Early Investing Review – Legit Cryptocurrency Venture?

Early Investing (EarlyInvesting.com) is a curious cryptocurrency related business venture. Operating as an online crowdfunding destination, Early Investing can most aptly be defined as a digital newsletter provider. The “aim” of these newsletters according to the site would be to help educate investors on how they can generate massive profits by buying appropriate cryptocurrencies at the most opportune times.

As you will gather, the focus of this unbiased review would be to determine whether this operation is one that can be trusted and verified as legitimate. They claim that if you follow their sound advice you could very well become “the next bitcoin millionaire.” It goes without notice that Early Investing has much to prove, which is why we encourage all readers to continue reading to learn the truth behind the Early Investing operation!

earlyinvesting.com - Early Investing

What is Early Investing?

Early Investing is a financial publisher who has recently transitioned into the cryptocurrency realm, and more specifically, the Bitcoin domain. As briefly touched upon, this financial publisher focuses on providing interested investors with digital newsletters that are geared towards helping them make more educated investment decisions. Furthermore, earlyinvesting.com features select podcasts that mostly revolve around the principles of how early investing will help you achieve your investment dreams.

Who is Behind Early Investing?

Earlyinvesting.com is created by two entities known as Adam Sharp and Andrew Gordon. Adam Sharp is the Founder of Early Investing who claims to be an active investor in more than 70 private startups. Formally, he was a financial advisor who had a knack for internet marketing and financial writing.

Andrew Gordon is the other founder behind this operation and his profile goes on to elaborate how he possesses over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor. Having graduated the London School of Economics, it appears that Andrew Gordon has achieved some pretty prestigious accomplishments.

Early Investing's Founders

Research has shown that Adam Sharp and Andrew Gordon appear to be legitimate entities. Adam Sharp has been proven to be a verified investor through Angel.co while also having LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Andrew Gordon appears mostly in correlation with Early Investing search queries but overall these two individuals appear to be legitimate.

A Whois.com search reveals that the person who registered the domain EarlyInvesting.com is called Jason Pell of Publishing Services LLC and that the domain was registered in December 2003.

Early Investing Newsletter Options

There are two service options available at Early Investing which vary between First Stage Investor and StartUp Investor. While First Stage Investor is marketed more heavily in general, both newsletter options offer advantages of their own.

First Stage Investor

This digital newsletter comes with an annual cost of $49 or a bi-annual price tag of $89. A monthly newsletter is shared with investors, which give consumers access to their digital currency recommendations, their company’s startup portfolio along with a couple of currency reports. To add to their subscription, investors will also acquire 3 financial reports regarding how to generate income through cryptocurrency investing along with access to podcasts.


The StartUpInvestor is a recent addition to the Early Investing publication plan. The emphasis of this newsletter is to equip consumers with a better understanding of which companies will generate the most profits once their IPOs have been launched. They do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, or at least that is what the web masters behind this operation would like for you to believe.

Early Investing Landing Pages

Simple research would reveal how affiliate marketers have been heavily endorsing the Early Investing platform. A popular funneled landing page can be found at pro.earlyinvesting.com, where this site praises to the Early Investing program. While some of the landing pages showcase promotional videos of how you can become a Bitcoin millionaire through Early Investing, we encourage investors to exercise their intuition and don’t take their claims seriously.

An example of an EarlyInvesting affiliate marketing landing page

Early Investing Complaints

Allegedly providing their service to a subscriber base of over 25,000 it comes to no surprise that some complaints have surfaced regarding the Early Investing operation. As you can gather from the complaints discovered below, some subscribers have been having issues receiving the product they have paid for.

“cancel all further billings, cancel all further services, after purchasing the product…nothing happened an received nothing except the bill for $49..”

“Complete and total FRAUD! They charge your credit card and you receive NOTHING!”

“I just signed up for the First Stage Investor and got nothing but advertisements for other companies wanting me to sign up.”


As of December 2017, EarlyInvesting.com had a SimiliarWeb global rank of 143,643, indicating the site is rather popular. Almost 85% of the traffic that floods into the site comes from users who reside within the United States. Other countries where the site is slightly popular include Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Early Investing Review Conclusion

Early Investing composes all the legitimate characteristics required to verify their platform as one that is transparent and open about their identity. While the negative feedback found about Early Investing does seem troubling to say the least, we objectively cannot rule this operation out as a bona fide scam due to their professional structure. Our stance on the matter would be to be aware of the bad reviews before signing up for any of the Early Investing newsletters.

If you have any experience or knowledge regarding the Early Investing operation, we encourage you to leave your feedback below so others may benefit.

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  1. Chris

    I am completely confused as to why the author of this article thinks Andy and Adam might even potentially be scammers.

    I run a startup company which was featured by them in one of their investor newsletters. In order to evaluate the opportunity for their investors, they put me collectively though about 4-5 hours of phone interview time spread out over three sessions. Between calls, they were obviously fact checking my statements and coming back with additional questions. I thought that if I were one of their investors, I would be very pleased to know how much due diligence they put into their recommendations.

  2. Will

    So far Ive liked their service but If that changes I will do another review. Adam def knows more than I do and i like his analysis of the crypto space and his explanations for investing.

    • bill wall

      where did you get any info from their site at all to be able to give such a review. i logged in today and saw nothing but old pr bs im thinking this is a fraud and am reporting it as such

  3. Nobody Important

    Are positive comments from insiders????? Scam or not??? Make $$$$ or not, I never found happiness. Anyone know where I can find true happiness thats not packaged as a product I have to buy or an ideology I have to believe in or a guru I have to follow??? At the end of the day, thats all we want – but its illusive.

    • Caroline

      TO Nobody Important, first i need to correct you that you are important! We are all important! King Solomon in the Bible one of the wealthiest man to have lived came to the end of his life and realized that toiling for money is like the chasing after the wind. It never satisfies. But Jesus stated in John 4:14 that “Those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again.” We all have a God shaped hole in us that can only be filled with God’s love! It’s not a religion but a relationship with the God of the creation. There is nothing that you have to do earn this all you have to do is receive His gift of love through Jesus.

  4. Mike

    To everyone reading this or considering signing up to Early Investing or Crypto Asset Strategies. Save your money and disappointment.

    Their service team are nothing but scam artists and cons. We signed up for Crypto Asset Strategies Early March. When the VIP promo came out end of February, it was $2,000.00 US. When I called a week after it came out it went up to $2,600.00 US. With a $250 rebate or cheque sent in the mail. Which was still a little rich for my blood, not to mention this is not considering the Echange rate to Canadian dollars. So I opted for the $250 cheque to be sent to me in the mail and made it very clear. It was agreed.

    I followed up every four weeks on the status of the cheque and kept being told it takes about 8 weeks. Just for the record i’ve Been an account manage for 16 years and the hundreds of thousands of cheques that I have issued over the years never took that long. First warning sign.

    Once the 8 weeks were over I called for yet another status, only to be bounced to the manager Devin/Devon. Who was the most and arrogant individual I have ever come across in the service industry not to mention financial services. Cut me off repeatedly and said the person who took my order Tom had already appplied the $250. This would have put the total purchase price of their services to just over $2,800.00 US. Approx 3,400.00 CDN 😳😳 had I known this and this information was communicated properly I never would have signed up for their services. This put us already $1,400.00 over our expected budget. So who’s lying here.

    This Devin Character denied accountability as well as making the situation right again. So he pond me off to contact the person with whom I delt with at the time of purchase (Tom) I expressed my thoughts and feelings and advised that I will pursuing this publicaly and on a wide array of media outlets.

    I have yet to follow up with Tom, due to a hectic seasonal business that I have. But will be following up in the next week.

    The level of recommendations advise and tips that have been provided have not even been its with its weight not even close as of yet versus how much we paid for Services. My inbox does however keep blowing up with other “Life altering services and potential gains” from Crypto Asset Strategies, Early Investing and the Oxford Club.

    I’m only two months in and wanted out 3 weeks ago.

    This is not the last of me. They pissed on the wrong guy’s shoes.

    • James Holub

      I also subscribed to the Early Investing newsletter and have received nothing from them and cannot login even though I chose the password. Clicking on the “forgot your password?”, I only got the message that I am not a subscriber! I am cancelling my subscription as of NOW, and expect a refund of my subscription payment IMMEDIATELY. These guys have some kind of scam going and I am going to look for information on how to have them prosecuted for fraud.
      DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY- You would be buying an empty bag!!

      • Mh

        Try your postal code for the password . That’s what they did for mine

  5. The Dome (@_Gravity_Man)

    Don’t mind reviews if they are real – and here’s how I check to see if they are real – you get the review in the top paragraphs then BOOM – the offer from the review site “If you’re interested in learning how to make money with Bitcoin, then feel free to read our free Bitcoin Investment Guide. To learn about relevant cryptocurrency news and receive scam warnings, feel free to subscribe to ScamBitcoin.com!”

    Old gorilla marketing tactic – and lame

  6. Doug Schaeffer

    Got the news letter because they said there would be relevant investing advice on it like what and when to buy. For them what and when to buy is for you to buy into another of there great programs and when to buy it is now. If you want to waist your money do so cancel my subscription.

  7. aussieluv22@yahoo.com

    wow, I’m shocked at all the negative experience. i signed on for a year, have a log in to their website, i get emails regularly from them, and all the recommendations are very thoroughly explained as to why they chose their recommendations. its almost to much info for me to read. they provide a lot of feedback about all the market naysayers, and not just opinions but once again, all their reasons why they say what they say. be your own judge after you read it.
    like everything in life, nothing goes 100% perfect. I’m sure there are thousands of satisfied customers. after all, what happy person bothers to take the time to say how great something is? its easy to post your unhappiness with something that failed you.
    someone mentioned the oxford club. i have been a subscriber to them for about 5 years now. they as well go into great depth as to why they chose what they recommend. 90% of what they recommended that I’ve bought, has done very well. they show you how to protect your profits with stop lose, and also tell you when to sell if you don’t understand how to set up a stop lose such as myself. i will point out that the oxford club does constantly send emails trying to sell you one of their 20 services they offer which is very annoying. they have their basic $49 annual subscription for one of the 20 services, but you can spend thousands on the others which i can’t afford but wish i could as those turn hundreds of percent profits.
    enough of my time on this, going to go buy some crypto. good luck.

    • Mike

      The information Andy and Tom provide is often regurgitated info. Now that i am more experienced in crypto, the information they send me I’ve found out about days in advance for free might I add.

    • Claudio Polanco

      Hi sir glad that you feel happy with your experience with them Early investing Adam sharp and co
      Just to clarify the situation here is that most of the information they provide is already on internet for free. Airdrops are everywhere and most that half of it are worthless also the amount of crypto you receive are minimal. He Adam repeatedly says that the book how to get free crypto is for free and ain’t. You as a newbie may benefit and for $50. a year may don’t hurt, he clearly uses deceiving practices to get you involve….He gives you 15 minutes to decide you get to order his financial advise this one right here was my first red flag……

  8. alice

    signed up for the $49. annual newsletter in December 2017, got billed for $295. Cannot find them to reverse the charge. Attorney General NYS is my next step.

  9. Marlene

    its a fraud , you send a mail and you receive “address not found” …. this guys are thieves

    be careful

    • Frank L

      There are many cons but these guys are among the best of the best. Try to get a phone number. Try to get a reply to your e-mail. Try to get what you ordered…Nada…Bada Bing…seems like the advice is the same you could have googled or You Tubed and gotten. Here’s a tip you don’t have to pay for. Look at the crypto exchange sites that provide a list of the top rated coins. They are the same as what these guys will tell you if you do get anything from them. But they’re tips will be old and too late to get in on before the big rise. Most of the exchanges rank coins in some sort of order of coin popularity which is what these guys are recommending anyway. Same ones. Have some Bitcoin and some Etherium in your portfolio always. Then select from the top listed coins on the exchanges. CoinLoop, Binance list coins in order of popularity. They are the ones to look at. BUT, you have to get them BEFORE they have their big gain. That’s the secret. Determine whats best for you by looking at the price you can afford, the mission/purpose of the coin, the company and people behind it and again – what you can afford. This is data most people can easily find. You can look at the amount of money the coin raised, the volume (#) of shares, the social media followers, indexes that predict the rise in a coin or when to buy and look at the social following = who is buying, how much attention the coin is attracting. Follow the market trend and learn where to go to see indexes and you’ll see trends and learn the indicators to which coins to buy and when. Google cryptocoin indexes. There are a lot of “Indexes” that show which coin is a good buy. Then you’ll see the increase in social activity. Almost all the trends I’ve gotten involved with were winning coins. I knew no more than to watch which coins were trending and I got them and many of them exploded. When I paid for consultant advice, I bought almost every report and multi-thousand dollar program out there, 95% of the advice was the same as what was trending. Lets face it, its all the same data used…But – we are told that 95% of the coins won’t make it. How do you know which. Look at the items I mentioned above for each coin. Read the white paper of each coin listed on their web site. Go to the website and if there is no web site steer clear. You’ll need a little luck to find the next new coin and to get it before it spikes but it’s out there and you’ll get one with due diligence OR – but bitcoin and etherium and stay put for the long term.

      • Ruth

        Extremely informative, Thank you Frank!

      • Paul S. Ira

        Thank you Frank, I can’t thank you enough. All investing takes work on the part of the investor. Nothing is for free.

      • leo morash

        Nice read Frank, thanks. Goes right back to a little common sense and due diligence.

      • Kim ONeil

        thank you, I’m very interested in learning more about the crypto craze, I was going to invest slowly into stocks but I have a funny feeling our market is set to crash soon – I don’t have much money to play with, I’m on disability but my Dad made a fortune in the stock market, lost alot in the 80s crash but he was a long term investor, I can’t play like that right now so will have to start out slow, looks like fun though…like the old saying goes, if it looks too good to be true, again thanks for your timely advice

      • Claudio Polanco

        Thanks a lot Frank for helping with your input to the underdogs and the average Joe that want to succeed in this new “Wild West”

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