BlueLexus Review

BlueLexus ( is a cryptocurrency CFD broker who offers more than 40 pairs to trade on their platform which makes them one of the few rare broker to do so. From their inception many people have reached out to us to do a full scale investigation on them as they are both new and unregulated.

This service just like any other has its own merits and demerits. To know everything there is regarding this broker, read our impartial review to find out whether this broker fits your need or not.

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Company and Contact Details

In the past there has been many incidents wherein a lot of people lost a part of their deposit or all of it due to the malpractices like stop hunting, wide spread marked intentionally by unregulated brokers and exchanges. So it is important for every trader to find themselves a reliable and regulated broker we are in no way saying that all the unregulated organisation are scams but we are stressing on the point that it is better to be safe then sorry.

By choosing regulated entities the traders can hold the accountable if something out of the blue happens. BlueLexus is an unregulated broker owned and operated by H I Capital Group. For more queries or problems regarding this brokerage, feel free to contact them through the following methods.

Address – 1323 Sofia 28 Jawharlal Nehru Blud, Silver Business Center, office 24

Email –,,

Phone – +44 2038681866

Account Types and Platform

This platform is a web based and runs smoothly on any modern device with an active internet connection. Their interface is intuitive and user friendly. 5 account types are offered by this broker are as follows. Note that for more personalized attention and add on services the traders have to put forth more capital which in return unlocks all the features.


Welcome Bonus – 20%

Min. Deposit – $250


Welcome Bonus – 40%

Min. Deposit – $1,000


Welcome Bonus – 60%

Min. Deposit – $2,500


Welcome Bonus – 80%

Min. Deposit – $10,000


Welcome Bonus – 100%

Min. Deposit – $25,000 - Scam or Legit?

Asset Index and Leverage

There are more than 40 crypto pairs available to trade on this platform. All the listed pairs have enough volatility and liquidity to take advantage of and earn consistent stream of profit from them only if an individual has a systematized trading approach.

The amount of leverage offered by this broker is 1:200 across all the account types. Be careful because the leverage amount is on the higher side while it might help you make quick money it has the potential to wipe out your entire account in minutes.

Domain Whereabouts

From the information we gathered from and we come to know a few important details. This domain was registered on 16/05/2018 and it expires on 16/05/2020. We weren’t exactly able to pinpoint details regarding the regions this service is targeting but know that this website has a global rank of 5,076,872.

Payment Methods

The minimum deposit amount is $250 and the minimum withdrawal is $100. Payment methods accepted by this firm are VISA, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, Qiwi wallet, Yadex Money and Astropay.

There are fees imposed on withdrawals which varies from 4% to 5% and it depends on the withdrawal method. The exact time required for processing withdrawals is not specified.

Is BlueLexus Scam or Legit ?

There isn’t enough data to draw a firm conclusion on them just yet. However here are a few drawbacks which might make you a little concerned about choosing them. First of all they do not feature a demo account which means that for all the newbies out there who are trying this platform for solely the number of crypto pairs available will be disappointed as they can’t try out few strategies without risking any money.

The other main reason why it is very disturbing to choose this broker is because of the negative comments floating in many forums about them. Comments may or may not be from real users but as of now we give this brokerage the benefit of doubt.

BlueLexus Review Conclusion

BlueLexus is an unlicensed brokerage which has a rough history. There is a couple of factors you need to prioritize before proceeding with them. They do not support MT4 or MT5 platform which is popular among retail traders. The charting platform available with this broker is powered by TradingView which you may or may not like it but that is a question of preference. If you are okay with the above mentioned factors and are focusing only on cryptocurrency market then this might be worth the hassle but we strongly recommend you to test them out with a small deposit first.

Have you tried BlueLexus? How would you describe them? Let us know by commenting below.


  1. Owen r davies

    I’d like to start by saying that the company Blue Lexus is and is only a scam! I am currently trying to recover lost funds with these frauds and I can tell everyone including the people who run this site,that absolutely nothing and I do mean nothing about Blue Lexus checks out.Not even their address.So any doubts from anyone at all in thinking they may have at least one happy client?
    Is a mute point.They are all thieves, liars,and frauds and whatever monies deposited to them in the hope of a return, is gone,as soon as they have whatever they can squeeze out of you and believe me! They will tell you exactly what you want to hear,to squeeze every cent they can from you,I’m afraid once they’ve achieved this it’s bye bye all your money! I’m having them professionally investigated and I can tell you ALL! It’s all smoke and mirrors even their busy,busy,background office so called business managers all hard at work is all probably recorded effects! Don’t be fooled, not in the slightest this is nothing more than the workings and dealings of the lowest thieves all in theater to get one thing! Your money nothing else.So that’s all anybody needs to read or know about BLUE LEXUS! ALL BS.

  2. Owen r davies

    I am a divorced father of two great kids and these pigs took my life savings from me,with promises of getting my family home and more back! Including asking me to buy something special for my kids when they get all my money back after losing the family home in a divorce settlement! These sorts of people (All of them,should be executed. )I believe I am there numero uno scam victim of all time of my total life savings after a two and a half year terrible divorce to cap that off,they fleeced me out of every dollar I had well over $125,000.00 Australian and my investment was last valued at around $300,000.00 Australian! Any info on any of these basrards would be greatly appreciated.

      • Owen r davies

        I would be very grateful for any assistance in recovering my money from Blue Lexus,,if you require any documents in relation to my dealings with Blue Lexus? I will provide these upon request.

  3. Maxwell

    They’re fraudsters. Don’t try to invest your money with them, unless you have money to waste.

  4. Titus Philips


  5. Johanna Wiech

    I have also been scammed .I only started with them last week and I foolisly traded to a silver account. as soon as the second transaction went through my imformed that their ip address was going to Nigeria, so they blocked my credit card for my safety. I will try and get my money back if possible,
    Yes they are thieves and robbers of the worst kind, and liars too.

  6. Leo Brouwer

    In januari I opened a bronze account.
    Half february something happened in my account to $0.
    They said that there was a program interruption and I received a bobus of $1500. I started trading with equity in my account at the beginning of march and the end of march my provid was $6500. On the april 8 my equity was $12500. with SAP in my portfolio. At the opening on april 9 of the DAX SAP plunged down. The generated stop loss was $-8000. I had a stop loss of $-1,237.50. Because of this situation I send a email to BlueLexis. I did not received no phonecalls from Adam Peterson who called me ones or twice a week to set trades. I still waiting for a reply on my email

  7. Boon Kong Tan

    I have just opened an account with them for an amount of US$300.
    Now, everything seemed processed with the documents like photocopy of ID, Credit Card (front and back) and utility bill. I have not started trading and
    now how shall I withdraw the whole thing and do want to have any dealings with Bluelexus.

    • James

      Hi Boon
      Have you closed your account .
      Let me know how you do it .

  8. Jeremy Lin

    Hi i just wanted to say that bluelexus is a scam. I originally invested $350 aud into the account which later was converted to $250 usd. I have never traded or even looked at the stock market before this venture.
    At the start they call you every few days offering to guide you on some stocks to check out. Little did i know that this advice would bite me in the arse and finish me.
    So I’ve been trading for a month and have done quite well for a beginner with no experience and now my balance is $868.70 usd ($1172 aud) so ive profited over $800 aud and wanted to make a withdrawal. As i have sent a request for it i am immediately phoned and asked why i was withdrawing all my money. I explained that i needed money for living expenses and hes response was literally “No you need to keep on trading” after having a slight tone on my voice from being forced to keep on trading he eventually used the “i gave you the trade deals and now your taking advantage of me, the company and frauding us. So what he has done was suspend my account and now i wont see any of the money anymore. This is bloody bullshit. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH BLUELEXUS!

  9. patricia nowak

    I too have been bitten by this company. I initially deposited $350 AUD to open account. Richard Green was appointed as broker and would ring me every day to encourage me to invest more. I was told I had made a profit on my original deposit which I thought was a good omen. However he eventually said If I invested $15,000 I could get my investment back inside a month with a further $10,000 with which to reinvest. I was also told my money at that time was gathering dust in my Credit Union investment account. and I could make a lot more by investing it with them instead. It sounded good so I withdrew my money from my C.U. and put it in an accessible account which made it possible to send the money to Bluelexus. I was to BPAY the money to them $5000 at a time as I wasn’t able to withdraw more then $5000 per day from C.U. The 1st payment was on a Thursday night and the 2nd was on a Friday night. To get the 3rd payment sent I would have to sit up til after midnight so it would be the 3rd day of availability form the C.U. So Richard Green rang me and said we would finalize the transaction on Monday as he had to go home. The 1st 2 payments went through but the 3rd payment was stopped by my C.U. as they feared a scam. They blocked my account to stop me from sending further payments to Bluelexus. The problem lies in the fact I was sent a permission form from BPAY to sign electronically for the 3 payments meaning technically I had sent them the money not them extracting it from my account. But by the 3rd payment being cancelled by my C.U. meant I had not fulfilled my side of the deal. Bluelexus will not continue business with unless I send them the final $5000 which I have refused to do and would have difficulty doing seeing as my account has been frozen. The next thing was Richard Green asking me to open an account with another finance company i.e. a bank. as he had a small profit to send to me and couldn’t deal with the C.U. anymore. So stupid me complied and opened with a bank. When I told him I done as requested he then said to transfer the last $5000 to that account and send it to Bluelexus. I immediately smelt a rat and told him no. as I realized what was afoot and transferred my $5000 back into my C.U. Investment account where it was safe. He was not impressed with this move. So now when I try and find out why they can’t invest the $10000 they already have they just deactivate my account and I can’t access it. So goodbye $10000. Without the last $5000 they won’t deal with me. I was told by the C.U. not to contact B.L. as they were a scam but I had to find out what happened to my $10000. Apparently I have lost it due to me signing to send money to them which was not forthcoming.

    • Owen r davies

      This piece of shit Richard Green was the one who robbed me of $125,233 Australian dollars!I really hope he gets caught up with and God help him and his goons,if I’m around when it happens!

  10. Hossein Tabatabai Yazdi

    THESE GUYS ARE CHARLATANS, they pursue you aggressively (call you myriad times daily etc.) until you open an account & deposit money. You then start trading, & everything appears fine, UNTIL you want to WITHDRAW money! They give you a bonus (usually equal to amount you deposit), which at first seems excellent. But you’re required to do 100 * (bonus + deposit) amount of trading, before withdrawing, which again seems fair enough. But every attempt at withdrawing money is met with some obstacle. I must’ve asked 100 times if I’d done enough trading to be able to withdraw. They never answer you. Then, when I was certain I’d done many more times the required trading, I submitted withdrawal request. They gave me every excuse in the book, from “haven’t traded enough yet” to “it will take time to process” etc. etc. Finally, they made up some BS about my trades being “suspicious” due to lack of spreads for some trades. Like I had anything to do with spreads on their site! As previously stated, they’re unregulated, but claimed FCA UK had ordered the suspension of my account!? Totally made up LIE, so they could steal my profits. They suspended my account, stole all my profits (over £30,000), & sent back my initial deposit, because they knew I’d get that back anyway, by putting those charges in dispute with my credit card company. Its a great business they’ve got going, if you lose your money, they’ll accept it gratefully. But if you make a profit, they’ll steal it anyway, they can’t lose!? I will file an online fraud case with the Police soon.

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