Mize.network Review

Mize.network - Scam or Legit? Review

Mize.network is it to be a Financial service industry which works from different kinds of angles around the cryptocurrencies. The operational model of this firm is very confusing to say the least and beginners often find it very hard to navigate their way into this scheme. This firm has been operational for around a year as of October 2018.

They are apparently involved in crypto asset management, mining and multilevel marketing. If you are wondering whether it is wise or not to get started with this platform then read our complete unbiased review.

Company and Support

Firms which offer services around crypto currencies and calls themselves ICO’s are on a record high in the recent times. Since crypto currency is not as regulated as the other investment opportunities many people have lost their money to the cyber criminals. Mize.network is an ICO which takes in funds from the retail investors and in return provide them a wide array of services, including mining and trading crypto currencies along with MLM services.

During our investigation since we could not find any licence or registration details, we are concerned about their legitimacy aspects. Since FTC does not have any details regarding them they cannot offer services in the US but considerable amount of their website traffic originates from there.

The state that their officers are situated in Singapore, London and Madrid but sadly the email address is not provided. The only way to reach the customer support of this service is through a form provided on their website, for a firm which makes bold statements about their goals it indeed is disturbing to not have a fully dedicated staff to assist the clients.

How does mize.network function?

This firm is mainly involved in three types of activities. First activity in the list is Mize academy. The God of this operation is to assist other businesses in there in their endeavour. This section shares tips on sustainable growth and essential tools to manage any type of business.

Though this model is not explained in detail, we cannot comment anything on them yet. The next activity they are allegedly involved in is mining but here are some of the lack of clarity related issues bothering us. Any information regarding the specifications of the machinery they use the detailed list of their fees and profit margin are not disclosed.

Mining as majority of you all know is not as lucrative as it was a few years ago, without looking at the above stated topics there is no way any crypto enthusiast would invest in them. This ICO talks about crypto asset fund management. They state that they follow passive nature of the portfolio to allow out performing cryptocurrencies to accumulate longer position in the fund there by holding assets which meets the institutional threshold.

By following their approach it is said to capture the beta market sentiment instead of attempting to generate alpha by trying to pick the waiting horse. There narration might wow you but still the information provided is not enough and there is no verifiable trading history to prove their hypothesis.

Investment packs

We do not know how these packs exactly work since since there is no certification on that matter but we have gathered the following details about them. Note that some features may or may not be available to you and it entirely depends upon the pack you choose.


  • APP
  • Binary position
  • Direct indicator
  • Indirect indicator
  • Mize club License
  • 10% – Binary
  • Monthly MLM asset
  • Annual fund asset
  • Direct entry to the fund
  • Matching bonus
  • Super pool 10,000 + 2,000

Referral Program

The aim of every business and the main determinant of their success is to reach big enough audience to grow their income. This firm knows that the key to reaching more people is to offer partner program wherein the total deposit coming in is distributed between them and the promoters in a way which keeps both the sides happy.

Affiliates gets around 7% to 10% ,to induce a sense of competition they even offer cash incentives if the affiliates reaches certain milestones in terms of volume within the first 48 hours. Bonus amount details are as follows

Volume Goal       Bonus

$2,500                     $250

$5,000                     $450

$10,000.                   $800

$25,000                    $1,750

Domain Whereabouts

We have gathered important details of this website down below but unfortunately there has no way to track the owner of this domain as all the details are redacted for privacy. Special thanks to whois.com and Alexa.com

Domain – Mize.network

Registration Date – 26/10/ 2017

Expiration Date. – 26/10/2019

Global Rank – 188,383

Alexa Traffic Rank Nigeria – 7,798

The list of countries where majority of their traffic originating from are Nigeria, United States, Tunisia, Australia and Portugal.

Is Mize.network a Scam ?

Not literally,

Due to the fact that their business model resembles pyramid scheme many people have bad impression about them and until we have enough information we do not trust them. If you check their Facebook page, there are more details about how luxurious and glorious the lies of the team mentor’s are instead of any helpful insights.

Mize.network - CEO of the Firm

The creator of this firm is a person called as Adrian Jacuzzi. He has allegedly promoted many Ponzi schemes in the past. When we checked this persons linked in profile there weren’t any information on his previous job looks like he does not have any experience of the crypto currency sector.

Mize.network Review conclusion

Lack of transparency is the main reason why the service is not getting the kind of attention it wants. They have not provided conclusive proof to back up their previous accomplishment and do not even have proof of concept for their idea. Making revenue on a regular basis by doing any activity requires consistent monitoring and understand but both of these concepts is left  unattended by them.

Moreover the way their business is structured closely mirrors a Ponzi scheme. We advise our readers to go with the bare minimum pack if you are interested but know that they are more repeatable services out there so why risk it.

What do you think about Mize.network?  Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment.


  1. lisboa kid

    SCAM will block you when you start…
    scam will block you when you start earning, i invest a lot o money and after a few withdrawal block me with wrong password, try recover new password and does not work, after more than 10 e-mails to suport i stop. just send to EU autorities.

  2. Stuart l Jones

    scam will block you when you start earning


    ourmasternetwork507200765.wordpress.com/scam-site-mize-network/Mize network is a scam!

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