Trader.Online Review

Trader Online, found at Trader.Online, is a deceptive scam brokerage plaguing the online investment industry.

Since their inception last year, Trader Online has been functioning as an illicit and unregulated investment brokerage for online day trading.

Robbing and stealing consumers hard-earned money are just among one of the troubling discrepancies regarding Trader.Online.

To find out more information regarding Trader Online along with what day traders are reporting regarding this brokerage we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is Trader.Online?

Trader.Online is a contracts-for-difference and forex brokerage that offers an unregulated online trading platform.

Investors are able to invest currency pairs, stock options, commodity options along with select indices.

A wide range of payment and withdrawal options are available at Trader Online although we must advise that this is a false sign of good will.

Trader Online has opened their platform up for day traders who reside within demographics that oftentimes prohibit online day trading.

Due to Trader Online fulfilling a consumer demand, they serve as the ideal funnel for scammers to effortlessly steal money from unsuspecting and oftentimes inexperienced day traders.

Having been reported by multiple consumers for stealing investment funds by prohibiting withdrawals, Trader.Online is clearly not a brokerage worth trusting.


Who is Behind Trader.Online?

Trader.Online once claimed to be owned and operated by Zola Ltd, which was registered under Corporate Number 203876075.

During that period, the reflected office address of Zola Ltd was Sofia 1000, ul. Pirotska No 2 fl. 4, Apt office 12.

When that address was searched it came up as a non-existent location on Google Maps.

Furthermore, Trader.Online has taken it upon themselves to change their corporate entity after the British Columbia Securities Commission made it known that the brokerage Binary Online (which was owned and operated by Zola Ltd) was not registered to trade in, or advise on, securities or exchange contracts in BC.

Today Trader.Online discloses that their services are rendered by Ivy Capital under company number 86281 while their website is operated by DDK Ltd under company number 205094347.

When researching the alleged registered office address of IVY Capital (Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republich of the Marshall Islands, NM 96960) we find an OffshoreLeaks document that implies that specific address is for the corporate address of Global Maritime Limited, which is a verified corporate entity unlike Ivy Capital.

Platform & Features

Trader.Online is an online investment brokerage that offers up to 200 CFD investable assets.

While the site fails to disclose much information regarding their platform and special features, we were able to discover that Trader.Online incorporates a mediocre learning center, a daily market analysis report along with up to 24/7 support and assistance.

Supporting mostly pair options, average returns range from 70 to 90% with Trader.Online while a minimum deposit of atleast $250 is required to join although you will be pressured to deposit hundreds or thousands of dollars more.

Discrepancies and Red Flags

Trader.Online allegedly renders investment services that claim to be in compliance with regulatory bodies yet when researched we were unable to verify their alleged service entity IVY Capital.

Upon further investigation we also found that the alleged registered office address of Ivy Capital is actually the address for a verifiable corporate entity known as Global Maritime Limited.

To add, Trader.Online also use to claim that they were serviced by Zola Ltd, which is the corporate entity associated with another notorious scam brokerage known as

After Zola Ltd received a warning from the British Columbia Securities Commission, Trader.Online promptly switched their alleged service entity to Ivy Capital, a fictitious company that portrays the address of a non-related corporate entity.


Domain History & Popularity

Trader.Online was a privately registered domain created on December 6th, 2017.

According to SimilarWeb, Trader.Online reflects a global rank of 911,714 with a South African rank of 25,780 as of December 10th, 2018.

Given the information inherited from the market intelligence report it is safe to say that Trader.Online does not receive much visitor traffic.

Can Trader.Online be Trusted?

Trader.Online is associated with one of the most fraudulent corporations and online brokerages to plague the online investment industries.

Operating without credible supervision or regulation, it is beyond obvious to us that Trader.Online is not a trustworthy online investment brokerage.

To add, Trader.Online has been classified as a untrustworthy operation by many review portals such as TrustPilot and FXEmpire.

“Trader Online newest scammer on the net. Stay away, same as all the other scam companies. Withdraw problems!! Warning”

Given the lack of regulation and the overall community consensus regarding Trader.Online we are obviously not recommending their platform for any online day traders.

Trader.Online Review Conclusion – The Verdict!

One doesn’t need to spend a lot of time analyzing the fats revolving around Trader.Online.

It is evident that their investment brokerage is not trustworthy and is considered a scam by many online review portals.

Functioning without regulation, fabricating ownership information while also being affiliated with a notorious scam brokerage leaves us with no other verdict than to declare Trader.Online a scam brokerage.

If you have been scammed or have an experience to share regarding Trader.Online we invite you to leave your feedback below.

Review Finding: Trader.Online is a SCAM!

We invite you to share any feedback or insight you may have below!


  1. Juan Ortiz

    I can withdrawall all of my money, dont understand why you cant, whats happened?

  2. George

    I got scammed by them, money is lost, the software Algotrader is just bullshit. My experience here:

  3. user

    I invested a small amount with Trader Online and am being continuously contacted by phone. Emails are signed by various persons with names that do not appear on LinkedIn. Red flags!!

  4. Reynaldo Vinalon

    I invest 2800$ on and now I can’t withdraw my money..

  5. Vasile Ometita

    Hi i invest on . Eu btc mining. I lost 500pounds. Same scam

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