Bitcoin Citadel Investment – Moronic Investment Scheme!

We’re going to jump right into this indisputable review by stating the obvious, which would be that is a bona fide investment scam! Every element integrated into their site is fabricated; from their alleged founders and user testimonials to their ridiculously high returns promised through their investment plans. As you will discover, Bitcoin Citadel Investment is the epitome of what can be expected near the bottom of the scum bucket. - Bitcoin Citadel Investment

What is Bitcoin Citadel Investment? is an online investment platform that is catered towards cryptocurrency investors. Online investors looking to accrue earnings by investing Ethereum and Bitcoin are able to deposit into the Bitcoin Citadel Investment platform where they will receive returns between 170% to 200% within 24 hours after deposit. According to their site, approximately over 2 million users across 130 countries around the globe are currently utilizing their platform.

Who is Behind Bitcoin Citadel Investment? is allegedly owned and operated by a corporate entity referred to as Bitcoin Citadel Investment LLC. When researched, this corporate entity fails to deliver any credible search results which leads us to believe that this corporation doesn’t truly exist. To heighten suspicion, the site claims to have been in existence for over a quarter of a century yet a WHOIS search will reveal that the site was only created on June 12th, 2017.

The domain was privately registered so we are unable to find information regarding the registrant behind their operation. Further down the Home page though, we are confronted with the “Citadels” of Bitcoin Citadel Investment: Edwin Griffin, Timothy Neiffer, Gerald W Searle and Steiner Farrell. As you can gather from the image below, two of the images looked poorly photoshopped and some of these “citadels” are nothing more than stock images taken from online.

Bitcoin Citadel Investment - Founder

What does Bitcoin Citadel Investment Offer?

Bitcoin Citadel Investment enables investors to deposit into their platform with the expectations of generating a return on their investments. At the moment, this operation allows investors to get started with 3 separate investment plans which are detailed further below:

Personal Investment

ROI: 100%

Deposit: 0.0056 BTC – 1.99 BTC

Duration: 7 hours

Venture Capitalist Investment

ROI: 200%

Deposit: 2.0 BTC – Unlimited BTC

Duration: 5 days

Ethereum Investment

ROI: 170%

Deposit: 0.339 ETH – Unlimited ETH

Duration: 24 hours

Red Flags and Complaints

Bitcoin Citadel Investment is a new and unpopular investment platform so it has failed to acquire many negative complaints. On the other hand though, the quantity of red flags regarding this operation are abundant and deceptively crafted with the sole intentions of earning your trust. Employing stock images to portray their alleged operators while also using them in so-called user testimonials just goes to show how illegitimate of an investment platform that Bitcoin Citadel Investment is.

Bitcoin Citadel Investment Testimonial

Other red flags would be how this site isn’t backed by an existing corporation and how they claim to have been in operation for over 25 years yet their site was only created in June 2017. Their alleged office address provided on the site is 73 Murpy Street, Trigwell, Western Australia yet when you input that address into Google Maps it verifies that the address is illegitimate.

Can Bitcoin Citadel Investment be Trusted?

As we have shown to you, just about every element presented at Bitcoin Citadel Investment is fabricated. From their operators, testimonials to their alleged origins. Even the asserted “current payments” featured on their platform are phony, which is nothing more than a live stream of transactions through BlockChain. No, it is obvious that Bitcoin Citadel Investment cannot be trusted!

Popularity possessed a SimiliarWeb global rank of 2,169,877 as of December 2017. This report indicates to us that Bitcoin Citadel Investment is not a popular investment platform and fails to acquire a respectable quantity of traffic. The country where Bitcoin Citadel Investment is most popular at the moment is Burundi.

Bitcoin Citadel Investment Review Conclusion

Bitcoin Citadel Investment is a deceptive investment scheme created by conniving scam marketers. Nothing featured on their site is authentic and the further we dug into their operation, the more warnings signs we discovered about how this operation could not be trusted. Do yourself a courtesy by avoiding this illicit platform and make sure you only invest with verified and transparent investment opportunities like the ones found at our Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews page.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Citadel Investment is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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