Category: Scam Review is a financial firm which claims to replace your salary if you choose to invest with them. They state that majority of their client soon after starting to invest with them quit their 9 to 5 jobs and are supposedly enjoying their lives without any financial restraints. We have seen soothing scripts like this Review is said to be a registered investment company which supposedly helps people to earn steady revenue from the markets regardless of their experience. They state that they focus on cryptocurrency trading only. This company apparently belongs to a person named Jacob Wittz but honestly just like other scams which try to appear transparent, this

Luxearn Review

Luxearn ( is supposedly an ultimate investment solution which promises to make its users literally millions of dollars within months. They offer returns of up to 25% on a daily basis. They claim to be actively involved in forex and stock trading. This service has been active for around 3 years as of July 2018 Review is a Bitcoin mining pool which promises to provide an easy way for anyone to get started with mining. Recently there is a huge misconception about the legitimacy of this firm and many forums are somewhat neutral about this aspect. This service has been active for more than a year as of September 2018 Review is a cloud mining solution which exclusively mines Bitcoins only. At first look this platform works identical to that of legitimate alternatives and is very straight forward with their approach. They even offer free mining plans but the main problem with that is, it takes too much time to see any profits worthy of Review claims to be a humanitarian project which has the solution to the current problems in the banking sector and also look after the proper distribution of wealth. All their explanation has got nothing to do with mining but still they are said to be providing an opportunity for every individual to open an account Review is a cryptocurrency mining solution which supposedly extract many popular altcoins at once. Their website is available in four languages and has the most minimalist appeal. The returns promised by this platform is a major red flag which changed our perspective about them completely. While we were investigating this fake cloud mining service, the Review is supposedly a cloud mining service run by a team of entrepreneurs who will generate maximum profits using clean source of energy. Their website design is pretty clean and the attention to details given by these crooks is enough to trick most newbie cryptocurrency enthusiasts. After going through their platform, we have noticed enough Review is a litecoin mining pool which claims to provide a way for anyone to start earning Litecoins without having to go through all the hardships involved. They offer a free plan but that is a trap used to lure people in which we will discuss later in this article. The returns these faceless crooks

Hourlycoine Review

Hourlycoine ( claims to be an investment fund run by a group of well qualified experts in the field of Forex. Their website design makes us remember the standard layout of a scam. All the alleged benefits of joining this firm is put up but any information regarding the administrative side of the business is