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21coinworld.com - Scam Review

21 Coin World (21coinworld.com) is a Dubai-based company which claims to provide mining solution to anyone who is interested in that and is willing to get involved. The mining contracts are sold only for bitcoin but the returns are all in tokens of 21 coins, so there is high risk involved if you sign up with them as no one can put a dollar figure value for that.

The service has been around for more than two years as of writing this review but still we weren’t able to find real user testimonials online. Before buying any tokens and contracts from them go through our thorough review which will give you insight about their project.

License and Support

After the bull run of the crypto currencies in 2017 there have been more than million ICO’s which popped up and turned into dust leaving all the people in disgust. Since majority of the masses not aware of how block chain works along with the lack of regulation it is always better to keep yourself away from regulated firms.

21 coin world represents an ICO, in simple terms they own mining firms at a large scale level and offer revenue sharing to those who would like to get involved but does not have the necessary knowledge and resources. The investors are charged a fee and are promised certain amount of coins after the contract matures.

We tried to validate their services but we could not find any licences they are supposed to have in the first place. On their website, there is both video and written content but both of them do not mention anything about any licenses of registration details.

Considering the above stated fact it certainly does not appeal to the experienced investors. One more disturbing thing about them is that they do not offer any kind of customer support.

Usually all the ICO’s will have dedicated and trained staff to help the customers in case if they face any problem on the platform but as this firm has failed to employ them it will be frustrating for the clients.

How does 21 Coin World Work ?

21 Coin World apparently owns mining farms in Austria and Liechtenstein and are said to be expanding soon to other regions like Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Iceland and Sweden. We used the word apparently because the address of their data centres are not revealed by them.

Without any details how can any person verify whether they are saying truth or otherwise ? They state that they use 100% clean and renewable energy sources such as hydro power thereby protecting the environment from carbon footprints. and every company tries to contribute to the society by following gestures like this but the main concern is true without evidence there is nothing to talk about.

Furthermore the miners they employ and the exact rundown of the cost they incur are all kept confidential. So basically we just have to believe them blindly and for obvious reasons we are reluctant to do that.

Contracts and Returns

This platform currently has six types of contracts to offer. Remember that there is no guarantee being made by them about any sort of returns or ROI’s so bear


Mining Shares – 250

21 Coins – 250

Duration – 2000 Days

Cost – 0.04384 BTC


Mining Shares – 500

21 Coins – 500

Duration – 2000 Days

Cost – 0.08767 BTC


Mining shares – 1,000

21 Coins – 1,000

Duration – 2000 Days

Cost – 0.17535 BTC


Mining Shares – 3,500

21 Coins – 5,000

Duration – 2000 Days

Cost- 0.61372 BTC


Mining Shares – 10,000

21 Coins – 15,000

Duration – 2000 Days

Cost – 1.75319 BTC


Mining shares – 20,000

21 Coins – 40,000

Duration – 2000 Days

Cost – 3.50698 BTC


A search on whois.com showed that this domain was registered on 18/08/2017 and expires on 18/08/2019. This website gets more than 70% of their total traffic from Ghana, that is where they rank 5,931 and they have a global rank of 2,815,348.

Is 21 Coins World a Scam ?

Most Likely,

This firm has maintained enormous and disturbing amount of anonymity which is why many users are staying away from them. They do not share any details of their employees or the administrative side of the firm.

21coinworld.com - Comments

Scam platform usually features comments from well known personalities to create a sense of association, this platform also features something similar. We are not saying that it is a fake platform but given the lack of clarity along with this tactic it does look a tad bit odd.    

21 Coin World Review Conclusion

In their promotional video they talk about the general topics of crypto currencies and how they have the potential to change the world. They also give nice illustration which any individual can easily comprehend and understand but these things can be found on other sites as well so there is nothing unique.

There is no evidence to anything they say or show in their videos. Bottom line is that we recommend you to start small with them and exercise extreme caution while dealing with them.

Have you tried 21 Coin World?  How would you rate them?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.


  1. Larry

    Mr Sanath Kumar and all who read this review!
    21 Coinworld is legitimate, transparent and available. I’ve been investing a while now and am very satisfied. 21 Coinworld delivers the expected.
    I find it a great luxury on your behalf Mr Sanath, that you Post reviews in which the facts are false… Payouts and transactions are done in BTC. Not in 21Coin. If one takes it on one’s self to review something and allows the luxury to call it “most likely a scam,” then at least get the facts right!
    I recommend 21Coin to all willing to take a chance. Risk is involved, as in each and every investment in the world.
    Take care everyone! Larry

  2. Sanath Kumar

    Hi Patrick Lechner, First of all thanks for reaching out to us but here are the list of problems because of which we have come to the above conclusion. They do not have a license or at least have not featured it on their platform. Their platform states clearly that they give certain amount of 21tokens but as you said they might be giving the returns in BTC. Please share any details you have with you to prove that they are legitimate and we will be more than happy to change our review.

  3. Patrick Lechner

    Dear Sanath Kumar, i need to tell you that you got the basics wrong. Firstly, you get BTC in return, and not 21coins , or tokens what you call it here. transparency is very important for them therefore you can find people around the world, currently from USA , who have been there early October. there are many other mistakes where we can talk about using my email. feel free to ask me questions. im sure you are not spreading bad news on purpose, its more like a misunderstanding.

    im with them since more than 2 months and i really appreciate the returns. for everyone who is interested to know more, feel free to contact me personally : xiaogugs3@gmail.com

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