Review (World Currency International Limited)

My-Wci ( is supposedly an innovative Crypto trading and mining platform which advertises returns of up to 300% return on investment after 450 business days.

There is no verifiable trading history for this firm.

Moreover, while we were investigating this service we found a lot of misleading and disturbing facts, which makes us believe that My WCI is nothing but a viral glorified ponzi scam.

Read our full review to find out why we recommend all our readers to avoid any kind of dealing with this investment firm. - My WCI

Who is Behind My-Wci and Contact Information

There is no information about the creators or developers behind this platform. Lack of transparency and the level of anonymity maintained by the actual creators is not only mind boggling but also seriously damages the reputation of this firm. Almost all of the legitimate investment firms feature the details about the CEO and other portfolio managers on their website.

My-Wci offers investment services.

They raise money from the general public for trading and mining activities.

In return the investors are promised a fixed predetermined dollar amount.

While we were trying to validate their service, we couldn’t find any certificates confirming licenses they must lawfully hold. We have confirmed through FCA that the World Currency International (WCI) Limited has never been licensed, which means they are operating illegally.

If investors encounter any kind of problem on this platform or have any other queries…

Guess what?

…there is nothing they can do about it because there is no way to reach the support team.

What kind of firm operates without having a dedicated customer support to assist their clients?

What Profit can you expect to make with My-Wci?

The amount of profit depends upon the investment package selected by the investor. There are 5 investment plans to choose from.

Here are the exact amount the investors are supposed to get:

  • Investing in the Bronze plan which starts at $100 will yield a daily return of $0.
  • Investing in the Silver plan which starts at $500 will yield a daily return of $3-$6.
  • Investing in the Gold plan which starts at $1,000 will yield a daily return of $5-$12.
  • Investing in the Platinum plan which starts at $5,000 will yield a daily return of $30-$64.
  • Investing in the VIP plan which starts at $10,000 will yield a daily return of $70-$150.

Who would not like to earn money on complete autopilot? But unfortunately that is not the way the world works.

If you do the math, the VIP plan yields 300% ROI (Return On Investment) after 450 days, which is more than what the legitimate firms can ever offer.

How My-Wci Works Generates Signals?

We have absolutely no clue.

There is no information regarding how the signals are generated or what parameters creates a trading bias.

They don’t even state the risk management techniques it employs.

We are not told the average win rate and draw downs of their trading strategy.

How can they expect the investors to trust this platform with their funds without knowing how the funds are allocated and utilized?

Affiliate Platform

My-Wci offers huge incentives for the affiliates for promoting their platform.

The rewards depends upon the deposits made by their referrals.

For example, let’s say that a client using a referral link opt in and deposit $5,000, the affiliate will be paid a flat 20% of that amount which is $1,000.

Domain Popularity

My-Wci does not talk much about their existing user base but when we did a little digging we found out that according to, this site mainly targets people from Canada, South Africa and Vietnam.

This website has a ranking of 21,047 in Canada which is quite high for a HYIP website.

My-Wci Review Conclusion

My-Wci is not a reliable investment platform. The offers portrayed on their website are all too good to be true.

Do not interact with this fraudulent firm for any reason.

Is My-Wci A SCAM?

When we took a closer look at this service, it was quite clear that it is nothing but a overblown ponzi scheme.

Considering the fact that they are operating without any licenses while claiming to generate high returns are the typical traits of scam services.

This company might pay in the beginning but eventually it will run away at the expense of the investors.

If this platform was really legitimate why don’t they offer a demo account?

Most investment platforms provide their users with a demo account so that they can familiarize themselves with the platform and trading system without risking any money.

Logically after thoroughly going through all the facts, this platform is very misleading and unreliable.

About the Author – The financial markets are filled with exciting opportunities and enticing offers but unfortunately the scammers also have invaded this market. Our main goal is to expose all of the phony and fraudulent systems out there and at the same time help everyone to trade with confidence.


  1. Nestor Simon

    Depuis Avril 2017 je suis membre de WCI , mais depuis 2018 je ne pas acces a mon compte maintenant j’aimerais savoir comment on va reintegre . J’esseye mon mot de passe in ne marche pas . merci

  2. ngoe louis

    the most stupid review i’ve ever seen in my whole life. You are a Fool! You should do concrete research before writing shit on the internet asshole! Fuck off! you’re misleading people.. I’m a member of FINTEGRI and with all the seminars i’ve attended, you sound like broke bitch with a blog which has a lot of SEO. stupid ass!


    what about

  4. Carole Bate

    Your review of WCI is totally without merit. I have belonged to WCI for just several months now and have found this to be an amazing company and have earned every penny they promised. Getting my money has not been a problem. They have withheld their trading platform to ensure it is working correctly and everything has been to ensure the integrity of the company. The fact that you have NOT even tested it – just looked is going to be your loss. I am amazed at the generosity of this company and the depths they have gone to to ensure its integrity in the crypto world.

  5. WCI Investor

    I myself am a single mother I have invested in WCI I have benefited from it I have never found it to be any type of scam I have been a victim of a previous company that ended up closing down this company is founded and based on a great platform that was set up by a great man who passed away but has passed the torch on and two good hands and I can only say I have never had to question the integrity when it was time to request payouts or to see what the future goals are with the company they’re very transparent they keep you updated and it’s a no pressure company I would suggest it before advising people if you are doing your due diligence I mean you can get in with as low as $100 but I would suggest nothing less than the $500 package and then comment on it after that but other than that you have to experience it to know that you are making money I’ve been with them over a year when I came in I was very skeptical because of the other companies that I was with just closed down and we have yet to see them reopen and our money is gone so with this company there has been changes we’ve went through we went through different governments we went through moves with the company and never have they left us without being fully informed in any type of situations and we were always advised in advance of any changes that are up-and-coming I would suggest withholding your review because you’re not reporting actual facts and you are actually was holding people who would probably like to invest in something that has been a sound company and that’s harmful God bless and I pray that you start reporting accurate information it is your duty to verify the truth before reporting.

  6. ana velayo

    What is your review about AIRBIT CLUB!

  7. Paul

    You are most welcome.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Paul

    Paul here from Ontario, Canada.
    I agree that this WCI is going nowhere. I did some homewrok for you and found the following:
    Chief Executive Officer
    • John is a proven business leader throughout Canada, USA,
    United Kingdom, and Europe in multiple industries.
    • During his 39 year MLM industry career Rock has built massive
    organization throughout the world.
    • John has held numerous top level positions with several major
    MLM companies, including President, VP of Operations, Chief
    Compliance Officer, International Expansion Coordinator, and
    Compliance Consultant.
    • Many of Rock’s MLM clients have appointed him to their
    Board of Directors.
    • John and his wife Petra live in Ontario, Canada and have a
    blended family consisting of 6 fantastic children and 5
    wonderful grandchildren.

    Chief Operations Officer
    • Grant is a seasoned, relational leader who has worked in
    both the profit and not-for-profit sectors for more than 35
    • He is an experienced operational leader having worked in
    both medium and large organizations. D’eall has facilitated
    numerous strategic planning exercises leading to enhanced
    organizational design, efficiency and bottom line results.
    • A skilled communicator who uses the right blend of humor,
    stories and simplicity to deliver presentations. He has years
    of experience developing and delivering training materials in
    North America, Europe and Latin America.
    • Grant brings years of experience as a Human Resource
    Manager / Consultant.

    Marketing Director
    • David is an experienced business developer with a proven
    and successful history in the marketing and advertising
    • Throughout his 25-year network marketing career, Neal
    worked closely with top income producers in the industry.
    This hands-on access allowed him to absorb a great deal,
    including the innovative ideal that massive teams are built
    through relationship marketing.
    • A strong media and communication professional, skilled in
    online advertising, small business, entrepreneurship, and
    lead generation, Neal uses his 30-plus years of IT expertise
    to stay atop of market trends that connect individuals
    around the world. This dedication lends to his craft, to make
    a difference in the lives for generations to come.

    Latino Market Coordinator / Compliance
    • Lourdes brings along 20 years of experience in the Network
    Marketing industry.
    • Operations & Logistics; Sales & Marketing Consultant from
    February 2009 to Present.
    • Strong leadership, management and communication skills.
    • Lourdes has developed marketing materials for numerous
    • Worked on all areas of marketing, including Social Media to
    bring the markets together and focus on brand recognition.
    • BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY English Literature
    • Member of the NSA (National Speaker Association)
    • Bilingual – Spanish and English

    Managing Director, WCI Asia
    • Lim brings over 30 years of experience from the Food &
    Beverage Chain and Network Marketing industries.
    • Lim has played a critical role in opening numerous offices,
    overseeing marketing and business operations in the Asia Pacific
    • Throughout his career, Lim has shared his knowledge & passion,
    while working with affiliate leaders and corporate management
    to drive continued strategic growth and business performance in
    the region.
    • He firmly believes that integrity & strong ethics are the
    foundation of a successful business.

    Marketing and Product Development
    • Sickles is and inventor and entrepreneur with 40 years of
    business expertise in Real Estate, Media, E-Commerce, and
    MLM industries.
    • Ray’s media company created product labeling, dealer kits,
    web sites and company collateral for multiple MLM
    • Sickles has received recognition from mainstream
    publications such as Oprah Magazine, GQ, Vogue and many
    others for his global business acumen.
    • Ray has invented and sold millions of his holistic health
    products in over 100 countries.

    Affiliate Relations
    • Stan brings 35 years of international sales and marketing
    experience and record-breaking performances in the Heavy
    Equipment, Telecom, Health, and Network Marketing fields.
    • Stan has held senior management positions with major
    international corporations.
    • Awarded “Company of the Year“ as VP for Tanguay Industries.
    • Throughout his career, Hatche has negotiated major
    distribution contracts throughout the world.
    • Put together recovery plans for several companies
    • Stan has received International awards in film-making
    • Stan is Bilingual (English / French)

    I actually attended one of their first meetings last year. It was held in a hotel.
    I did not get involved. Not sure if they are still around. 450 days haven’t elapsed yet.

    Any HYIP with a recruiting structure attached should raise red flags right away.

    Ormeas is another that is gaining some traction here in Canada. They actually have their coin listed on Coinmarketcap. Not that that really means anything.

    ORMEUS COIN – Backed by Industrial Cryptocurrency Mining
    Construct and implement Ormeus Reserve Vault (ORV), Q2-2017, COMPLETE. Develop and release enhanced ORME smart contract, Q3-2017, COMPLETE.

    Perhaps you would like to look into it and add it to your site.

    Kindest regards,


    • Admin

      Thanks for sharing! Here’s our Ormeus review. Is that the Ormeus you’re referring to or is there another Ormeus?

      • Paul

        No, Ormeus Global is very dangerous.
        Have a look at this site and let us know what you think.
        Apparently they are mining Bitcoin in substantial amounts.
        If they are doing well with mining, then why the MLM aspect?
        You join them with bitcoin and you receive Ormeus coin which is at about .64 cents.

        If you recruit people you get paid in BTC.

        You have to tie up your BTC and if enough BTC are mined during the holding period, you get paid in BTC. If enough BTC not available you get paid in ORMEUS COIN.

        Sounds kind of Phishy.
        They are doing webinars (private).
        I can forward you a link the next time I get an invitation if you like.

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