Trade Well Review – Trustworthy Crypto Broker?

Trade Well is an emerging Crypto CFD broker. They offer more than 100+ pairs and provide upto 1:40 leverage. Their platform is web based and it’s unique functionality brings a new touch of practicality to trading.

However, there are few things you should know before joining them. Read our detailed review to know everything about this broker and make an informed decision.

Disclosure: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Trade Well Review

License and Custom Support

It is always best for you to trade with licensed brokers. So, that you are always under the protection of the local regulatory body. However, we are not stating that all the unregulated brokers are outright frauds.

Considering the risks, it is better to avoid them. The parent company of this broker is Invest Support LTD. Below are the details regarding their registration.

Registration Number – 205538955

Address – 5, 1B Dimcho Debelyanov street, Metropolitan Municipality Izgrev Region, 1113 Sofia City, Bulgaria

Phone –  +3726094190

Email –

Traders can contact the support team via telephone, telegram app or email. However, as there are no testimonials as of now, we do not have any feedback regarding them.

Account Types and Leverage

This broker offer 5 types of accounts. The distinguishing factors are starting capital, trading terms, account manager and educational content.

As a rule of thumb, you will get more professional services, if you start out with more up-front capital. Trading bonus is available across all the account types.

However, make sure that you have completely understood with the terms and conditions first. We strongly recommend our readers never to accept bonus because most of the time it acts like a double edged sword. The amount of leverage ranges from 1:10 to 1:40. This might sound low, but in the world of cryptos it is enough.

Remember cryptocurrencies have a lot of volatility. So it is important for you to adhere to strict risk management. Otherwise, the consequences will be severe. Moreover, most of the brokers do not offer 1:40 leverage so it is not a deal breaker.

Educational Material

All of the clients of this broker can access an educational outlet. There are both in the format of video tutorials and books. This kind of gesture shows their commitment and integrity. Although, the quality of the material available is a subject to one’s opinion. Trade Well Educational Outlet

If you are a complete beginner, then you will benefit a lot from it. Remember to backtest every strategy before you decide to use them on a live account. Though, past results does not guarantee future actions, it is good to know the statistics.

Charting Tools and Platform

The platform offered by this broker is web based. It runs on most of the modern devices which has an active internet connection. However, if you are used to algorithm trading, then you might be disappointed. As an alternative, they offer account management, but the exact performance records are something you should keep an eye on.

There will always be execution delays in any type of copy trading. So, be prepared for that in advance or avoid trading during those times. As far as charting is concerned, there is nothing to worry about.

TradingView charts offer some of the best tools which will be more than enough for most traders. Moreover, with tradingview you can set for price charts as well so that you don’t have to stay glued to the screen. This feature will be helpful especially for swing traders.

Domain Insight domain was registered on 15/05/2018. The registrant details are completely masked for privacy reasons. However, you can always contact the support team if you have any concerns. Since this website is relatively new, they do not have high ranking on similar web and yet. So, we cannot trace at their main traffic sources.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Trade Well offers accounts in 4 base currencies which are AUD, USD, EUR and GBP. The minimum deposit amount is $250 or equivalent. Deposit and withdrawals can be done through wire transfer, credit cards and Bitcoin.

They state that the withdrawals are usually processed in 2 days, but sometimes can take as long as 5 business days. Unfortunately, the minimum withdrawal amount is not specified.

Trade Well Review conclusion

Trade Well is a decent broker who brings a lot to the table while their leverage might seem capped for smaller accounts, it really comes down to the strategy you employ. If you are planning to trade with this broker, then start with the minimum deposit and then scale it up if it’s necessary. The sole reason why we are recommending this is because of the lack of feedback. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

We invite you forward to share your experience with us in the comments section.


  1. Mitch Petersen

    Tradewell is a SCAM
    Managed by ruthless grubs.

    Once you register for a Tradewell account you are entered at the one of the following levels:

    BASIC, SILVER, GOLD, VIP or BLACK DIAMOND. The choice of level is based on the amount of money you supply (invest). Depending on your level, Tradewell will add a “bonus” to your investment and a “Leverage option” would could be up to 1:40 for the VIP and Black diamond levels.
    At no time is this bonus considered money. If you joined as a VIP with , say $100,000.00 Tradewell adds a “bonus” of 150%. Your standing is now investment +150%. Can you withdraw that amount out? No. these “bonuses” are there to “plump” your trades. The trader makes a percentage on each trade you make. The more that is invested in the trade, the more potential profit.
    The idea is to have you trading and losing. Lets say you have now completed a few trades, and as luck would have it, your standing is now down to $100,000.00. Oh dear, you are not a good trader. It seems you have lost all that bonus. You might say, OK, I want my money back now, you will be disappointed. The only way you can get your original money back it to keep trading until you get your standing up to your original investment PLUS the bonus amount before you can draw down your original 100K.

    Lets start at Basic level.
    You will be reminded that you really cannot do anything with this amount. You may win a dollar or two at a time but it is not really worthwhile.
    If you were a member of a higher division, say, Silver , you could trade with a much higher leverage and a much higher bonus. Someone like David Sheppard, (not to be confused with a Mr David Shepherd who is a real person and recognized and full time forex trader now living in Australia. The similarity and trading history of the two Davids is amazing). Obviously nothing more than an coincidence.
    David (who looks after the VIP and Diamond Divisions) will show you very quickly on the platform how he can make amazing profits in a few short trades. Magic. He advises that if you were in his division, you could be making trades like this every single day. At this stage you are completely stunned by how this man just made about $20,000.00 in 20 minutes. Incredible.
    (You don’t know this at the time but you will never succeed on that particular trading platform. The account managers and traders use a platform with more decimal points on display. They can see movements in the market that you cannot see because you do not have an extra pair of decimal points to view more subtle movement. You see the result on your platform as pure magic.)
    But as you are a member of a lower division, this kind of activity is not applicable to you.
    OK, now Tradewell advised you that you would receive education on how to become a knowledgeable trader. You will be introduced to another team member, lets call him “Zac”. Zac will tell you what candlesticks mean and point you to some more reading on other web pages. I’m sure you are starting to feel very good about all of the education you are receiving.
    David has shown you how quickly profits can be made, but to work with him exclusively, you will need to be in his Division (Diamond). Don’t worry, I’m sure that you will get there soon enough and you can easily achieve your goals.
    Yes, one of the sessions are related to goal setting. What are your goals, what is important to you, how serious are you about achieving your goals? Well, with us at Tradewell we will walk with you and achieve all of your short term and long-term goals.
    You will be given another “Account manager” to deal with. Let’s call him “Oliver”.
    Oliver will then advise you how well a particular crypto currency is going and that, based on a great deal of market knowledge and research, (Zac has already spoken to you about market indicators so this information is reinforcement0 , will make a very quick profit and you need to get onto it right now.
    Let’s say that you now use $18,000 of your “standing’ to purchase a crypto. After a couple of hours, that crypto is not performing as well as you thought and was actually going downhill. Don’t worry, we have a plan for this. All you need to do is to buy a Securitization Policy and you will be covered. It is refundable of course. So now you are buying a Securitization policy for the same amount you have invested. After the collapse of your trade, Oliver will say, See? You have not lost anything you are now back where you started from. Your standing is the same, yes, but you have just lost $18,000.00 and recovered by replacement.
    You are in a bit of shock now. Don’t worry, advises Oliver, we will get that back very quickly.
    You are then introduced to another “Account manager”. Let’s call him “Martin”. Martin will advise you that today, there is a great deal of movement in the market and we can capitalize quickly. He will rush through with you and quickly outlay at least half of your remaining standing. Then he will say things like. Oh, there is a lag here somewhere, I’m not getting the figures in time. Is your internet slow today? Oh dear, there seems to be a problem here. We should close out of those 6 or so trades. Each one is a loss. Martin smoothly advises not to worry at all. All of those red figures don’t mean much at all. Someone will fix that up quickly.
    Now you are in greater shock and have lost a great deal. If you walk out now, you have lost everything you have “invested”.
    Don’t worry, David from the Diamond division will come to your aid.
    He will advise that he has had very stern words with Martin and that Martin is not allowed to do anything on your account at all.
    He will introduce you to another trader, lets call him “Ashwin”. Ashwin advises that he is one of the best traders there is and is widely known and admired for his expertise in the longer-term trade. His trades will take longer, but they are pretty much guaranteed to make a profit each time. He will show you an earlier record of another trade where there have been 4 trades, each made with 20,000 USD and each of those trades made a 100% profit. Now, for you to be looked after by me and have access to my trading proficiency, it will only cost you an extra $25,000.00. it’s a sure thing, right?
    OK, Ashwin advises you which trades to place. A couple of hours later, you will see that these trades are not doing as well as expected are they. Don’t worry, we will protect them using another fully refundable “Securitization Policy”. Please pay up now, you need to have a USD 25,000 policy in place before the end of the trade.
    OK, so you have now lost a small or perhaps large fortune.
    It is about now you are on your knees and have to get out.
    Because you have lost so much you cannot walk away with anything that you have left in your standing because that is not yours. That “Standing” is made up of “bonuses” supplied by the company. You will need to restore those “bonuses” if you want to take any real money out.
    You have to trade because you have no choice now. You have to build up the investment plus bonuses to a point where Tradewell will let you withdraw any funds. Don’t worry, in a few short trades we will get you back to a really good position then you can take out your investment. These trades will be longer term but are showing excellent profit margins.
    Trades have now failed. Oh dear, looks like the market has not responded the way we thought. It happens. That’s the market for you. You will need to deposit more funds if you want us to continue helping achieve your goals.

    That’s it… all gone… Sick to your soul and you know you have been plaid by experts.
    These are extremely ruthless operators and extremely good at what they do.
    Further Considerations:
    When you are connected to one of Tradewell’s account managers, they can access all of your computer files and folders. The program they use, currently Zoom meetings has an inbuild ability called “file transfer”. During an education session, your entire computer can be downloaded onto their system. If you have a folder with scanned ID documentation, licenses, passports, bank statement and the like, you can be assured that this information is now shared.
    It is only afterward that I learned about locking all of my drives.
    Too late now, but I found reviews at various sites. I wish I had seen them earlier.
    Here is an example from John H which I wish I had read John H review much earlier:
    “Tradewell is a criminal syndicate. They are very smooth confidence tricksters (all South African) who are expert at putting maximum pressure on you to ‘invest’ an ever increasing amount of funds into their amateurish and poorly administered website. It is a ponzi scheme and their trading platform is a completely bogus, in house Trojan horse. They suck you in with a rapid return on your initial $250 USD investment but this is just a hook to lure the unsuspecting investor into their sham trading scheme. Once you part with any further cash, you will never see another cent of it ever again.
    You are correct John H.

  2. DJ

    Under no circumstances should you even contemplate on even joining for curiosity because they well sell your details to affiliate finance companies who have been ringing me twice a day for the past 3 months. Don’t get scammed

  3. Laki

    They are just crooks with same “modus operandi” for all of us. I lost 2000 euros.

    • Mod Grecko

      My agent was clear about the risks, i decided to put my money in anyhow. I used platform for two weeks, lost around 5K and got out what was left. This is just like any other platform i’ve tried in the past, this time the agent was honest and said chances are against me.
      Best of luck in your next trade.

      • Laki

        This was very expensive school for me to learn how scammers operate, this is not trading platform this is a classic scam. I hope that one day all of crooks from TradeWell will be in jail.

    • Fiona Peach Pearl

      This looks like a phishing attempet. It is real easy to gather emails of people hurt by bad trade they’ve made, claiming you want to help them, collecting their email data and than turning the switch on remarketing campagins. This indusrty is bad enough without your theft. this whole idea of people investing in god knows what, it clear you are collecting the data to get them to put more money in, this time on your bad scam rthaer than others. sod off!!

    • Ali

      Try pay back or your bank to get your Money back

  4. Henry Jordan

    Had a great time trading with Treadwell. their sales tactics where pushy and i didn’t trust them, but my agent proved to me that I should listen to his advice.
    at first i lost nearly 15K, but during last August I won more than 45K Euros.
    It took a month, but funds where delivered to my account about a week ago.

    • Mark

      Having seen the other comments on this page, I don’t believe you. Even if it were true, you/the agent probably got lucky. If someone has a successful trading strategy, they should be working for themselves, not for anyone else.

      • Colin

        Hi mark, my name is Colin and i too lost a hefty sum on Tradewell. I started trading with very little knowledge and had to rely on an agent from Tradewell to guide me. Bear in mind I didn’t trade at all before. the agent was helpful and helped me establish my knowledge, but I failed my trades and ended up losing 1000 euros. I know it’s not a lot when compared to others who have lost much more, but after that experience I realized this game isn’t for me. I didn’t understand the risks at first and after a week of trading i completely understand the losses that can come from trading on CFD. I could take out my frustration on the agent, or I can come to terms that this business is risky and probably chances are against me.
        I didn’t go back to trading online, instead I took my life savings and put it in a savings account. That steady 3% increase every year is what I need, trading isn’t. I learned my lesson.

  5. Jon Duncan

    Avoid them. These guys happily take your money but do little to nothing in return. They will advise you to make investments into certain crypto currency assets but they do not tell you that their fees are far in excess of any other exchange out there nor do they monitor the accounts even though they say they will.

    By way of example, just to test things out, I bought one unit in BCH/USDC. The listed price was 338.19. The market price was 336.69. That is a spread of $1.50. But I also paid a fee of $28.50 to them to buy the coin, meaning I was immediately in a losing position of -$30. That means I paid almost 10% to buy one unit. I had a similar result with any other unit I purchased. I

    Their advertised accounts types are false. They do not provide the service they promise no matter what level you reach, so don’t bother trying.

    • Tony Gabon

      Their advertised accounts types are false. They do not provide the service they promise no matter what level you reach, so don’t bother trying.
      Yes. That’s right, they change your level to Silver (1:20) and then tell you that it was temporal and change the leverage to the 1:10. I asked why. The answer was, that it was temporal upgrade.
      I asked what is temporal upgrade, because there is nothing like this in Terms and Conditions.
      The answer was that it was a good will of the senior account manager. (Not an answer for my question).
      I asked again, where is mentioned something like “temporal upgrade”…? After about 15 minutes discussion the senior account told me that it is not in Terms and Conditions. So terms and conditions is just a piece of sh*t for hem.
      Also… 5-minutes trading is not allowed due to terms and conditions, but they offer you to do these kind of trades. They will have several sessions where they will do 5-minute trades and when there will be a successful one (in case the previous session ended up with loses), then they tell you: WOW. You earned $500 in a 30 minutes… We can continue in this strategy if you deposit…. You know what is next. 🙂

  6. Lee

    This company and the people who work for them are on line crooks, stay well away from them.

    • Soren Litberg

      Anyone that chooses to trade on these kind of trade options should know the risk. Think before you put your money in.

  7. Ricky Rueter

    I signed up briefly to find out a bit more about investing in Bitcoin and almost immediately I got a phonecall from one of their customer service team while I was at work. I explained this to him and he continued pressurising me into investing right then and there explaining that they recommend I go with the minimum deposit of £250. I explained that money was a little tight right now and I would have to think it over. The guy continued pushing me to the point I suffered an anxiety attack and even had the nerve to say he didn’t think I was being completely honest with him. In the end I hung up and contacted their live support asking for all my details to be removed. I’m still a bit shaken up though and worried about my details being safe even though I never gave them any of my banking details.

  8. KKKKK

    Thank you all.
    Thanks to all these comments, I could confirm my initial suspicious feeling that I got for getting these strange phone calls.
    I got my 250 USD back, so I’m safe.

    • abundance

      hello KKKKK,
      did you manage to withdraw your initial deposit back? How did you do it? The “Withdraw” function in my account doesn’t seem to work… Did you have to send some emails or provide them with any more bank details or ID…? Well, I have just put in the initial 250 Eur, then made some research and found this site… And obviously, I would like to get the money back and get out!
      Thanks for any hint 🙂

  9. enrique segura


    I created an account in TRADEWELL.IO, I put 2500 euros, they promised me a lot of benefits in the short and medium term. So sure they said they were, that I explain that they added another € 2,500 to be able to have more benefits. However, the money with which they invested was only MINE. Now that I need to recover the money they tell me that I only have 800 € that the rest that the account marks, is their money, so I have lost € 1600. DO NOT EXPLAIN IT CLEAR, everything seems perfect, do not worry, they call you and on the phone appear the director who tells you to put another € 2500 and three times in three days, that’s when I realized that only They want to get you money. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO ANYONE ….. Excuse me for my English

  10. fedja

    hi,i didnt buy anithing from them,but i registered and left card number and code.
    can i expect problem with mz card,or it is safe?

    • George

      If you didn’t mask part of your card number and if the 3 or 4 number code on the back of the card is visible to be safe ask your bank to re-issue the debit or credit card. If you have online banking you might be able to stop all transactions with the card or change the transaction amount to a minimum until you can get a new card issued.

      • fedja

        I didnt sent them image of my card, I`ve just fill in the tabs like I was buying, and it wrote unssuficient funds, then I did it again to `reserve my place` as broker said, and I filled it again, as broker said `we dont collect your data`.
        so just like when you buy online.

  11. gandhiraj ramesh appadurai

    i just lost $3000, invested $1250 and they gave me a bonus of $500. then when the equity raised upto $3100. Now iam not able to access the website. they block my logging in. what shall i do . please advice
    thank you

    • George

      I had seen a page come up that told me I could not access the site from my region. Hours and sometimes days later I could access the site and log in. If it turns out your account is not froze tell your account manager you want to cash out and want everything that is yours. Stand firm and don’t let them talk you into continuing… you want all money that is yours.

  12. khalil

    I am So much happy and happy ,,I got a refund to my money today…I was on facebook and I saw advertise to buy a new crypto Swedish currency,,That link took me to Tradewell ,,to buy this Swedish but later I discovered its not,,,I put 1000 USD and I asked them to refund it,,,after few emails exchange today I got 900 back to my account…I thank them to much as 100 $ is better that 1000 lose.

  13. Ian Russell

    I agree with all the above comments. This is a scam. First they try to encourage you to put in more money to obtain a higher level of help and leverage. if that does not work, they will offer a bonus. Do not take the bonus – once you have a bonus, it is almost impossible to extract yourself as the number of trades required to pay it back is astronomical – in the millions!
    The first few trades may well make you a reasonable profit – than another “more experienced” trader helps, and in a few minutes your money is gone. Then a “recovery” expert will offer more bonuses if you add more money to your account, and expert help to recover your account to profit.
    I also had problems over several days with closing deals which were showing a reasonable profit on the “live” screen – but when the deal closed – I had suffered a loss, sometimes a significant loss. I complained about this and “miraculously” this stopped. To me this suggests we are not seeing real live prices but some kind of rigged system.
    There were also occasions when I knew I had a deal open, but it would not appear on my screen until I logged out and logged back in – sometimes this was required two or three times before the deal would show up and I could close it.
    All my traders were South African and quite pleasant until I dug my heels in and made it clear they were not getting any more of my money. When i tried to close my account the “manager” tried to make me do more deals – I refused – and it took the best part of 30 minutes arguing that I was not doing any more deals – I just wanted to close my account. Fine, he said. send me an email and I’ll close it but you will not get any money back. This was OK with me as I had virtually none of my own money left – only “rescue” bonuses.
    This website is a big Scam and should be closed down.

    • George

      Sorry for your bad experiences with I did get a call early on from someone in Forex24 telling me they could get everything I lost if I would agree to moving my account to Forex24. They did send me an e-mail, but I am not a citizen in a country Forex24 is licensed in. I am a US citizen, but live in Southeast Asia. I just sent customer support and e-mail today requesting a refund of my deposits. I complained about the trickery. I am sure they won’t refund anything and will probably wait until 90 days are up to close the account. I think the idea of a class action law suit is a good idea, but will probably cost more than all the deposits.

  14. Lee

    I would like to know how many people want to form a class action lawsuit ?

    • Ali

      Have you got a class action suite yet?

  15. George

    I was scammed by also. I had $8050 USD in my balance when my account manager made all but $50 disappear. I ran across this website that helps to recover money from scammers. I thought I would share it.

    • Mike

      Sorry for your loose…if you just buy bitcoin your money..maybe in five years btc will $100k or $250k…our money that have been scammed by tradewell will worth a fortune..enough fund for our retirement.

    • Emiel

      Ik ben er een paar dagen geleden mee begonnen, de pret van incasseren begint pas naar een inleg van $10000 daaronder blijft het aanmodderen en nog beter is voor goud te gaan en door te groeien, ze maken echt geld.
      Het valt mij op dat de klagers allemaal onder de inleg van $10.000 zitten, ja daar krijg je minimale ondersteuning en geloof mij, zonder ondersteuning is het geld verliezen. HET ENIGE WAT NODIG IS IS LEF en een gezonde dosis angst, ik wens iedereen succes ook mijzelf!

      • Mike

        Dag Emiel! Neem het van mij aan, je kunt naar je geld fluiten. Elke winst die je maakt is virtueel, je zal die nooit mogen incasseren. Op een dag zorgen ze ervoor dat je bijna alles verliest en dan zeggen ze bij Tradewell dat het aan “the volatility of the market” ligt. Ik heb het zelf meegemaakt dus ik weet waarover ik spreek. Ik wens je veel succes maar ik vrees dat je de zoveelste slachtoffer wordt. Wens je achteraf gerechtelijke stappen te ondernemen tegen Tradewell, laat me dan zeker iets weten. groeten M.

    • Ali

      I lost $17750 aud through them in a week it was some credit card money and my life’s savings and they kept putting enormous amounts of pressure on me to give them more and more money. I started off with the minimum but they told me I couldn’t trade with that little and the promised to double my my money and to protect it with their fake bonuses. When I saw with in the week that the account was loosing money and I really needed it I told them I wanted my money back and to close the account. I told them numerous times on the phone what my financial situation was and it wasn’t good. They still put the pressure on for more funds
      I also emailed them them to get them to close my account and refund my money but they told me my money was gone and that all that was left in the account was their bonus money. They are fraudulent scammers. I’m presuming other means to get my money back from them.

      It was my first time investing in anything and I feel so stupid for believing their adds on LinkedIn and Facebook about being on a popular Australian TV show with one of the fellows that made millions from them and vouched they were legit. They aren’t. I’m currently worried about paying my rent as I done even have the money for that on my credit card because they scammed me.

  16. ALAN

    I am interested to hear all the misfortunes you have all experienced, yet the best you are all doing, so far, is making threats of handing these crooks to the police, and months pass by, and you are still moaning and moaning, and doing nothing! Why not stop for one second, make your minds up, and pull yourselves together and at long last, inform, for example, the Interpol?
    Copy all the comments on this site, paste them into one long manuscript, and send this as documentary evidence – to your local police, as well as the Interpol, etc., etc.
    Please do this and keep your fingers crossed; something would surely happen!

    • Michael Broeckhuyzen

      I agree, Alan. How about creating a Facebook group as well?

      • Cyndy

        Im sure tradewell account managers are using fake name..just be carefull to justine block and david jhonson.ther are scammer..they intentionally wipe out my balance acoount sothat i will not able to widhtraw my initial investment.actually they arescammer..from helpdest,custumer support and all account manager..they all want is to take your money and to gain or take profits.

    • Jake

      They are international syndicate and organized criminals and mastercard should take drastic action agains this illigal activities of this company..their website should be ban by every country.creat fb page to spread to every people their scheme.

    • Jane

      All of them should be brought to court and jail them..every employee of tradewell are involved in this scamm..fbi,interpoll,eu should coordinate each other yo syop this crinal activities..

  17. Radu Costache

    It’s a scam, just got burned 800 euro.
    I admit it was my fault by accepting to “trade” the way they asked me to.
    All I wanted was to buy XRP, I made an account and transferred 500 euros in order tu exchange them into XRP.
    Than the “fun” began: they called me and talked me into putting 300 euro more into account.
    They offered to school me into trading, while continuing to ask for more money into account, presenting me the mirage of easy money. I didn’t fell for that and after three or four talks with “my account manager” where they demanded money (5000 euro) and I wouldn’t give in, they tricked me into signing a document that allowed for greater risk transactions, they used a fancy term, I cannot recall.
    After seeing they are unsuccessful, they transferred me to a “colleague” to “help” me with the account.
    He asked me to place two orders, giving me directions how to do it. In less than 30 seconds I was 800 euro short, leaving me less than 3 euro into the account.
    I have all of the conversations recorded, if anybody has any ideea on how to use them against those scammers, please give me a hint!

    • Jacksin

      They have strategies how to trap their client to burn their 3 second the client money all gone.they are base in europe.can we report them in interpol or anti money laundering.

    • Block

      So sad if we just put our money buying btc,ltc or eth..our money already doubled without risk from scammer

    • Ali

      Send them to payback as they can use them to try and get your money back for you.

  18. jake

    Report them at visa and mastercard..anti money laundering unit..creat fb grp to inform people thewe company is also to your gov the block s
    This site.

  19. Mario

    So sad that we will not gain on this crypto bull run due to our hard erned money invested in a scam broker.too many lies and deception from the account manager..after you deposited your they will not allow to take profits..only two option..either you will take your initial investment without prifits or wait to wipe out your money..

  20. Mario

    The problem if you can widthraw your profits…either you take your initial investment and will close your account or they will mke you wait until your account money will be wipeout.

  21. Mario

    Its so sad that we missed this crypto bull run just because our hard erned money invested in scammed chance to take profits in this site..either you will wipe out your money or take back your initial investent without profits and they will close your account.

  22. Jimmy

    Could please confirm that you have received the original money that would be great. Because somebody else can use your name her.

  23. Josef Zounek

    I am coming with an update. Tradewell has returned me the initial funds on my card! But the profits made on my account I would be able to touch only until the turnover of 20 000 times the bonus given has been reached 🙁
    But at least I got my money back although it took 3 months time.

    • Deborah

      Josef, Im in the same boat – how did you do it – send them an email cancelling your account?

    • Michael

      Hallo Jimmy,
      können wir etwas zusammen machen? Ich hab’ 243 Euro zurückbekommen aber mehr wird es leider nicht geben….

  24. Jimmy

    Ist jemand aus Arizona 14455 N.Hayden Road in Arizona 85260 dort kannst du nachfragen wer der Eigentümer ist von Tradewell.

    • George

      The 14455 N. Hayden Road is Digital Solutions in Scottsdale, Arizona. Web site design is the business. It does come up on Google Maps. Digital Solutions is a copyright name. Nothing with Tradewell comes up other than Tradewell Tax and Finances in Indiana.

  25. Yasser Ibrahim Aly

    They are in South Africa

    • Jimmy

      Gib bitte die adresse ein da kommt nur ein court appartment in south africa. die Betrüger sind in Amerika ich bin bald so weit ich habe bereits ein Mail an die Polizei in Arizona geschickt

  26. Yasser Ibrahim Aly

    It seems I am not the only one lost my money because of this scam company, is there anything we can do to protect others from failing in the same mistake, and stop this shit.

    • Jimmy

      Kann mir jemand sagen wo diese Betrüger leben nicht in south africa die sind in America oder in England hat jemand eine Adresse. Ich habe jedes gespräch aufgenommen. Ich vermute sie treten unter einem falschen Namen auf. Ich habe genug kraft und power die leute auf die Strecke zu bringen.

      • George

        I think the mother company Invest Support Ltd. is bogus. I tried Google Maps to locate 5, 1B Dimcho Debelyanov street, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria. Could not find the name and any part of the address used together. I tried finding the phone number +3726094190. It was in Estonia.

  27. Yasser Ibrahim Aly

    I had aVery bad experience with…
    I had aVery bad experience with tradewell proker, please take care before you deal with them, after i gain a good profit almost 100% of my investments my account manager intentionally lost all my money just to force me to invest more (suddenly he raises my leverage to 1:40 then put a position last for less than a second to find my account lost 14000).
    it didn’t stop at this point as after I recover my account to 11000 they have another surprise for me i was told that all I can withdraw from my account is 3400$ and the rest of the money is belong to the company and even this amount I am not sure I can get them, please take care and don’t repeat my mistake.

    • Amir

      Carefull yasser.once they they force to upgrade your leverage to 1:40.then they will instruct you to trade a scamm crypto..that is the sign that they will your balance going to zero and cannot widthraw.

    • Dale

      Your experience sounds similar to mine. My account manager just wanted to show me something or so she said. All of a sudden I clicked the mouse and $8000 of my $8050 was gone. Now I am given the option to bring my account back to the point where it was. I think only a maximum of 45% of that money I is actually mine. I accidentally clicked sell. Their platform must be rigged.

      • Kyle

        Same happen to me.when my manager cannot manipulate to bring up my account..he used another manager to bring down my less than a second..from $5000 balance it went to $800.this is organized syndicate.everyone of them must me broght to justice.

      • Rose

        Its not accident.they intentionally destroted your account sothat you cannot widthraw and thry will force to deposit more money..they call it recovery specialist..that is theur modus..they will intentionally wipeout the account if their client..they will increase the leverage to 1:40.thrn they will instruct you to buy/sell scamm crypto.then in one second your balance goes to carefull to the account manager justine block and david johnson.they are scammer ..they will manipulate untill they destroy your account.

  28. Tamer

    Actually I read all what was written here after depositing the first 250$ after being redirected to them through a link in article that was speaking about Quantum AI and I tried to withdraw the money but the account manager Adam Lange tried to convince me that it’s just a people who lost their money and they were working on their own without listening to advice of the company and he asked me to give him just a 5% of trust and he told me that the amount of money is not big as an investment comparing to the revenue and he convinced me to add more money so as a stupid I put another 400$ and this is how the story goes. it’s really an organized crime of fraud as someone have mentioned here and I don’t think that any legal action might get any result.
    – the company is not regulated ” I think most of the crypto companies that work only in crypto currencies are not regulated ”
    – The account is verified by your identity and bills of a dress and copy of your credit card “that was in my case I don’t know about the othere’s”
    – they make you sign on everything they do and that you agree about it.
    – After making sure that your account is verified, they will make make trades and of course we’re as naive people and we think that we’re new clients for the company and they want to help us making some profit to stick with them so they go through a sharing screen program and they
    will raise the leverage for you “so any trade will be done will be with a big amount and the commission that goes to the company is high and he will make you open the big trades and close it after one second so it will close in lose making all this money goes to the company as a spread and commission and that’s how they play it to look legal 100% the money went to the company as a commission of a wrong trades that you made it by yourself. Thank God that I didn’t put a lot of money i feel so sorry for the people here who were victims for such thieves


    • Jimmy

      Bitte beachte es wird in Amerika ein neues Gesetz geben wo alle von der SEC überprüft werden ich werde es verhinder das Sie die Plattform Lizenz bekomnen. Ich habe alle aufzeichnungen von jedem trade. Es kommt die Zeit wo sie sich anmelden müssen dann werden auch die namen bekannt. Ich lasse diese Leute verhaften. Ich kann alles nachweise wo ein sell signal war hat er gekauft das sind straftaten die niemand akzeptieren muss. Ich bleibe über Jahre hinweg dran ich habe Zeit ich habe bei der höchsten Polizei instanz gearbeitet. Jeder bekonmmt was er verdient. Ich werde sie zerstlören wie sie es mit uns gemacht haben.

    • Jane

      File a complaint in visa and mastercard..fuke also complaint in your country in securit and exchange comiision to blocklist this this in anti cyber crime division.

  29. Madmay

    Did you get back your money

  30. Lee

    The reviews say it all, it is a scam site, lost most of my money in one day on trades they picked and they had the nerve to ask me to deposit more money to get back what they lost. I can’t get back what I have left because of the so-called bonus contracts they get you to sign. Stay well clear of this site.

    • Michael

      The same happened to me, Lee. Definitely a scam. When you’ve lost everything and refuse to deposit any more, they won’t touch you with a bargepole.
      I think I’m about to get back some of the money I deposited but let’s wait and see.

      • Lee

        I would be interested to know if you do get anything back.

        • Michael

          I got about €243 back but they immediately closed my account. I’m going to ask for it to be reopened. I am not going to just sit back and let them run off with my money.

          • Lee

            I think your lucky you got anything back. The way they have set it up mean you can’t do anything to them.

    • P Nina

      Has someone the an Idea where the destination is. Has someone the address and the street. This guys have to be disappear from this planet.

      • Michael

        I think they are in Cape Town, South Africa but I’m not sure. They could be anywhere really.

        • Jimmy

          Die adresse ist nur ein court apartment schau auf google erath. Die sin in England oder in Amerika bitte nenne mir alle Traders namen

          • Michael

            Einer heisst Costa Franco.

          • Michael

            Brad Sawyers ist noch ein Name

  31. Haldun Sacbueken

    Did you received your money yet

  32. Haldun Sacbueken

    Versuche mal Geld zu holen du bekommst gsr nichts

  33. Henk

    This is fake
    They don’t pay out. They steel your money. Do not do This!!!!!

    • Saci

      Guten Tag
      Ich hatte in 2 Wochen von 25,000 einen Gewinn von über 120,000 USD gemacht alles alleine auf der Plattform. Sie haben mein Geld innert 20 minuten auf 7000 USD heruntergehandelt. Es war absicht. Ich wollte ein Teil des Geldes beziehen. Das sind Betrüger sie haben alles genommen. Bitte nicht investieren.

    • Saci

      They Cheated me over 100´000 USD. I took a lawyer. This is organized crime. I have recordet all the records and also the trades.

      • Mike

        Hi,did you get your money back.can share with what is your plan or startegy to get back your money..can we report them at visa and mastercard?

  34. Mike

    Please don’t trust this company Tradewell. There are scammers and for me they tried to tell me how Elon Musk gave to them a special access to Quantum AI. It’s a big bullshit. Do not invest the money with them! Just think: If someone found a way to earn 1 million in 1 day, why to share it this? You will share it? Come on … don’t be naive

  35. Josef Zounek

    Hello all, just coming with an update. Another 3 weeks passed and I still do not have my money!!
    As Tony correctly stated above, YOU NEED TO MAKE 20 000 TIMES THE TURNOVER OF THE BONUS THEY GAVE YOU IN ORDER TO GET YOUR PROFITS!!! You can read it in bonus acceptance policy if you like.
    Example: The Client deposited 1,000 USD and received a 1,000 USD Bonus, then, the Required Leverage Amount will be 40,000,000 USD (= (1,000+1,000)*20,000)
    That practically means that you have to turnover 40million leveraged USD in order to be able to withdraw for the first time…

    After I posted my first comment, they finally tried to reach me, wanted me to trade again which I refused. I am giving the customer support last week to act and return at least the rest of my initial funds of USD1000.
    Then I will contact my lawyers and antifraud companies to protect the others who might be scammed in the future.

    • Saci

      I did 40,000,000 USD volume after I reached 125´000 the cheaded me in 25 min and my account was only worth 7´000 USD. The reason they did not want me to take the profit.

      • Jane

        Yes before you reach at volume goal they will cheat you.sothat all your profits and invesment will burn.they will not stop until your balance will gone sothat you cannot withraw.can we name all the account manager that scamm us sothat all their client still trading at them will aware on their scheme.

    • Haldun Sacbueken

      Did you received your money yet

  36. Captain Crunch

    are you Taylor or Rose or Martin a few comments up? why would you leave the same comment with different emails? you look like a scam yourself mister. Or maybe just jealous?

  37. Mark Bone

    Great service and customer support. made 15% revenue and i will surely invest again with Tradewell.

  38. Mario

    Concern also..but i believe the platform have potential..there are problem in widthrawal but some can succesfully widthraw.give it some time

  39. whoknows

    They are a scam! If the author would have chekced the registry information of the company they would found that the company has a Capital of 100€… I am sure any legit company would need to have a Capital of ten-thousands of euros at least, or even more. do not send them money or if you did… well i dont know. just dont give your account information to them or any private information (ID number, Photo of ID, bank statement, or such). they might try to steal your identity.

  40. bart

    its a scam for sure Ive lost 5000euros with them they just want you to invest more money and thats it . I cannot even log in to my account any more it seems like they have changed their website…

  41. Alex

    Sadly this appears to be a scam, do not give them any money! Thery’re very professional in their approach to getting you to deposit, but trying to withdraw is another matter. They tell you that you can withdraw whenever you want..except they don’t tell you that the account manager must approve it. This is where you suddenly can’t get your money back. Please avoid giving them anything!!

  42. Teelapo is surely a scam. Don’t send them any money.

  43. Rose

    I have been scammed by Tradewell, They cheated me of $60,000, and i am looking for solution on how to get my moneyback. If you are a victim of this scam, please send message and lets us all seek justice and prosecute this people. I need help urgently, they took all my life savings. My email is

  44. Tony

    This is how they work:
    – You will invest the first 250 USD
    – They will try to look like a trustworthy organization and will send you part of your money back.
    – Since that time, they will call you every working day and start the “aggressive” calls combined with humiliation to make you to upgrade to the Silver account (invest 10 000 USD). They will be asking you if have any investments, what is the gain, why you have investments with so low gain and that they will give you 20% a year or month gain.
    – Time to time they will make a trade and there will be some revenue.
    – Calls will have a “busy stock sounds” in the background. 🙂
    – They will be asking you if you know about some news happened on crypto coin stocks (like JP Morgan some time ago).
    – They will be sending you screenshots with successful trades as proof that they are “professionals” and know what to do.
    – When you upgrade to Silver account, they will place several trades with all your money and you will lose everything in a few days.
    – Since the time they will place these orders, they will not contact you anymore.

    For everything you do, they will ask for a confirmation via HelloSign, they will ask for a scan of your card, your ID to prevent AML.
    Also will forward you to do a transfer via and is the same company.
    They also offer you a bank transfer which is for company Rapid BO (PTY) LTD, located at 10 Milton Road, Sea Point, South Africa, 8060.

    There are also very bad conditions if you want to withdraw your money and they provided you with a company “bonus”. You need to make trades for 20000*bonus to be able to withdraw without fees.

    I did this investigation for you to find another scam company. Please. Never invest more, that you can lose.

    • Jean Paul L'Italien

      Thanks Tony, I had the same experience, got caught losing more than 3,000$, dealing with these guys ain’t interesting, promises, and not much delivery, they communicate when they want to pressure you on raising your level!, don’t deal with these people !

    • Peter Schindler

      Hi Tony, a scam, definitely. What happened to you also happened to me, although fortunately I lost less. Your record is accurate. Mine differed in that in the middle they introduced me to ‘skulling’. A method of hitting the enter button when the candlestick dipped down on red but then you had to do the same thing when it flashed upwards on the green. You had to wait a minimum of five minutes, it was fun, not a high return and like playing a fruit machine.
      When I had enough of their ‘robust’ tactics and wanted out, they said I did not have enough equity to continue buying bitcoin anyway so to help me one last time they did a spread using all my money plus theirs. Guess what? Yes, within a few hours I had lost everything (they did not put upper and lower limits on profit and loss)
      I will just say, no matter what I lost, not having to speak to these people again was probably worth it.

    • Nasser Albasier

      Thank you sir, your comment was really helpful. I have just signed up with them and their representative called me, but I did not go further with him, because he is too friendly and optimistic to a suspicious level.
      Thanks again🌷

  45. Josef Zounek

    I have been trading with tradewell for some time and trading is ok, but the withdrawals. I have been waiting for the second withdrawal for more than a month now. They are in touch, but the money is just not coming back, will update if any change, but at the moment I feel like I have been scammed and must beg to get my money back:(

    • Jimmy

      Could please confirm that you have received the original money that would be great. Because somebody else can use your name her.

    • Jimmy

      I see you have received you money we are still waiting

      • Mike

        What is your plan to get your money back.can we report them at visa or mastercard..we should creat fb group as tradewell victim..we can warn other people sothat they will not become victim in this scamm company..we can also seek justice.

  46. Rocky

    I am doing business with them i made 3 times of my investment and then i wanted to withdraw my investment only and keep profit there to make money. But my account manager does not want me to withdraw even that. I cant understand why they have problem in withdrawl. Even withdrawl process is fishy request for withdrawl goes to account manager first and then he approves. Why someone should restrict my withdrawl.


  47. Narvo Smith-Curry

    Had some rough time in the beginning and many clashes with customer service but finally received all my money after my investment gave me 300% + i made 5ok in 1 month!

  48. Taylor

    I have been scammed by Tradewell, They cheated me of $60,000, and i am looking for solution on how to get my moneyback. If you are a victim of this scam, please send message and lets us all seek justice and prosecute this people. I need help urgently, they took all my life savings. My email is “Tayloroscar10@ gmail. c om”

    • Mike

      What is your plan to get your money back.can we report them at visa or mastercard..we should creat fb group as tradewell victim..we can warn other people sothat they will not become victim in this scamm company..we can also seek justice.

  49. Allan

    Currently but not for very long in contact with tradewell. Have given them money but still not 100% sure about them & they have been asking for more. Some things seem ok & other things not so good. Hoping you might be able to shed a bit more light on them. Thank you.

    • Michael Broeckhuyzen

      They’re a scam, Allan! I’ve been scammed too. If you’re legit, please contact me here and together we can work out the way forward.

      • Arnold

        They are really a BIG SCAM! i have been scammed by TradeWell i.o. I am looking for a solution how to get back my money.

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