gracias por su atencion,..

  13. German Giron

    Best regards, Happy New Year 2019, you can check the site although I made a payment request and it arrived but I would like to know its legitimacy.

  14. Goran KUCKOVIC

    DECEMBER 20, 2018 AT 10:25 PM REPLY
    My “proposition is next. Let them try to rehearse, for example, 0.01, or 0.003 BTC. If he can work, cry, then he will be interested in buying licenses. And not just for this program, but for all the other programs, generators and the like. Smart move. They’ve lost their trust, sir, you’re not wrong for sure. It’s a human being and an invitation for people to get involved in this business. Thanks. I also commented on the video presentation on YouTube.
    I wrote this. There’s a date, time and everything, and here I say again, “people are deceived and don’t trust anyone” and frauds and criminals work and rob people. The solution can be next. The Selfi link owner who offers the PROGRAM, GENERATOR or similar, private card, to see it all in that picture, identity cards from both sides and the address of dwelling that it is not more than a month, may be an electricity bill, a utility, but to see the address well. And all that to be attached to a link advertisement. And in selphy with an ID card it should be written on paper the day it was taken. It’s a certainty, because many, many, are cheated people. I was first cheated seven times, they took my money, and I’m collecting money for a lung transplant because I have cancer and I’m treating, I’m not going to be fooled until they give me guarantees, not my word, in writing, and to restore the trust of the people.

  15. Goran

    My “proposition is next. Let them try to rehearse, for example, 0.01, or 0.003 BTC. If he can work, cry, then he will be interested in buying licenses. And not just for this program, but for all the other programs, generators and the like. Smart move. They’ve lost their trust, sir, you’re not wrong for sure. It’s a human being and an invitation for people to get involved in this business. Thanks. I also commented on the video presentation on YouTube.

  16. Marilyn0031

    Do you know or
    I’ve been contacted by people from both organisations, but they don’t feel right.

  17. Linda are scammers! They should be black listed. They are not able to pay out withdrawal requests. The tel no on website operated by voice mail. You will never see your money again.

    • Danny Kage

      DO NOT invest with these scum bags if you put the investment on your credit card contact them and demand a refund called a charge back due to its not as advertised it may take a lengthy amount of time but worth a try, it worked for me getting my money back from these blood sucking scumbags!!

  18. Rob Brown

    I have £10k Bit coin & £15K Crucoin A company called Open Hub Pro in Dubai a person called Frank Miller has a buyer for them @£92k
    He wants £5,125 to pay up front for trading license to ILFS Consultancy in Malaysia
    Do you know if this company is genuine or are they scammers
    First time ive traded thses coins

    • Caroline

      Rob, did you go ahead in the end? Has it worked out? It seems that Rob, Alexander and myself have all been contacted by Open Hub Pro, so it would be wonderful if anyone can shed any light on whether they’re genuine or not. Thanks.

      • Rob Brown

        Hi Caroline
        I went ahead & paid £5.2k to get a trading licenses as requested by open hub pro
        Now they have asked for £18k for admin cost in Singapore !
        So I am now in a real predicament to know what to do
        Has anyone out there been dealing with these guys please?

          • Rob Brown

            Hi Dawn
            It’s looking like open hub are scammers, but still trying to find out
            Have spoken to Nat West Fraud team how are looking at getting my payment refunded
            Today I had another call asking for my next payment of £18 k to trade my coins!!
            So definitely not going to pay, but boy are they convincing
            Love to visit their Dubai address to see if they are for real
            Anyone else out there had any contact plse?

          • Mark

            They’re scammers. If you send them any money, they’ll ask for more, and you’ll probably never see any of it again.

            Rob, did you ever get anything back from NatWest?

    • lindo

      Hello ..Mubarak ,have you invested with
      Iwas investing with them amount of 1000$ in the 400% plan,and earn 4000$ in 5 days
      When i wanted to withdraw money from my account ,i was asked to pay a tax rates.
      They said its one time a year tax and then i can withdraw free
      I would like to hear from you friend about this 247cryptoearns platform ,to know
      If i should go further to pay this tax or to live this site!
      Thank you.

    • lindo

      Hello mubarak ..have you invest with
      please tell me about this site ,because i invested with them
      and i want to know if to go further or to leave this site.
      Thank you.

      • Danny Kage

        if you put the investment on your credit card contact them and demand a refund called a charge back due to its not as advertised it may take a lengthy amount of time but worth a try, it worked for me getting my money back from these blood sucking scumbags!!

  19. Raquel Deniz

    Hola me han estafado y engañado en banner bit me sentí drfraudada. Y no me gustaría que le pase a otra persona yo soy jubilada graciad

  20. Kooki

    The only real Bitcoin that is going to survive is BitcoinPro – BTCP
    REMEMBER that you first heard about it here and don’t say you didn’t knew.
    The technology behind it is like no other and definitely better than the original Bitcoin.

  21. Raj


    The day before yesterday a friend was introduced to a website called bitreturn1dotcom by Sabri Bin Amar.

    He clearly told him that he does not want surprises, such as the company asking for more money. Sabir categorically told him that he can start at $250 and he shall get the profit next week. Later he said he has to start with a minimum $500. This was first misinformation, a deliberate one, or a fraud bell ringing. Sabri said he already has many clients signed up. If he has so many clients then he should know the company procedure.

    Anyhow, the next day on the website dashboard it was showing money in profit but here comes a second surprise, or full and final fraud bell. Now he said he has to pay $400 more because his trade made unexpected too much profit so he has to upgrade the package..

    What he has done is a big fraud. He wrote to the so called scammers bitreturn1 dotcom, who refused to give him his money back.

    DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAMMER SABRI AND SCAM COMPANY BITRETURN1 dotcom. Please visit the link to see this scammer Sabri’s current Facebook page and picture. I am not sure if that is his real picture? Maybe the website is part of this scammer man.

    • GUgulethu Berlington


      MESSAGE ON MY PROFILE: Your account was blocked cuz it has passed the limit a standard account should take it needs to be upgraded keep everything On track

      UPGRADE FEE: $850
      ITS A SCAM!!!!!!

  22. Charles

    Could you please write a review from

    They say they are a trading bot with high profits and I already invested there… help!

  23. Rajan is scam , as advertised Withdraw as soon as you get enough 0.0045 BTC!
    Don’t waste your time and REGISTER NOW for FREE.
    They are not doing what they have mentioned at their site, as it seems to be ponzi, when i request for withdrawal.
    -You have to upgrade your plan to `Starter` plan for withdrawal.
    I declare this site is a scam do not invest in them, it is not trust worthy, waist of time and money…

  24. Marco

    Looking for doing some investments I went thru a lot of websites and I can tell I was scammed by However I don´t loss my faith of finding a real and legit website to invest. Doing a search I reached out to this forum and suddenly while reading the coments I saw a banner in this forum of this other company: and I´m guessing it is the same that: Well the thing is that I fall for this company too (today) I´ve just sent them $.10 (Bitcoin) and they were suppossed to send me an e-mail with a code so I can check my deposit status and also my earnings. Time goes by and now I don´t know if I was scammed again or not? Because I haven´t receive any e-mail from that people or something at all.
    Admin please can you tell if you have any information about this website? Are they a Scam? And finally if they are a Scam, it comes to me this question: Why if your website is to prevent scams, or to inform people about scam websites, these people are getting advertising on your forum?
    Thanks for your help!!

  25. Edgar

    Hi, can you check for me please those websites:
    I did a couple investments with them and they are not answering any e-mail.
    I´ll be waiting to hear your conclusions on those “companies”.

  26. James Armstrong

    Need reviews on (100% SCAM)
    And contacting me via messenger is the latest promising ridiculous returns… 110% for 100 to 7000. 121% for 500 to 10000. AND 1000 to 50000 215% returns. So on 50K you’ll get $139000.
    But that’s not the best bit…. ALL IN 19 HOURS!!!
    And why the hell would you invest anything more than 500 in plan 1 or any more than 1000 in plan 2??? These guys aren’t even trying to disguise their scam with that data on rheir professional looking front page. They are that confident that their shills will draw in the targets. Like Akifumi Abraham who contacted me, ensuring me it was a legit and paying site. I swear they all use the same script. “Hello friend” they all start with
    Do you have/know bitcoin?” Seeing as you found me on a Facebook group relating to cryptocurrency… That’s the stupidest question ever.
    Do you want to invest in my scam? I mean
    Is the stupidest question ever
    James Armstrong

  27. James Armstrong

    Hi Admin, saw tbe review for thank you. I replied because they obviously felt the heat I was applyibg and deleted their website… But a little creative searching and I found the exact same designed site….. sooi creative.
    P.s. I’d like to write reviews of you need assistance. I can investigate online too. Track websites and IP’s etc. Learnt a lot after getting scammed. Lol

  28. Bon is this company a scam or a legit company. Please help me. I ve invest 1260$ and they are asking another 720$ for system upgrade. My account is not active animore. They told me once i upgrade i can withdraw the profit

  29. James

    Two scams to watch out for when you start emailing asking where your pending withdrawal is.. all of a sudden you can’t get to their website anymore. Either they’ve blocked my IP, or they have shutdown. I used VPN and got back again once.. can’t get back again. They cost me 0.0009 btc so not too bad another one that cost me a bit more. I wrote a thing here on what happened.

    trying to spread the word, warn as many as I can. Already saved two people that I know of. They reached out and thanked me. So at least my loss wasn’t in vain.

  30. Kristi

    Your site is very useful. I’ve been looking for something like this.
    I want to ask you. So maybe you know about I think this platform is good. But but I want to learn your opinion.

  31. Darío

    Soy un usuario avanzado en minergate, la verdad es que por lo que he visto no he notado nada raro en el tiempo que llevo trabajando en minergate, de hecho sigo trabajando allí, eso sí, no he probado la minería en la nube ni lo recomiendo probar, en cuanto a lo que se dice de el robo de potencia no creo que hayan evidencias sobre eso pero si creo que haya lag en el panel principal de la página, y te aparezca una potencia de hashes menor a la correspondiente.
    I am an advanced user in minergate, the truth is that from what I have seen I have not noticed anything strange in the time that I have been working in minergate, in fact I still work there, yes, I have not tested mining in the cloud nor recommend it try, in terms of what is said of the power theft I do not think there is evidence about that but I think there is lag in the main panel of the page, and you see a power of hashes less than the corresponding.

  32. SIna

    Dear Sirs,
    Take special attention if you get messages from some guys inviting you to buy BTC with a very good rate (10-20 % bellow market value) in this website:
    They are scammers and I did lost all my investment. Search their name on youtube for more information

  33. chugurund

    pay attention to babycrypto aka omer with the phonenumber +1(573)338-0460, he’s a complete scammer and supports, who are big scammers as well!!

    • SIna

      Yes you are 100% right. He will ask you your country first and then pretends to be in your country but another city. Then offers you ladies in your next trips and when get nears to you introduce you with the which you will do deal and then all your BTC will be locked there and you can not send it out, then the support team ask you to bring the same amount of BTC from an external source and that BTC will be locked there too. and then they ask you to bring at least 1 btc which you will be completely tricked and they limit your access to the website

  34. Khad

    I have been scammed from a company called NXT
    I spent £300 as my investment. after 5 days they emailed me to transfer $1200 for transfer fee.
    Because i did’t have the money and it took me a week they charged me £500 for late payment.
    In total I had spent over 3k and still did not get my profit of 16k.
    Please be aware.

  35. iben23

    Hello everyone,
    I am Back to Hack the Cryptocurrency Industry Websites Scammers!😎 Worldwide.
    Please let me know if there are any scam sites. I will let my White Hackers to destroy those scam sites networks.

  36. iben23

    Guys, has anyone ever been scam from this telegram bot?
    Is it paying or not? recommended or not?
    Thanks everyone.

  37. Jeffrey O.

    Please I encountered a BTC mining site which was introduced to me and that it pays. But my question is please I want to know if it is actually legit and pays. The website name is

  38. Mike

    Hi, folks, would you kindly look into bitreturn1 it is a dot com domain. They have people on facebook who say you can for example invest $300 and in seven days the returns are $2700. They say you can withdraw every seven days, weekly. I am very warey of such cliams and companies especially in Bitcoin where scam are indemic.

    • Michael

      Hi Admin, or anyone, please help me get an understanding on bitreturn1. I suspect they are a scam but can’t find anything on the internet other than they are under 100 days old. It would be good to define if they are a scam however so that we can help others not to fall into theor trap. If they are genuine, well then we have that info too. Thanks.

    • Tim

      Hello Tomas,

      FXPrime does not appear to be a regulated platform and if you browse their investment plans you will notice how they range between $25k, $200k or 2 BTC, all of which are steep deposit requirements. In addition, FX Primes does not appear to be overseen by any active corporations which makes tracking down your money a difficult task for if things go bad quickly. is a peculiar operation and one that I would not trust. On their site you will notice how they claim to be a “registered cryptocurrency investment and cooperative investment company,” yet when you look up their corporation (BitcoinTradeMate Limited #10845104) through Beta.CompaniesHouse.Gov.Uk you will notice how their corporation is actually a Private Limited Company. In addition, their disclosed office address of William Smith, 1 Bell Street Maidenhead, Maindenhead, United Kingdom, SL6 1BU is unplottable.

      Both FX Prime and are bluffs as you would say my friend.

      Hope this helped you out.


    • Tim

      Hi Joi,

      EMarketsTrade is an interesting platform to say the least, my initial assessment of their trading platform would be that they are not a reliable platform. Their registered office address for their corporate office (SAS Global Trading Limited #09233564) is actually the corporate address for Zhejiang Iluxz Lighting Co., Ltd.. not SAS Global Trading Ltd…..Secondly, deposit requirements range between $2,500 to $100,000.. quite a sum of cash to handover to a questionable, unverified and what appears to be an unregulated brokerage. My verdict is NOT to trust their platform.

  39. iben2307

    Guys…. Watchout !!!
    with anyone offering BTC Mining Privately, using or onbehalf by telling people using his/her/their own Antminers etc…. !!!
    They normally used the terms “freeze”, “watch only”, etc….
    and requesting some amount of money to “unfreeze” the account.
    Hahahahahahahahaha…. Stupid Human Scammers!!!!!

    It is SCAM!😎

    • iben2307

      scammers normally, imported others high amount of BTC, and under “watch only” status to do the criminal tricks.

    • Jimmy Beltran

      Yeah, I just got scammed by Patricia_btctrader on Instagram like this. I posted my comment. The same way unfortunately. Is there any way to track these thieves…??? The Feds maybe…or white hackers…???

    • Lynn Brewer

      NEW SCAM ALERT Posting. I am an advisor to a crypto and received an PM from someone posing as one of our admins on Telegram. What they are doing is creating an identical handle using same Avatar but putting a 0 at the end of the handle in their profile – they are then contacting (via PM) people who have posted on Telegram telling people where to send coins!!!! People are being scammed. Even I was fooled a bit because it looked identical to one of our PMs. People need to know about this. Telegram is creating a vehicle to scam legitimate people.

  40. Crypto Albert

    Hi! I bought my Gunbot from for some months ago, and it works perfect. In the beginning I needed support and the support from Gunbot was really good.

    • iben

      Network Error

      Network Error (tcp_error)

      A communication error occurred: “Connection reset by peer”

      The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

      For assistance, contact your network support team.

  41. Cryptomaniac

    I did a little digging in to this before before i invested and im glad i did. I found out the the CEO Ron Ramsey is the owner of a scam site.

    This is a link i found while looking up

    In the owner section you see this.
    Name: Ron Ramsey
    Organisation: Cryptoshine Limited
    Street: 84 Popes Ln
    City: London
    Postalcode: W5 4NT (1)
    Country: United Kingdom [United Kingdom]
    Telephone: +**.**********()
    These Sites May Also Be Related:-
    [United Kingdom] uk ..74%

    So if you type in and look up Cryptoshine limited. You find some interesting stuff. Her are a couple links.

    Warning do not send your money

    • cryptomaniac

      Its not even a bussiness its a small house. So many redflags.,+London+W5+4NT,+Великобританія/@51.49938,-0.3033307,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x48760dec797b9093:0xf40854682086d5b3!8m2!3d51.4993767!4d-0.301142

    • MD. RASEL

      I want to know about
      they have a software… they said they have to give 220$. If I gave them 220$ they will give me one mining pool…from that mining pool I can earn upto 15btc daily…is it real or fake…plzzz help me….

      • Coinblaze_

        Sounds strange. I know people who use MinerGate without such issues. I myself don’t have such issues. Probably you should contact MinerGate and ask for clarification.

  42. iben2307

    Guys, Watchout with!!! is Scam!
    Has Trapped alot of Investors, by converting ETH to OCC without the consent and good business manners.! & and has created lost to so many investors and miners.

    Watchout with . !!!!

  43. Cris

    Received 0.00350000 BTC TXID f9d076780e0b29db341a989de57cfdc6411f420a4c43a92920cda503b7122eba. Generate Bitcoin online [link removed]

  44. Aymar

    Btc prominer scamm I defrauded

    I saw this information very late. I have received a loan and paid for it. I am in a very difficult situation. I came to a divorce with a person I was married to. If someone reading the letter, please help me.

    Please Help

    Btc adres : 1L9TGN4SimzDnDRKxy5efJvaTCTt9zdrF4

  45. iben2307, BullShit !

    just watch out!


    Checkout the program codes, what languange it used? cobol, pascal,c++, java, algo, etc?

    Definitely Idiot bullshit Why?
    inside the .exe program, stealing any Miners/Users CPU hashpower ……… despite paying but only 0.0000000001% will be for the miners

    This is the Idiot games of Newbie programmers, supported by funders.

    They’d Better eat my shit which is better than those hashpowers… hahahahahaha

    wanna be a Bastard?
    You better eat my BIG shit!


    • neil o brien

      Can I get my bitcoin back if I have the bitcoin address of the person who conned me out of the only 3 I has turned my life upside down

      • iben2307

        Hi… Mr. Brien, nice to hear you back.

        Decentralized blockchain technology made things bit harder to get those scammers.

        If You have the bitcoin address of the scammers, Yes, it is definitely can be detected and monitor the funds activites at such btc address.

        100% very possible to get the exact spot where the hardwares that belongs to such btc address.
        Firstly, it is because at those hardwares always have an ID. From Such ID, you can find the location of btc address is stored, in which country,etc….

        Secondly, every domain are registered at domain and hosting providers. Those domain are protected and used claudservices for more protection of the scammers. Ofcourse Hosting providers dan VPS providers are knows them, despite all of the Scammers are using fake details.

        Through the codes of the pages, programmers who understood such computer languanges can easily find out the algo pseducode, the logical flow of the program inside the page. for instance such codes that link to github, .css, etc.
        Printout those code and let the computer programmers identify and mapping the codes inside the domain pages, etc.

        Thirdly, ……😁

        Fourthly,….. Should you have any further discussions, please kind do not hesitate to send me an email at [email protected] for technical details.

        I would suggest you to please kindly send an email to the Admin for the Detail Review of those Domains which has conned you.

        Thank you.

        Best Regards,

        Your Mate😊🇲🇨☕
        ex-student of IT, CSU.

      • iben2307

        We are doing more research and development about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for a better future and secured for all Miners, Investors, and Government and Country.

      • Reilly

        It’s complicated but under the right conditions it can be done. Consult with an experienced recovery firm like

    • iben2307

      Hello Minergate, Sometimes You’re really have to ask you GrandFather, Instead of Tje Grandmother.
      My Advise: Grown up and be fair, Do Improvement of your services. Because eventually miners and investors are smarter than YOU despite You have collected too much coins.
      Wake up, and make the industry in the good shape and a better future for everyone.

      Cheers Browzs…..😇😈

  46. Tex Tony

    Hello dear friends;

    I know this question is not for this place; but I can not find the right place; (from now I apologize for this) 1ª- I bought to a exchange some 100 euros of Bitcoin (that charged me about 12% of fees), I asked to deposit in my on wallet in (; now they ask me to pay 1,000 mBTC for transfer the 87€ of BTC to the exchange Binance. First question is: how much is 1,000 mBTC; if the amount were about 1.000 euros of BTC, or 5.000 euros of BTC the transfer fees it would be the same ???

    Thank you so much.

    • Admin

      Do you mean 1,000 mBTC or 1.000 mBTC? 1,000 mBTC equals 1 BTC, which seems quite expensive. 1 mBTC equals 0.001 BTC. At the moment that equals USD 14.60 or EUR 12.23.

      • Tex Tony

        First thank you so much for your help …
        Its was what they wrote … 1,000 mBTC with a comma (,) not with a point (.) anyway is excessive, its about 20% of the total value. If I send 1,000 euros in value will be the same … or it will also be 20%, with the 13% of fee from the exchange … its about 33% lost … … … … its madness !!!

  47. iben2307

    hi All Bitcoin Scammers,
    We know where You Are for Sure!

    We even know what colours of your underwear you are wearing now!

    We’ll get you in other worlds

    Warning Regards,

    Devils Legion

  48. Tokuchi

    Is ccg mining a scam or not?
    They are selling mining rigs which make me think that they are legit but at the same time the people shown in their website who said to be their ceo and staffs are all working in other aspects like modeling or photography, please let me know if ccg mining is legit ir not thanks.

  49. iben2307

    Hi support team,

    I was Promoting DONATION to the World,
    and there are many people are sending their
    Bitcoins to My Bitcoin addresses at the following My Wallet address

    1. 99a0f36e-df57-4f47-a655-e6a5e8a66b7c
    2. a09ae561-4403-4d94-85bb-f2ac2809e02e
    3. 8bc3b42a-7a98-4383-a8bb-eb5931cdba25
    However, due to Lack of Technology Systems,
    those bitcoins Balances are not Updated athe Wallets, Despite
    The Transfers are Valid, approved, Received!!!! (proofs of SMS and Emails are available).

    If is NOT Updating My btc Balance accordingly based on our proofs Then Defitely I Would Claim INTERPOL Agents Worldwide That is Conducting Misbehaved and Scammed!!!!!

    Thank You.
    Warning Regards,
    Owner of Wallet ID

  50. simon

    now we can invest btcoin on www bitcoinsolve com this site is paying daily , and we can relies our bitcoin any time , no contracted date ,

  51. Ltoni

    Dear All,

    Please, advertise people that SIERRAHASH.COM is a SCAM !!! Actually this site is still open and a lot of people is yet signing up !!! Fortunatly, I’ve withdraw my invested money before this site cancell payout. The entire site are still working but you can’t make withdraw. How can we stop the access to this site? I saw that domain is located in Germany (see Whois site). I tryed to advise the hosting administrator but he said nothing can do.

    Advise everybody: is a SCAM !!!

  52. Danny OH

    Luno Account Compromised
    I opened an account with Luno last month and all was well.
    However, this morning I received an email from Luno (7:55am Malaysia time) stating that “You have created an API key linked to your Luno account”
    But I did not create this API and this is the first time I heard of API.
    Then at 7:56am, I received an email from Luno that I had transferred all my BTC to another address and at 8:01am I received another email from Luno that I had transferred somemore BTC (apparently cash available in my wallet is used to purchase BTC and transferred out).
    I sent a report to [email protected] as I cannot find a Luno telephone number to call to.
    I considered this as SERIOUS but [email protected] replied that it may take upto 4 working days to respond to my message and assign a Ticket Reference Number to me (#280372).
    1)Why was an API created and linked to my Luno account without my knowledge?
    2)I have “two-factor authentication” enabled and how come my account can be compromised?
    3)Should I file a Police Report with my local Police station?

    Any advice you you can give is most appreciated.
    Thank you

  53. Adriana

    Hello, I’m interested in a company called USI-Tech…must of the reviews are deciding that is a scam but on the other side i see videos on youtube how many peoples have withdraw the amounts.
    Thank you!

  54. trOyYey

    Hello there, What do you guys think about , some people were resieving payments and the admins are kinda active,

    need a review please

  55. Miguel Munoz

    These people are suspected of being scammers of
    Dany @b2bradio
    Henry Ngo @Henryngo85
    Jean Claude TSALA @Jclaude7
    cBRAIN @culturedBRAIN
    Aleksej Vojanov @aleksej971

  56. Miguel Munoz

    Bitcoin Generator – Free BTC by Injecting Exploits to Bitcoin Pools and Blockchain

  57. Francis David Conzo has removed their site. Their promised refund of $4600 may bow be in jeopordy.

    How do I file with the postal fraud inspectors?

    How can i file with the fraud division of the FBI?


    F D Conzo

  58. vishnu

    Your information was good for finding the scams on bitcoin but you should try the coinxtrading website is a bitcoin trading platform. Is Legit? What is The company trades bitcoin with investors money. Coinxtrading pays a specific mentioned amount in the given packages. The least package starts with 100$+30$ registration fees and the highest package is 500000$+30$ Registration fees. The percentage of the payment for the investments are mentioned in the below image.


  59. jdub0923

    Here’s a good one for you Admin. An ICO promising big returns based on their own coin that will magically have some fairly high value.

    Looks like bitconnect with staking, etc.

  60. xtrememehardware

    Beware of Bitcoin exchange website , it tells you that is exchange Bitcoin to money to you fast thru Paypal or credit card ..etc.. fast .

    its fake because i have sent them 0.0265 Bitcoin in exchange for money to be transferred to my paypal , when transferred them my bitcoins i received an email that its in process then 2 hours later they sent an email mentioned the following:


    Your exchange from Bitcoin BTC to PayPal USD was processed. I.e. You receive money!
    Your PayPal account receive 169.65 USD

    If you have some problems please feel free to contact with us on [email protected]

    afterwards i didn’t get any money till now and every day i send them email to there support and form but no response .
    from here i take it that they stole the money and to double confirm it , my friend tried with them and he also got scammed by them.

    until now no solutions or replies from them about this case.

    • Anthony Armstrong

      I too got scammed $75 USD. I transferred my bitcoins to them and got the same e-mails. two weeks later i still havent received my money onto my mastercard. I too sent many emails with not one reply. Now the site doesn’t not even exist anymore.

  61. Robbis

    There is big controversy over Bitconnect, lot of people invested in it. Some 100’s,while others 1000’s. This could bankrupt a lot of people. It also promising big returns with little or no down. What’s you take on it?

  62. Khayelihle Maziya

    I have invested $1000 with BITTRADING CC with a promise of 6% profits payable daily. Not only didn’t i received the promised profits, im not able to withdraw my investment as well. Im willing to pay $300 if you can recover $1000 i have invested.

  63. Khyl

    Admin can you please review bittrading cc for me. I have invested $1000 and whatever little it allows me to withdraw is pending forever

  64. Chriss

    I am following your posts, but didn´t find anithing about Lions trading club.The Company guarantees the invested amount at any time, with the exception of the
    earnings and the commissions and secures them through a security fund managed by a third party.
    In addition, the shareholders of the company
    ensure with their personal assets the money paid by the investors.Is this possible in Crypto world???
    Thank you,best regards.

      • Tiibe

        So shut down their site after the alleged scam… i just happened to notice their site stil on my frequents in my browser and i opened it to realise thar the site is back on and all my profits have been accrued without a single exception and my pending payments are still pending.. as if nothing happned to the site.. can you check on this for me please…

    • Sawanda

      It is frustrating that they gave us some inspiring introduction only to disappear never to respond to enquires.
      Personally I need to be refunded …

  65. Francis David Conzo

    The company I asked you too look into has called me and said i would be receiving a full refund in 45 days.

    Please hold up on any investigations for now.

    Hope they are telling me the truth.


    F D Conzo

  66. Imran ali

    Please friends don’t deal with they are SCAM!!! they give my return on investment 3 times after that i deposited $1000 and waited for my investment to mature and they started asking for more money. They said i am up grated to VIP (Which i didn’t ask for). Unless i deposit more i will not be able to withdraw. I was left hopeless after many chats i come to know that i can’t withdraw my withdrawal is seized till i pay them $500. I had no option to get my money back so i thought let me invest $500 at least i will get my 1000$ return. I was seeing on there withdrawal many people withdrawing thousands of dollars and i got into the scam and deposited another $500 and again the same situation. They didn’t pay my investment and told me now i am up grated to VIP+ (Again i didn’t ask for it and i had to get into this trouble).

    Make the story short i lost $4000 and now i don’t see any home of recovering my money. So i tell every one to stay away from

    • Akaash Shashiender

      same story here.I have about $1000 with them and they keep asking for more funds to release my deposit.Have reported to the and waiting to hear from them.You too can register ur case with them.

    • brandon

      i deposited $225 on the same day oct 4th and still have yet to see it hit my aliexcoin wallet. I’ve sent multiple emails to support and opened a ticket to no avail. Nobody has responded to my inquiries yet either. Domain is registered somewhere in panama. I’m calling this a scam

  67. Bir Pal

    Scammer scammer scammer
    Attention to Everyone/Friends

    Please read this must. (The below site is scammer )

    I am telling you truth about, ( I joined this company on 11 july 2017. I invested amount first time $ 20 and then $ 45 and after that $ 200 but I got only $ 9 till date. I requested to withdraw $ 51 on 2 Aug, 2017. when I didn’t get it in time then I chated with consultant of this site they told me that your account has been hold and We will confirm in 24 hours, but I see that after 3 hours they send me email in which written that you received a bonus: $ 30,000.00 but you have to to pay a minimum amount of (0.98490212BTC) or $ 2900 as a “Withdrawal fee” or tax to be able to qualify to receive this bonus in your BTC wallet. After that I chated with the consultant and said that I have no need this type of Bonus, I just want my earnings and principal only. But they told me that all payments will be made after your deposit is conformed. I told that I have no such a lot of money to pay you, then they told me that we cannot do nothing without the deposit. They say every time that you first pay, then we will credit your account and no words except this.

    When I am not the asking for bonus why they are forcing me to deposit the same. When they are not paying $ 51 only which was requested on 2 Aug, 2017. how I can believe that they will pay me this bonus after required deposit.

    In Remarks- They have cheated / deceived to me and I have lost of my money.
    I have posted chated details with the consultant.
    I am bringing notice to all persons/friends that nobody invest in this company any funds I.e take no plan of this sites.

    Scammer , scammer , scammer scammer

    I requested to withdraw $ 51 on 2 Aug, 2017 they did not pay a very samll amount $ 51. I have earned also $ 525 and withdraw on 06 Aug 2017 this amount also I didn’t get. After that I chated with consultant Then consultant told me that we are going to deactivate your account and removed chated support. They have cheated / deceived me.

    Now I request you all friends that please forward this message to all your friends.
    I request you to my all friend to post this on facebook, forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter, etc sites

    Inspite of this Today I received the message that bitearnforex have send me $ 10,000 whereas my account has been already disactived . This shows that this company in real are making fool to the people.

    So I request to the people to avoid this sites I am enclosing herewith all proofs.

    Bir Pal

  68. Rita Raven

    I’d like to post a warning with every website exposing scammers. I have an actual name and phone numbers. BITCOIN PRO TRADER, Mahi Singh at 844-672-9115 and 844-757-8828. Took extreme advantage of my lack of knowledge and inserted phone address to which to send funds. Lost $2000. Please advise everyone and alert me should there be other sites to which I can post.

  69. Leigh

    Posted negative review for coinjar as nearly been two weeks since deposit hasn’t cleared long time to reply with more excuses.
    Coinjar reply was they took down my message and banned me from coinjar saying fraudulent bank transactions? lost $500 now I will be pasting this on as many review sites as possible I should have read the negative reviews first and gone with someone else

    • vijay kumar


      I have a similar experience but that God to Mrs [name removed] who help me out and introduce me to a reliable and trusted bitcoin earning site.Now I Am rich and earn bitcoin every single passing day of my life

      * Affiliate link removed from comment.

      • Lisa Beed

        Apparently there was a fraudulent Coinbase customer service phone number online which I called last week. I was attempting to get access again to my Bitcoin account, since I had lost access to the email I signed up with. They were able to withdraw money from my bank account and attempted to do it a second time for a larger dollar amount that I didn’t have in my bank account r. . At this moment I don’t know for sure if they took everything from my Bitcoin wallet. I have since gained access to my original email, but still unable to access my Bitcoin account. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!
        New email is : [email protected]

  70. Amagwuiberi Patrick

    I sent 0.00547311 btc to for exchange into ruble on sunday 13th August, till now no exchange has been transfered to my payeer wallet.I have written a complain to [email protected] still no response.

    Patrick Anayo.

  71. Philip Grimson

    What you really need to do is to find some method to clear these SCUMBAGS off the Internet! Is there not some way these adverts can be blocked? These are deliberate frauds! Does this Website really want to feed such information to its subscribers? I guess not – because it is the easiest way to anger their subscribers and shut it down for posting false information. Whatever they loose in discarding whatever they gain from these websites they wlil recover as honest and trustworthy purveyors of genuine information. THINK ABOUT IT GUYS! BUILD A REPUTABLE SITE WHICH IS RESPECTED AND FOLLOWED , OP EARN THE REPUTATION OF BEING THE TRASH CAN FOR THE SCAM BAGS OF THE INTERNET!

  72. Toni bagliani

    Hello I was scammed out of funds by Mahi Singh of Bitcoin ProTraders. 844-672 9115 and 844-757-8828. Watch out…very helpful then takes your money and then blocks your phone number

  73. Stranga

    My case with

    I was in hurry and created a wallet account on “” and quickly transferred money to and from the wallet – which i regret a lot now. The page seems to be offline and my coins are locked on an address, on which i have no key to. What a mess that i realized after sending the coins, that the website “” doesnt give the option the get to a guarantee letter for the used addresses.

    Let me quickly resume what happened:
    26.06.17 – I ve sent the amount of 0.083000 BTC and the amount of 0.005690 to the wallet address of strongwallet. It arrived. Then i ve sent those amounts to another address; it was removed from strongwallet address but it never arrived at the forwarding address!

    On block chain, i can see the two amounts still pending on the adresses of i ve sent coins to. Also i can see that the forwarding address reminds no such transactions that i m missing.
    – So in fact, the coins just visually disappeared from the strongwallet account, but not from the real physical addresses. They got never forwarded cause i see the original amount i ve sent is remained untouched at the addresses i ve sent to. Its visible on block chain.
    Am i right?!?

    The support option on the page doesnt really work. I get automated “support tickets” for my mail requests but i cant answer to the mails. There is no sender address!

    If you know to help me how to get my coins back, i d be grateful. All i have is screenshots of all of it and still the access to my strongwallet account, where the two addresses i have send money from still are listed. (Showing, that i have sent money away from, what never really happened):

    – Sincerely – Stranga

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