Money Stellar Review - Scam Review
Money Stellar ( claims to be a reputable investment solution and they are said to be involved with activities related to Crude oil. They state that they know every major supplier and dealer in their sector but the facts prove otherwise. The returns this firm advertises are simply unbelievable, for your information this platform claims to generate over 9,000% after 90 days which is enough for us to label them as a scam. There isn’t any confidence boosting factor or evidence to support their statements. This scheme has already made a lot of investors to lose money. Carefully go through all the details provided in this review to know how these fraudsters trick users into believing them.

License and Contact Details

Companies which deal with crude oil has to be registered and in general should comply with many laws and guidelines. Money Stellar is an ICO which mines oil and raises the funds required for operational costs and other things from a pool of investors. Depending upon the contract the investors are promised monetary rewards after certain time period.

When we carried a thorough check on their paper work, we couldn’t find any proper license. We have confirmed through FCA, this firm’s details are unknown to them which means this scheme is just a swindle. Nevertheless these criminals have done their best in terms of appearing trustworthy and legit by featuring a registration document which is just a good work of Photoshop.

Here are the contact details revealed on their website;-

Address – 69 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom G1 3HL

Email –

Phone – +44 1632960244

How does Money Stellar work ?

This firm is said to be involved in oil extraction and selling business. They state that they work with the biggest oil dealers in the world but have refused to put up any supporting and relevant evidence.

On their website they claim to import oil from Russia, UAE, USA and Canada but when we checked the database, there is no information about this sleazy platform. Oil trading and importing is no joke, looking at all these telltale stories seems like these crooks lacked creativity while creating the narration.

Without a shadow of doubt we know that these faceless people running this fake platform has nothing to do with oil industry. By featuring names of the countries they are just attempting to look reputable in front of the potential clients.


Every reputable company operates in an ethical and transparent way. This firm has put up details of their so called employees but here’s where things backfire on them. - Stock Photo

All the images are just stock photos and if you try to find any details of these non-existent person on the internet, nothing shows up. Why would they embrace shady tactics like these unless they have ill motives ?

Profit Guaranteed

Looking at the plans these fraudsters have come up with that too with guarantees you can become a millionaire and do not have to work for the rest of your life but sadly in reality these king of things does not play out. There isn’t any business, industry or particular sector which can yield 9,000% ROI consistently.

They are just using flashy captivating returns claims to lure you into depositing with them. Look at the packages they are currently offering.

Plan 1 – 20 % Hourly for 6 Hours

Plan 2 – 650 % After 5 Days

Plan 3 – 1,400 % After 10 Days

Plan 4 – 2,250 % After 15 Days

Plan 5 – 3,100 % After 30 Days

Plan 6 – 6,500 % After 60 Days

Plan 7 – 9,000 % After 90 Days

Affiliate Program

To earn as much as possible before getting shut down, ponzi scheme rely mainly on the marketing department. Simply put the more participants they have, more money they will make. This firm features an affiliate program in which the individuals are paid fat commission ranging from 3 % to 10 % of the revenue they bring in. - Affiliate Program

Apart from the commissions the affiliates are further motivated by family programs but sadly all of them will make money by looting innocent investors. It is not mandatory for the affiliates to have an active deposit in order to get paid.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount is $ 1 and the minimum payout is $ 0.10. The payment methods supported by this platform are Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money and advcash. There are no transaction fees applicable on withdrawals and they state that the payouts are processed instantly.

Domain Whereabouts

This website ranks 83,928 in Iran and has a global rank of 1,373,721 according to The main countries this service is targeting are Iran, Nigeria, Vietnam, Uganda and Indonesia. They use ad networking sites like mellow to drive visitors to their site.

According to the data provided on this domain has registered on 19/07/2018 and it expires on 19/07/2019.

Can I trust Money Stellar ?

No way,

This firm is run by a bunch of criminals and their model is nothing more than a bloated ponzi scheme which is illegal in most of the countries. They have no regards towards the investors and have the worst customer support staff. Many investors have complained that their withdrawals are put on hold for a long time.

Fake schemes like this one might uphold all the bells and whistles while claiming to be your way to the riches but they are all bound to hurt your wallets sooner or later.

Money Stellar Review Conclusion

There is no connection between this company and the international oil markets. Any details of the people working for this firm or the owners are unavailable and there is no way to trace them either. They promise you 90 times your money guaranteed which is insane and outrageous.

Our advice for you is to avoid giving your credit card details to them because if you do then you will regret it. Do not try to find an easy way to earn riches as in most cases they are just non-existent.

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