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Crypt 48 ( is a bit coin doubler program which as the name suggest is supposed to yield 200% returns on investment every 48 hours once. All the profits are said to be guaranteed. If you are a veteran trader then chances are you will be laughing looking at their offer which is nothing but the daylight robbery.

The temptation of depositing money with their might turn out to be hard especially for those of you who are inexperienced in both crypto and forex markets but before you regret your decision go through our detailed review which will elaborate the factors because of which we are calling them a scam.

Company and Support

A company can offer any type of financial service they want but if it is involved with providing investment opportunities to the retail sector then there is no exception and they have to be a licensed enterprise. Crypt 48 is the ICO which supposedly has awarded wining trading bots and by raising money from the public for treating the markets they try to generate revenue.

All the investors are compensated according to their contribution within 48 hours. Though we were sure that this firm is unregulated we searched the FCA and  FTC platform just to see if we can find anything worthwhile but unfortunately they do not have a clue about the existence of this company and are certainly operating in violation of law.

The faceless scammers behind this firm do not have the guts to put up any details concerning the legitimacy of their business which is a huge red flag. Furthermore if you ever want to get in touch with the support team of this phony platform then you will be disappointed as they do not have one.

What kind of firm which provides financial service will operate in this way?

How does Crypt 48 work?

Crypt 48 claims to have some sort of trading bot which yields huge profits without requiring any human interference. This platform is supposed to make trading as easy and risk free as possible but the lack of clarity points in the other direction.

Starting from the strategy of the bot to the input parameters not disclosed which means investors do not have a clue about the system which is in charge of their money. We searched their website hoping to find any previous trade history but sadly they do not have one.

The crucial settings of the algorithm like position sizing, risk aversion methods and whether or not it hedges or not revealed. Accuracy rate or backtesting results also are kept confidential. Looks like they expect us to trust them just like that without seeing enough evidence and we should avoid doing that.


This firm claims to double your funds every couple of days once. If you keep on doing that then it is only a matter of few weeks depending upon your starting balance, you will be the wealthiest person known to mankind but does this sound real to you?

Obviously not, they are just tell tale stories used by them to evoke the greed present in you from the investment levels and eventually convince you to send money to them. If you do the calculation 200% for two days adds up to 3000%

Per month that too guaranteed. It is not only unprofessional to guarantee profits but impossible to sustain these returns.

Domain Insight

Below we have listed some important details about this domain based on the data on

Domain –

Registered on – 28/07/2018

Expires on – 28/07/2019

Registrant contact details are as follows

Name – Willie Hughes

Address – Mana 45 Streth, Kojack Road, Bassy

Country – NG

Phone – +234 5648856242

Email –

Can I trust Crypt 48 ?


After thoroughly scanning their platform and looking at their previous accomplishments which are almost non-existent, we think that we are convinced enough that it is a huge rip-off. On top of all these factors they try to rush you into signing up by showing fabricated pop ups stating some members made this much money as of now but do not get persuaded by these methods.

There is a long list of positive amounts and testimonials on their website but those comments are extremely flattering and cherry picked so we do not trust them. Moreover there is no way to verify the user profiles which is a common characteristic of fake platforms.

Crypt 48 Review Conclusion

Crypt 48 does not bring any value to the clients. All the claims are like mirage in the desert though to the untrained eye it might seem attractive but if you unfortunately sign up with them then you will experience the harsh reality.

They might process small withdrawals often but bear in mind that the revenue is not coming from trading, it is just a simple ponzi or pyramid scam. Whenever someone claims to make you huge money on the Internet and does not have any proof or provide free trial most probably they are a rip-off.

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