Review – Don’t Trust This “Bitcoin” Wallet

CoinKeep, hosted at, is an unverified and untrustworthy platform posing as a Bitcoin wallet.

Incepted only a few short months ago, there is essentially no consumer feedback regarding this alleged Bitcoin wallet while the lack of transparency regarding their operation raises suspicion.

To find out more regarding the CoinKeep platform and whether is a scam, we invite you to read our impartial review.


CoinKeep is an online platform that claims to be an industry leading Bitcoin wallet.

Apart from supporting Bitcoin, CoinKeep also supports Bitcoin Cash while allegedly operating “5x more faster than other wallets and exchanges in comparison.”

To add, states that they harbor the lowest possible exchange rates while not reflecting any fees for consumers who send Bitcoin.

As you will learn for yourself, is willing to say just about anything as long as you are more likely to deposit bitcoins into their platform – only to never see them again.

To simplify, although CoinKeep states that they are a Bitcoin wallet, their site is structured more along the lines of an exchange, but don’t be fooled, no one is actually using their platform to store, send or buy cryptocurrencies.


CoinKeep Fees

CoinKeep features a little FAQ drop box about half way down their web page.

According to the drop box, CoinKeep does not possess any transaction fees while all transactions are conducted instantaneously.

Further down in the same drop box, however, CoinKeep goes on to mention that they employ a 1% transaction fee to cover miner fees, storage and the cost of their service.

In addition, “during times of blockchain congestion, withdrawals may have an additional fee to ensure fast delivery.”

Personally, we have no idea what these idiots are playing at.

Saying that they have to tack on additional fees too ‘ensure fast delivery’ is just another way of hiding the fact that these low-lifes are going to charge you at every opportunity they can get.

Transaction Limits

The minimum transaction size of deposits allowed is 0.0002 Bitcoin, while user-to-user transactions with is 0.00000001 Bitcoin (1 satoshi).


CoinKeep makes reference to the entity because they essentially copied and pasted the entire FAQ section from that site to theirs.

Whether CoinKeep is a spawn of BitcoinWallet we are uncertain, but the evidence suggests that this appears to be the case.

What is certain though would be that employs stock photos to serve as fictitious founders behind


Red Flags & Question Marks

CoinKeep possess many red flags that we plan to further address below but for starters it is either affiliated or created by the scammers behind

In addition, when you click on the “Service” tab featured at, it redirects you to yet another Bitcoin wallet known as Godzone Credit Exchange, which appears to be structured as not only a phishing scam but also an investment scam.

The Scam Test

Is there information regarding the owners of the site? info does not disclose any information regarding their current owners or operators anywhere upon their site.

In fact, even failed to incorporate a Privacy Policy, Risk Disclaimer and a Terms of Service which indicates to us that the creators behind this scam wish to remain anonymous and free of any liabilities.

When researching further into, however, we found reference to a corporate entity known as FFC, LLC which is allegedly headquartered from 77 South Washington Street, Suite 304, Rockville, MD 20850, United States.

Last but not least, we also searched for any reference to an overseeing entity at, only to find reference to Global Advertising Internet Network Limited.

Unfortunately, we were unable to verify Global Advertising Internet Network Limited as an existing entity, which makes us believe this entity does not truly exist.

How old is the website? was a privately acquired domain that was registered on September 24th, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc. registrar.

Does the site have a physical address? does not disclose any identifying information anywhere upon their site while their connected entities locations are questionable at best.

Are any legitimate sites associated with the website?

The only sites we found associated with would be and, both of which are extremely untrustworthy and more than likely scams.

Is there community feedback regarding

During the time of writing this review (December 21st, 2018), did not possess any community feedback. Review Conclusion

CoinKeep is another scam operation trying to come off as a legitimate and top-rated Bitcoin wallet.

Associated with untrustworthy entities, it is our believe that these connected scam operations are just the start of a much bigger scam in the making.

Giving the information disclosed in our honest review above, we obviously are not advising any investor to give your time, money or good faith.

Verdict: is NOT Trustworthy!

Blacklisted Site:, &

We ask that you share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


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