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  1. Scott

    Hi, I am Scott. Recently I saw a post on youtube comment about triplebtc.bitrix24.site
    I invested 0.5 BTC & they pay me triple first time. I am confused what will happen if I invest second time. Is there anyone who invested 2nd time and got payment or not? Because I invested in many site and got payment 1st time from some of them & some did’t paid second times.
    Is any legit site that pay every investment?

    • Bernard

      Hi, kindly see wishcall.app is it legit or a scam!

  2. Luis Sestini

    Hey, my name is Luis Sestini. And i am here to warn all of you because this Mineocean is a pure Scheme. I invested 250 dollars 2 months ago with the ”maneger account” Paul Henry Meg. He is getting people all along Linkedin to invest in their “platform”. But he is completely false, I already found him on Facebook named as Jimmy Santos. DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING HE SAY.
    There is an opened investigation about him and the site mineocean, and very fast they discovered that mineocean is nothing but a Layout, there is no security at all, they just get your money and then charge you more money, the famous “eletricity bill” for withdrawal your money.

    And worst, after many complains from me, Mineocean.com / trandinvestments.com just DELETED my account with 48 thousand dolars in my balance, do you beleive in that?

    I have all the facts and evidences here with me, if anyone is thinking about investing in this scheme please send me an email (luis_sestini@hotmail.com) that i will show everything i have agaist them.

    Old fashioned scheme!!!

  3. Daniel

    Kontofx in Hungary and Coinbrokez in Cyprus both connected in scam bitcoin ,,fake trading
    Platforms,fake names, non English callers,advice to take loans out,false self reviews all positive of course on trust pilot ,fake busy office background that’s on a soundtrack,nasty people wanting
    To steal cash from innocent newbies, there all over web for scamming. £250 deposits to start and personal documentation! That’s for identifyfication theft! Not for tax purposes lols !

  4. Jessica

    Admin! I needs trusted site to mine my btc

  5. Etienne

    Good day, i want to report this site unless the admins for the website sort my issue out.
    The website is crypto-e.biz. Please review it and let us know.
    Thank you

  6. cesar

    can you tell me if this website is scam?


  7. whois

    Any reliable api that provides BTC wallet transactions/balance? Official one is down every second hour..

  8. Nelson Alcántara

    Buenos dias por favor necesito saber si esta plataforma de inversion es scam NIX BITCOIN, o NIXBTC.COM, gracias por su atencion,..

  9. Peter

    Hi, is this site legit or scam? moneyadderpro.com

    • synox

      scaaammmm… don’t buy anything on this site, they are big scam

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