Trade Well Review – Trustworthy Crypto Broker?

Trade Well is an emerging Crypto CFD broker. They offer more than 100+ pairs and provide upto 1:40 leverage. Their platform is web based and it’s unique functionality brings a new touch of practicality to trading.

However, there are few things you should know before joining them. Read our detailed review to know everything about this broker and make an informed decision.

Disclosure: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Trade Well Review

License and Custom Support

It is always best for you to trade with licensed brokers. So, that you are always under the protection of the local regulatory body. However, we are not stating that all the unregulated brokers are outright frauds.

Considering the risks, it is better to avoid them. The parent company of this broker is Invest Support LTD. Below are the details regarding their registration.

Registration Number – 205538955

Address – 5, 1B Dimcho Debelyanov street, Metropolitan Municipality Izgrev Region, 1113 Sofia City, Bulgaria

Phone –  +3726094190

Email –

Traders can contact the support team via telephone, telegram app or email. However, as there are no testimonials as of now, we do not have any feedback regarding them.

Account Types and Leverage

This broker offer 5 types of accounts. The distinguishing factors are starting capital, trading terms, account manager and educational content.

As a rule of thumb, you will get more professional services, if you start out with more up-front capital. Trading bonus is available across all the account types.

However, make sure that you have completely understood with the terms and conditions first. We strongly recommend our readers never to accept bonus because most of the time it acts like a double edged sword. The amount of leverage ranges from 1:10 to 1:40. This might sound low, but in the world of cryptos it is enough.

Remember cryptocurrencies have a lot of volatility. So it is important for you to adhere to strict risk management. Otherwise, the consequences will be severe. Moreover, most of the brokers do not offer 1:40 leverage so it is not a deal breaker.

Educational Material

All of the clients of this broker can access an educational outlet. There are both in the format of video tutorials and books. This kind of gesture shows their commitment and integrity. Although, the quality of the material available is a subject to one’s opinion. Trade Well Educational Outlet

If you are a complete beginner, then you will benefit a lot from it. Remember to backtest every strategy before you decide to use them on a live account. Though, past results does not guarantee future actions, it is good to know the statistics.

Charting Tools and Platform

The platform offered by this broker is web based. It runs on most of the modern devices which has an active internet connection. However, if you are used to algorithm trading, then you might be disappointed. As an alternative, they offer account management, but the exact performance records are something you should keep an eye on.

There will always be execution delays in any type of copy trading. So, be prepared for that in advance or avoid trading during those times. As far as charting is concerned, there is nothing to worry about.

TradingView charts offer some of the best tools which will be more than enough for most traders. Moreover, with tradingview you can set for price charts as well so that you don’t have to stay glued to the screen. This feature will be helpful especially for swing traders.

Domain Insight domain was registered on 15/05/2018. The registrant details are completely masked for privacy reasons. However, you can always contact the support team if you have any concerns. Since this website is relatively new, they do not have high ranking on similar web and yet. So, we cannot trace at their main traffic sources.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Trade Well offers accounts in 4 base currencies which are AUD, USD, EUR and GBP. The minimum deposit amount is $250 or equivalent. Deposit and withdrawals can be done through wire transfer, credit cards and Bitcoin.

They state that the withdrawals are usually processed in 2 days, but sometimes can take as long as 5 business days. Unfortunately, the minimum withdrawal amount is not specified.

Trade Well Review conclusion

Trade Well is a decent broker who brings a lot to the table while their leverage might seem capped for smaller accounts, it really comes down to the strategy you employ. If you are planning to trade with this broker, then start with the minimum deposit and then scale it up if it’s necessary. The sole reason why we are recommending this is because of the lack of feedback. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

We invite you forward to share your experience with us in the comments section.


  1. Mitch Petersen

    Tradewell is a SCAM
    Managed by ruthless grubs.

    Once you register for a Tradewell account you are entered at the one of the following levels:

    BASIC, SILVER, GOLD, VIP or BLACK DIAMOND. The choice of level is based on the amount of money you supply (invest). Depending on your level, Tradewell will add a “bonus” to your investment and a “Leverage option” would could be up to 1:40 for the VIP and Black diamond levels.
    At no time is this bonus considered money. If you joined as a VIP with , say $100,000.00 Tradewell adds a “bonus” of 150%. Your standing is now investment +150%. Can you withdraw that amount out? No. these “bonuses” are there to “plump” your trades. The trader makes a percentage on each trade you make. The more that is invested in the trade, the more potential profit.
    The idea is to have you trading and losing. Lets say you have now completed a few trades, and as luck would have it, your standing is now down to $100,000.00. Oh dear, you are not a good trader. It seems you have lost all that bonus. You might say, OK, I want my money back now, you will be disappointed. The only way you can get your original money back it to keep trading until you get your standing up to your original investment PLUS the bonus amount before you can draw down your original 100K.

    Lets start at Basic level.
    You will be reminded that you really cannot do anything with this amount. You may win a dollar or two at a time but it is not really worthwhile.
    If you were a member of a higher division, say, Silver , you could trade with a much higher leverage and a much higher bonus. Someone like David Sheppard, (not to be confused with a Mr David Shepherd who is a real person and recognized and full time forex trader now living in Australia. The similarity and trading history of the two Davids is amazing). Obviously nothing more than an coincidence.
    David (who looks after the VIP and Diamond Divisions) will show you very quickly on the platform how he can make amazing profits in a few short trades. Magic. He advises that if you were in his division, you could be making trades like this every single day. At this stage you are completely stunned by how this man just made about $20,000.00 in 20 minutes. Incredible.
    (You don’t know this at the time but you will never succeed on that particular trading platform. The account managers and traders use a platform with more decimal points on display. They can see movements in the market that you cannot see because you do not have an extra pair of decimal points to view more subtle movement. You see the result on your platform as pure magic.)
    But as you are a member of a lower division, this kind of activity is not applicable to you.
    OK, now Tradewell advised you that you would receive education on how to become a knowledgeable trader. You will be introduced to another team member, lets call him “Zac”. Zac will tell you what candlesticks mean and point you to some more reading on other web pages. I’m sure you are starting to feel very good about all of the education you are receiving.
    David has shown you how quickly profits can be made, but to work with him exclusively, you will need to be in his Division (Diamond). Don’t worry, I’m sure that you will get there soon enough and you can easily achieve your goals.
    Yes, one of the sessions are related to goal setting. What are your goals, what is important to you, how serious are you about achieving your goals? Well, with us at Tradewell we will walk with you and achieve all of your short term and long-term goals.
    You will be given another “Account manager” to deal with. Let’s call him “Oliver”.
    Oliver will then advise you how well a particular crypto currency is going and that, based on a great deal of market knowledge and research, (Zac has already spoken to you about market indicators so this information is reinforcement0 , will make a very quick profit and you need to get onto it right now.
    Let’s say that you now use $18,000 of your “standing’ to purchase a crypto. After a couple of hours, that crypto is not performing as well as you thought and was actually going downhill. Don’t worry, we have a plan for this. All you need to do is to buy a Securitization Policy and you will be covered. It is refundable of course. So now you are buying a Securitization policy for the same amount you have invested. After the collapse of your trade, Oliver will say, See? You have not lost anything you are now back where you started from. Your standing is the same, yes, but you have just lost $18,000.00 and recovered by replacement.
    You are in a bit of shock now. Don’t worry, advises Oliver, we will get that back very quickly.
    You are then introduced to another “Account manager”. Let’s call him “Martin”. Martin will advise you that today, there is a great deal of movement in the market and we can capitalize quickly. He will rush through with you and quickly outlay at least half of your remaining standing. Then he will say things like. Oh, there is a lag here somewhere, I’m not getting the figures in time. Is your internet slow today? Oh dear, there seems to be a problem here. We should close out of those 6 or so trades. Each one is a loss. Martin smoothly advises not to worry at all. All of those red figures don’t mean much at all. Someone will fix that up quickly.
    Now you are in greater shock and have lost a great deal. If you walk out now, you have lost everything you have “invested”.
    Don’t worry, David from the Diamond division will come to your aid.
    He will advise that he has had very stern words with Martin and that Martin is not allowed to do anything on your account at all.
    He will introduce you to another trader, lets call him “Ashwin”. Ashwin advises that he is one of the best traders there is and is widely known and admired for his expertise in the longer-term trade. His trades will take longer, but they are pretty much guaranteed to make a profit each time. He will show you an earlier record of another trade where there have been 4 trades, each made with 20,000 USD and each of those trades made a 100% profit. Now, for you to be looked after by me and have access to my trading proficiency, it will only cost you an extra $25,000.00. it’s a sure thing, right?
    OK, Ashwin advises you which trades to place. A couple of hours later, you will see that these trades are not doing as well as expected are they. Don’t worry, we will protect them using another fully refundable “Securitization Policy”. Please pay up now, you need to have a USD 25,000 policy in place before the end of the trade.
    OK, so you have now lost a small or perhaps large fortune.
    It is about now you are on your knees and have to get out.
    Because you have lost so much you cannot walk away with anything that you have left in your standing because that is not yours. That “Standing” is made up of “bonuses” supplied by the company. You will need to restore those “bonuses” if you want to take any real money out.
    You have to trade because you have no choice now. You have to build up the investment plus bonuses to a point where Tradewell will let you withdraw any funds. Don’t worry, in a few short trades we will get you back to a really good position then you can take out your investment. These trades will be longer term but are showing excellent profit margins.
    Trades have now failed. Oh dear, looks like the market has not responded the way we thought. It happens. That’s the market for you. You will need to deposit more funds if you want us to continue helping achieve your goals.

    That’s it… all gone… Sick to your soul and you know you have been plaid by experts.
    These are extremely ruthless operators and extremely good at what they do.
    Further Considerations:
    When you are connected to one of Tradewell’s account managers, they can access all of your computer files and folders. The program they use, currently Zoom meetings has an inbuild ability called “file transfer”. During an education session, your entire computer can be downloaded onto their system. If you have a folder with scanned ID documentation, licenses, passports, bank statement and the like, you can be assured that this information is now shared.
    It is only afterward that I learned about locking all of my drives.
    Too late now, but I found reviews at various sites. I wish I had seen them earlier.
    Here is an example from John H which I wish I had read John H review much earlier:
    “Tradewell is a criminal syndicate. They are very smooth confidence tricksters (all South African) who are expert at putting maximum pressure on you to ‘invest’ an ever increasing amount of funds into their amateurish and poorly administered website. It is a ponzi scheme and their trading platform is a completely bogus, in house Trojan horse. They suck you in with a rapid return on your initial $250 USD investment but this is just a hook to lure the unsuspecting investor into their sham trading scheme. Once you part with any further cash, you will never see another cent of it ever again.
    You are correct John H.

  2. DJ

    Under no circumstances should you even contemplate on even joining for curiosity because they well sell your details to affiliate finance companies who have been ringing me twice a day for the past 3 months. Don’t get scammed

  3. Laki

    They are just crooks with same “modus operandi” for all of us. I lost 2000 euros.

    • Mod Grecko

      My agent was clear about the risks, i decided to put my money in anyhow. I used platform for two weeks, lost around 5K and got out what was left. This is just like any other platform i’ve tried in the past, this time the agent was honest and said chances are against me.
      Best of luck in your next trade.

      • Laki

        This was very expensive school for me to learn how scammers operate, this is not trading platform this is a classic scam. I hope that one day all of crooks from TradeWell will be in jail.

    • Fiona Peach Pearl

      This looks like a phishing attempet. It is real easy to gather emails of people hurt by bad trade they’ve made, claiming you want to help them, collecting their email data and than turning the switch on remarketing campagins. This indusrty is bad enough without your theft. this whole idea of people investing in god knows what, it clear you are collecting the data to get them to put more money in, this time on your bad scam rthaer than others. sod off!!

    • Ali

      Try pay back or your bank to get your Money back

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