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Pais Capital Group Review – Stay AWAY!

Pais Capital Group ( is a brokerage service which offers a lot of instruments such as forex, stocks, commodities and indices under one platform. Though they are relatively new to the sector, they seem to have a notorious history and some regulators have put up warning against them. The leverage offered by them tops out Review – BTC Investment Scam is an alleged regulated investment firm which focuses on Bitcoin trading and mining. They claim to generate as much as 85% returns weekly, but just like every scam out there, they don’t have any tangible evidence to back their statements. As you might have already guessed, the details of the owners are not made Review – Themed Scam is a new trading solution which allegedly operates in cryptocurrency and forex markets. They claim to have reasonable holdings in stocks and bonds as well, but they haven’t shown any evidence to support their theory. According to their website, they supposedly have hired an expert team which brings in at least 30% returns monthly. Review – Anonymous Binary Broker is a new brokerage service which is running aggressive marketing campaigns to mark their presence in the trading sector. Their website lacks a lot of features usually seen on reputed exchanges and platforms, but those concerns are just the tip of the iceberg. Once we did a thorough investigation, we were convinced that this Review – Weird and Vague Fraud is a new type of investment platform which is making a name for itself in the online investing niche. They supposedly make money from both the food and the fishing sector, but there is no factual data to support their accomplishments. To validate their extraordinary claims and the way their business is structured, we Review – Fraud Alert! is an alleged investment firm which claims to be trading a wide array of financial instruments. Their sales pitch contains the normal get rich quick tag lines used in most of the scams and it is not backed up by any stats or facts. We tried to trace out the administrative side of this Review – Confirmed HYIP is supposedly a cutting edge trading firm which advertises as much as 10% returns per day. The CEO of this firm boasts about changing every trader’s life positively and surprisingly enough, his identity is not revealed anywhere on their platform. Moving on to the licensing part, they do feature a registration certificate, but it Review – Another Fake Mining Scam advertises itself as the most efficient mining solution which supposedly helps every client to achieve financial independence. They brag about their return rates, but have no relevant or verifiable documents to prove the same. This platform seems to be targeting newbies in the crypto sector and as their platform is well structured, many people Review – Nasty Trap is the next big fraud in the online investing sector which peddles nothing, but false narratives and fake promises. They claim to be involved in trading cryptocurrency and forex markets. However, one thorough look at their narrative will tell you otherwise. Moreover, they are operating outside the boundaries of law which means the possibility Review – Funny Scam claims to be a company which is active in the deep space technology sector and they allegedly are involved in the creation of private space travel as well. Any specific details about their activities are not disclosed to the public and the identity of the employees are kept confidential. The main problem with them
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