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Ubex.com - Scam or Legit?

Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange which has very interesting features and it is also the first of its kind to blend artificial intelligence in advertising. They have a terrific track record in this industry and all the team members have necessary amount of experience and skill required to make this project a massive success.

If you were considering to buy their tokens or if you are interested about knowing the concept behind this project which has huge potential then go through our comprehensive review.

Team Members

The team members play a crucial role in every sector and their level of involvement directly correlates with the progress. Looking at the personalities behind this ICO, it surely instills confidence. All the employees have impressive accomplishments in their respective fields. The names of the members and their linked in username are as follows, it is nice to see the type of transparency they adore.

Ubex.com - Team Members

Michael Gord

Position – Technical Advisor

Username – @mgord

Ismail Malik

Position – Marketing Advisor

Username – @Blockchain

Arie Orlovsky

Position – Advisor Israel

Username – @arie-lev-orlovsky

David Lim

Position – Advisor China and Korea

Username – @david-lim

There are a lot more personnel involved in this project and to know about all of them in detail you can visit Ubex website or search their information on Linked in.

What is Ubex and what problems does it solve ?

The purpose behind Ubex is simple and it is to make the hassles of the present advertising platform diminished while paving way for an efficient one wherein all the three parties involved in the cycle i.e. users, advertisers and publishers get what they want. Plan of action can be further explained in detail.

User Problems

We all are so much used to the internet and often we see ads on most of the platforms as the owners want to monetize the traffic or simply wants to create a consistent stream of income. The main problem is that the ads shown to the public in most cases are irrelevant, annoying and it seriously hinders the user experience.

On the other hand Ubex aims to solve this problem by using neural networks and blockchain technology thereby matching the user’s interest with relevant ads from their database. By providing the end users with what they want, the sales will definitely increase while keeping costs at a minimum which in return lessens the burden on the advertisers.

Advertiser’s Problems

Whenever an individual or a organisation is advertising i.e. paying for the traffic , there are a lot of uncertainties involved in which though most are generic the element of effectiveness is the concerning one. Think from a business perspective if you want to give a head start then it is very important to get as much people’s attention you can.

Remember if you do not get or reach your target audience then the sheer quantity will not help you stay afloat for a long time. Ubex plans to overcome this shortfall by providing a means for advertisers to incorporate a far more cost-efficient system and ultimately provide best return on investment.

Publisher’s Problem

As a publisher in recent times there are few major problems. First of all the earnings are not what it used to be in the past where there has only a handful of websites in every niche. The low earnings often discourage a lot of publishers as majority of the people lose interest if they can’t make reasonable amount of money to justify the time spent.

Apart from the above discussed problems sometimes after advertising certain services if they turn out to be shady then also the publishers get hit financially. Ubex states that it eliminates this problem by structuring the deal in such a way that fraud can be kept at the minimum level.

Distribution of Tokens and Key Information

Distributed to Community – 72%

Team and Advisors – 15%

Reserve – 10%

Bounty – 3%

Hard Cap – 28,800 ETH

Soft Cap – 4,000 ETH

Cost of 1 UBEX Token – 0.00001 ETH

Purchase methods accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Road Map

The previous accomplishment details are published on their website but take a look at their plans from August 2018 to March 2019.

August 2018 – Launch of the desktop and Alpha version of the publisher application.

October 2018 -Development of the system’s neural Core Prototype and initial training of the neural networks.

November 2018 – Introduction of smart contracts capable of storing neural network adjacent coefficients in the blockchain.

December 2018 – Introduction of an Air prototype for sharing training data in exchange for rewards (data mining).

January 2019 – Launch of the Beta versions of advertiser and publisher applications.

March 2019 – Release of the initial versions of operational applications and short contracts.

Ubex Review Conclusion

Ubex is an ICO with enormous potential and it has a lot of practical uses. The team responsible have done a great job in terms of reaching maximum number of audience. Even the public media outlets and reputable sources are in favor of them because they are all aware of the value this token brings.

They follow a strict KYC policy which is a reflection of their professionalism. This service has dominated presence in most of the social media platform which means they can be reached via many ways. After looking at all the above discussed points we sincerely feel that this organisation might change the advertising sector in a good way.

Have you invested in Ubex? What do you think about this ICO? Let us know by commenting below.


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