Binary Option Gain Review – Regulated Broker

Binary Option Gain is a new broker who is a new player in the trading sphere. Their platform is intuitive and user-friendly. The minimum deposit amount is $300 which is a little steep, but for most people it is something they can live with.

However, since they do not have much history, many people are having a hard time trying to figure out whether or not to join them. Given the notorious history of binary options sector, the confusion is quite justifiable.

If you want to know everything about this broker, then continue reading our unbiased review till the end. Binary Option Gain Review

Regulation, Licenses and Customer Support

When it comes to binary options, if you are planning to stick with unregulated entities, then the odds are against you. For starters, this industry is still plagued by many shady brokers who offer trading instruments and have extreme control over the price as they are not overseen by any authorities.

Even seconds delay will cause you a loss in binary options and that is something which is outright unethical if manipulated. This broker is owned by Gembell Limited and are regulated by FMRRC, registration number is 86967.

So, they can offer their services in major parts of the world. If you need any help with regards to their platform, then you can contact the support team via email only.

Trading Platform and Charting Solution

Trading platform offered by this broker is web based. So, you can run the software on any device which has an active internet connection. The default charting platform contains all the necessary indicators. However, if you use custom indicators and trading bots, then you will be disappointed as they are not allowed.

You can substitute TradingView for all your hurting needs which is a free charting solution, but remember for access to some tools, a small premium does apply. Binary Option Gain Platform

Overall, this web interface provides much relief to all the fans of the binary options and in a way, it is similar to the one provided by IQ options. Once you have a separate charting solution, trading with them won’t be a problem in any way.

Social Trading and Asset Class

Most of the brokers provide some type of auto trading systems, but since Binary Option Gain lacks that, they have come up with social trading. In simple words, using social trading you would be able to copy the trades of anyone who you wish to follow.

There might be a small fee involved for this feature, so be aware of that. While social trading is appealing to most of the newbie traders, remember that the system is not flawless.

The delays in execution can occur at times and in rare events especially while trading short term, the entire account may get blown. So, always make sure that you put up what you can afford to lose and still smile about it. After all, there is nothing certain in the markets.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The minimum deposit amount is $300 and the minimum trade amount is $10. This standard is 10 times more than the industry average and it has both pros and cons to that. If you are a professional trader, then this aspect will never affect your decisions in any way.

On the flip side, if you are a newbie trying to get the hang of the market, then these steep prices might be troublesome. There are plenty of deposit and withdrawals methods supported by this platform, but unfortunately we do not know if there are any fees associated with it.

Generally speaking you can expect the withdrawal to be processed within 2 to 5 days depending upon the payment methods.

Domain Insights

Here is the information about the general demographics of their website.

Domain –

Registered On – 23/10/2018

Expiry – 23/10/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 10,559,343

Binary Option Gain Review Conclusion

Binary options is a scam. Avoid all binary options brokers.

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  1. Otto

    Not so long ago, Expert Option began working with a broker.
    As for me, in terms of work, this is now a really good option.

  2. Wilkins Paul

    I recommend everyone to try online trading Expertoption. This platform is suitable for any trader, both experienced and not very. I would also like to thank the personal manager for the great help in the work!

  3. Collin

    I am pleased to trade on such a platform as Expertoption, because I have not yet met such pleasant support and managers, and the conditions are very comfortable, there is a profit!

  4. Jacob

    मैं एक वर्ष से अधिक समय से एक्सप्लेनेशन प्लेटफॉर्म पर काम कर रहा हूं। ट्रेडिंग की दिशा में कोई शिकायत नहीं है, व्यापार अच्छा चल रहा है, और लाभ मेरे साथ ठीक है

  5. bout

    Yes, obviously scam…signed up for this platform just to see how it is. As far as deposits go, you can only deposit with bitcoins, and even after you deposit, you will have to confirm with support and show proof that you made a deposit. The agents that works/referred me to this platform claims that it’s government regulated and he claims that he works and gets paid by the government. The Agent name is Scott Halley with a new kind of scam where he makes you sign an agreement form to work with him with only having to pay at $300 for a private key and the agreement form says that you’ll get your money back if the private key does not work. However, that is not the case because you will never get your money back. They will trick you into saying that you’ll get your $300 back, then once that doesn’t work, they will ask you to pay another $800 for another private key, then after that, they will send you an email and say that you need to buy an antminer that cost around $3000 in order to make your withdrawal. they will promise that they will help you, might even help you pay some of the fees, then his partner Gary is supposed to help you with withdrawal. However, none of the other fees were ever disclosed in the agreement, you’ll never get your money back even though they promise that the money you pay will be added on top of what you’re supposed to get back for your profits. Scott will also refer you to his client Richard, but they are all from Colorado and are helping each other run a scam to scam people. Other than an agreement form, they never allow or meet you ever, not even video chat and they also contact you by whatsapp and ask for your social media to see if other scammers are following you. They claim they were able to contact you through other scams you been in and will ask for information about your social media and ask you to give them information about websites where you been scammed before. I have also checked login credentials from these people because they had opened a blockchain account under my name without my knowledge and added a few non-spendable wallets trying to show you that they are not frauding you. They also created an email under my name and when I checked, it’s being logged from Nigeria and that person’s iphone. Also showed IP in Colorado although the guy Gary claims he was in UK. Please don’t believe anyone who you never met or contacted you through whatsapp.

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