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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to yet again another episode of Sites You Shouldn’t Trust, Ever. In today’s hot seat is Dutch Bitcoin-mining firm We have received some questions and complaints about the site and we thought it best to write a public review which will hopefully be of help to a lot of people. Bitcoin Faucet

Introduction to

As the name suggests, is fundamentally a Bitcoin faucet, or in simple terms, a website which gives out small amounts of coins periodically. As it is, one doesn’t need to pay anything to receive the free coins, which essentially means that we cannot qualify the site as a scam or a Ponzi since you stand to lose none of your real money. Nonetheless, we found a few disconcerting things about the site that in our learned opinion, make it a waste of time.

First off, the site is basic as you can see in the image above the page. The home page only contains a text bar for keying in your Bitcoin wallet address and some ads. The other sections, including the FAQ page, don’t include much useful information either, apart from the obvious guidelines on the amounts given out and how to join the site. Most importantly, the ads plastered on both the left and right sides are odd and corny and are a big distraction to readers. Matter of fact, they make the website look like a typical blog; no joke.

Who owns

From experience, sites whose owners are publicly known are generally more credible and trustworthy. Where is concerned though, there is no available data on the owner(s), their background or even addresses. During our digging tours, we found that the website was registered in Amsterdam by a group known as BV Dot TK. This is probably not their real name and location since’s premium packages allow users to completely hide their real identities from the world. A further Google search on BV Dot TK did not bring any relevant results which further supports our inference that the owners of are crooks and wouldn’t want to be identified.

Below is a screengrab from showing the site’s ownership details. owner

What does promise?

As mentioned earlier, dispenses tiny bounties of cryptocurrency on request. One bounty carries 0.00000024 BTC and is sent only once per hour. Now, you’re probably thinking about much money you will probably make selling the “free” BTC you get from the faucet more so in the wake of high Bitcoin prices. Unfortunately, life has never been that sweet and straightforward and is not likely to be anytime soon.

In an unsurprising move, have put a lower limit on the amount of coins that one can withdraw. The minimum allowable withdrawal is 0.0000550 BTC which the site pays out weekly on weekends. To put it into perspective, dispenses coins once an hour for 8 hours per day and 56 hours per week, including weekends. Thus, with one payment being 0.00000024, it would take 229 payments to accumulate enough bitcoins for withdrawal. Considering that only 56 payments can be made in a week, this would take more than a month to get to. And that’s not all because, as it currently stands, we haven’t seen any evidence to prove that actually pays their clients.

Does actually dispense coins?

From the surface (main website), doesn’t look like a worthwhile investment at all. This has everything to do with the site presentation and the quality, or lack thereof, of relevant and useful information to do with the faucet’s activities. But then again we might be biased, as some would claim. To prove otherwise, we checked out a number of crypto forums for discussions touching on and below are some user comments.

“..waiste of time, my side was showing paid but no payments to my wallet..” –

“…lol is that for all the people to go through your ads?…” – Morbid,

“…trade with extreme caution!!”.. – Jacca,

Notably, we didn’t find much authentic comments about, almost all mentions that we came across had referral links which makes them as credible as a dead man’s dreams. By the way, the site does have a referral program where users get a 0.00000001 BTC per every referral. Primary, it can either be that not many people have tried out this faucet or those who did didn’t have much to say about it.


As we mentioned above, is not very popular which can be attributed to its low yields and the large number of available faucets. That said, the site has received a significant number of visitors since it went live in 2014. As of December 2017, its SimilarWeb global rank was 439,944. is most popular in Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, Ukraine and France.

Conclusion: is a scam, stay away!

To conclude, we have to say that is not trustworthy and is (most likely) a waste of time. As the above sections indicate, there are way too many loose ends with this site, starting with the faceless and nameless owners. As a result, we advise all our readers to stay away from and other similar sites. To prevent wasting your time and money, we recommend using faucets and mining farms that are well known and have higher popularity indices.

Review Verdict: BitcoinFaucet is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Felix

    Recién ahora es que veo esta reseña, ya tenia tiempo trabajando en este grifo y de un dia para otro no logre enlazar otra vez, y buscando el problema me encontré con esta pagina, realmente tienen razón porque cuando ya había acumulado para comenzar a hacer retiros, la pagina no abre, una burla total.

  2. Jakob

    Thanks for this information. I tried but it takes a long time indeed before you can cashout. And now I read the never cash out.

  3. Janet Tudor

    my balance reduced from 1293 to 1254 instead of increasing….

  4. Julian

    Thanks for the review. Just to add once you reach the payout limit they will just increase the threshold. E.g 500 satoshis to 2500 satoshis and so on.

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