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FairMining.cc claims to offer “a simple and stable way to achieve financial independence.” Fairmining apparently does that through “the simultaneous extraction of well-known and highly profitable crypto-currencies.”

To put it in plain English, FairMining.cc makes your computer a mining machine.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out our general introduction to mining and why you should avoid all Bitcoin mining.

fairmining.cc - Fair Mining

What profit can you expect to make with Fairmining?

Between 1 to 3% per day is the ROI you will allegedly enjoy, if you sign up with Fair Mining.

Fairmining actually uses a level system where beginners start with up to 149 Ghs and can make a profit of 1% per day at level one up to level 10, where your Ghs is 1000000 and profit is 3%.

A daily profit calculator is provided on the site.

Here are some results from that calculator:

Investing $1,000 will get you a 100000.00 GH/S and a 2.4% profit, namely $24 per day or $720 per month.

You will get 814223.00 GH/S if you invest 1 BTC, and this will lend you an impressive 2.8% profit, or almost 1 BTC per month. With the price of Bitcoin at time of writing this being $7.5K, this is not a bad monthly salary.

And it’s a passive one too. Sounds like a dream, right?

They also seem to accept Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Who is behind Fairmining & Contact Information

No information regarding the owners of Fairmining.cc is provided on the site.

Unsurprisingly, the ICANN information of the domain is hidden through a privacy protection service.

According to Whois.com, the domain was registered on April 7, 2018. It’s expected to expire in one year from that date.

The only contact information is an email address: admin@FairMining.cc.

It should be obvious that you should NOT send money to any website which uses a privacy service and doesn’t reveal its real contact information, including physical address and telephone number.


According to FairMining.cc, 102,048 users are currently enrolled with the service.

We doubted it too until we found that FairMining.cc received a staggering 1.23 million visitors during its first month of existence, according to SimilarWeb.com.

Most of the visitors seem to reside in Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela and Indonesia, which indicates that these are the main countries targeted by the perpetrators of the FairMining operation.

Indeed, the site is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

According to Alexa.com, the site also targets people from Italy and Germany.

They seem to be deriving much of their traffic from ad promoting sites, such as adbtc.com and mellowads.com.

They are also monitored by various “HYIP monitoring sites,” but we’ll get to that later.

Affiliate Program

Fairmining offers a “bonus program” for partners who want to introduce the company to their friends and followers.

Not much information is provided about the program for non-clients but it doe say that:

  • You get 7% from the 1st and 2nd level referrals
  • You get 5 GH/s for each registration done from your affiliate link.

So you receive 7% of the amount of GH/s purchased by the clients you bring.

Moreover, you will receive 5 GH/s for each registration make from your referral link. (Even if they do not go ahead and invest?)

Judging by the amount of referral links we were able to find in many very high rated sites, we would say this strategy worked out pretty well for FairMining.

It took them less than 2 months to become a very highly ranking domain.

Account Blocking

Apparently, FairMining has a pretty clear account blocking policy and you may find yourself blocked from the platform if:

  • You created more than one account
  • You’re just promoting the site with SEO without actually investing in it (?)
  • You insulted the participants or the administration of the project
  • You tried to damage the property of the administration or the property of other project participants

Deposits and Withdrawals

Minimum deposit is 1 USD, 0.001 BTC, 0.1 LTC or 1,000 DOGE.

Perfect money, Payeer, AdvCash payment systems are accepted.

Minimum withdrawal is 1 USD, 0.002 BTC, 0.1 LTC, 3,000 DOGE.

If you want to withdraw your earnings, you will need to wait anywhere between 1 and 48 hours for your request to be processed.

The principal, which is the amount you invested, can NOT be withdrawn.

Availability / Security Issues / DDoS Attack

On May 2, 2018 the owners of the site reported a DDoS attack directed at their server.

While the site was inaccessible during the attack, the mining process continued as usual.

FairMining stated that they “took appropriate measures to ensure that this did not happen again.” Indeed, they seem to be using Cloudflare now for DDoS protection.

Is FairMining Really Fair or is it a SCAM?

Well, according to the HYIP monitors we mentioned earlier, it’s “paying.”

We were able to find very little real user reviews/feedback in English.

The only “testimonials” we have found either had an affiliate link attached to them, making them unreliable, or just said that a $1-5 withdrawals were successfully made.

FairMining Payouts

In the above screenshot from FairMining.cc, you can see the sort of amounts people are able to withdraw.

FairMining Review Conclusion

It might be a waste of time to get involved with FairMining considering the low payouts, however it’s the same issue with most crypto mining services.

Is FairMining a scam?

Since we didn’t find any evidence of theft, we currently don’t believe it’s a full-blown fraud.

However, it’s definitely highly misleading.

Do you have personal experience with FairMining? Please answer the following question in a reply below:

Would you recommend FairMining to your best friend?

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  2. Mohammad Toufeeque

    dear sir i am facing there a problem.i am unable to make any contact with them.i face three time a problem. once $6 2nd $4 and my username is toufeeque my email is toufeeque320@gmail.com .the problem is that my withdrawl is showning successfully completed .but i did not recieved in my payeer account P93837888 wrote several emails to them admin@fairmining.com.but not recieved any reply “thanks” and

  3. Mohammad Toufeeque

    sir my withdrawel pymant sucsses fullu but my pyeer account not mantion no added please halp me

  4. muhammadfarooq ahmed

    dear sir i am facing there a problem.i am unable to make any contact with them.i face three time a problem. once $8 2nd $5 and third time 2$ my username is fmuhammad123 my email is ahmedfarooq956@gmail.com .the problem is that my withdrawl is showning successfully completed .but i did not recieved in my perfectmoney account U15648170.i wrote several emails to them admin@fairmining.com.but not recieved any reply

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