Magical Bitcoin Review – Magically Effective or Scam?

Magical Bitcoin is another investment scheme that has started to circulate within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Promising returns that would baffle most financial experts, assures prospective investors that they can double their Bitcoin deposits within a 24-hour period. Operating as a completely anonymous service provider, Magical Bitcoin is a curious and unverified investment scheme that was created only a few short weeks ago. Whether there is any stock to these irrational doubling claims will be the focus of this unbiased review. - Magical Bitcoin

About Magical Bitcoin

Magical Bitcoin is an online Bitcoin portal that promotes the unrealistic promise of doubling all investors deposited bitcoins within a 24-hour period. The site,, fails to divulge any information of relevant value. No information regarding operational procedures, ownership or terms and conditions are revealed anywhere on the site. To be blunt, Magical Bitcoin operates with no operational protocols and embodies all the characteristics of an investment hoax.

Red Flags and Complaints

The blatant lack of information regarding identifying and operational procedures are classic signs  that we are dealing with an untrustworthy investment opportunity. No contact information, no Terms of Use along with nothing regarding how this site “magically” doubles your deposits are reported on the site. To further complicate matters, Magical Bitcoin possess minimum amounts of feedback regarding their operation. While some vague information can be found on the forums at, one begins to grow suspicious to the legitimacy of the claims announced on their forum.

Suspicious in the sense that each of the users who are endorsing Magical Bitcoin are new to the BitcoinTalk forum and are claiming doubled Bitcoin deposits. To reveal the false authenticity of these claims, all investors have to do is dig a little further into the bogus measures pursued by these likely fake entities. While some of the users share their Bitcoin transactions to create the illusion that their claim is absolute and legitimate, a quick comparison will show that Magical Bitcoin’s blockchain transactions will reveal nothing of the nature.

MagicalBitcoin Blockchain

The Magical Bitcoin Scam Test

Does the website promise unbelievably high returns?

Obviously! Promising to double all BTC deposits within a 24 hour period is not only unrealistic but absolutely absurd when you take into consideration the lack of operational information shared on the site.

How old is the website?

A WHOIS report will reveal that was created on December 20th, 2017. Privately registered, the creators behind this site covered up their tracks well to hide their identity.

Is there any information regarding the owners of the site?

Magical Bitcoin is an anonymous investment scheme that fails to provide any ownership information. No contact information can be found anywhere on the site while the only way of establishing contact with this site is through a contact submission forum featured on their Contact page.

Does the site evasively elaborate their operational model?

The site does more than evasively portray their operation by not divulging any investment or operational information of the sort.

How popular is the website?

Due to how unpopular and new of a site that Magical Bitcoin is, it fails to secure a global ranking  among market intelligence sites as of January 2017. Furthermore, the site shares no affiliation with any legitimate websites to date.

Magical Bitcoin Review Conclusion

Magical Bitcoin is an outright scam targeted towards inexperienced Bitcoin investors. Promoting returns that dwell beyond the realm of plausible, we suspect this deceptive investment scheme to be eradicated from existence within a few short months. Avoid all these magical and too good to be true investment schemes and only invest with practical investment opportunities like the ones found in our Cryptocurrency Day Trading Center.

Review Verdict: Magical Bitcoin is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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