I was scammed by the Bitcoin1Free.Work. I found out that this company is not in your list, yet. Since I did not lose a lot of money I don’t really care but I assume that many other people are deceived for a much larger amount of money. Please investigate on it and alert people. They scammed me in the way that they never paid me as they promise and advertised on their site…24 hour contract…and with some bonus…they accept money as investment from people and then after 24 hours when the contract expire they supposed to send “earned” BTC at BTC address provided by account owner – investor…at they’re statistic it was shown that transaction on my name went on different wallet address…I wrote to support and almost immediately they block my account / IP address…

This is the warning we received today about the Bitcoin 1 Free Work website. So is really a scam? We shall try to answer this question through the course of this quick review. - Bitcoin 1 Free Work

Bitcoin1Free.Work Review is a “Bitcoin multiplier,” which claims to be using a technology they call “double spends” in order to multiply bitcoins. The site says this is “Version 2.0,” which makes us wonder what was the first version. They do mention a couple of other domains under the title “Last domains,” but both seem to be down:


A Whois query reveals that the person who registered the domain is called Sydney Izen of 300 Mercer St. Apt. 11M, New York City, NY 10003, USA. The provided phone number is +1.6177971495 and the email address is The domain was registered on November 11, 2017.

During January 2018, around 323,000 people visited the site, many of them are from Russia, United States, Brazil, Indonesia and Iran, according to SimilarWeb.

Who is behind the site? According to About us page, they “are a group of programmers who, in 2014, managed to bypass the protection of the ‘Double Spends’ of bitcoins and decided to use it. Since 2014, the creators of Bitcoin and block-chain technologies have tried to protect the crypto currency from ‘Double Spends.’ The last attempted defense is November 2017.” But they “do not sleep…” They claim to “have bypassed all barriers.”

Obviously, this is not an operation ran by a registered company. It’s just one person, perhaps a group, claiming they can multiply your bitcoins. How?

What they are allegedly doing is sending the transaction twice. Some time after the confirmation of the first transaction, the second will be confirmed too before it is cancelled. Therefore, they really get 1.9 transactions, and this process can be repeated up to 8 times per day, reaching a profit of 160 times the original transaction. As a customer, they will offer you the hundredfold multiplication of your deposit. The rest they keep for themselves.

Again, there’s no corporate entity running this site. The only way to contact its owner is a contact form and an email address ( They also have a chat widget. We asked them who “Sydney Izen” was, to which they replied: “Please, ask me if you need help, i don’t play such games.”

In the FAQ section, there’s a question about their location to which they answer: “We work on a ‘black’ scheme and we get Bitcoins for you and us not by legal means, so we hide. But we also hide you.” So clearly, we’re dealing with an illegal operation here.

To test the project, a 0.005 – 0.02 BTC deposit is required. The result is a doubling of your deposit. So if for example you deposit the minimum (as of right now that would equal around $50), you should be able to make $100. Depositing at least 0.015 BTC will put you in the “standard treatment” group, where your deposit will be multiplied hundredfold. So if you deposit the minimum (as of the time of posting this review – $150), you should earn $1,500. Only one investment is possible every 2 months. Deposits above 0.556 BTC have special conditions and can be made every 20 days.

Bitcoin1Free.Work Scam

The only way to test this service would be by depositing bitcoins. Keep in mind that once you send BTC to anyone, it is nonrefundable. If turns out to be a scam, you won’t be able to get your money back.

While we don’t have any proof that this service is a scam (except for the one testimonial we opened this review with), since this is an anonymous and illegal operation, we would not recommend that anyone try it.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin 1 Free Work should NOT be trusted!

Blacklisted site:

If you did happen to try it, make sure to leave us a comment below this review, sharing your story. Did you get the guaranteed profits for your investment?


  1. dieter

    SCAM BIGTIME! I have reported them to multiple sites and am writing up a ftc complaint now. I think the name and adress are fake but you can find them here.—

    he has a few sites , so lets get em all-
    The only person with that name i can find is a fashion designer. The address is quite expensive, apt. costs 1,7 million. So either it is all fake or he is making a killing!
    Lets get together and try to find him!

  2. David Beshears

    I would absolutly love to nail the person or person who created this site…. nothing but scammers… how can we accomplish this?

  3. gurmaan

    I was intending to invest and now thanks to you guys of course i didn’t! I think i should start an online business that focuses to reveal scammers!

  4. dieter

    they try to say that your second inveszment is a breach of policy yet they communicate that 1 Investment of each type is allowed per 60/20 days.
    I have lost my btc, too. I have saved all correspondence and am going to report them .

  5. PV

    Hello, I also tried it. I deposited to their Test our project version, 0.005 BTC and they really send me the money after one hour….. So I started to trust them and deposited 0.015 BTC. I waited 24 hours, then I didn’t see the money on my balance, so I contacted the online support via chat. After some minutes, they give the money to my balance. I had 1.5 BTC. Then I opted for withdraw, and waited… I waited like 3 hours, and now my account is suspended….. I contacted then via email, about what happened and now I’m waiting for answer……

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