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BTC Miner Ultimate Review – Scam?

BTC Miner Ultimate ( is a cloud mining solution which aims at making mining affordable.  Their platform is straightforward in their approach and it is very user friendly. There is no information about their company or the creator, which is concerning.  

They do not assure any kind of profits on their platform as it depends upon the mining contract and various other factors. Though this platform is active for almost a year, there isn’t many user testimonials.  

To know everything about this operation, continue reading our full review which will help you make an informed decision.

BTC Miner Ultimate Review

How does BTC Miner Ultimate Work?

This platform requires the user’s wallet address in order to get started with mining.  On the other hand, remember that you do have to make a purchase.  Once the required details are entered, the user just have to click start and let the software takeover.  

This program is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10 and Mac OS. They promise periodic updates. The problem with this platform is that there is lack of clarity.  Since they require a fee, we do not know exactly what they are doing with the funds.

We do not know the location of their data centres. They do not disclose their mining capabilities.  The name of the mining pools, they are indulged with are also unknown. Keeping the above facts in mind, how can any rational investor proceed with them?


This is a part which does not have one standard answer.  The amount of profits you make is directly proportional to the plan chosen by you.  There isn’t an exact rundown about the mining contract.

However, do not expect the profits to be enticing unless you are starting out with big enough capital.  Mining was an activity which helped many of the crypto enthusiasts to procure a lot of desired coins a few years ago.

In recent times, the landscape of mining has changed entirely.  Due to the rising cost of electricity and the difficulty involved. The barrier to entry is a lot more expensive.

Domain Insight

Here are the key details about this website we gathered from and  The registrant identity were untraceable.

Domain –

Registered On – 27/11/2017

Expires On – 27/11/2018

Global Rank – 7,818,317

Alexa Rank in Pakistan – 61,238

Red Flags

The main concern about this platform is the lack of clarity.  There is some kind of mysteriousness surrounding this firm which is obviously not a welcome feature.  Moreover, the exact way this firm operates is unknown.

Here is what the people are saying about them on

Hello everyone

Do you think is scam?

after 20 days result is :

1   0/01

2   0/02

3   0/04

4   0/08

5   0/16

6   0/32

7   0/64

8   1/28

9   2/56

10   5/12

11   10/24

12   20/48

13   40/96

14   81/92

15   163/84

16   327/68

17   655/36

18   1310/72

19   2621/44

20   5242/88


What do you think? if someone has this art, does he or she request 0.01 BTC from another ?

No, I don’t think so.

I am 100% absolutely perfectly sure about it.

btcadder. com is SCAM.

BTC Miner Ultimate Review Conclusion

BTC Miner Ultimate is an anonymous firm which is offering mining contracts.  The way they have presented themselves is not a confidence booster. If you want to get started with mining, there are a lot of trusted options, so go with the one which has good reputation.  

If you are fixated to buy contracts from this firm, then start small.

Do you have any experience with BTC Miner Ultimate?  Feel free to share your opinion by leaving us a comment.

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  1. danny

    I think its wrong article
    i have used it recently and i get paid for the first 2 times then it says me to wait for 24 hours i hope after 24 hours i will get paid again

  2. eden

    i just paid fee and no bitcoin….am writing this so other ppl can learn from this…after i paid 0.0088 btc, pay 0.03 btc then u can get your btc apeared on the screen…i tried to contact them so i can get any help but nothing ….

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