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Maze-Miner is a new investment platform which claims to earn it’s users 300% every week. While most newbies drool over these kind of numbers, all the professional traders know that, it’s impossible to sustain it.

When we took a closer look at their website, the fact that they are targeting newbies was very obvious. Unfortunately, the details of the owners and the culprits behind this fraud network couldn’t be traced and already a lot of people fell prey for it.

Before engaging with them in any way, go through our review to know their real business model and understand why this scheme will collapse in the near future. Maze-Miner Review

Company, Licenses and Customer Support

All the investment firms are subject to strict regulation and if any firm fails to adhere to them, then the consequence will be fatal. Most of the investment banks are registered in the Cayman Islands and have 3rd party audits in their profit and loss statement.

To technically call a firm regulated, it has to be listed under any regulatory authority based on their physical location. Since this firm is not recognized by FCA, it means that they are bluffing about their legal status which is a huge red flag.

If you run into any problems on their platform, then do not expect any worthwhile assistance from them. The support staff will constantly persuade you into investing more and once they have your money, they will stop replying to your queries. Here is the contact details of this fraud enterprise.

Email –

Address – Lancaster House, 70-76 Blackburn Street Radcliffe, United Kingdom

Maze-Miner Operational Model

Maze-Miner is allegedly a firm which trades cryptocurrency and forex. Though, there is no verifiable trading history or any other type of proof to support their claims, the returns they advertise is absurd. The details and performance reports of their so called fund managers are kept confidential.

Even the kind of trading approach or strategy they use is unknown. In short, there is nothing about them which would instill confidence among the investors. Cryptocurrency market is without a doubt one of the most volatile we have ever seen.

However, it does not mean that every trader or investor will make money from it. Always remember trading is a profession and unless you master a certain specific skill set, the odds will never be in your favor.

Every strategy might sound good in theory, but unless you deal with the execution and go through the process. You will never learn the ways to overcome the actual obstacles involved.

Investment Plans and Profit

The kind of returns portrayed by this platform is absolutely mind blowing and is enough to lure in all the newbies. They supposedly earn anywhere between 120% after 1 day to 300% in 4 days. These numbers are pulled out of pure fantasy and are impossible to sustain in the real world. Maze-Miner Investment Plans

Moreover, think logically, if they were really able to generate these returns, would they offer it to the public for free? We all can agree that it sounds too good to be true to make money without putting in the effort, but still sadly many people fall for them.

Affiliate Program

Main aim of every business is to reach as many people as they can and share the information or the value their product has to offer. To make the advertising part more pocket friendly, this firm offers an affiliate program.

In simple words, they pay a certain percentage of revenue to the promoters who drive traffic to their website and that is the reason as to why there are so many fake reviews about them on the web. Many shady affiliate networks are already twisting the content for the sake of commissions.

So, be very cautious when it comes to trusting any channel or website which are indulging with them.

Domain Insights

Below are the general information regarding this website which we were able to gather using and

Domain –

Registered On – 26/01/2019

Expiry – 26/01/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 2,103,469

Target Audience – Currently Unknown.

Maze-Miner Review Conclusion

Maze-Miner is a silly little cryptocurrency scam designed to loot the newbies in the sector. Everything about them is outright misleading and as far as transparency goes, they don’t uphold any aspect of it. The owners of this platform have not left a single clue about their whereabouts which means, they are professional scammers.

Their business model is very similar to ponzi type scam which will eventually crumble to death. Keeping everything we have discussed so far, it is very clear that, this platform is not the one which deserves your attention or money.

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