Crypton.Trading Review – Legit Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

Crypton Trading, which is available at Crypton.Trading, is amongst one of the newest cryptocurrency trading robots to flood the already saturated cryptocurrency marketplace.

Allegedly based on “machine learning,” Crypton Trading is said to analyze thousands of trading transactions which can then plot perfect entries for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

To find out more regarding the Crypton Trading bot, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Crypton.Trading


Crypton.Trading does not provide much information regarding their operation apart from that their offer a cryptocurrency trading robot.

We navigated through the site to find that there were no Earnings Disclaimers, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy or Terms of Use pages.

This indicates to us that Crypton.Trading is not only trying to remain anonymous but they are also trying to eradicate their site from any liabilities that may occur.

There were 3 tabs available at Crypton.Trading which were equally unhelpful as the other.

Technology, Team Lookup and Contacts page.

While we discuss the information shared in the Technology tab below, the Team Lookup page of Crypton.Trading was utterly useless.

Saying that if you would like to meet their CEO you would have to register with their cryptocurrency trading bot.

The contacts page on the other hand served as ammunition for us in our attempt to discredit this rather ominous and unknown trading robot.

The physical location that Crypton.Trading discloses is 180 Sansome St, Fl. 2, San Francisco, CA 94104.

When we submitted this address into a Google search query, we discovered it was the physical address of RocketSpace, which is a commercial real estate center.

The email address they provide is while they provided the following telephone numbers: +1 (415) 299-48-83 and +7 (926) 754-53-23.

Further investigation of the entity would reveal that they are an engineering company that delivers high-quality digital products, which fits how they could have simplistically created Crypton.Trading.

Domain Insight

A WHOIS report will indicate that Crypton.Trading was founded by the alleged CEO behind Evrone on October 26th, 2017 through the Key-Systems, LLC registrar.

The registrant contact information is as followed:

Name: Oleg U Balbekov

Street: Presnenskaya nab 6c2

City: Moscow

State: Moscow

Postal Code: 123317

Country: RU

Phone: +7.926 754 5323


Crypton.Trading Scam Test

Does the website share any ownership information?

No, Crypton.Trading does not disclose any information regarding their current owners or operators.

In order to find any information of the sort we had to resort to conducting a WHOIS domain report while investigating the legitimacy of their platform.

Does the site rank in market intelligence reports?

For a domain that has been around for over a year, we find it highly unusually that Crypton.Trading failed to secure any web rankings.

This indicated to us that Crypton.Trading likely does not receive much traffic, if any at all.

Is there any community feedback regarding Crypton.Trading?

Throughout our investigation process, we were unable to find any community feedback across multiple search engines regarding Crypton.Trading.

Does the site reference how their trading bot functions?

Not really. According to their site, Crypton Trading analyzes thousands of trading transactions and reveals patterns using their machine learning algorithms.

From there Crypton Trading can allegedly predict changes at certain price points where users can allegedly execute investments with the best probability of success.

What Crypton Trading means by reference to using their “machine learning” algorithms we are uncertain but what is known is that the creators behind this system are not thorough and are likely hiding something.

Which cryptocurrencies does Crypton.Trading support?

There is no information regarding which cryptocurrencies Crypton.Trading supports.

To add, there is no information regarding any deposit or withdrawal minimums or maximums, which payment methods they accept along with no information regarding which exchanges or brokerages they invest through.

Furthermore, Crypton.Trading does not appear to be regulated or licensed.

Crypton.Trading Review Conclusion

Crypton.Trading could be a profitable cryptocurrency trading robot for all we know but given the blatant lack of information and their beat-around-the-bush tactics, we do not feel comfortable suggesting their platform.

Failing to provide ownership information on their site along with crucial information such as how their trading bot actually works, accepted payment methods along with whether they are licensed to invest are big red flags in our books.

Given the information shared above, we are advising all day traders to give Crypton Trading a wide berth and to avoid their operation as a whole, if possible.

Verdict: Crypton Trading should NOT be Trusted!

Site: Crypton.Trading

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or feedback you may have below!


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