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As the cryptocurrency market grows, so does the number of scammers looking to exploit unsuspecting investors. These scams can take many forms, including fake Bitcoin exchanges, fraudulent mining sites, and deceptive auto-trading platforms.

At ScamBitcoin.com, we are committed to exposing these scams and guiding you toward legitimate exchanges and profitable trading opportunities. Our comprehensive crypto scam warning list and detailed reviews help you identify and avoid potential threats.

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  • Expose Scams: Our crypto scam warning list highlights known scams, helping you stay informed and safe.
  • Educate Traders: Our blog offers in-depth articles and reviews to help you make informed trading decisions.
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  1. Tariq

    Are these crypto groups scams?

  2. Nangamso

    A guy pitched this luno account to me and promised to help me guide me if how to trade all he did is to show me how to deposit money to my luno account after he gave me a link that I believe it is his receiving code he said I must send my Bitcoins there after I did he said there will be notifications telling me about my trading status but he dissappeared I think I’m robbed

  3. pablo

    hi can you check scambitcoin.com? because they are writing fake reviews

    • Nagato

      Like on what reviews
      Which particular reviews were they wrong about?

  4. John Pitts

    Love your site!

    Can you do an unbiased scam review of IDCM exchange?

    Other ideas:
    BitFinex (NY Attorney General investigation)

    John Pitts
    Twitter: @EquityDiamonds

  5. MarJ

    Hi maam/sir please kindly check this website if it is legit or scam, thank you (dualmine.com)

  6. Ponatshego

    Good day,
    Kindly advise if 360cryprotions is a scam or legitimate company.And who this Timothy Leary is,he claims to be a trader.

    • Gopsy

      Hi Ponatshego, did you get any information regarding him? are currently trading? if yes which platforms are you using?

  7. Talikong Allen Nshanji

    Is the investment platform goex.pro real?
    Please, help verify.

    Best regards,
    Talikong Allen Nshanji

  8. Meraj ullah

    bit7880.com is scam or legit any check

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