Vload.Expert Review

Are you experiencing difficulties with registering and making what should be an effortless deposit with an online brokerage?

Due to the strict enforcement of regulatory agencies and governing authorities, many online brokerages have closed their doors despite offering what may have once been a reputable and dependable trading platform.

While some online brokerages still exist and function regularly, the ability for consumers to register with a select brokerage is narrowed down and difficult due to most of their demographics being restricted.

This is where operations such as Vload Expert, hosted at Vload.Expert come into the picture.

Vload Expert is essentially an online currency voucher that offers fiat exchange vouchers for issuing fees currently disclosed at 3.5%.

To find out more information regarding Vload Expert we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

About Vload.Expert


A Vload eVoucher is a fast, easy and secure method to pay online.

The services rendered at Vload.Expert are provided by Global Primax Limited, a company located in Mauritius which is allegedly regulated by the Financial Services Commission under License Number C116016613.

The asserted aim behind Global Primax Limited would be to render convenient services and payment methods of a more robust scale amongst diverse ethic backgrounds and nations.

While consumers residing within third-world countries may be experiencing difficulty with limited payment methods available where they reside, Vload Expert aims to offer more opportunities for everyday individuals.

Corporate Structure

Corporate Entity: Global Primax Limited

Office Address: 30 St. Georges Street, 3rd Floor Manor House, Mauritius

Email: info@vload.expert

Phone: (+230) 489-9494

Financial Services Commission License #: C116016613

Global Primax Limited employs a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policy, which may require verification documents depending upon the sum of wish you have loaded to an eVoucher.

How does VLoad Expert Work?

In order to purchase an e-Voucher through Vload Expert you will need to make an account.

The information required in the account will depend upon how much money you will be able to load onto an e-Voucher.

Consumers can fall into 1 of 3 account tiers supported at Vload.Expert.

Tier 1 – $100 euro/usd


  • Email address verification
  • Account registration with full data

Tier 2 – $100.01 – $24,999.99 eur/usd


  • Email address verification
  • Phone number verification
  • Proof of residence address
  • Scan of your ID document
  • Signed authorization form depending on the payment method
  • Copy of debit/credit card (with marked sensitive data masked)

Tier 3 – $25,000+ eur/usd


  • Tier 2 Requirements
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) is performed


Payment Methods

Vload.Expert accepts a wide range of payment methods which are disclosed as followed:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • UnionPay
  • Swift
  • Alipay
  • SoFort
  • iDeal
  • GiroPay
  • SafetyPay
  • POLi
  • CashI
  • Przelewy24
  • Entercash
  • Skrill
  • Neteller


Vload Expert Fees

Vload Expert renders a more secure and a rather convienant way to handle financial transactions but their services come with some minor costs.

Vload eVoucher issuing fees at set at a fixed rate of 3.5% while cash out fees are enforced on large e-Voucher withdrawals.

USD eVoucher cash out fees are set at 0.30% with a minimum requirement of $30.

Eur/Sepa eVoucher cash out fees are set at 0.10% with a minimum of €6.

Eur/Non-Sepa eVoucher cash out fees are set 0.20% with a minimum of €20.

These fees directly reduce the cash out amount, they are not external payments.

Why use Vload Expert?

Vload.Expert provides a more secure way to handle online transactions by enabling consumers to load fiat currencies such as the US dollar or and Euro onto e-Vouchers which are claimed shortly after loading the funds.

The purchaser is given a PIN code where they can retrieve and access the funds they have loaded on their eVoucher, this e-Voucher eliminates potential overcharges with purchases concerning unverified entities, hence reducing risk.

They accept nearly every payment type which makes it exceptionally useful for people who reside in third-world nations or live in an environment where payment options are limited.

Useful in the way that it enables a broader scope of possibilities for online browsing and maybe possible financial opportunities not previously available.

Domain Insight

Vload.Expert is registered by Illes Balears of Spain on January 4th, 2018 as found in a WHOIS domain report.

According to SimilarWeb, Vload.Expert has a global rank of 233,524 with a US rank of 62,690 as of December 6th, 2018.

Overall the site appears rather reputable and supports over an estimated 120,000 visitors per month.

Vload Expert Reviews

Vload Expert appears to be doing something right because despite the youthfulness of their operation, Vload Expert is classified as Great according to reviews found at TrustPilot.

“I bought a voucher and it worked fine.”

“They have been great and they answer your calls fast!
I needed to get my account loaded to get in on a group trading event and they got me going fast!”

“Katie gave me all the information i needed in a step by step way anyone would understand. Replied fast and fixed my problem absolutely in a snap compared to the time i had on my problem. Trully great service 👍”

There was a recent complaint filed against Vload.Expert although on the same day Vload.Expert had created a TrustPilot account and responded prompted to handle and rectify the consumer complaint.

We can see why the majority of consumers disclose that Vload Expert renders a valuable customer service.

Vload.Expert Review Conclusion

Vload.Expert appears to render a valuable service which is how they have grown their services to the scale they have done since their youthful inception.

Whatever your reasons may be, Vload Expert may be able to provide you with more opportunities with a reduced sum of risk.

Given their overall positive vibe amongst the community along with their customer service we feel that Vload Expert may be around for sometime to come.

Outcome: Vload Expert appears Safe to Use!

Site: Vload.Expert

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Joe Johnson

    Vload said they received a smaller amount than I my Bank wired to them. My bank said they gave the correct amount. I’m inclined to believe my bank over vload. Vload wont do any investigation or follow up so I lost the difference.

  2. Richard Cranium

    If V-Load will fuck you on a 100 buck account, they’ll completely bend you over and ram a telephone pole up your asshole and through your throat for a grand. Save yourself the time and energy and tell these people to go fuck themselves. You don’t need to give your money to a 3rd party entity, in turn to be charged for it, and THEN for them to hold your cash hostage and demand all documents for reimbursement. Just read the above. This has SCAM written all over the shit. Why do this to yourself in hopes it won’t be? Do you REALLY need fucking V-LOAD that bad??? I don’t. They have shit reviews for a reason. I wouldn’t trust these cocksuckers with a dollar! God Damn!!!

  3. Gloria

    They are friendly, prompt and helpful until you go to request a withdrawal of your funds. My husband and I share a joint account, both of our names are on the account, both of our addresses line up with our id’s bank account AND we used the same joint account to establish the vload account as well as our broker account. Now we are told they don’t take joint accounts and we will have to establish another bank account in order to have our funds transferred back to our account. We have given these people enough information to steal our identity honestly. I definitely will be consulting an attorney. This is ridiculous and definitely feels like a scam. Looks like we are not the only one’s who have experienced this. I will complain on every board!

  4. Victor

    On the name of Jesus, Allah, or whatever you believe in DO NOT USE VLOAD, they will ask for every single document you have before you can withdraw to your bank account and when youre done providing everything they will ask for something irrelevant like your passport, im a US citizen i dont need to have a passport, i do not plan to leave the country any time soon. I will try to use the voucher somewhere else to see if i can withdraw through bitcoin, so far i have no clue where to do this but i will not let them keep my money. This has been an absolute nightmare.

  5. Mike Colby

    If I were you I would seriously think about getting another job. The one you have now with VLOADEXPERT that is supporting theft and extortion on their clients accounts like mine is probably on very shaky grounds as I write this. It`s just a matter of time before your operation gets shut down. And that`s not the worst of it. You will be prosecuted right along with your bosses. Though probably to a lesser extent. You were just following protocol, right? The fact that you did not even bother to find (or all ready know or take the time to find out ) that these same requests (that`s plural by the way) of other agents as yourself has already been supplied adequately by me many weeks ago.. Of course, you didn`t care to know that, right? You people run out of hoops to put me through? People with good imaginations can all ways find hoops for other people like myself to go through, right??? How is your imagination today, Angie?

  6. Mike Colby

    I`m here to tell you also “that you people are NOT ALONE” as far as having problems with getting your requested funds credited back to (my) your bank account. Been going around with them for several days now. Every one of their requested demands have been met . All requested docs, bank statements, fatca, I.D. docs, c.card ect. have been approved by them. Yet, when it comes time to cash out they`re telling me they will not approve my request because I have not sent them the correct pdf file when in fact I have multiple times. I unfortunately now will have to bring suit against them for premeditated theft, fraud, and extortion. These people are THEIVES, LIARS and extortionists.

    • Victor

      Hello Mike, were you able to get anything resolved at the end? I’m thinking of suing them myself but i want to see about using the voucher on a broker or website that then lets me withdraw in bitcoin or something.

  7. Albert

    Vload has been a complete nightmare! it was easy for them to take my money but when I asked for a cashout payment on my account they have been giving me the run around for over 3 weeks!!! every time I contact them I get the same response – “its going to take 2-5 days to post to your account”!! this is ridiculous! we process wire transfers in the US all the time and it takes less than a week. I can’t help but to think they are scammers

    • Joel Davis

      I am having the same issue with them. They took my money but now I am trying to get a payout to my bank account and it has taken over 3 weeks. I think they could be a scam. Did you ever get your money?

      • Victor

        Hello Joel, did you resolve anything at the end? Im pulling my hairs out with these people going back and forth with customer service. I’m thinking of using the voucher somewhere that allows me to withdraw in bitcoin or something.

  8. ometita vasile

    EU btc mining
    Canada bitcoin mining
    Scam I invest in there

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