360cryptoearners.com Review – Confirmed Ponzi Scheme

360cryptoearners.com is a new investment service which promises to make their clients rich on an automated basis. As we can all agree that, without skills nothing is possible, but empty promises still seems to capture the attention of people. Just like we anticipated even the identity of the people running this firm is unknown. As

Coins Fix Review – Is it a Confirmed Con?

Coins Fix (Coinsfix.com) is a new and simple cryptocurrency exchange which has been active for a relatively small amount of time. While there are a number of positive testimonials and comments on their website, the general opinion on many review forums disagree with them. On the other hand, their platform is extremely easy to use

13XBTC.com Review – Warning to All Investors

Today we have received the following report regarding the site 13XBTC.com. If you have any additional comments, please reply below. On 11/02/19 13xbtc.com scammed $1200 worth of bitcoins in US from me. I sent 0.54 BTC to 13xbtc.com on his 40 minutes ad, to his BTC address: 1CyMSeSRttmYXRdL8TeTqrmAKdnwCr5e7. After 2 hrs I asked him, what’s

What is Bitcoin SV?

When you search for Bitcoin, you’ll notice a few names. But one of the more recent entrants in the crypto market is Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin SV (BSV) stands for Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. It was designed as an attempt to restore the original Bitcoin protocol. The goal was to build a cryptocurrency that would conceptualize what

How is cryptocurrency making our life easier? (Sponsored)

The most remarkable and acknowledged cryptocurrency that exists is Bitcoin. A vast number of different cryptocurrencies are available in today’s era, while all of them don’t have a shared purpose. A cryptocurrency is a form of advanced technology that seems to modernize the money system in the future. The method of money storage, payment of

FXCryptoClub.cc Review

FXCryptoClub.cc is a site which was registered on March 5, 2019 for 1 year. Today is October 10, 2019. This site then has been online for 7 months. They have been growing steadily in popularity and currently seem especially popular in New Zealand. We have just heard of them recently when a visitor left the

EO.Finance Review

EO.Finance is a site which we found to be related to EO.Trade (here’s our EO Trade review), a crypto/fiat exchange and wallet, which is also the home of the EO Coin. Indeed, those who sign up with EO.Trade will find that they are automatically also able to login at EO.Finance. EO Finance “your funds’ sweet
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