Category: Scam Review – Confusing Crooks claims to be an online broker who offers binary options, forex and CFDs. They showcase an US address on their website, but claim to be regulated by the CFTC. At first glance, many investors or traders might believe this firm because it doesn’t contain the usual traits of a fake investment platform. However, if Review – Bogus Brokerage Platform claims to be a new binary options broker who supposedly helps retail clients get the best out of the market with limited risk. Their whereabouts are unverified, but the funny thing is they provide an US address, but they are not under the radar of the FTC. Offering high risk investment products without proper Review – New Ponzi Scheme is a new investment solution which claims to be a perfect fit for both the retail investors and large corporations. They are said to be operating from Austria and they flaunt a FMA license on their website. At first glance, this platform will appear like the ultimate holy grail which everyone in the markets Review – Fraud Organisation Exposed is a new kind of investment firm which is said to generate returns ranging from 50% to 80% on a daily basis. They claim to have proper documentation and they even flaunt the risk management measures such as insurance, etc. Anyone rational human being who has basic understanding of the markets can easily spot Review – Ever Green SCAM claims to be a new all in one trading software which allegedly helps people all over the world to profit from the cryptocurrency markets. They say that their average client earns $1000 plus every day with a mere $250 deposit, but as expected there is no credible evidence to back up their bold claims. Review – Infamous Doubler Scam is yet another well designed fake investment platform that promises to double your funds roughly every 4 days once. They mainly target newbies and naive investors in the sector and based on the current data, their efforts sadly seem to be doing them wonders. We searched for any type of legal documents which might Review – Pathetic Crooks! claims to be a bitcoin doubler software which allegedly helps people earn up to 10 BTC per day using some form of proprietary trading system. Their platform contains all the tell tale signs of a scam and as expected the details of the creators were masked and hidden from the public. Any activity which Review – Filthy Investment Platform claims to be the new sensation in the crypto niche wherein anyone can make huge passive income by clicking a few buttons. If you have decent experience in the financial sector, then you already know that, making money from trading is not so easy and even with a proven strategy, drawdowns are inevitable. These

ECOS Mining Review – Can you Trust Them?

ECOS Mining ( is a cloud mining solution which claims to be working with popular firms in and around the crypto sector. The details of the parent company of this platform is unknown and the general anonymity around this firm is mysterious to say the least. Mining contracts offered by this firm ranges from $30 Review – Shady Crooks! is a new service which claims to help all the investors who are getting involved with the crypto sector. This firm is led by an anonymous group of people and any information about the employees or the founders are completely unknown. When it comes to online investing, lack of transparency is never a positive
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