Wealth Capital Review (Wealthcapital.fm) – Are they Crooks?

Wealth Capital (wealthcapital.fm) is an offshore unregulated broker who offers a huge range of tradable assets. On the other hand, their spreads are huge and to get all the features they offer, investors have to shell out more money.

The concerning part about joining them is the fact that they are affiliated with fake auto trading systems which is a huge red flag. Moreover, there have been a lot of negative feedback from the clients of this broker as well.

In short, to know everything about them, make sure that you read our review till the end.

Wealth Capital Review

Regulation and Customer Support

Making sure that the broker you are using is regulated and licensed is an essential thing nowadays. The number of horrific stories wherein people have lost a large sum to offshore broker who in plain words swindled them is never ending.

Wealth Capital is not under the radar of Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. So, in other words they are an outright unregulated brokerage. Always remember to be very cautious while dealing with unlicensed entities, the law won’t be of much help to you if something out of the blue happens.

If you have any queries, then you can contact the support team via email and telephone. Here are the contact details.

Telephone – +41315087418, +85230500336

Email – support@wealthcapital.fm

Asset Class, Account Types and Trading Conditions

This broker features a wide array of trading instruments which will be more than sufficient for the average trader. If you are a crypto enthusiasts, then you will be pleased to find all the pairs available along with decent leverage.

While leverage can go beyond 1:200, use it very carefully as it can have a serious effect on your account if things go wrong. There are 4 types of accounts offered by them wherein for more upfront capital, the traders get access to exclusive tools and tutorials.

Wealth Capital Account Types

However, the price is too steep for anyone looking to get started with the market. On the other hand, everyone regardless of the account type are given access to educational materials and guides. Moreover, the only disappointing part is that, the tighter spreads are reserved only for expensive account types.

Nowadays since most of the brokers who are regulated offer only upto 1:30 leverage, looks like sticking to unregulated brokers is quickly becoming a necessary evil.

Educational Outlet

Education is the foundation to success and without it investing would be no different compared to gambling. This broker offers daily market reviews, strategy picks to all of their clients for free.

While we won’t recommend anyone to stick with the ideology per se, it is definitely a plus point to know the other views or approaches to the market. After all, it is better to equip yourself with all the historic data to know what to expect in the future when the exact patterns occur.

The content is available in ebook and video formats which will run on most modern devices once downloaded. In short, with regards to the free resources available, there is nothing to complain about.

Customer Feedback

The best way to assess the quality of a broker or any other online services. Here are the statements from the clients on popular forums such as TrustPilot.

STAY AWAY FROM wealthcapital.fm

weathcapital.fm is a SCAM broker! They are all con artists trying to get all the money they can from you! You will never be able to withdraw your money from there, they will postpone and give you false excuses and when they assume they will not get any more money from you they simply hung up the phone!

Unregulated company con artists

DO NOT invest with this company. As others have stated you initially invest 250 euros, but then the nightmare begins. You will be contacted by a trading advisor who will do his best to get you to invest a minimum of 5000 euros. What’s more they will share your personal details globally. From 27 May I have received well over 100 calls from various traders and my phone is still ringing. Please report this company to Financial Conduct Authority 08001116768

Domain Insights

Below are the details regarding this domain and website which we were able to gather using alexa.com and whois.com.

Domain – Wealthcapital.fm

Registered On – 19/02/2019

Expiry – 19/02/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 1,229,447

Wealth Capital Review Conclusion

Wealth Capital has a unique advantage over other brokers when it comes to offering a wide range of asset classes which enables everyone to have a diversified portfolio. However, due to the steep costs involved in getting tighter spreads along with other functionalities, it is definitely not for everyone.

Always keep in mind, the security of your funds is important, but if you are solely looking for leverage, then also start with the minimum deposit amount and scale slowly if you like the service they provide.

Lastly, remember they offer web based trading interface which means you won’t be able to use Expert Advisers and other custom indicators.

Do you have any experience with Wealth Capital Broker? Share your feedback with us by leaving a comment below.


  1. Dr Ivan David

    Lost all my money.
    I made 2 deposits.
    I Couldn’t make withdrawals , and they convinced me to deposit more. I did in March and never got my money back. This is a total scam. ralphdaecher At protonmail dot comm managed to withdraw my first two deposits successfully and I’m very happy.

  2. Anton

    Stay away from Wealth Capital, you will never see your money again

  3. Alice Grice

    Although I encountered some difficulties trading with WealthCapital, I came out much better (thanks wealthwatchs), they are trialling a new payment method, I should have my issues resolved next week. Will let you know..

    • Andrea Leslie

      I can highly recommend Wealth Watch Intl, I found their services professional, they kept me updated with status of my claim and explained everything clearly through the whole process.

  4. Ismail Williams

    After investing with Wealth Capital I could not get my money back. 3 Months later they told me that I’ve lost all my money and that there’s nothing they can do about it. The lies they told me from the start. My money is insured, that I could do monthly withdrawals, that I would grow my money at a minimum of 10% per month, that could withdraw all my money at any time if I feel I want out. This was all just lies.

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