Arbitrage Coins Review – Is Scam?

Arbitrage Coins is a cryptocurrency trading bot which specifically trades arbitrage opportunities only.  More than 50 exchanges are compatible with this bot. Returns advertised by them is not fancy but still it is on the higher side.  

This bot executes nearly 1000 trades on a monthly basis.  However, they do not feature the trading history.

Their platform is subtle in their approach, apparently that might be the reason why many people signed up with them.  Before depositing with them, check out our full review, which will give you a clear perspective about them.

Arbitrage coins Review

How does Arbitrage Coins Work?

This software is always on the lookout for trading opportunities.  As the name suggests, it is based upon the arbitrage principle. Basically, it takes advantage of scenarios wherein temporary price discrimination arises on two different exchanges.  

Though, by definition it is supposed to be risk free, the risk cannot be eliminated completely.  Slight delay in execution or order getting filled at the wrong price will make or break your account.  

In their promotional video, they stress about the importance of having this bot and how it will making trading hassle free for you.  Unfortunately, they haven’t provided the exact rundown of the trades, their software has achieved over the years.

Most of the program on the internet have hype around them.  Before you decide to commit your capital, make sure that it indeed is a legitimate solution by looking over their past performance reports.


Before the internet shaped the online trading world.  Arbitrage was the way used by many traders to make some serious money.  Moreover, there weren’t enough traders who were aware of these kind of scenarios back then.  

The price mismatch almost lasted for few minutes back in the early 2000’s and it occurred frequently as well.  This platform claims to generate upto 30% ROI on a monthly basis. However, note that there are not making any guarantees.  

The returns portrayed by them are certainly on the higher side.  Do not get too excited about the profits because there isn’t any supporting evidence.

Affiliate Program

All the business needs constant stream of clients in order to expand their horizon.  This platform features a referral program wherein they pay the promoters for every investor they bring on board.  The exact commission percentage is unknown, but we believe that it might be around 40%.

Affiliates are free to choose any type of advertising methods they want to use.  It is not mandatory for the promoters to be an active investor. In short, they are not using this software personally.

Domain Whereabouts

Below we have gathered certain important details of this website with the help of and  The registrant details are untraceable for some reason.

Domain –

Registered On – 06/06/2017

Expires On – 06/06/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 1,175,732

Red Flags

In the promotional video an employee of this firm presents their platform.  Apart from the information on that video, there isn’t any details about that person online.  It would have been a kind gesture on their part, if they had features the links to their LinkedIn account.  Since, they haven’t done that, we couldn’t verify their identity.

The user testimonials we found on did not give us any confidence.  Here is what an user said about them.

B.S. has mega issues and problems.  Customer Service chat (the only method of contact)  takes hours to get a response and if you don’t respond right away, they dump you and you have to wait some more hours to start the conversation over.  If you’re not a complete scam, you don’t have near enough customer support. Remember that people are more likely to resolve the issue on your site first.  It’s only after tiring efforts to get things resolved that most people will bitch on the forums. No proof needed, it’s human nature. Good Customer Service doesn’t demand proof.  So your option here is to support your customers and quit scamming them -that’s the only solution.

Arbitrage Coins Review Conclusion

Arbitrage Coins is a software which has a rough history.  Some people have claimed to have made money with it. While, the vast majority are on the other side of the fence.  

They are integrated with more than 50 exchanges, but if they are not profitable, then what is the use of having them?  Our advice is to start with the minimum amount and if things are going according to their plan, then you can scale up the capital amount.

Do you have any experience with Arbitrage Coins?  Feel free to share your story with us by leaving a comment below.


  1. Rw

    It’s a scam I had mo ey with them and it was locked up, impossible to sell on their internal exchange and support is non existent. Ceo has a changed name and address they give for company hq doesn’t exist. A true ponzi scheme early investors got payouts and shilled b ow great it was.

  2. moshe

    They stole a lot of money from me
    But I’m not angry with them
    I am angry at myself for spending money in a society without a face
    It’s so easy to steal
    Just open a site with a promise of profits
    Enter a wallet address
    And get loads of Bitcoin from millions of idiots

  3. John

    Since I got in to
    4 months ago , they have added several costs and penalties to hinder the process of getting your investment back out . Never once have they offered advance info to let investors out before the new fees and rules were changed . For the lady 4 days they have everyone locked out of the system , thus making access to your account and funds not possible . This has all the signs of a giant scam , unfortunately I am one of the dumbasses who jumped in .

  4. Michael Polioudakis

    beware scam !you will loose your coins! stay away!!!!!!! someone bring down that damn site… (It seemed suspicious that they have the star trek symbol now I found out why ,luckily it didn’t cost me much…)

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