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Crypto Planet is a relatively new crypto exchange which has gotten a lot of attention in some regions around Portugal. They are licensed under SEC and have offices in London and Switzerland. There are some drawbacks of joining this platform, but they depend upon your personal trading style and preference.

Nowadays amidst hundreds of choices, it is really crucial for every retail investor to make sure that they deal only with the ones who have stood the test of time.

To know whether if this platform will help you in your trading or investing endeavour, read our unbiased review till the end. Crypto Planet Review

License, Regulation and Support Team

Ever since the cryptocurrency broke new heights in 2017, the masses have immense interest in them. While many people understand the true way the blockchain system works, many of them are still under the impression that it is a ticket to get rich quick.

The major conflict of interest between the parties has made regulatory bodies enforce strict rules to brokerages. Crypto Planet, license number – SEC/13246348. We couldn’t find any details about them on FINRA. However, for precise information on this matter, you have to contact the support team of the firm.

Due to the lack of testimonials and information, we do not know the timings of the employees of this institution or the way they handle the clients. Here are their contact details.

Headquarters Office – Staffelstrasse 3, Zurich, Switzerland.

United Kingdom Branch – Westminster, SWA1A 3BE, London, United Kingdom.

Email –

Phone – +441613941773

Asset Class and Charting Platform

Before we dive into the trading instruments available, note that this platform is an exchange which unlike the broker will obviously have less available options. If you are someone who relies on trading bots or softwares, then this platform will not be of much importance to you.

However, if you are trading only the top cryptos or looking for a reliable platform to store your coins for the long term, then this exchange is all you need. There are only 5 crypto pairs to choose from and the fees for the transaction are unfortunately not stated anywhere on their website.

They do provide tick data on their dashboard. Since it is impossible to trade without indicators, you will need to use an additional platform such as Tradingview to make your decisions.

On the bright side, the TradingView allows the users to input custom indicators. So, it can be customized to whatever setting you might ever need.

Domain Information

Below we have gathered the generic information about this website using and

Domain –

Registered On – 12/04/2019

Expiry – 12/04/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 6,425,070

Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposits to this exchange can be made via Bitcoin or Ethereum only. On the dashboard, the amount by default will be shown in EUR value. The minimum deposit amount is $60 equivalent in BTC or ETH.

There might be fees involved on the transactions and as there is no FAQ section on their site, we do not have any idea about how long they take to process withdrawals. Usually, for Bitcoin transaction, the average time required to confirm transaction is 2 to 4 hours, but it might take longer in some cases.

Crypto Planet Review Conclusion

Crypto Planet appears to be a reputable broker and the security measures they have in place is also top of the class. However, the only reason as to why we have slight hesitation to give it a green signal is because of the lack of testimonials.

We are sure that with time, the customer feedback will increase which will provide a clear overall picture about their service. Right now, if you wish to get started with them, then start with investing the bare minimum capital to test them out. Once you are happy with the service, then it will be easy to scale up eventually.

Have you used Crypto Planet Exchange? If yes, then leave a comment below describing your experience with them.


    • PR

      The weasel Known as Jordan Flint AKA Dead man walking, haha I’m on you.

  1. PR

    making tip toe movements on finding these arsholes, my aim is to find the little prick that calls himself Jordan Flint AKA dead man walking, I will never give up.

  2. Steve

    PR if you ever find them give me a shout would love to turn up on doorstep


    • PR

      Certainly will, I suspect there will be a queue

  3. Paul

    Total Scam don’t go near them I have lost a fortune also connected to cryptos888 , spoke to them on a daily bases for months they are proper weasels the dick I spoke to called himself Jorden Flint said he was swiss just a worm would know his voice anywhere, you better hope you never get found you cockroach.

  4. Pynt

    That platform is closed cryptos planet

  5. Deborah

    Total scam, my partner has lost thousands!

  6. Anonymous

    Total scam, don’t touch with a bargepole, my partner has lost thousands!

  7. san fran

    finis now they all gone mr connor died in car crash this is number 07404709623 or 07515384211

    • steve

      Ive lost thousands so was just trying to find out if anyone new anything or has any info about them

      • steve

        I have those nos but who is mr connor

        • peter

          he is the big con of that gost company

  8. Mark

    Hello William, I’m having no problems withdrawing back and forth by cryptos, I’m really sorry to hear about your situation but I prefer to do my own type of trading with only a slight additional help here and there.

    • stephen lowery

      hello mark are you still trading with them


    hi mark /if you are trading with cryptos- then you should give me a ring 018348843084 my experience with them may be of help regards w p mcgrath

    • Anonymous

      William i’m trading with them call me.
      PS your number doesn’t go through

      • stephen lowery

        hello william
        i believe ive been scammed by them do you have any info that may be relevent

        • PR

          mate you have defo been scammed get on to action fraud

  10. Mark

    Amazing brokerage, based on me being quite experienced, I’m always checking up on the current prices of the assets that they hold and what Coinbase/TradingView charts say, the chart is always up to date which it makes it easier for hour/daily trading, 4 out of 5.

    • Deborah

      I think not Mark, totals am my partner has lost thousands!

    • PR

      Believe me mate they are rat bags proper scum it’s a set up, I hope I find them one day and they must be thinking that will never happen we’ll see.

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